Things in the Night

BY : vincentsangel
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

DISCLAIMER: I make no profit from this fic, and Square owns everyone. I wanna add too that I DIDN’T COME UP WITH ZELL BEING AN INCUBUS! There was a wonderful, wonderful fic I read that I cant recall where Zell was an Incubus and it really inspired me. So Zell = Incubus. Not my idea. Stolen. Seifer = Hunter + rest of this convoluted au, mine.

Coming into his powers as an incubus had been a great deal of excitement for Zell Dincht. Not long after he turned seventeen he realized he had a strong desire for one thing, an instinctual use over abilities to get it. Zell had been a virgin until then, but now he had the power to score anyone he could get to in a night’s travel.

He hadn’t had a night yet where he didn’t drift out into the garden in his spirit form to taste young flesh though their dreams. Of course, there was the nasty side note that this process consumed part of their spirits. He found he could moderate how much he took and thanks to junctioning, SeeDs and Upper-Classmen Cadets always had an over abundance of the stuff. He felt at ease with what he was doing, sure it caused no harm In fact, he was sure he gave some people very pleasant dreams indeed.

This particular night, Zell was drifting though the halls looking for tonight’s fantasy. Drifting though the Undergrad dorms he stopped at one of the doors. It was one of the few Undergrad singles…. The Disciplinary Committee being one such group issued these rooms.

He’d had his powers for several months, but the thought never had occurred to him before that Seifer was a candidate for his nightly feeding. The thought chilled and excited him, his arch nemesis! Zell paused, did he want to get in his enemy’s mind and taste a part of that twisted spirit… Or was this the perfect, unpunishable revenge?

Zell floated, considering until curiosity overcame him, he wanted to know how Seifer was… probably a bastard in bed, or lousy but Zell could only find out for sure by going in. Soundlessly, Zell passed under the sliding door.

As Zell entered Seifer’s room he was surprised to find it was just a little sloppy. Seifer’s jacket was on the chair, his day’s clothes on the floor but the rest of the room was neat. He drifted over to the bed where he hovered, sensing Seifer’s sleeping form beneath him. The tall man was stretched out, on his side and sleeping soundly.

Zell wasn’t up for any risks, and used his powers to will Seifer into a deeper sleep, extending into his sleeping mind. Zell urged Seifer to roll onto his back as an unseen hand pulled down the sheets.

Zell chuckled, Seifer slept naked. Even more fun for him as the same hands ran over the muscular form, right on down between his thighs. “Damn, when he’s sleeping and not being an ass, he’s pretty damn hot” Zell thought, appreciating the man’s body and running a hand over the blonde curls he found. He left ghostly kisses on Seifer’s neck, running down his chest as Seifer moaned and Zell’s hand drifted down and gripped the flaccid cock it found. Even limp, Seifer was pretty big, Zell blinked. Bigger than Squall, he hated to admit. He could feel the organ twitch with lust as Zell smirked and ruefully bit at a nipple. Seifer’s brow’s furrowed as his dreams were seeded with illicit illusions.

It only amused the short blonde when he discovered the degree that Seifer was putty in his hands, he reacted to everything Zell did and it made him feel hard to make a bitch out of Seifer.

He eased down the bed until he was hovered over Seifer’s erect cock, admiring the circumcised tower that was already slick with fluids. Grinning fiercely Zell sank his lips over the head and began to suck. Lost to his dreams, Seifer moaned in approval as Zell’s temporal body worked the hot flesh, running lips and tongue over every searing surface. Seifer bucked his hips as his eyes remained shut, his lips parted and his tanned skin becoming soft with sweat. It made everything between Zell’s legs throb until he couldn’t contain himself any more.

Nearly giggling with delight Zell pulled back as his head filled with ideas, he was going to top Seifer, nothing would be better than that, he thought, gently easing Seifer’s legs apart and settling himself where he wanted. His rod was more than hard enough to press though the tight ring, any difficulty negligated by the spiritual form. All Seifer would feel would be sensation without injury. Zell’s back arched as he gasped at the first tap of Seifer’s spirit, it was overwhelming and so powerful, Zell shuddered to control it before he could begin thrusting and allowing the spiritual energy to slowly seep into his core. Seifer was groaning and bucking his hips more, urging Zell on as the little fighter began thrusting madly with all his might. No point in wasting common courtesy on this loser! He panted raggedly as he humped Seifer like a hyper-active jackrabbit. His mind fuzzed with pleasure before something suddenly happened.

Zell screamed as he was flipped under, something burning, searing into his back and the horrifying pain of his spiritual matter being yanked all back together, and becoming his physical form. He was suddenly human, trapped and Seifer was above him, one arm under Zell and the other held like a bar across Zell’s though. He grinned in satisfaction as tears formed in Zell’s eyes.

“Well, well. So you’re the incubus who’s popped up all of a sudden, Chicken wuss. You got balls trying to fuck a Hunter and feed off him. Or are you too fucking stupid to know one when you see one?” He asked, as Zell struggled in vain. Whatever was burning his back was rendering him helpless. The pain was near-overwhelming but he was a long way from passing out.

“What the hell.. .I don’t know what you’re talking about… I wasn’t hurting you” Zell tried to gasp out as Seifer choked him from most his air. The fighter for the first time was terrified in Seifer’s presence. “Don’t kill me” Zell began to beg. Seifer let off his neck, only to grab some hand cuffs from the nightstand shelf and clamped them onto Zell’s wrists, Zell hissed as they burned too, his body was shaking under the torture.

“ I think I’m gonna teach you a lesson, it’s not nice to steal no matter how dainty you are about it. …I gotta thank you though. I found out an Incubus was nibbling at people’s souls and I was kinda pissed, you guys are a bitch to hunt down but just look, you came to me!” He said, pulling back the hand that had been pressed against Zell’s back. The burning stopped leaving soreness there but he felt a little stronger. He was still trapped by the cuffs.

“What the heck are you taking about, and how come you make it sound like there’s more of me, what the hell ARE you, Seifer?!” Zell frantically demanded to know, Seifer was pulling Zell’s legs apart and crouching between them.

“Chicken Wuss, we live in a world so magical the very GODS are physical and can be summoned. There’s all kinds of supernatural things going on in this garden and you’re about run-of-the mill to me. The disciplinary Committee not only monitors behavior of the mortals, but the supernatural ones too. I can’t fucking believe you never noticed this” Seifer hissed after giving the explanation. He wanted to get on with Zell’s punishment. “You’ve made me very, very horny Dincht, but I’ll tell you right now, I bottom to no one” He warned, stretching Zell’s legs to their max and thrusting into Zell’s unprepared hole ferociously. Zell screamed again as his mortal body felt ripped in two. His cries of pain continued as Seifer plunged himself in and out until he was satisfied, spasamming cum deep into Zell’s body with a grunt, pulling out and leaving Zell whimpering, sore and unfulfilled.

“There” Seifer huffed out. “Learn something” He told Zell as he un-did the handcuffs, reaching the conclusion by the tears running down Zell’s face that the threat had been properly subdued and humiliated. Zell’s body trembled as he rubbed his wrists, then his eyes.

Seifer didn’t even realize he had let down his guard until it was too late, the blue eyes flashed and a right-hook landed square on his jaw, knocking his head into the wall.

“I never hurt anybody!” Zell choked out in a tight voice. “I only took a little!” He was about to lose it. Seifer growled, rubbing his jaw but just stared at the Incubus.

“You might not think you did damage, Dincht, but you did. You fucked with people’s souls and when they went to use magic the next day it was all screwed up. You don’t have a damn clue what you do, you just do it because your body tells you. Some one could get killed when they can’t summon on their mission, or use magic and it takes a good week to straighten out from what you take!” Seifer informed the blonde angrily. Zell was silent, in a state of shock that hurt him more than the assault.

“No one got hurt, did they” Zell finally asked, looking devastated. Seifer felt his heart soften for the blonde. He was still a good kid, even if he was an idiot.

“No, we were lucky. From now on, you’re under my watch and I’m going to control your meals. Don’t think you’re gonna get to constantly feed, either. I’m gonna keep you on a diet so your powers stay weak” Seifer said, a frown tugging on his features as he was beginning to feel guilty. He got out of bed and gathered several items, an x-potion, some aspirin and a thin, red, metal collar. He gave the first two items to Zell who used them without a word. Zell asked about the collar.

“It’s a ‘slave collar’ manufactured by Odine, It’s like the one Riona thought would work on Edea. This one’ll keep your Incubus powers down so you cant use them unless I authorize it. It’s for your own good, Zell. You’ll get hungry and God knows what you’ll do”

“Thanks…Seifer” Zell felt a bit numb saying that after what just happened, but Seifer suddenly changed. He felt weird, a little nauseas when Seifer put the collar on and fastened it, but it didn’t hurt like he feared. He looked up at Seifer, not knowing what Seifer’d want next. Seifer stared back.

“You want you can use my shower” Seifer offered, pointing. Zell nodded quickly, pulling himself up and wincing some as he stood, but he refused to limp as long as Seifer was watching. Seifer rubbed his face with a palm, God did he feel like a prick right now.

Zell took a quick shower, and claimed Seifer’s bathrobe for himself. He came out of the shower dripping, wrapped up in the oversized garment. Seifer was doing something on his computer.

“You said my Incubus powers are frozen so I’m taking this” Zell told Seifer, his jaw set and his blue eyes challenging Seifer to protest. Seifer shot him a displeased look, looks like Zell was feeling better.

“Get it back to me tomorrow, and wash it first” Seifer told him with a stern look.

Zell stood his ground, looking a bit absurd in Seifer’s robe with his wet hair flopping into his face, but he was dead serious. “I got a field mission tomorrow, you’ll get it back when I’ve got time” Seifer twitched. Chicken Wuss was intentionally pushing his luck.

“I want it back ASAP, Dincht, now get the hell out because I’m tired after you disturbed me!” the Hunter shut down his computer and glared at Zell.

“Ok” Zell shrugged as he left for his own room. Seifer jumped back onto his bed. …Incubii were such a handful, Seifer wished he was just a simple demon instead.

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