Sex Is...

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Sex Is...


. ~ . ~ . ~ .

"SUCCESS." Fujin handed me a post-it with four digits scribbled on it. I grinned as I took the paper, then turned and walked off.

Maybe I was a little TOO obsessed with getting on Puberty Boy's nerves. Sending Fujin out to get the combination lock to his room so I could sneak into it while he was sleeping to mess with him was something new even for me. I had always been more into the simple insults and fights - but who could resist turning Squall into the laughing stock of Garden?

And so, at two in the morning, I left my room, post-it in my pocket and cardboard boxes in my arms. The walk down the hall was short - Squall only lived across the hall and two doors down from me. I punched the code in, and slowly opened the door.

I spent a moment adjusting my eyes to the darkness - couldn't have Squall waking up on me if I turned on the lights - and looked around the room. Although the dimensions of his single were the same as mine, it looked bigger. Because it was clean. Jackets and shirts hung in the closet, organized. His dresser, unlike mine, did not have clothes hanging out, and the textbooks and gunblade lying on top of it could hardly be called a pile of junk. Beside his dresser stood his desk, with several stacks of papers, some notebooks, his computer, and a phone. And against the other wall, he lay sound asleep. Perfect.

I carefully emptied his closet, putting every garment into a box. Then to his dresser - I emptied that into another box. I couldn't have him just calling his buddies to spoil my fun, so I took the phone and his Ethernet cable. And then I carefully took the sheets from off his bed. He slept naked - wonderful. I wouldn't have to worry about stripping him.

Then I pulled out what he was to wear - a pink miniskirt, hot pink panties, black heels, and a baby tee that said "Flirt" in sparkly pink lettering. This I laid neatly on his floor. I pushed the boxes outside of his room, then added the final touch. I scribbled on a post-it, "Come to the cafeteria at noon if you want your clothes back." Squall, dressed like a teeny-bopper slut, right into the most crowded place in Garden. I had to keep from laughing out loud at the thought. I stuck the post-it on the door, then pushed the boxes back into my room.

. ~ . ~ . ~ .

I had just finished getting dressed when heavy rapping on my door startled me. Who the fuck could want me at - I glanced at my alarm clock - ten in the morning?

I opened the door to see a very angry Squall. A very angry Squall wearing the clothes I left for him, however. The skirt covered barely any thigh, and I was surprised to find his leg hair barely noticeable. The shirt showed his firm belly and hugged his defined pectorals. And in one hand, he held his gunblade, ready to strike. Oh, shit.

"Give. Me. My. Clothes."

There was no point in pretending I wasn't the one to have taken them - who else would've? And with the way he held his gunblade, ready to slit my throat?

My plan had failed. So much for that. "They're over there," I gestured to the far wall of my bedroom. He strode over to them, then bent down to pick one up.

Damn, that skirt was short. It rode up as he bent over, exposing that delicious ass.

What? I took another look at Squall. Damn, but my rival was HOT! How the fuck did I manage to miss that detail about him before?

But who cares about the how's and why's. My instinct took over as I walked over to him and bent down. Hungrily, I licked along the edge of his panties.

And he moaned. Oh, holy shit, he moaned! Very well then. I continued licking, then slowly pulled his panties down. My mouth parted with his skin as I tugged the material down his legs. He kicked them off, then stood before me, legs parted wide, bent over with his hands on the wall. I didn't know or care what brought him to be willing to do this, but I was damn glad he wanted it. If he didn't, I'd probably have Revolver at my neck.

I licked my lips, admiring the sight before me. Cold-hearted Squall, bent over like some whore, his muscled legs slightly flexed in his heels. And for me. Ah, if this were in public, it would be the perfect humiliation.

"Seifer," he begged, barely audibly. His masculine voice drove my lusts further, and I grabbed his hips, my fingers finding their way under his skirt, then I bent my head down to lift the back of his skirt with my nose as I licked him. I dug my tongue between his cheeks and found the tight hole. I flicked my tongue at it a few times, then drove it in. I continued eating him out until the throbbing in my pants became almost unbearable.

I parted with him, and dug around in my desk. "Be back in a sec," I called as I undid my pants with one hand while reaching for a pair of latex gloves, a condom, and a tube of lube with the other. My pants dropped, my protection on, and lube thick on my hands, I returned to Squall. He had remained in the same position.

Without warning, I stuck a finger inside him, causing a cry to burst from between his lips. "Goddamn, Squall," I moaned as I pushed another finger into his tight warmth. "If I had known you'd look so fucking sexy in a skirt, I would've done this sooner."

"Never expected myself to want you," he replied, squeezing around my fingers. "Oh God!" he added as I shoved a third finger in. I started pushing against the walls of his tunnel. "You being an asshole had always trumped your body."

"Well, if things have turned around, I might as well be more of an asshole," I teased, pulling my fingers out.

He responded with silence. I'm sure he was well aware I wasn't just about to stop. I mentally shrugged and went ahead to give himself what he - and I - wanted. My hands returned to his ass, and I massaged it as I made way for my erection. He groaned as I slowly pushed myself into him. At the same time, my hands slipped under the front of his skirt to find his own hardness. I grasped it tight with both hands and pumped it as I began to slide my hips back and forth.

Squall pushed right back at me, his legs flexed tight. I could feel them shake ever-so-slightly against my own. The feeling practically turned my legs to jelly. I sought balance by leaning harder into him, grasping his penis tighter to hold on as I pushed in and out of his ass. I was doing the work of fucking; the least he could do was keep us upright. His job was still too easy. I solved that by running my thumb against the head of his penis. He gasped, and I could feel his muscles contract - his ass tight around my length, and his legs struggling to stay put. I licked my lips with lust and did it again. If it felt that good to have him struggling against me, he was gonna have to keep on struggling till we were done.

"Goddamn it, Seifer," he struggled to get out through clenched teeth - and a lot of heavy breathing.

"What's wrong, Pretty? Can't handle big bad Seifer?" I teased, rubbing the underside of his cock.

"Uhn... Just watch." He pushed up against me and worked his muscles around my length as I pushed in him.

"God DAMN!" I shouted, my body shaking against him as I orgasmed. I kept workin' my hands over him 'till his seed spurted from him, dirtying my wall and the clothes he was bent over.

We parted, and he immediately picked out an outfit and headed into my bathroom.

He returned, fully dressed in his own clothes, and quickly said, "We will forget this ever happened." I nodded my assent. He picked up his clothes and was gone.

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