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There was just something about Laguna that made me keep coming back to him time and again. It was more than the good looks and friendly nature. More even than the endearing clumsiness that appeared when he was nervous. The man simply made you feel appreciated and wanted by being next to him. It didnt hurt anything that he was also one of the most generous and considerate lovers Id even been with. When you ended up in bed with Laguna Loire, you got the whole man; and what a package deal that was.

While he seemed flighty and not all that together when you first met him, that was an illusion that only the most determined and observant people saw though. In bed, the illusion fell away completely. Laguna was an intense man with personal presence that was almost a force of nature. Before I had the pleasure of his company in bed, I wouldve thought hed be a bottom given his unassuming public personality. I was proven delightfully wrong. He was a subtle top, positioning you and playing your body until he was satisfied you were thoroughly aroused before making his move. Id never been so sexually satisfied in my life than when we were lovers.

Id heard hed taken up with a woman. I wasnt sure I believed it until I saw them together with my own eyes and could plainly see the love and devotion he showered on her. She was a striking woman and a lovely person. It was all Id hoped hed find when I let him go as my lover. He wanted things that Id never be able to give him; namely children. Because I loved him, I left so that he could have what his heart wanted. Her name was Raine and she had a sweet little girl named Ellone. Laguna adored the girl as if she was his own.

Seeing him together with Raine, looking at her and touching her, reminded me of how he used to do the same with me. I stared off into nothing as I remembered what it was like to be the focus of Lagunas desires. A little stab of bittersweet pleasure pooled low in my body and I sighed. Laguna would always get this reaction from me regardless of who either of us was sleeping with.

To feel the warmth that he radiated to those he loved was intoxicating. To see desire come to life in his eyes was a powerful sexual turn on. A simple look from him and Id known he wanted to kiss me. An easy brush of his hand along my arm and I knew it was a promise of his later spending hours worshiping my body with kisses, caresses and gentle domination.

I was reluctantly dragged from my warm memories when Laguna came over to where I was sitting on the porch watching the fireflies in the darkness. I didnt mind my solitude being disturbed by him but I would have liked to float in by gone desires a little while longer. I knew seeing him again would have this effect on me but I wanted to make sure he was happy. He dropped into place beside me and laid a hand on my thigh. I shot him a startled look and opened my mouth to protest.

Raine knows about us, Kiros. I told her. She knows what you did and because shes a smart woman, she knows what it cost you. She said you came here to make sure she was a good enough for me and to make sure I was happy. Is that true?

Yeah, I answered with a sigh. There was no point in lying to Laguna. Hed keep asking until you told him the truth out of exasperation.

He sighed softly and his hand stroked absently over my leg reminding me of other times that hed done that. My body stirred to life at his touch and I resigned myself to always feeling that way when I was near him. I wasnt going to stay. I couldnt. Id seen he was happy and that he had the love of a good woman. I still loved him and I knew he still loved me but I wanted him to have this chance at normalcy and a family. Something hed never have with me.

Ill be leaving in the morning, Laguna. I just wanted to make sure you were happy and staying out of trouble.

Youre welcome to stay, Kiros. Raine doesnt mind. Shes the one who told me to make the offer.

If Id had any doubts about Raine before, that wiped away the last of them. She was an amazingly generous woman to allow the former lover of her current lover to stay in her home. I was sure she knew how I felt about Laguna and, knowing him, hed told her how he felt about me. I shook my head at Laguna and picked up his hand. I smiled into his eyes and leaned in for a good-bye kiss. I made it quick but the taste of the man went straight to my groin. I thought he was similarly affected when he sighed and his hand squeezed mine.

This is why Im going, Laguna. Ill stay in touch and anytime you need me, call and Ill come. Raine is a good woman and Ellone a lovely girl. Have the family you need, I said as I rose and headed into the house to the guest room Id been given.

If Id been a less moral man and less in love with him, Id have taken him up on the offer to stay. I knew we would have ended up in bed together because we just couldnt seem to stay away from each other. I wasnt about to screw up his chance to have something he wanted so badly.

I stripped and slid naked into bed. I was pretty sure it was my imagination playing tricks on me but I thought I could taste him still on my lips and smell the fresh, citrus scent of his aftershave. I let my mind drift as my body remembered how good it felt to have Laguna pressed against me. My mind began to replay the last time Laguna and Id shared a bed as my hand slid down my torso to start stroking the erection I was getting. It was a bittersweet memory as wed both known it would be the last time we enjoyed each other.

We argued when I told him I was leaving and why. He tried to talk me out of it but Laguna isnt the only stubborn one. He decided to make our last time together something that wed both treasure. He lit the room with dozens of candles knowing that I loved the way he looked in the golden glow. Laguna knelt by my side and his eyes had caressed my exposed body making me shiver from the intense want in his gaze.

He started slowly. Just the tips of his fingers brushing over the line of my jaw and tracing my cheekbones. He smoothed my eyebrows and delicately closed my eyes by trailing his fingers down my face. I kept my eyes closed, knowing he wanted me to just feel what he was doing.

Soft touches travelled down my neck and over my collar bones. Swirling patterns were traced over my chest, relaxing and exciting me at the same time. Delicate as a butterflys touch, he explored my body from head to toe. I wanted to touch him back but when I raised my hands and opened my eyes, he smiled at me and shook his head before pressing my hands gently back to the bed.

He made my skin aware of him so that I was anticipating where his next touch would be and subtly strained into it. When he lowered his head and kissed my throat over my rapidly beating pulse, I moaned. The feel of his mouth was even better than his ghosting hands. He kissed and licked my skin, urging my arousal higher. During all the soft touches and gentle kisses he never once touched my pebbled nipples or erect cock. It was an utterly mind-blowing pleasure when he closed his mouth over my nipple and wrapped his fingers around my dick at the same time.

He played my body like a fine instrument. He pulled me down the path of arousal, working me higher and higher with his hands and lips and silky slide of hair against my sensitized skin before backing off and letting me sink back into warm arousal. When I was covered with a light film of sweat and panting, he moved between my legs and began a new round of pleasurable torture.

Laguna knelt between my spread legs and captured my hips in a firm grip. He leaned down and licked the skin of my inner thighs before taking both my balls into his mouth. I cried out in pleasure at the feel of his tongue sliding over the delicate skin and slipped my hands through his silky hair to hold him in place. I wanted to move my hips but he kept a firm grip on my hips and that gentle restraint only served to edge my desire higher.

He finally released my hips when his mouth left my balls. He stretched his body out over mine and I groaned at the feel of his erection rubbing against mine. He offered me his fingers and I eagerly sucked them inside. Laguna was now the one panting harshly as I ran my tongue over the pads of his fingers and ground my hips up into his. He pulled his fingers free from my mouth and moved off me. I would have protested but I knew what he was going to do with those spit-slicked digits and I wanted it with a driving intensity.

He met zero resistance when he pushed two fingers into me. My body was eager to feel him and welcomed the firm press. We both groaned as he fingered me. I pressed my hips down and raised my arms to him. I asked him without words to come to me. He withdrew his fingers and spit into his hand. Wed been enjoying each other often enough that nothing more than that was required. He spread the spit over the head of his cock and pressed into my ass. He covered my mouth with his in a hot, open kiss that swallowed both our groans of pleasure.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and pressed tightly to him. He moved with slow, deliberate strokes designed to draw out the pleasure for both of us as long as possible. He broke the kiss and watched me from inches away as desire rose higher and higher in both of us. My cock was pressed tight between our bellies, sliding easily in the film of sweat that covered us both. He began to put a little twist into his hips and ecstasy whipped through me as his cock pressed again and again on my sweet spot.

I whispered his name against his lips. A plea to bring me over the edge as only he could. He smiled at me and the love in his face took my breath away as he sped up his motions. My balls drew up tight and release stormed through me. Laguna shuddered and pressed hard into me. I felt his cock pulse with release and heard him whisper my name in a voice filled with everything he felt for me and the regret that he couldnt change my mind to stay.

I was brought back sharply to the present by a tiny noise. My eyes flew open to see Laguna standing in the doorway as pleasure rushed up my spine and I came in my own hand. The desire that flared to life in his eyes at seeing me orgasm made my breath catch in my throat. I lay on my back staring at him, panting and wanting him more than anything Id ever wanted in my life. I wanted to stay. I wanted to feel the touch of Lagunas hands on my body again. I knew he could see that in my gaze and I closed my eyes. I shivered when I felt the light touch of his fingers on my cheek.

It wont be forever, Kiros. Well be back together again. I know it. Its unfair of me to ask, but please wait for me.

There was something strange in his voice and in his eyes. Some kind of bittersweet knowledge that was a heavy burden for him to bear. I found myself nodding and promising him Id wait for him. He smiled and kissed me softly on the lips. He drew away and left the room as silently as he entered. I sat up in the bed, wiped my seed covered fingers off on the sheets and dressed. I was leaving now. I had to while I had the strength to go; but I would still keep my word. A strange as the request had been, I would wait for him.

Id do anything to taste again the love that had been in that last bittersweet kiss.

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