Laying the Lion

BY : ToriS
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Laying the Lion

By: Tori Singer

Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy and I don't make any profits.

Notes: Had to take a break from Tiny Miracle, I just had the urge for some good old PWP. ^^


"Well?" Zell asked as he paced around Quistis's office. They were watching Squall on one of the camera monitors. The Commander seemed ready to pass out at a moment's notice. Squall had been working on some late night paperwork when Quistis had called Zell and their friends to her office. Now, they were watching the lion intently.

"Squall's still awake, but he keeps rubbing his eyes." Quistis updated them. Irvine chuckled from his place by the door.

"Is this wise? I mean, I don't wanna be on his bad side for the whole semester!" Selphie laughed and hit his arm.

"He'll get over it! We're his friends; he'll understand!" Zell didn't really share her enthusiasm...considering he was the one who was going to have to do it. Yeah, Zell was glad they were helping him out, but he was having second thoughts.

"I'm sure he'll be too pissed off at me to give you much thought Irvine." Zell told him, running his hands through his hair. Zell was trying to psyche himself up like he usually did...but this time it wasn't really helping. Quistis glanced over at Zell.

"Well, Rinoa will be back from Timber in two weeks, so just think of it as satisfying him while she's gone." There was a teasing hint behind her eyes, which made Zell slump his shoulders.

"Speaking of Rinoa, she's gonna be pissed too if she finds out." Zell tried to reason with them, seriously thinking about backing out of this deal. Selphie bounded over and attached herself to Zell's arm.

"She just won't find out, right? I won't tell, you won't tell....Irvy won't tell." She cast a warning look at Irvine, who held his hands up in defense.

"Hey hey, why would I wanna dig my hole any deeper? Nah, the secret's safe with me. Besides...I think that Squall will blow a gasket in his head if he doesn't get laid soon." They all agreed. Squall seemed to have a bigger stick shoved up his ass...more than usual. Squall was too tense, and recently he was quick to argue. Quistis and the others had come to the conclusion that Squall Leonhart needed to get laid, bad.

Once this had been brought to Quistis's attention, she immediately came up with this plan. She and the others knew how Zell felt about Squall, so they figured it would be the perfect opportunity to give Zell a shot at happiness. Sexual happiness mind you; they had no intention of having Squall and Rinoa break up.

"Shh, I think he's falling asleep." Quistis waved them over. Zell's heart flip flopped as he walked over and glanced at the monitor. Squall's eyes were drooping, and the pen lay lax in his hand. Finally Squall laid his head down on his arm, pen still in his hand, in writing position. They waited a few more minutes before Quistis stood. She turned off the camera before grabbing a handful of straws from her belt.

"Remember Zell, the short one is this one, it's a little bent." She pointed it out to him. Zell nodded, a lump forming in his throat. Could he really do this? Was he 'actually' 'daring' to march into Squall's office and fuck him? He tried not to think about it as they filed out of Quistis's office. They headed toward the elevator, trying not to act too suspicious.

They rode it to the third floor. They stayed quiet as they approached Squall's office door. Selphie stifled a giggle as Irvine pulled out the chain and handcuffs.

"Shh...." Quistis put a finger to her mouth, clutching the straws in her hand. Selphie handed Zell a small bottle. It said K.Y on it. Zell glared at her and tried to hide his blush. Irvine patted Zell on the shoulder.

"Come on man, the whole Garden's countin' on ya. Just think how much nicer it would be around here if Squall was in a better mood." Zell scratched the back of his neck, his face hot with embarrassment. Quistis waved for them to be quiet as she eased Squall's door open. They filed in, tiptoeing on the short carpeting.

Squall was still laying on his desk, soft snores emitting from his parted lips. The Commander looked awful. Dark circles were under his eyes, and he seemed to have lost weight. Irvine tiptoed around the desk, coming up beside the slumbering Commander.

Quistis bit her lip as Squall stirred slightly. They all held their breath, but he didn't wake up. Zell fidgeted with the hem of his jacket, he was nervous beyond reckoning. But he was excited too. Zell had waited forever for a chance at the hot Commander. This was it, baby!

Irvine eased the pen out of Squall's hand, laying it gently on the desk beside him. He carefully knelt down, placing a cuff around Squall's boot. Irvine fastened the other end to the desk leg. Now that Squall was secure to the desk, Irvine waved for Quistis to come help. She tiptoed over, placing her hands gently on Squall's forehead. Irvine eased his arm out from under his head while Quistis laid his head down onto the desk.

The two about jumped when Squall snored. Selphie was holding her mouth; her face turning blue from lack of laughter. Zell's heart wouldn't stop pounding out of his chest. He waited, waited for Squall to wake up and yell at them all. But it didn't happen. They had virtually no trouble handcuffing Squall's hands behind his back.

"Mmm.....hmmm...." Squall murmured in his sleep, and Zell wondered if he was dreaming. Quistis reached into Squall's jacket pocket, taking out his Junction card. Irvine tiptoed back to the door with Quistis. They all stared at their friend for a bit before Quistis decided it was time for him to wake up. She reached over and rapped on the door a few times. Squall twitched but didn't awaken. She pursed her lips, knocking harder. This time he sat straight up, a piece of paper stuck to his cheek.

Selphie started giggling as Squall tried to blow the paper off his face.

"W-What the..?!" Squall tried to move his hands, only to find them tied behind his back. Squall finally got the paper to fall away. He narrowed his eyes at his 'friends' by the door.

"What the hell do you all think you're doing?!" Squall shouted, standing from his chair. Selphie bounced on the balls of her feet.

"Just helpin' ya feel better!" She grinned, and Squall snorted.

"By tying me up?" He shot back sarcastically. She nodded, and Squall sighed.

"Alright alright, I'll play along. What do you want?" The brunette asked, sitting back in his chair. Squall watched as Quistis pulled a handful of straws out from behind her back. He cocked an eyebrow as each of his friends took one.

"What are you doing?" He asked, noticing that Zell drew the shortest one. They all laughed at the blond, but Squall was still confused. Zell sighed and put the straw in his pocket. He looked at Squall and shadowboxed.

"Guess it's up to me, baby!" Zell swung his fists a few times, and Squall briefly wondered if they were choosing who was going to beat the crap out of him.

"Would someone tell me what's goin' on?!" Squall finally yelled, causing them all to look at him. Irvine chuckled, flipping his ponytail over his shoulder.

"Ain't it obvious? We're choosing to see who's gonna get ya laid!" Squall visibly paled, and Selphie started a new set of giggles. Finally, Squall found his voice.

"W-What?! What are you talking about! I don't need to get laid!" Squall argued, yanking on the cuffs on his wrists. He couldn't break them. Irvine laughed sarcastically.

"Oh yeah, ha ha, Squall you are such an uptight, nervous wreck. You need to chill and let someone else take you for a ride." Squall blushed at Irvine's wink. He did 'not' like where this was going. And, the fact that Zell drew the short straw made him wonder if Zell was going to 'do' it or if something else was on their minds.

"Rinoa don't need to know. We're all friends here! We're just getting ya laid, Squally!" Selphie pumped her fist into the air. Squall narrowed his eyes.

"You people don't seem to think that I can live my life by myself....that I need to have constant supervision over everything I do. Now, you even want to control my sex life." Squall tried not to sound so bitter, but he couldn't help it. Selphie gasped, and he hoped he'd talked some sense into them.

"Oh my god! That's the longest amount of time I've heard Squall talk in one breath!" Squall sighed and laid his head down on his desk. He wished he'd never fallen asleep. Wait a minute, how did they know he'd fallen asleep? Squall glanced up in the corner of the room, where the security camera was angled at him. He'd have to remember to take that camera down, or just point it at the door.

"Come on you guys. I'm sure Zell and Squall have a lot to do." Quistis smiled innocently at Squall before dragging Selphie out of the room. Irvine ruffled Zell's hair before leaving. Irvine shut the door behind him. Zell glanced over at Squall, who looked ready to explode.

"If you think I'm letting you near me you're mistaken." Squall warned Zell, getting up from his chair. He took a few steps back, nearly falling on his ass. Squall pulled on his leg, noting that he was chained to the desk.

"Oh you people are unbelievable!" Squall tried to jerk the chain from the desk, but that only caused pain to shoot up his leg.

"Relax Squall, you know we're your friends." Zell walked over to the desk, leaning his hip against it. Squall glared at him, trying to summon Shiva to freeze his ass to the desk. She never came.

"Oh, I hope you're not trying to summon magic, cause your card's gone." Zell picked at his fingernails while Squall gaped in disbelief.

"You''re serious." Squall mumbled to himself. Zell pretended not to hear him as he walked over to the radio. It was sitting on a side table, next to a lamp. Zell turned the radio on before flipping the lamp off. Now, the only light came from the small light on Squall's desk. Zell stripped out of his jacket before throwing it on the small chair in front of the desk. He added his shirt to the pile, baring his chest to Squall.

Squall took a deep breath, backing up when Zell slowly made his way around the desk. Squall ran out of walking room and soon found himself at the end of his chain. He stumbled, falling down onto the floor. Pain shot through his hands, which were now smashed between his back and the floor.

"Zell....Zell think about what you're doing." He tried to reason as Zell got down on his hands and knees. Zell grinned, his white teeth looking eerie in the dim light. Squall tried to scoot away, but had nowhere to run as Zell grabbed his thigh.

"I'm thinkin' that you're gonna enjoy it. I promise, baby!" Zell massaged the hard thigh, and Squall nearly died of embarrassment. If Squall was dreaming, he wished he'd wake up.

"I have to be dreaming." The brunette said aloud while tilting his head to the side, avoiding Zell's searching lips. Zell lay on top of him, running his lips across Squall's cheek. He gasped when Zell pinched his knee.

"Nope, you're still here." Zell chuckled, running his other hand along Squall's stomach. The brunette closed his eyes, escaping from the warm touch of Zell's rough hand on his bare skin. Zell went under his shirt, exploring the smooth expanse of Squall's chest. Squall bit his lip, trying not to enjoy the sparks of pleasure that shot down his chest when Zell flicked his nipple.

"See? You're so tense....that's why we're here to help you relax." Zell tried to excuse his actions, kneading the knotted muscle of Squall's shoulder. He was glad that Squall wasn't wearing his jacket, instead just being in his white shirt. Squall tensed more, ignoring Zell's massage.

"You guys are traitors. I can't believe you call yourselves my friends." Zell bit the inside of his cheek, trying to keep his nerve up. This was going the way he'd imagine, even with Squall's reluctance. But then again, Zell wouldn't have it any other way.

"You'll feel me." Zell whispered against Squall's temple. He kissed his way across Squall's face, searching for his lips. Squall turned his head, not letting Zell have what he wanted. Zell pinched the Commander's nipple again, harder. Squall hissed, leaning his head back. Zell took advantage. He attached his lips to the smooth skin of Squall's throat, feeling the pulse like a butterfly coming out of it's cocoon.

"Don't...." Squall squirmed, trying to break free from his bonds. He wanted to wrap his hands around Zell's neck so bad he couldn't see straight. Then again, maybe his vision's messed up because he was experiencing sensations he never thought possible.

"Don't pretend like you're enjoying this Zell." Squall spat, pulling his face away from Zell's. Zell chuckled, running his hand down to Squall's crotch.

"You seem to be. I told you you would." Squall tensed up when Zell cupped his arousal. Damn! He'd hoped that Zell wouldn't have the satisfaction of knowing he'd gotten a rise out of him. Squall tried to ignore Zell when the blond rubbed his own clothed erection against his thigh.

"I don't need to pretend." A shiver ran down Squall's spine. Squall still believed that he was dreaming. And if he was, where in hell did he get the idea for Zell to rape him? Well...yeah, this was basically rape.

"I've had enough, let me go." He warned, appalled when Zell made no move to untie him. He jerked on his handcuffs, but they still wouldn't budge.

"You'll learn to forgive me....I hope." Zell chuckled a bit nervously, planting kisses along Squall's chest. He reached down and started unbuckling Squall's belts. The brunette's eyes popped open when he heard the clasp.

"Zell! Zell no don't!" He wiggled like never before, trying to discourage Zell from pulling his pants down. Finally, Zell pinned Squall's thighs down with his own. He continued to work on the belts, but Squall's upper body still struggled.

"If you're my friend you'll stop!" He resorted to guilt trips, black mail, anything to stop Zell from stripping him.

"And if you're 'my' friend, you'll loosen up and stop acting like I'm going to kill you." Squall bit his lip at the ferocious look in Zell's eyes. He felt an instant of fear, just a few seconds when he pondered Zell's real intentions. Zell pulled the red belts out of the loops, tossing them a few feet away. Then, he unbuttoned the leather pants before pulling the zipper down. Squall held his breath as the cool air of the office hit his skin.

"....I never expected that." Zell murmured to himself, gazing at the gray underwear of his Commander. He yanked the pants down around Squall's hips. Squall panicked.

"No Zell don't!" He yelped, closing his eyes when Zell pulled one of his pant legs completely off. He left the other one to bunch around the chain around Squall's ankle. Squall kept his eyes closed, knowing that he was just about to be made the laughing stock of the whole Garden. Though it seemed that he already was, if this 'incident' had anything to say.

"What the....Squall, do you 'shave' your legs?" Zell ran his hand along the smooth skin by Squall's knee. He heard Squall mumble something about leather before burying his head down against his shoulder. Zell grinned and raised Squall's free leg. Zell kissed along the knee, running his tongue up the thigh.

"I like it." He whispered, his fingers massaging the tense muscles in Squall's leg. Squall half whimpered and half growled when Zell's fingers came dangerously close to the waist band of his underwear.

"I see you're enjoying this far more than you let on." Zell teased, very lightly running his fingers along the bulge in Squall's underwear. Squall tensed, his whole body reacting to Zell's touch. He hated that Zell was making him feel this way. Squall didn't want him to know that he was on fire from Zell's hot touches.

"Why are you doing this?" Squall gasped out, unable to do anything but squirm as Zell grabbed a box cutter out of Squall's desk drawer. He extended the blade, easing it under the hem of Squall's underwear. Squall felt violated, and wanted to say so, but couldn't find his voice. Instead, he spread his legs wider, letting Zell rip his underwear with the blade.

"See? I knew you could cooperate if you wanted to." Zell smirked, pulling the remains of the underwear away from Squall's body. Squall immediately tried to close his thighs.

"Just don' you with a knife." Squall snapped as Zell tossed the box cutter to the side.

"Ouch, man." Zell ran his hands along Squall's hips, trying to ease his legs apart. Squall resisted, clenching his legs together with everything he had. Zell became exasperated, instead focusing his attention back to Squall's upper body.

"You won't win." Squall gasped, turning his head every which way; he tried to stay away from Zell's dangerous kisses. Zell played along, his own arousal throbbing in his shorts. He'd have to take care of that. Zell leaned up, unsnapping his shorts. Squall tried not to watch as Zell's member came into view. Squall never in a million years thought he'd be in this position.

The teen noticed Zell taking something from the pocket of his shorts before tossing them aside. Squall had to admit that Zell was sexy in nothing but his sneakers...but he would 'not' admit that aloud, of course.

"Come on, baby. Let's have a little fun." Zell goaded, squirting something onto his fingers. Squall's heartbeat quickened; he had a feeling about what Zell was intending to do to him. Squall was appalled that he didn't feel so angry anymore. He was more....curious and scared. He did 'not' want Zell making a place for himself in his heart.

" Zell!" Squall threatened again, this time not moving when Zell laid on top of him. Zell pushed his lips onto Squall's. Zell tasted salty...and Squall wanted more. Squall quivered under the weight on top of his body. Zell reached up and grabbed Squall's hair, gently tilting his head back. Squall closed his eyes, letting Zell deepen the kiss.

He sighed in Zell's mouth when he felt slick fingers tickling his entrance. Slowly...slowly but surely, he opened his legs, letting them lay on either side of Zell. The blond smirked against Squall's mouth, pressing his index finger halfway into Squall's resistant body. Squall moaned, feeling uncomfortable shivers spread throughout his body.

"Stop..." He practically begged, his senses on fire from Zell's lips on his face and neck. The brunette couldn't think clearly; he bent his leg at the knee, letting his pants fall around his ankle. Squall couldn't move too far, the chain on the desk still attached to him. He'd long since lost feeling in his hands.

"You're so warm, baby." His whole body jolted in desire at Zell's words. The blond's finger pushed deeper inside, feeling around.

"Zell...." Squall bit his tongue, ashamed at the delightful sensations coming from his rear. Zell pulled his finger out slowly before pushing back in. He ran his other hand along Squall's side, emitting a soft gasp from the Commander. Zell kissed his way along Squall's chest, letting his tongue leave saliva trails down past his stomach.

Squall couldn't control his breathing. His chest heaved in pleasurable pants as he tried to calm down. Squall was on the verge of a mental breakdown from the pent up desire in his blood.

"I'll take care of ya." Zell promised, flicking Squall's tip with his tongue. Squall twitched, crying out when Zell pushed a second finger into him. Zell moved his fingers slowly in and out while he ran his tongue along the side of Squall's arousal.

"Stop this now!" Squall begged, half meaning it. Squall threw his head back, letting it hit the floor with a thunk. He couldn't stay still, his body literally burning from Zell's fingers and mouth. In response, Zell pulled the top of Squall's penis into his mouth, letting his tongue taste the pre excitement on the tip. He felt Squall quiver under him, obviously trying not to show how much he wanted it.

"Do you want me to fuck you, sir?" Zell moaned to his Commander, who in response hung his mouth open. Zell chuckled, thrusting his fingers quickly. He felt a jolt of desire wash over him when Squall arched his back in pleasure. Zell couldn't figure out when he'd become so bold. Any other time, he'd be nervous and stuttering.

"Z-Zell, please st-stop....I can't stand it...." Squall tossed his head from side to side, biting his lip in delight. Zell took Squall into his mouth again, letting himself go down as far as he could. He ran his other hand along Squall's stomach, feeling the shivering body under him. He slowly let Squall's member fall out of his mouth.

"If you can't stand it, then you shouldn't stop, it ain't healthy." Zell snickered at the peeved look Squall sent him. He decided to torture the brunette some more; he drizzled more lubricant onto his fingers, letting it run between his knuckles and pool on the floor. He thrust his fingers sharp and quick, reveling in the moans Squall was making above him.

"I m-mean it Zell." Squall could barely talk, his mouth would rather hang open dumbly. This turned Zell on more, almost breaking his will to keep this slow. He grasped Squall's arousal in his hand, pumping him in time with his thrusts. He pulled on Squall's member every time he pulled his fingers out.

"God dammit!" Squall banged his head on the floor, letting his orgasm rush over him. Zell moaned, coating his fingers with the white substance. Squall tried not to meet Zell's stare as the blond licked at his fingers.

"That's gross." Squall mumbled, feeling rather uncomfortable despite the warm after effects of his finish. He noticed Zell still had his fingers inside his rear. He watched as Zell lathered his own arousal with Squall's semen. Squall's eyes widened.

", stop it! I'm done with your games!" He could do nothing, though, as Zell pulled his fingers out. They were replaced by the tip of Zell's cock. Squall tensed up, not relaxing even as Zell massaged his sensitive member.

"'ll only make it worse." Squall glanced up at Zell. What did he mean by worse? Squall found out quickly, though, when Zell's head broke through his ring of muscle. The brunette gasped in pain, spreading his legs out. Zell lifted Squall's bare leg, letting it hang over his shoulder.

"It burns." Squall basically whimpered, and Zell felt a pang of guilt. Zell shook his head, he'd already came this far, he couldn't stop now. He eased in slowly, watching Squall's face for despair. Squall's mouth fell open, and he let out a long groan.

"Move, or do something." He commanded, not meeting Zell's gaze. The blond didn't rush though. He knew that if he moved too fast he'd hurt Squall. Instead, he ran his hand along Squall's inner thigh, letting the brunette's knee rest against his neck. Zell touched Squall's body, arousing him again.

Squall sighed softly, clenching his inner walls. It felt...nice. It didn't hurt as bad as he thought it would. His body responded sharply to Zell's touch. He let the blond wrap his fingers around the base of his aroused member. Zell pumped it slowly, easing his own arousal out of Squall. The Commander wriggled his wrists, trying to get feeling back into his arms. Squall noticed the box cutter laying next to his side. If he could just....

"Damn, man." Zell grit his teeth, pushing back into Squall slowly. The tightness overwhelmed him. He leaned forward, letting his chest hover above Squall's. Squall felt his leg cramp from being bent too far back; it was practically laying against his own chest. Squall arched his back as Zell gripped his hips.

The blond held Squall still as he made love to him. Squall felt sharp pleasure each time Zell pushed into him. Squall had never felt anything like it. He reached up, finding Zell's lips. Squall kissed him harshly, wanting more of the sensations vibrating through his body.

"Squall....shit..." Zell let his pelvis bang against Squall's roughly. He clumsily accepted Squall's kisses, clutching Squall's hips tightly. Squall's loud moans of delight gripped him like a vice. Zell could do nothing but give it to him harder. But it wasn't enough for Squall.

"More..." Squall begged softly as Zell's stomach rubbed against his erection. The brunette kissed along Zell's shoulders, wishing his hands were free. Squall was still trying to reach the box cutter, but he needed two inches of extra space. Zell ran his hand along Squall's shoulder, keeping him from scooting too far ahead. Squall screamed, unable to rock with Zell's thrusts. Zell's penetration ran deeper, rubbing against Squall's prostate.

"Shit!" Squall cried out, his fingers feeling for the box cutter. Finally, he raised his back as far as he could, arching his chest against Zell's. The blond groaned loudly, scooting closer to Squall so he could have more leverage. As his back was raised, Squall snatched the box cutter with his fingers. He quickly worked the blade into the small lock of the handcuffs. They seemed to be a pair of Irvine's cheap props.

Squall cried out again, drowning out the sound of the lock popping open. Zell was unaware of what just took place. The blond's eyes were closed, and his body trickled with sweat. Squall freed one of his arms before pulling the handcuffs from behind his back. He tossed them to the side and gripped Zell's shoulders tightly.

The blond froze, every muscle in his body tense with shock. He cracked open an eye, staring down at Squall's lusty gaze.

"You started this, now finish it....chicken wuss." Squall smirked at the peeved look on Zell's face. He dug his fingernails deep into Zell's flesh.

"Give me it." Squall challenged, letting Zell move his leg off of his shoulder. Squall gripped Zell's arm tightly as the blond continued to pound him, this time without abandon. Squall wrapped his leg around Zell's hips, feeling the muscles of his butt flexing with the martial artist's lovemaking. The brunette gasped loudly, unable to keep his train of thought.

"You baby..." Zell moaned through grit teeth. He leaned up, grabbing Squall's thigh for leverage. Squall pinched his own nipple, this time enjoying himself as he pleasured his body. His lower body was burning from the pleasure, and he didn't know how long he could last. Zell seemed to sense this, that or he was nearing the end, himself.

"Roll over, baby." Zell gasped, pulling his member from Squall's body. Squall tingled with from the loss. He got up on his hands and knees. Squall's pants were still bunched around his right ankle, along with the chain. Zell reached over and undid the lock on the chain. It was a combination chain, and Irvine had given the code to him in case of an emergency.

"Oh? Freeing me might prove to be a mistake." Squall looked over his shoulder, threatening the martial artist. Zell grinned, hauling Squall up by his hips. The brunette shivered in excitement when he was laid face down on his desk. Squall reached up, grabbing the edge of the desk tightly. He felt the warm head of Zell's member push back into his body.

"You wouldn't run from me, now would you?" Zell teased, thrusting inside Squall's body quickly. Squall let his legs dangle from the desk, his mouth hanging open in desire.

"Dammit Zell, shut up and fuck me!" The Commander yelled, embarrassment creeping into his tone. Zell chuckled behind him, squeezing his lover's butt cheeks harshly. Squall placed his arms under him, leaning on them for support. His erection scraped against the edge of the desk. It was a sharp pain, but it fueled his lust.

Zell's grip on Squall's cheeks never loosened as he thrust rapidly in and out of the brunette under him. Squall spread his legs as far as he could, his body hyper sensitive to every touch Zell laid on him. Squall felt like he was on the verge of gaining the impossible...but couldn't quite reach it.

"I'm....almost...." Squall murmured, clenching his eyes shut tightly. He was scooted back a bit, and he felt one of Zell's hands leave his rear. He cried out, arching his back when Zell reached around his hips and squeezed his erection. Complete delight ran through his body, Zell's touch feeling like a dozen orgasms. He panted heavily, coming undone when Zell squeezed his balls softly.

"O-Oh...!" Squall quivered sharply, his second orgasm spreading through his body. He clenched his walls tightly, unable to control himself. Zell's pace slowed, and he groaned above him.

"T-Tight..." Zell growled huskily, his own orgasm not far off. He let Squall's body milk him as he pulled out slowly. He thrust back in, feeling the peak hit. He trembled, his semen filling the brunette laying on the desk. They both breathed heavily, their bodies wet with the sweat of their exertion.

"Hmmmm...." Squall sighed in content, running his hand through his hair. Zell chuckled above him, his breath tickling Squall's ear.

"Feel better?" He asked, and Squall got defensive. He pushed back, making Zell move so he could stand. He hauled off and slugged Zell in the jaw. The blond touched his mouth gingerly, a slow grin spreading on his face. The corners of Squall's mouth moved up.

"Maybe..." Squall jerked his pants back on, shooting Zell a go to Hell look. The blond ignored him and got dressed. He cast Squall a lusty smirk.

"Maybe we'll do this again sometime, eh baby?" He purred, winking at Squall's embarrassed look. Zell hesitated right outside the door.

"Yeah....maybe...." Squall mumbled, crossing his arms over his bare chest. He did feel better actually. Maybe all he did need was a good fuck. Maybe his friends were right. But he swore he'd pay Zell back, one way or another.

"Oh, hey Squall....just so ya know..." Zell peeked his head back in the door.

"It was rigged so that I would pull the short straw." With that, he left. Squall sat down in his chair, the events of the last hour washing over him. So Zell had planned to screw him all along. He smiled at the thought.


Notes from Tori Singer: *fans self* I gotta go to work in an hour, but damn that was HOT!! *leaves to take care of (business) before going to work.
~Tori Singer

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