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Zell sat up on the roof of GARDEN, kicking his legs over the side. He was leaning back on his hands, head tilted upwards. The twinkling of stars overhead reflected on the ocean, which GARDEN was floating across. A cloud drifted over the half-moon, obscuring his body and blurring the lines of reality that kept him from disappearing into the darkness of the roof itself. The shadows reflected in his eyes, turning his usually bright blue orbs completely black. He felt his cheek heat up and hissed at the once-familiar tingling.

Liquid fire ran from his temple in a fine, searing line, and began to circle his neck. The pain pulled tightly on his throat and he hunched over suddenly, coughing violently into his palm. He couldn’t catch his breath, even as the fire left his throat to spread over his chest, finally gathering at two points on his back. He gasped and wheezed, spitting blood onto his hand to keep from choking on it.

Still shuddering at his lost breath, he stared at the congealed mass of red. The cloud over the sky moved away, causing the blood to shine brightly in his hand. He bit into his lip harshly, inhaling deeply and holding it despite his body’s sudden rejection of oxygen. A grunt escaped him, and he held his breath and clenched his hand into a fist, feeling the blood squish between his fingers. The pain in his back intensified, jolts of electricity running from his shoulder blades straight to his heart.

There was the sound of flesh ripping apart, and Zell clenched his fists into his hair to keep from screaming out loud. Pain continued to jolt though his body at every twitch of his muscles, and Zell cursed himself under his breath. He realized, too late as usual, that he hadn’t seen the inside of someone’s bed in several weeks. And now that he was starting to get this bad…

Zell stood suddenly, wobbling slightly at his sudden lack of energy. He glanced over the side of the roof, seeing the small patio he had used to crawl up on top of GARDEN, and realizing all of a sudden that it was so small. But the pain in his body reminded him of how little time was left. He cast his fully black eyes to the sky, moon reflecting in the ultimate darkness, and stepped forward, dropping to the sea below.


Squall flopped restlessly on his bed, the nightshirt he usually wore to bed trying vainly to choke him. His eyes sought out the faint red of his clock and he groaned when he read 0134. He was getting tired of these sleepless nights – both literally and figuratively. He tried to remember the last time he’d gotten a decent night’s sleep. It had to be almost a month ago – before everything had happened. Seifer, Ifrit, Zell, graduation, missiles, and Hyne only knew what else he was forgetting. Squall groaned. He wasn’t sure what else he could deal with without sleep before he completely snapped.

The numbers on his clock suddenly changed to 0135. Obviously that was in mockery and sheer defiance of him, so he simply picked it up and chunked it across the room, smiling in satisfaction at the cruching sound it mage. Then he frowned. He’d needed that clock for its alarm. Now he had no idea when he needed to get up.

“Fuck,” he hissed to himself. He considered getting up to go find what remained of his clock to see if he could put it back together, but froze when he felt a sudden presence in his room. He tried to play it off so that it seemed he had been sleeping all night, but froze at the sound of a familiar voice.


The lion rolled over in his bed at looked at Zell’s form in the doorway to his room, backlit by the light from the living area. He thought he’d turned that light off before he’d gone to bed – he knew it wasn’t on a minute ago, though, and that confused him. And he didn’t like to be confused. “How did you get in?”

“Your door was unlocked,” Zell replied, moving his head in the direction of the living area. For a moment, Squall thought Zell’s eyes looked black, but when the blonde looked at him again, his eyes were hidden once more. “I couldn’t sleep tonight. Could you?”

Squall sat up, staring at Zell’s silhouette and trying to figure out what seemed so off about it. “What do you want?” the brunette asked, expecting to be asked to go to the Training Center of the Cafeteria or something.

“You.” Squall blinked, not knowing where that had come from. Before he could think to respond to it, he felt a pair of lips covering his own and warm hands were on his shoulders. His body stiffened as he felt a second weight fill his bed, and relaxed minutely as Zell began to massage his neck. “C’mon, baby,” was the soft encouragement in his ear, followed closely by a slick tongue.

Squall shuddered as heat pooled in his groin, and he struggled to regain himself, even as he shoved Zell away from him. “Who are you?”

Zell blinked as he almost fell off the bed before he laughed. “It’s Zell, baby. Who would you expect? Some kind of boogeyman?”

Squall just glared, trying to keep his face from heating at the blonde’s nickname. “What are you doing in here?”

Zell’s easy-going grin softened into a sultry smile, and he once more wrapped his arms around Squall’s shoulders. “I told you. I couldn’t sleep.”

Squall’s breath came out in a shudder, as Zell pressed himself against Squall. Sharp teeth nipped at Squall’s ear as a pair of hands rubbed at the lion’s slowly relaxing back. He couldn’t help his small moan as Zell slipped one ungloved hand up the back of Squall’s shirt, dragging his nail sensuously up the lion’s spine.

“And I’m sure you couldn’t sleep either.”

Squall bit his lower lip to stifle a moan as Zell began to rain soft kisses up and down his throat. He could feel his shirt being bunched up around his shoulders and allowed it to be pulled over his head and down his arms. The air in his room suddenly seemed so cold as Zell pulled away, eyes trailing up and down the new expanse of flesh that had been opened up to him.

“Zell…” Squall warned, catching himself suddenly. Did he really want this? Hearing Zell’s throaty chuckle and feeling calloused fingers brush across his nipple, he groaned and thought, Yes he did.

“Don’t worry, baby,” Zell breathed, leaning in to bite Squall on the shoulder gently. “I know what to do.”

Squall growled, breath coming in quicker and sharper gasps as he felt Zell’s tongue trace unintelligible patterns down his torso. He bit his lip to stifle a whimper as he felt the soft, slick muscle dip into his navel. His hands twitched and he reached up to twine his fingers into Zell’s hair, tugging at the fine blonde strands eagerly. Zell laughed softly again as his nose bumped into the rough cloth of Squall’s boxers. Instead of explaining himself as before, Zell merely hooked his finger under the elastic band and pulled it down, exposing the dusky, reddened flesh that was Squall.

The lion heard himself whine, and a gasp of, “Please,” escaped him. He tugged harder at Zell’s hair and was rewarded with incredibly soft lips brushing over him. Squall bit harshly into his bottom lip to keep from crying out, especially as Zell’s mouth began to move lower, taking more of the lion in.

“Zell…” he gasped, eyes closed in ecstasy. He threw back his head as Zell began to move up and down, leaving trails of saliva that cooled almost instantly despite the heat that was filling the room. “Zell,” he whimpered again, toes curling. He cracked open an eye to watch and then he saw it.

Two small lumps just under the back of Zell’s shirt.

Squall fought hard to regain himself, finding it almost impossible at that moment. He grit his teeth and yanked on Zell’s hair, pulling the other man off him. “Zell,” he growled, trying not to sound too annoyed at being left unfinished. “What the hell are those?”

Zell frowned, and reached up to disentangle Squall’s hands from his hair. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, baby,” he responded without looking Squall in the eye.

“You know damn well.” Squall glare and, without Zell’s hair to hold on to, snatched at one of the lumps, surprised to feel it quivering in his grasp.

Zell cursed in pain and shoved Squall down, causing the brunette to break his grasp on whatever it was. The blonde growled in pain before shoving his lips over Squall’s once more, thrusting his tongue into the other’s mouth. Squall felt himself go lightheaded as the tang of Zell rushed over his senses, enhanced somehow by his own taste. He felt Zell moving, pinning Squall’s hands above his head, and suddenly the blonde straddled his waist. The roughness of his jeans hurt slightly as it slid over Squall’s hypersensitive flesh. Their tongues moved together, and Squall was tempted to forget whatever it was that he had seen. Except…

Squall turned his face away at the same time Zell leaned away to take in a gaspful of air. The rough denim on his stomach and the fluttery cotton of Zell’s clothes shifted suddenly as the blonde began to talk.

“Have you ever heard of sexual demons, baby?” The cloth of Zell’s pants changed to something sleek and cold – leather. The cotton of his jacket and shirt was replaced by loose hanging fishnet. “Ones that could eat your soul during the act of fucking?” Squall could see that Zell’s tattoo seemed to have spread, running all over his chest and looping lazily around his neck. “Women: succubae; and men…” He could see now that the lumps that had been under Zell’s shirt were wings – bony and black like a bat’s. “Incubi.”

Squall narrowed his eyes. “That tattoo…”

“A mark of a demon,” Zell breathed.

“It’s never looked like that before.”

“I’ve always had bedpartners,” was the response. Zell’s eyes were fully black. “I haven’t had sex in so long. I haven’t been able to keep my energy up.” He leaned in close and began to nibble at Squall’s chest.

The brunette fought the moan that attempted to rise in his throat at both Zell’s touches and the way the leather felt sliding against him and instead asked softly, “You’re going to eat my soul?”

Zell paused in the middle of administering a hicky. His tongue lapped gently at the bruising flesh before he looked up with eyes of blue. “I would never. Because I love you, baby.”

“Zell,” Squall breathed. He blinked as Zell suddenly released his arms and began to pull off his own shirt, tossing it lazily to the side.

“I love you,” Zell repeated, running his fingers over Squall’s chest. “But if I don’t have sex, I will die.” He leaned in close and licked the shell of Squall’s ear, asking breathily, “Can I have some of your energy?”

Squall felt himself reaching up and wrapping his arms around Zell’s waist. He ran his fingers up and down the blonde’s spine and gave a rare, comforting smile. “If you can get these pants off.”

Zell gave a little gasp as Squall rolled his hips. His fingers instantly flew to his zipper and he fumbled for a bit, feeling Squall writhing sensuously under him. His thighs were quivering already and he hurriedly kicked off his pants, throwing them in the same general direction of his shirt. He wore no underwear – it was nigh impossible in pants as such he’d had on – and so he instantly came into contact with Squall’s over-heated body.

Squall shuddered and shifted his hips, boxers suddenly feeling too confining as he looked over Zell’s gloriously nude body. He reached down at the same time Zell did and, between the two of them, the underwear was kicked off the end of the bed. Again, Squall rolled his hips and he heard Zell gasp beautifully. Pulling the blonde down so that he could kiss him, Squall asked, “Won’t we need something?”

Zell smirked his usual know-it-all smirk and adjusted himself, so that he could push his body down on Squall’s. The lion threw back his head and groaned, barely hearing Zell as he spoke, “You think a sex demon’s saliva is just spit?”

Squall growled as Zell seated himself fully on his lover’s lap, the tightness and heat enveloping him completely. He felt rather than hear Zell’s whimpers and moans as he adjusted. Their lips found each other’s and, at the moment of contact, Squall felt something being pulled from himself. Zell was growing warmer and he seemed to be growing colder. Squall made a small sound of protest and the pulling stopped. At that same moment, Zell began to move and Squall lost himself to the feeling of white-hot pleasure that was oozing through his body, crawling all over him.

He felt the way Zell swayed in his lap, he heard the grunts and growling from above him, and there was the touch upon his chest – the raking of nails and the biting of teeth. Squall was pulling Zell close, digging his nails into the blonde’s shoulders so harshly he was sure to leave marks. He could hear a faint little noise that sounded a bit like a bird and only realized what it was when he felt a gust of air over his hands – Zell’s wings were beating, flapping in time with each descent and jerking each time Squall thrust up to meet him.

The bed frame beneath them was squealing and shrieking in protest, unused to being treated so harshly. The mattress was groaning in time with the two on it, pushing and giving way whenever it could, trying to prolong its life though it knew it wasn’t going to last long. The floorboards themselves creaked under the weight and the entire room seemed to cry out, echoing the sounds made by its two inhabitants.

Zell quivered as he lay on top of Squall. Their chests heaved, trying to recapture lost breath, air mingling between them and rising in a heat incomparable to that which still lingered about them. The blonde incubus shivered as he felt Squall wrap skinny arms around his waist, pulling him closer. He whimpered softly, almost enticingly, as Squall removed himself from Zell’s still-sensitive body. He nuzzled into his lover’s shoulder, smiling as he felt fingers begin to run gently through his hair, trying to smooth it back down. A yawn escaped him and he curled up closer to Squall, nuzzling into a comfortable place into his throat and allowing himself to relax, both males falling into a restoring sleep.


Squall grunted at the sudden shift of weight on his stomach. He made a face when he realized that he was awake and opened his eyes to see what dared stir him.

Zell was curled up on him still, resting more on Squall’s abdomen and drooling slightly. The lion quickly looked Zell over, noticing that his marking was no longer spread over his body and was now contained on its usual spot on his face, and that he no longer had wings. A glance around the room revealed that the blonde’s clothes had changed back to what they usually appeared to be.

“Looking for something, baby?” came Zell’s sleepy voice from Squall’s stomach. Squall looked at him, watching a soft smile spread across his face as he sat up.

“You’re back to normal,” Squall stated.

“For a while.” Zell stretched one arm above his head and rubbing the small of his back with the other. “Are you ok, baby?”

“Yes.” The bed shifted as Zell moved to sit on the mattress instead of Squall’s thighs.

“That’s good. I tried not to take too much energy.” He turned thoughtful for a moment. “But sex creates its own energy, especially during orgasm. So I probably could have taken more from then.”

Squall watched Zell for a moment, relaxing slightly when he felt calloused fingers begin to trace little patterns into his thigh. “You’re really a demon, then?”

“Mm-hmm,” Zell responded absently. “It’s one of the few things I can remember from being a little kid. Apparently my great-great-grandpa sold his soul to the devil for some reason, and so the next three hundred generations of his bloodline will all be demons. It’s not that bad, really. I got off easy being an incubus – at least I’m still vaguely human. I’m just kinda worried about whatever kids I’m going to have. I hope they’re human-looking too.” He jumped suddenly when he felt Squall grab his hand. “Baby?”

“Did you mean that last night?”

“Mean?” Zell blinked and then smiled. “Of course I did, baby. I love you very much.”

Squall felt himself smile. “I love you, too,” he responded softly. He reached up gently to caress Zell’s marked cheek, feeling the heat pool in his palm. Zell leaned down, and just as their lips were about to press together…


Zell yelped as he was suddenly thrown against Squall, his head banging against the wall. He cursed harshly and shoved himself away, accidentally falling off the bed. “What the hell?!”

Squall growled as static erupted over the PA system, followed quickly by Cid’s frantic shouting, “Squall! This is the headmaster speaking! Please come to my office! Repeat. Please come to my office right away!”

“Damnit,” was the hiss from both men. Squall reluctantly stood and began to move about the room, grabbing his clothes. Zell sat uselessly on the bed, eyeing his own pants with a looks of disdain. He was too busy glaring at the innocent denim to realize that Squall was already dressed, finding out only when a gloved hand cupped his cheek. He looked up with a start and melted against Squall when they kissed. He blinked up at the brunette as he pulled away. “Squall…?”

“If you ever need anything, then come to me.”

Zell blushed and smiled. “Sure thing, baby.”

Squall gave a small smile and walked away, pulling a face a Cid began to talk again, voice crackling over the PA and attempting to sound like his freak-out hadn’t just occurred. Zell smiled and flopped back down on the bed, wanting to savor the scent and feel of Squall for a moment longer before he too had to return to being a SeeD instead of himself.

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