Son Of Yunalesca

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Son of Yunalesca.

Chapter One: Mother’s Past And Son’s Beginning

“Yuna” Talk
“ Yuna” Thoughts

This an AU and multiple FF crossovers.

Zanarkand 1000 Years ago.

The great machina-city spread out like a sea of steel and glass, with the rays of sun shining off them, people walking and talking about them.
In the temple located in the centre of the city, in the farthest room within that temple, a women with long silver hair sang, the Hymn of the fayth, to a sleeping boy round about four and a have years old, slowly stroking his head.
She wore a light green dress, which reached her ankles, it may have looked like she could have run in such a thing, but it did allow for that. It started at the shoulder, and fitted to her body to the waist, she also wore a silver circet, show her hair wouldn’t get into her eyes.

There was a knock at the door, quiet but quiet enough to be heard.

“ Come in.” The women said without looking at the door, her brown eyes looking down at her. The door opened and a young male, waked in, he wore the Yevon robes of a priest, and bowed.

“ Milady, your husband has returned, and wishes to make his report, also the summoner’s want to meet you.” He said, his head still bowed.

“ Thank you Robert.” She said and Robert left. Then she stood up and walked into the centre of the room, faced the door, and smiled. “ You can come in now, Zaion dear.”
The door opened and Lord Zaon stepped in, and shut the door behind him.

“ Robert said you had news.” Zaon looked at her with sorrowful eyes, and gestured for them to sit down, so they did.

“ I have bad news, we have discovered a fiend outside the city Yunalesca.” She just patted his arm and smiled at her husband.

“ If it’s just a fiend, it shouldn’t be to much trouble. Have any of the summoner’s defeated it?” But at the look on Zaion’s face her smile vanished

“ Yes, summoner Maria, tried to take it down with Bahamut, but failed and was killed by some sort of gavity attack. Some other summoner’s came to our aid, but their aeons, were felled in a single bow and so where the other summons. Nothing worked against it, I fear it will attack.”

Zaion got up and walked over to the sleeping boy, and stroked his hair.
“ If what you say is true, then we shall expect the worst, then. Zaion only nodded. “ Then I shall not let this city, or our son, to come to any harm from this fiend.” She went over to Zaion and their son, wrapping her arms around his waist and placing her chin upon his shoulder.

“ I may even have to do the unthinkable, use the summoning technique I’ve been working on, you know the one.”

At the Zaion turn and grabbed hold of her sides and held her tight to him.

“ Don’t say that! That’s not going to happen, you hear me.” He said fear in his voice. So once again Yunalesca wrapped her arms around him.

“ If it ever comes to it, will you help me.” She looked pleading into his eyes.

“ Yes. You know I will.” He rocked Yunalesca in his arms, but she broke free, and headed to the door.

“ Well, we better be prepared for what it to come.” She opened the door, but she looked at her son once more and left the room, Zaion Following behind.

The City glowed a light orange, as fire spread throughout it’s many streets and alleys and buildings. Explosions went off left right and centre, fiends had entered the city along with the fiend Zaion had described.

“ Everyone, tell your Aeons to open fire.” Shouted Yunalesca; she motioned for four people to come close to her.

“ Nel, Steven, Dave, Sophia, you summon bahumut, and open fire.” The four people dressed in different robes nodded.

“ Yes Lady Yunalesca.” With a flash of light four Bahamaunts rose into the sky, with unison of roars, they unleashed Mega-Flare. They spend towards the gigantic whale like fiend, merging as they went, into one shot, Bam! It hit dead on but when the dust cleared there wasn’t even a scratch.

“Yunalesca. The Temple.” Robert stumbled, blood coming from a gash on his side, which he was clutching. Yunalesca’s eyes went wide, and she ran as fast of her legs could carry her, she turned back.

“ TELL LORD ZAON TO FOLLOW.” With that she ran, soon she realised that this was taking to long, so she summoned Valfor, she leap on his back, and headed for the temple.

At the temple a female monk known as Shera was pulling the child of Lord Zaon and Lady Yunalesca, as fast as possible.

“ Wh…where’s my mommy!” he cried, tears streaming down his face, the monk, just lifted him up, into his arms when he was dragging behind.

“ Don’t worry, we’ll see her soon…ok. Everything is going to ok. Sssh.” The monk stopped when three Behemoth blocked her path a ran in the opposite direction.

‘ We can’t die her. Yunalesca would never forgive me. What it that thing, out here anyway, is it out Sin, or is it something Bevelle whipped up.’ She ran, then something bit into her leg and the child went flying, and she pulled out a knife and stabbed at whatever had attacked her, and picked up him again and ran.
They found the exit, and the mages face lit up as she saw Yunalesca. She landed, and the boy ran into her arms.

“ Mommy!” He hugged her and cried.

“ Thank you Shera.” Then suddenly a gust blew Shera up. Zaon ran up to her, and sighed at the sight of this son safe.

“ Nearly all the summoners and knights have wiped out all the fiends, but were destroyed by that thing.” He pointed to the whale-sized fiend above them. Yunalesca looked at her child sadly.

“ Then, there is no other option. Are you with me Zaon.” He looked shocked.

“ Yes but there has to be another way? Why do you have to sacrifice your life?

“ To protect the one ‘s I love. So will you become my Fayth?” Her eyes burning with determination. Zaion knew there was no other way, and nodded.

“ Yes.” Suddenly, with a huge gust, the child was pulled out of Yunalesca’s arms, but she grabbed his wrist, but it was slowly slipping

“ Mommy!”

“ Don’t let go darling.” A tear streaming in her eyes, but it was no use, and he was pulled towards the fiend, and the hole that had underneath it that led into light. With that she collapsed to her knees.

“ TIDUS!” She shouted, tears streaming down her face. She stood and glared at the fiend, and started to perform a summoning, but Zaon stopped her, and at this Yunalesca struggled to get free.

“ It’ll be useless, all the others died, don’t let there sacrifice be for nothing, we should destroy this thing now! I will always stand by you whatever you do, remember that, now let’s finish this.” He lifted her up into his embrace and kissed her, and stood in front of his wife.
Yunalesca nodded with tears streaming down her face, and started to do several hand signs.

“ I love you.” Zaon smiled as the disappeared. Yunalesca stood and performed the summoning she had developed, still the tears kept coming.

“ This is for everyone! My people, my husband my son! FINAL SUMMONING!” And a light appeared behind her and the final aeon appeared she orders it to do its overdrive.

“ Use Shock Wave Pulsar!” There was a flash of light, and then there was no fiend, the people who had managed to survived, gathered around Yunalesca, the priest’s bowing respectfully, and as she closed her eyes she thought.
“ I saved my people, oh Zaon, thank you. Tidus, I hope you are alive…. Somewhere.” And with that her eyes closed.

Besaid Island 1014 Years later.

“ Tidus, it’s time to go the temple. Ok Bye”

“ Ok see you Aeris.” Tidus ran out of the house. A Woman with brown hair and green eyes smiled and waved. Then a Black haired man wrapped his arms around Aeris and kissed her on the cheek.

“ So then Tidus, is going to be a guardian, summoner, even though he hasn’t done the summoner’s training?” Aeris rubbed her chin in thought.

“ It’s his path to choose Zack, and it always has been, since we found him on the beach…Ur. How old was he, four?” Zack smiled, laughing.

“ You’re right, love, he knows we’re not his parents, but he loves us, no less, and we love him like a son.” Aeris smiled, walked into the hut.

“ Hurry up or dinner will get cold. “ She shouted she the whole village heard, and Tidus stopped just in front of the door to the temple, and smiled.

“Oh Aeris you are always the loud mouth not even sin can make you unhappy, and that’s saying something. Summoner or Guardian, oh well I have to decide now!” He thought as he opened the doors and headed in to the darkness of the temple.

Well that’s my first Final Fantasy story AU.
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