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IN PROGRESS/INCOMPLETE. This is a super-beta-test of this idea, so I didn’t polish it *too* much. Just testing the waters! This is a ridiculous little idea I had. Basically, I designed a bunch of "charming" monsters that represent a little range of kinks and fetishes, etc. I will definitely expand this list as more come in. Then, I write some mini-stories/battles that take place inside this world! Enjoy!


The base monster set I created. Basically enemies that use various forms of status-inducing kisses.

Outfit: A swimsuit (one or two piece) of the smoochie’s color. Hair varies from blonde to brown to red (and some exotic colors), and so do style, but all have a lot of time put in. They have devastatingly beautiful faces, tan skin, long legs with black knee-boots. Also wear light make-up, and heavy lipstick of their color. Heroes generally have a positive initial reaction to smoochies due to their beauty.

The also come in two types of kisser- these are variants within enemies, so one can be one or the either.
Romantic smoochies make it a point to add in some loving gestures in their animations, and will usually run their fingers through their captive’s hair, purr softly, etc. Their kisses are slow, soft, and sensual, with just a little bit of tongue.
Sexual smoochies simply grab their captives and kiss them. They are raging with desire and ignite in passion upon being touched. They typically grind their bodies against victims during a kiss. Sexuals are also heavy tongue users.

Blown Kiss- The smoochie brings their hand to their lips, flicks their leg back, and closes their eyes. After a one-second kiss they flick their hand toward their opponent, sending a heart of their color toward them.
Cheek Kiss, etc.- During battle, while sauntering around, the smoochies will look for an opportunity to sneak by a character and grab them, holding on, and kissing exposed skin (usually on the face).
Lip Kiss – Self explanatory, but will smirk, wink, say their quote, and then grab on and deeply kiss the hero/heroine on the lips.

Green Smoochie:

"She uses her beauty to infect the bodies and hearts hapless heroes with her potent poison."

A blown kiss adds 1% poison damage per turn.
A kiss on the body, cheek, etc. adds 4% per turn.
A kiss on the lips adds 9% per turn. It has a mild, plant-like taste.

"I'm your addiction..."

Gray Smoochie:

"This temptress breaks down the bodies of her victims by first breaking down their wills."

A blown kiss adds a Zombie counter. A kiss on the cheek adds three, and a kiss on the lips adds 5.
Zombie counters...
2- healing magic 50% as effective, slightly gray eyes
4- healing magic ineffective, eyes glazed gray
6- healing harms, stops acting, skin begins to turn gray
8- Zombie status, attacks allies and HP goes to zero

"Let my lips turn you to dust..."

NOTE: these are fearsome with haste status, as they can easily deliver a two-hit combo to zombify a party member. Typical strategies include pecking once on the cheek or forehead, and then following up with a kiss on the lips.

Pink Smoochie:

"Uses the age-old technique of seduction to fell her foes."

A blown kiss adds a Charm counter. A kiss on the cheek adds three, and a kiss on the lips adds 5.
1- misses smoochie 50% of the time w/ attacks
2- cannot attack smoochie
3- cannot attack enemies
4- begins attacking allies randomly
5- begins healing enemies as well

"You don't need them... kiss me."

"Drown in a sea of pink!"

"Teehee- fight for me, lovely!"

Charmed characters have their eyes glazed over pink and have hearts trailing above their heads.

Black Smoochie:

"Her deadly kiss of death leaves heroes falling while lost in passion."

Two counters are required for a kiss of death. Can only be administered on the lips. Each kiss adds one counter.

"I'm to die for."

Brown Smoochie:

"Brown's enchanting kisses weaken one's stats."
Contact with any part of her gear reduces. Her kiss lowers attack power- blown kisses reduce it 10%, while any other kiss is 20% and one on the lips is 40%.

She also wears shiny brown gloves. Contact with these gloves lowers defense. She will rub them gently during a cheek kiss or contact for -10% defense. While locking lips, she will rub them for -20 defense per turn. Contact creates a slight, glowing brown aura.

"Isn't my love for you simply... enchanting?"

Red Smoochie:

"The romance of red drains away magic power and one's key abilities."
Her blown kisses take away 10% MP. Other kisses take 20%, and ones on the lips take 40%.

"The only power you need is the power of my lips."

"Aren't my gloves a wonderful touch?"

She wears red gloves. Contact with these lowers MP an additional 5% per round.

Brown and red smoochies are one of the most lethal combinations, crippling the party.

White Smoochie:

"Young adventurers are riddled with tales of white smoochies gazing caringly over parties of adventurers asleep at her feet and under her magic..."

"Just relaaaax... Sweet dreams..."

Counter 1- slow status
Counter 2- sleep status
Counter 7- dreaming about her (awaken with charm status)

Blown 1, cheek 2, lips 4.

Smoochie Queen:

"The Smoochie Queen is an irresistible enemy who easily conquers her adversaries. Hundreds of high-level heroes and parties have succumbed to the charming power of her lips, failing their journeys."

She will attempt to grab the hero and kiss him/her deeply. The kiss is held for two rounds and neither can act. Afterwards, they break the kiss, hero's eyes glazed over pink. She then takes out lipstick with a heart on it, applies it on the hero (if a girl) and kisses their forehead.

"You've fought so well, my love..."

"Go, kiss the others *giggle*"

Heroine kisses others until all defeated. Male heroes remain charmed. When kissed, member is stunned until queen comes and kisses them, "finishing" them and charming them.

***Here are smoking fetish ones-


Smoke- inflicts 2 charm counters.

Smokela Advanced

Filter bind- a magic gold band comes from her cigarette, binding the member and preventing them from resisting
Mesmerizing smoke- waving a hypnotic pattern, the Smokela entrances a party member "It's so beautiful, isn't it?"
"Just breathe... you'll never regret it."
Smoke- inflicts 3 charm counters and 1 to adjacent party members.

Cigarette Witch

Convert- target a char with at least 3 charm level, and put a cigarette between their lips. Instantly becomes level 5 charm and begins to act as a Smokela toward other party members.

***Breast fetish

Breast Milky

"Oh please, suck my special, special milk!"
Approaches a party member, who is compelled to begin sucking her breast. Condition counts as out/gameover for char. Intelligence reduced by 15% per round of milking.

Breast Smother

"Shhh... let me surround your face."
Remove bra: exposes breasts for hero, stunning them for a turn.
Smother: locks down hero. Cannot remove other than killing enemy. Being smothered is a condition for game over- so if all characters are, it's a game over.

Breast Swirly

"Forget about everything... and just... watch"
Hypnotize: grabs a hold of whole party's attention. Inflicts slow status or stops party member. Not grounds for game over but immobilizes.

***BDSM types


"Do as I say, or else!"
Whip: does damage and makes a member more susceptible to commands
Command: commands a party member to do an action. Works better if member is whipped.

Submissive Kitty

"A being of unspoken beauty, able to use her own surrender to bring heroes to passion."

"I'll be yours forever."
"Play with me..."
Submit Invite: leans forward with a heart emoticon, beckoning to be touched. The look and mannerisms of the kitty, especially her eyes, communicate that she will be an extremely loyal servant. Heros will be moved by this, part with inviting grace and part with pity, and begin to play with her in various ways. They are "knocked out" and both parties are occupied in the action.


Venus Flytrap

"A woman with a voluptuous body, except her torso is a giant flytrap."

"Climb in love... I want you inside of me."
Consume: snaps the flytrap around a hero. Medium success rate but impossible to escape if successful.
Entrance: mesmerizes hero to make consume work 100% of time.
Digest: deals 50% damage to hero and dissolves all equipment. If at 0 HP, spits back out.
"All those levels made you extra tasty..."
***Foot fetish


"Kiss my feet, it'll be fun!"

Face Kick: a harmful kick that grazes with just the right tension to also be alluring.
Foot Presentation: attempts to get hero to kiss feet
If a hero comes in contact with her feet, they will begin to uncontrollably kiss it.

Story 1:

Cloud, Tifa, and Cid were about to fight Jenova, when several figures appeared, surrounding them.

“What’s going on?” yelled Tifa.

There were several. One was a Smokela Advanced, Breast Milky, and Green Smoochie. Combat began.

Cloud cast Haste, Cid attacked the Milky, and Tifa used an ether to recover lost MP. The Green Smoochie ran up and kissed Cid on the cheek as he was surprised- he began losing HP due to poison. “I’m your addiction” she breathed in his ear after breaking the kiss. The Breast Milky approached Cloud and exposed her breast. “Oh please, suck my special, special milk!” When he saw that he immediately fell under her spell, leaned over, and began to suckle on her nipple as she arched her head back in pleasure and victory. Her hard nipple on her pert breast tasted like ambrosia as Cloud milked the monster girl’s sweetness in rhythmic doses. The Smokela, meanwhile, began to wave her cigarette around her, saying “It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?” Tifa was immediately entranced, watching the smoke carefully as she ignored everything else on the battle field.

“Just breathe… you’ll never regret it.” Tifa smiled as she let go of herself for this beautiful seductress. A cloud of smoke drifted toward her, and she was immediately charmed.

The Green Smoochie made her way to Cid and said “I’m your addiction” again as she kissed him on the lips, holding the kiss. Over the next several rounds of both of them moaning softly his poison status kept accumulating until he was getting 60% damage per round, to the point where Cid was KO’ed. Also, Cloud was completely dumbfounded as his intelligence was 0 from constantly drinking the milk, and Tifa was completely entranced by the Smokela Advance’s smoke. The Green Smoochie kept kissing Cid’s fainted body. The Smokela stripped down and Tifa began worshipping her moist pussy, and the Breast Milky took off her top and began to roll around with her entranced love slave Cloud on the floor. The monsters and heroes would fuck forever, as Jenova looked on from some distance and smiled.

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