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Selphie smiles, eating some of the cake sitting on the plate in front of her, as she hangs out with her friends. The entire gang including Seifer’s own mini gang had just finished lunch. Her mouth falls open at the taste, and she turns to stare at her commander. "Oh Hyne Squall! Where did you get this amazing cake?!"

To the amazement of almost everyone at the table, but Seifer’s the brunette blushes. "I made it." He mutters softly looking down at his lap where his hands were nervously moving.

Irvine stares at his friend slightly amazed, it was often that the Commander had forgotten to ever buy food, much less make something to eat. So just how did the man get to be such a good cook? "You cook?" Irvine finally asks incredulously

Seifer just grins, eating some of the cake in front of him made by his lover. "Yes, he does. Often actually" the blonde smirks, "And he has for years... He just wants to make a cake for himself. Any other type of food is off limits." He teases.

Squall rolls silver his eyes, eating a piece of the bread that had been Quistis' part of the dinner. Almost everyone had brought something for them all to eat.

"Squall is Devil’s food cake your favorite?" Selphie asks, giggling a little, having a mental picture of the 18 year old Squall - the serious, no bull shit commander he was- dressed in an apron and making a cake for himself.

Looking cute and frustrated when it didn't turn out just the way he had wanted it to. She might have never seen it, but she just knew her friend was enough of a perfectionist to have to have everything perfect, even just a snack or dessert.

"Yeap. He makes it just about every damn weekend too." Seifer smirks, earning a glare from Squall.

"Shut up Seifer!" The brunette growls, settling peacefully back into his seat, stuffed and feeling content. Not really angry, no matter what he sounds like or even appears to be.

Zell laughs. "I never took you for having a sweet tooth Squall."

Quistis wrinkles her nose. "That's just gross. Way too much chocolate and sugar."

Irvine shrugs. "Southwestern Omelet’s beat out devil's food cake any day, in my opinion."

"Like hell they do! Strawberry cheesecake is the best dessert lunch and breakfast any day!" Seifer's voice booms out over the entire cafeteria and the group.

“No sir! Cotton Candy Ice cream is the best dessert!” Selphie jumps up to defend ice cream

“Hot Dog’s are the best food there ever was and ever will be!” Zell says putting in his voice too.

“Your all wrong ya know? Fish is the best!” Raijin stands adding his.

“The most nourishing and good food for you to eat is a sandwich with meat cheese lettuce and all the other condiments.” Quistis says strongly.

Soon enough everyone was saying or rather arguing over their favorite foods.

“ohhhhh! I know! Why don’t we have a food tasting contest!?” Selphie giggles as all her friends’ turns to look at her. “No really! Bring in four people and have them taste it! The winner could even get a … A vacation!” Selphie offers. She was so excited she was already planning. It showed in the maniacal gleam in her eye and the shape of the odd smile on her face.

~~~~Two Weeks Later~~~~

Squall glares down at the paper holding his number, that was taking up most of his white top. Wondering how in the hell he has been convinced to do this. Glancing at the smirking blonde beside him he remembers. Damn the man for not allowing him to rest in his afterglow like a normal person. Oh no, the blonde had to ask him to do something ridiculous during those blurry moments.

“Ok, here are our judges!” Selphie giggles a little as she pushes open the door to the meeting room. The entire gang including Fujin and Raijin were standing behind the meeting table long ways. Their dishes set out in front of them on the table. From breakfast food’s to lunches, dinners and then desserts was how they had been organized.

The gang stare in point blank shock at the four people who walk in at their own paces. Really, how did Selphie set this up in just a matter of two days?

Squall shakes his head. He can understand Edea and Cid being here, they could have just brought the kids with them; Ellone had come from Dollet, where she was staying for a few months. But how in the hell had Laguna gotten out of Esthar?

Laguna laughs a little, pointing to the table in front of them. “Wow it all look’s great! We'll be beginning in a few moments too.” He says semi-seriously, looking at the wide array of food that the teens had all made.

Edea smiles at the group, nodding towards their numbered buttons and matching numbers on the table by their dishes. “We’ll be going through starting with breakfast and ending with desserts alphabetically.”

“I think we all have enough brain cells to figure that one out.” Seifer says just short of a sneer. His breath hisses between his teeth as Squall elbows him in the side. Glaring down at his short lover, he growls softly before settling back against the wall behind the long table holding all of their food.

Ellone laughs a little as everyone moves to their seats that were provided. Really, how Seifer and Squall managed not to start throttling each other at every little remark was amazing her to no end. But then again she still didn’t know they were together. Taking her seat with the other judges she smiles as the other teens cut pieces of their foods, placing them on plates, and then passing them out to the judges.


Selphie smiles, settling into the seat next to Irvine. Itching to just get up and take the bowl of ice cream that was starting to melt in front of Sir Laguna, who was still grading the foods to his personal liking. Really, no bowl of her cotton candy ice cream should go to waste though!

“Would you stop fidgeting?” Seifer hisses through his teeth at his pale, brunette lover sitting next to him, still looking slightly agitated about the elbowing Squall had given him, and the constant un-Squall-like movements were starting to bother him.

Squall looks over at Seifer, opening his mouth to answer the man just as Cid clears his throat. “We have come to a decision on who has won the food tasting contest.”

All 8 SeeDs, ranging from ages 17 to 20, lean forward in their seats to see which food had been judged the best by the people they all counted as family.

Ellone smiles brightly at the group. “We have judged the foods from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest, and 10 being perfect. After we have judged them, we went back and added all the points together to figure out who has the highest overall score.”

Laguna smiles slightly, pointing to the lowest dish; they had decided to go lowest score to highest, with the left over devil’s food cake on it. “The cake comes in with a score of 17.”

Seifer winces, hoping someone, anyone, gets lower then that. Squall would be horrible to live with if his cake was last. Looking down at the confused looking Squall, he sighs. Well, at least he doesn’t have lion heart. He thinks to himself.

Cid smiles, looking at the next plate; which happens to be Seifer’s strawberry cheese cake. “The Strawberry Crème cheesecake comes up with a score of 21.”

Seifer swallows hard, almost physically feeling the ice cold glare on the side of his head from Squall. He knows he is in so much shit now that his dessert beat out Squall’s.

Edea sighs, looking around, almost worried about the sulking look on Squall’s usual passive features. “Next the cotton candy ice cream has gotten a total of 21.”

Cid smiled,” And despite how good they taste, I think we all got sick of eating hot dogs at some point from eating them most days, since the judges have only given the hibachi hot dogs 21.”

Laguna grins wider, as he takes one last bite of the southwestern omelet in front of him. “We’ve given these delicious omelets a 23.”

Ellone nibbles at the last of her bread bowl, “The bread bowl and soup is among the favorites at a total of 27.”

“Second place goes to the grilled fish and homemade sauce at a total of 32 points.” Edea smiles softly announcing much to Raijin’s delight.

“Last, but certainly not least is to the homemade style ramen noodles.” Laguna smiles at the red eyed, silver haired woman. ”Congratulations Fujin, you’ve won a two week vacation to anywhere with the Ragnarok.”

Ellone laughs lightly as everyone but the judges stared in stunned silence, before they all turn to stare at the woman. Fujin smiles a little, shrugging her shoulders.


“Come on Fujin, it’ll be fun.” Seifer had wheedled smiling sweetly (yes, he can be sweet when he wants something.)

Fujin rolled her eye slightly, before looking up at her two friends. The blonde man she had always admired and seen as an older brother, completely loyal, and self sacrificing for those he loved. The taller yet and more exotic looking Raijin, larger then anyone, stronger then most, but a total puppy completely dependent on Fujin.

Fujin knew they would get her to do this. On whatever rare occasions they had ever teamed up against her, they had always prevailed.
“Even if we don’t win, we’ll get to eat lots of good food you know?” Raijin smiled at her.

Fujin sighed, not remembering the last time she could say no to the two men when they cornered her. She nodded, and then tilted her head before speaking “COOK?”

Seifer grinned as Raijin just nodded grinning in that foolish way he usually did anything. “How about making those home style ramen of yours?”
The silver haired woman had nodded, and then turned to go

Another story I sort of half wrote but mostly edited. done by my clumsy friend. she's getting better at least!

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