What in the Worlds

BY : Vayne
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

My first FF story, so be constructive if not kind. It is a crossover and it does take place in the FFXII world, however it includes characters from VII, VIII, X and XII. I wouldíve liked to include IX, but I havenít even got off the first disc yet. Once I get more chapters written Iíll probably move this into the XII section.

Something's going to go down between Irvine and Seifer though I don't really know what as of yet. Romance, friendship - either way it won't be anything graphic. I don't really write smut. I don't really write romance either, but we'll see where it goes.

Also, I despise the title but I'm so bad at thinking them up it's all I've got. Someone, anyone, suggest something better down the road. Please...

On with the story.

"I can't believe," Irvine Kinneas griped, "that out of all the possible choices, I , like, ended up here with you." The tall, auburn sharp-shooter let out a long suffering sigh as he trooped through the muck.

"Can it cowboy," a taller, blond teen drawled from a few paces behind.

"How can I put this into words you'll understand?" Irvin mused, completely disregarding his companion. "See, right after y'all left Garden we found this, like, 'thing' in the basement. Real big and blubbery like. Kinda gross. Tried to kill us too, the son of a bitch." Irvine side stepped an extra-questionable piece of much and continued his speech.

Seifer stomped the much into the marshy dirt, praying for the cowboy to get to the point.

"Anyway," Irvine continued, "the point I'm tryin' to make here, is that I'd rather be stuck walkin' through this Hyne-forsaken swamp with Mr. big fat and ugly."

"Whatever you say, Kinneas," Seifer smirked, shouldering his way in front of the thin gunner.

Irvine made a sour face. "I thought I told you to watch the back Almasy."

Seifer stopped and turned, eyeing the cowboy with disdain. "You 'told' me, huh?"

Irvine's smirk was smug.

"Well, I am your superior."

Seifer's smirk was more-so.

"I don't take orders from fairies."

Irvine's smirk was gone.

"What the hell's that supposed to mean, Almasy?"

"I thought my meaning was pretty clear."

Irvine shifted the gun slung over his shoulder, glaring daggers -or should that be bullets- at the blond.

"You talk a good game cowboy, and the ladies love you. Bu at the end of the day I think they'd rather have you as a shopping buddy than a fuck buddy."

Irvine scowled. "I've had my share of women. Probably had, like, your share too."

Seifer was undeterred. "Define 'had'."

Irvine scowled but didn't reply.

"I've seen how you work. Chat them up, take them out...but you never take them home. I wonder how you manage to keep your reputation."

Irvine raised an eyebrow. "I'm wonderin' why you're noticin'."

Before Seifer could draw a breath to reply, Irvine swung his gun -Exeter- off his shoulder and aimed the barrel at the blond's face in one smooth motion.

Before Seifer could utter a word of protest the young sharp shooter pulled the trigger.

Seifer felt the bullet whiz past his cheek, and -with an inward groan- felt the blood and guts of another dead fiend explode onto the back of his white jacket with a wet thwack.

"Dammit Kinneas!" the pissed gunblader snapped. The first time he had pulled that stunt it had been somewhat amusing. The second time it was already getting old. Now it was damned irritating.

And the gunner just stood there chuckling; self satisfied.

It was going to e a bitch to clean all the blood and entrails off of his precious coat - if it could even be done.

What irked Seifer most however was that Irvine had probably saved his life.


Whatever these creatures were, they were dangerous. They looked much like hunched over, mutated little men and had a tendency to appear out of thin air.

The fact that he had rescued the cowboy from just as many sneak attacks didn't make the blond feel any better.

He had too much pride.

Not that he'd ever admit it.

Not out loud anyway.

With a fancy twirl, Irvine holstered Exeter instead of keeping the gun in hand. After a flawless display of his shooting prowess the cowboy was feeling cocky. What 17 year old wouldn't feel cocky knowing he could outshoot professional soldiers twice his age?

And maybe that was his mistake.

Or maybe his luck just ran out.

As Irvine pushed past Seifer to keep them moving forward, a second monster seemingly materialized in front of him and buried a blade between his ribs. Irvine dropped to one knee with a pained gasp.

Seifer burst into action, putting his equally impressive gun blade skills to the test.

If Irvine hadn't been so preoccupied with the blade in his gut he probably would've enjoyed watching as the monster was cleaved in two.

Irvine eased the knife out of the wound as Seifer dropped down beside him.

The blond pushed his hands away and peeled back Irvine's leather coat and blood-slick vest.

"It doesn't look deep," Seifer said after inspecting the wound.

"Small knife," Irvine replied, holding up the dagger. "Don't suppose you have any bandages?"

Seifer shook his head and shrugged off hi soiled coat. He cut a few long strips from the inside lining.

Not the best bandages, but they would suffice.

Under normal circumstances a cure spell could easily solve the problem.

Under normal circumstances.

Being whisked away to another world without warning tended to leave one rather unprepared.

Of the two, only Irvine had been junctioned when it happened, and his stock of magic was pathetically sparse all things considered.

They'd have to save the magic for desperate situations. Unfortunately for Irvine, a relatively small stab wound did not count as desperate.

The cowboy hissed as Seifer pushed a polled up ball of fabric against his wound, and then once more as the blond wound a longer strip over top.

With that taken care of Irvine refastened his vest and grudgingly accepted the helping hand Seifer offered to pull him to his feet.

Once he was steady, the pair started off - this time with Seifer in the lead.

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