The End the Middle and the New.

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End the Middle and the New.


Chapter one: The


Yuna began to cast the sending, tears in her eyes, she spun and spun, dancing a graceful dance, spinning
her staff as she did so. Sin fell in pain, an orange whirlpool swirling around,
the aeons gently fading away. Tidus frowned, something wasn’t right.


“What’s that?” Lulu said looking around them, he saw the
world dissolving all around them, then he looked at
Yuna, her eyes wide with terror.


“What have we done?” It was only a whisper but Tidus heard
it loud and clear, then he watched as everything around him shifted, and just
like in Seymour’s home, everything was a sea of stars, with him all alone, and
yet one voice called out in desperation.


I…can’t die…yet.”
With that he was suddenly dragged by some unknown force, he saw the space and
stars shifting around him forming a tunnel. 
Images, of his friends, family, people he never knew of past before his
eyes voices ringing in his ears.


I’ll be your knight”


“Accursed Seeds…you…”


 Then suddenly he hit
solid ground, in a garden full of flowers, he looked around. The sea lay to his
left, the salt hair whipping his hair back. He picked himself up heading to
where two stone buildings lay, and voices came to his ears, that of a young
man, and women.


“Garden was your Idea.” Silence followed. Tidus peaked
around the stone pillar, to she a man, dressed in a black bomber jacket, and
leather pants, talking to a women dressed in a grey dress, her black hair
reaching her waist. It flapped in the wind.


“You…don’t belong here…return to where you can from.” His
eyes widened as the young man faded, with an alarmed look on his face. He
ducked back around the pillar, when the women turned.


“Thought I heard something…hmm.”


Tidus did a sigh of relief and turned back to the field of
flowers, and jumped out of his skin, as he was a women standing before him. She
wore a revealing long red robe, that reached her

  She had high dark
purple heels on. She wore a gold necklace with different gems in it. She had
strange markings on her face and exposed stomach, then
he noticed the flowing silver hair and yellow eyes, a long with purple lip


She looks like Yunalesca…but she isn’t. She’s about to die. What should I


 The women in front of him was bloodied up,
and then he noticed the stricking difference, the
pair of black wings dragging on the ground, looking broken, blood also staining
them. Then she said something that was all to firmilar
to him, her voice rasped, yet he felt at one time it was once beautiful.


I…can’t die…yet.”
She held out her hand to Tidus “Help…me.”
Tidus ran to the dying women, leaning her against his left shoulder pulling her
with him, she looked at him then with a happy smile on her face then as Tidus


“SOMEONE HELP…SOMEONES HURT.” There was a slam, and the
women in black came running out the door, almost past them but stopped, then
turned to the garden, eyes wide, she rushed over.


“Hold on…what’s your name?” Tidus looked up at the alarmed


“Tidus…m-mad…hey, you hold in there lady.” He looked down at
the silver haired women, who was slumping against him, her breath getting
weaker and weaker, and then Tidus felt tears welling up inside of him, just
like all those other times, he had lost a family member or a loved one, and
soon they fell.


Even though…he
doesn’t know this person, he goes out of his way to help.”
Edea though  as she helped. “Please…don’t let her powers be past on to him…he doesn’t deserve that
burden. I know first hand how that feels. So caring he doesn’t need that fate.
It would be a first though.”
 Edea watched on, as she opened the door and helped the boy
put the sorceress onto the bed.


“Can you do anything for her?” Edea
looked with pity in her eyes, and shook her head. Even if she could help, she
knew things had to be like this for a sorceress to find peace in death.


“No…I am sorry.” His tears fell anew, this time onto the
women’s stomach, and she looked up, her amber eyes widened a bit.


“Why…why would you cry for me?”  “I must
choose a successor…the women, she is already a sorceress…that leaves the boy,
yet I have no choice. My eyes are open for the first time in…ages.”
Ultimecia thought to herself, as she felt the end drawing


“You remind me of my mum.” Ultimecia’s
eyes widened a bit.


She lifted her right hand to place it on the boys Sholder, and for a split second, he saw all
mind, and memories, and Tidus’s mother, in
the same position she was in now. “……..”


“Never…had a…child.” Then she faded
into blue light, Tidus’s eyes widening, Edea waiting for what would happen, and then her hear came
true. Ultimecia past her powers onto the very first male, Tidus.


WHa…” The bright blue light, eveloped him, then was absorbed into his body, then he fell
to the bed, his head spinning, his eyes changing colour only for a split
second, but Edea noticed it, sighing a heavy sigh
she, went to comfort him, but as she came closer, he faded just like the other
one that had come earlier.


So…he is left now
with such a burden. I hope I see that one again.”
She turned at the sound
of kids shouting.


“Hey…Squall, give it back...”


“No fair.” Edea just smiled to
herself then, and carried on with her day, hiding the events that had happened
to the back of her mind, except one, the idea of garden,
she would have to speak to her husband about it, when he got in.



Tidus felt the world melt away from under him again, just
like before, through that shifting tunnel of voices and images, then he
shielded his eyes from the light.


“Hey kid…you ok?” He could hear the sound of waves hitting
the shore, seagulls above.


“Hmm…where am…I?” Tidus opened his eyes to find he was on a conreate peire, he found the
owner of the voice standing over him, a fishing rod in hand.


Balamb of course…you one of them
garden Students?” Tidus head spun again before he past out again, the voice of
the fisherman calling out in the distance.


“Hey…we need help over here.”


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