The Summoner's Laws

BY : ExponentialD
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy XI, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author’s Notes: Sometimes I just come up with the weirdest stuff, but this has always been a kink of mine and some part of me’s been screaming to do it ever since I started working on fanfiction. So, here it is. I know there’s an audience for this sort of thing, too. Enjoy! In case you’re wondering, the story is set in first person for a reason. No details are given, no name is given. Use your imagination!


The three laws of summoning go a little something like this:

1. A summon creature is only a small portion of the power of the original being. Never attempt to summon more of a creature than you can handle, else you will upset the balance and put your fellow summoners in danger, or worse, find yourself dead.

2. When summoning something, be sure to show it the utmost respect at all times, especially for the stronger creatures who can very easily destroy you as they are capable of protecting you.

3. Never fall in love with a summon.

The third law may very well be the clearest law of them all. Lacking the description of the other two, such a broad generalization is agreed upon because it covers more than just the area of love, it also covers an area that is often ventured only in the privacy of one’s home. When I say that, I mean, of course, sex. While any race can go out and marry, love or have sex with another, it’s generally considered highly taboo to have any sort of relationship with any kind of summon.

I’m not really sure why, but I’ve always been told time and time again that it will ‘upset the balance’, could cause ‘catastrophic results’, gloom and doom. I don’t honestly pay attention to those rantings and ravings, because the life of a Summoner is a lonely one. Once you’ve unlocked the secrets of reaching into a realm not of our own and pulling the likeness of what some might potentially consider a God, or some kind of deity, it’s easy to get a big head.

Not that Black Mages and Blue Mages don’t get big heads, but when you’re controlling a fraction of a God, it’s far easier to get a big head. That’s not the reason why I’m here, though, in the northern reaches of La Thien Plateau, hidden by the trees and deadly chasms, in areas not even beastmen tread. I’m here because I’m going to do something that no other Summoner has done, or has done and kept very tight lipped about it.

I’m going to have sex with a summon.

But which summon? That never really occurred to me until I got all the way out here, found a nice soft patch of grass beneath the stars and enjoyed the breeze as it sped up through the trees. I didn’t give it much thought the past few days. Most of my thought processes consisted of reassuring myself that everything would be fine if I did this just once, just to see. If it would upset some kind of balance, why did they teach people how to summon magic? Why did these creatures even offer their power to us in the first place?

Okay, so I know the answer to that question, but only through months of tedious study of white magic and summoning magic. Months that I do not look back upon fondly, either. This is mostly because I quickly became a recluse, losing touch with friends and family, and after achieving this heightened power, this level of expertise, I realized that I was without many contacts, though at least my family still accepted me.

So, back to which summon. It’s not like I couldn’t get myself a woman if I wanted to. There are plenty of bars and places where I could find myself a beautiful Hume woman, an Elvaan woman, or even a Mithra. Alcohol was easily any male’s best friend when it came to working charms on normally stubborn women, especially Mithra.

Right, getting off track again. I considered my options: Carbuncle? I didn’t even know if Carbuncle had a particular sex. I never really thought to check behind that plume consisting of several glowing blue tails. Shiva? Perhaps some other time. She’s frigid, and I’m not sure if I would enjoy sliding my hardened cock inside a cold pussy. This left me with only Garuda. Clearly female, I knew the wind summon would at least offer a hot passage.

Now, with a summon in mind came the hard part. How does one seduce a summon? Do they even fall for anything like that? Better yet, would any of them even HAVE pubic areas? That was a safe bet, since Shiva and Garuda clearly had breasts. Once I reassure myself a little more, it’ll be time to summon.

To say I’m nervous as I begin to chant softly is a bit of an understatement. All of a sudden, I’m not sure this is really a good idea. My calm, cool demeanor is quickly cut down by my own self-destructive thinking, more-so when the wind picks up, and the green Goddess appears, twirling gracefully as she floats. She doesn’t even need those wings, something I’ve pointed out to myself before, but something that comes to mind quickly.

Plus, those claws on her feet and hands are a bit off-putting.

Staring at my summon, who simply stares back with red eyes. Not quite as off-putting as the claws, but it works at my resolve to see this through all the same. Then comes the one thing I was hoping she wouldn’t say.

“Why are we here?”

I simply stare at her, my eyes drifting slowly from her face, to her chest, then between her legs. I catch myself, and quickly look back up at her face. She’s much taller than I remember her.

“There are no enemies to fight, and you are not in any danger.” Garuda continues, half-glaring at me. “Or are you just summoning me to ogle me? Typical Summoner.” She sighs, folding her arms beneath her breasts. My eyes quickly return to them, as her arms beneath them pushes them up, making them difficult to resist staring at.

“Do you mind that you’re being ogled?” I inquire, though I mentally cringe at the words that came out of my mouth. I must sound like some kind of young White Mage Tarutaru with a crush on his Mithra teacher.

Garuda only smirks, slowly floating forward and running her claws gently beneath my chin. I glance down at them, noting just how sharp they are. I never really found the time to appreciate them, as I was never on the receiving end of them. Now with this Goddess, who’s as intimidating and powerful as I remember her being the first time we met in battle, putting them close to my neck, I consider saying some prayers to Altena.

“Not really.” Garuda finally answers, landing gently on her feet. “What about the laws?”

I shrug my shoulders gently, working the strange headgear off my head. It’s a red horn, and it’s said to serve to help summon, but I don’t see much of a difference. Just makes me look awkward. I set it in my pack, and look back at her. “I want you.” I say bluntly.

Garuda tilts her head a little bit, leaning back to look me over. I almost felt like part of the San d’Orian army being inspected the way she looked me over. Okay, so maybe I should quit mentioning just how intimidating this woman is. “Want me? Are you alluding to your summoning me, or are you alluding to committing a sexual act with your summon, completely going against the laws of your people?”

“The latter.” I admit. By this point, I’m ready to die. At least I can say I tried, and can serve as an example to future generations of Summoner hopefuls. They will pass by these trees, point at my bones and say, ‘This is what happens when you try to have sex with your summons.’.

“Well, it’s not often I get to meet such a straightforward Summoner.” Garuda smirks, moving forward to wrap her arms around my neck, pushing my face right into her breasts. Needless to say, I’m shocked. “Those laws are so full of… well, they’re nothing that I really care about, at any rate, and a woman has needs..” She coos, gripping my hand tightly and pushing it between her legs.

Now, I have lots of experience with sex, communicating with and picking up women, but this is definitely out of the realm of the ordinary. After overcoming my shock, I run my fingers between her legs. I can feel her heat, I can feel a dampness there. Now it makes sense why I never saw her pubic area before – hidden beneath the fur and feathers lay a treasure that I could hardly wait to sink my cock into. Beautifully slick folds. Sliding my finger in causes her to gasp softly, and I can feel that she has talents beyond creating wind and using those sharp claws of hers as her slick folds milk at my fingers.

“I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting anything like this..” I murmur, slowly moving my hand away from her folds and bring them to my mouth, suckling the juices off my fingers. It’s not much different from what I’ve had the privilege of tasting before, but it had a distinct flavor to it that set it apart from the other’s I’ve tasted.

I don’t get much time to consider the differences before she pushes me away slightly, looking at me with a look that clearly translated to ‘lust’. “Take off your clothes, Summoner. You of all people know that we have limited time here, and I would like to see if you are worth giving myself to in the future.” She smirks playfully.

I happily oblige, working off the gear I’d labored so hard to gather. The best of the best, the magical of the magical, millions of gil worth of gear that would make even the most experienced of Tarutaru green with envy, all of it in a pile there, useless unless it’s on me. For this moment, I’m content with letting it all go.

The taller Goddess gently pushes me back onto the grass, and I land on my back, staring up at the stars, and her. She kneels down before me, leans forward and takes my cock into her mouth. Did I forget to mention that I was harder than steel by the time she took me in? I realized quickly why she decided to have me lay down – being taller than me presents challenges that delve into the range of anatomy, and being on the ground like this lets her go to town.

Go to town she does, as she suckles and licks at the tip of my cock, fucking my cock with her mouth with experienced grace. She closes her eyes, simply working me in the greatest blow job I’d ever had the opportunity of experiencing. Ever had one of those times that were so good you let your head hang back, eyes roll and toes curl? This was one of those times.

I should have suspected that she’d stop just before I came, leaning back and brushing her lips. “Maybe next time I’ll let you cum in my mouth, but today, you have to earn it, Summoner.” She smirks, slowly climbing to straddle my waist, leaning forward to wrap her arms around me and impale herself on my cock. I’m not normally one for being dominated, but in a position like this, where the insanely powerful Goddess wants to be on top, I’m not apt to arguing.

Especially since she goes at me, thrusting back against me hard and fast, unlike any other woman I’ve had before. Her grunts, growls and moans fill my ears, and I reciprocate with each thrust, gently exploring her body with my hands. Her neck, her back, sides, her ass. I feel everything that I can touch, as there are few times during normal summoning time that allow me to touch her.

I could tell when she would climax, because each time made her pussy milk me, trying to instinctively push me over the edge that I was amazed I wasn’t at already, yet was quickly approaching. I gripped at her back as she rammed my cock deep inside her. Her climaxes came quickly, and I could tell she was not often satisfied like this. More-so when she leaned her lips down to my ear, whispering softly into it.

“Cum inside me.” Garuda whispers.

“Oh, Garuda… I’m so close..” I moan in response.

Hearing those words only makes her slow down, much to my chagrin, but despite slowing down, I can now feel the ministrations of her slick walls around my cock, milking, massaging and grabbing in ways I never imagined I’d feel. The feral wind-woman atop me was eager to have me cum, and once again, I was more than happy to oblige.

The climax was mind-blowing, to say the least. There would never, EVER be an equal to this encounter in my life, short of another summon, or another session with Garuda. I considered only my pleasure as I propped my legs up behind her and leaned her forward, fucking her from this position, pounding her with a speed and ferocity that even she hadn’t exhibited.

All while I was shooting thick, hot seed deep into her womb, filling her up. The pleasure was overwhelming, but it was that same pleasure that drove me to fuck her and get the most I could out of it. She was going to be gone soon, and I wanted to give her a reason to look forward to our next encounter.

It worked. Garuda’s eyes shut tightly, her pussy coating me in copious amounts of natural lubricant as she came, her body trembling with each thrust, breasts crushed against me. When finally she could take no more, I slowed, and relaxed, pulling out of her slowly with a satisfying pop. I allowed the wind summon to lay atop me a few moments longer, and I realized that, even with her full weight on me, she wasn’t particularly heavy. This knowledge could come in handy in the future.

“… Mmm. Summoner, you have most definitely earned another round, but our time is, unfortunately, limited. Next time you summon me, I expect it to be in a place where we can be alone, because there will be little talking, only sex.” Garuda smirks, slowly standing up and stepping away from me, drifting a claw down to scoop up some of my cum that dripped from her pussy, suckling it off her claw as she began to fade away.

Soon, Garuda was gone.

And there I was, alone. A lonely Summoner once again, but this time with no clothes on. I definitely needed a bath of some kind, and I thanked Altena that there were lakes scattered about La Thien Plateau, and more-so that there were sexy avatars that had ‘needs’.

I chuckled slightly to myself. I’d broken rule number three, and the world didn’t come to an end. Suddenly, life was beginning to quickly look up. First, though, I needed plenty of rest, and a few days to recuperate after that incredible encounter. I wanted to be ready for the next summon.

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