House Party

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“Let’s get this party started!” screamed Akarain as she pulled out bottles of what appeared to be the cheapest possible alcohol available on the auction house. Cheers erupted around the Mog House as the booze arrived and soon enough the brown haired mithra was being hailed with praise. Akarain smiled, her catlike ears standing on end and her tail waving back and forth, the party was going far better than she had imagined. She’s invited most of her close friends and had allowed them all to bring a few guests. The house was packed to the brim, but it was worth it in her mind. She felt sorry for the poor tarutaru, whose height brought them up to no higher than her waist, as they were sure to be lost in the shuffle if they weren’t careful.

“Hey Aka!” called a voice from across the room. Akarain looked and saw a small tarutaru enter the house on the shoulders of a elvaan.

“Dan! Riker! You guys made it!” She shouted.

“Yeah! We’ll make our way over to you in a bit!” Shouted Riker, his voice easily louder than most of the crowd.

Smiling, Akarain returned to her duties of passing out booze. After she made sure that everyone was set she made her way over to a corner of the room so she could sit back and watch the party. It was surprising how many people Akarain didn’t know, outside of the awkward introductions when they first arrived. Doing a quick scan she quickly picked out a few friends.

“Lets see, I see Choco, Mags, Ciroc, Kow. . . hmm, where is. . .AIKI!” She screamed the last word as the small, silver haired tarutaru slapped her ass.

“Hey! I’ve been looking for you ever since I got here! I have something for you, I’ll get it to you later k? K.” Aiki said, staring disapprovingly at Akarain. “Now where is MY booze?”

Akarain laughed, “Good to see you too, and if you wanted some why didn’t you just go get some from the ice bucket, I made a big announcement about it!”

“Because then I wouldn’t have gotten to slap you ass.” Aiki said roguishly as she walked away. Akarain stared in disbelief. There was something about that taru that really attracted her, but she couldn’t decide what it was. It might have been Aiki’s silver hair, the way she carried herself around the room, or the way she was so willing to act sexually towards her. Akarain shivered a bit thinking about some of the things Aiki had said to her in private. Shaking her head, Akarain regained her composer and once again began entertaining the party guests.

“Dantaroz!” Aiki said, running over and giving the other taru a hug, making sure not to spill her precious wine. “How have you been? I haven’t seen you since you and Riker left last week for the Koncontat Highlands!”

“Haha, yeah, had to catch that fucking stray mary, took a long time but we got her back.” Dan replied, scratching his head sheepishly. “Riker’s around here somewhere, he can give a better telling of what happened, he always was better at telling stories.”

Laughing, Aiki grinned at him. “I’ll have to do that later, but right now I need your help with something.” Aiki said, her expression becoming more serious as she looked the brown haired taru in the eyes.

“Oh? Sure, no problem, what's on your mind?” Dan replied questioningly.

“I’m going for it tonight, and I need your help making sure everyone else leaves before I do.” she replied in a soft voice, making sure she wasn’t heard. Starring in disbelief Dantaro could do nothing but nod.

“Yeah, wow, um, sure. I’ll do what I can.”

Aiki smiled, “Thanks.” She gave him one last hug and she was off to enjoy the party, leaving Dan starring awkwardly into space, his mind stopped flat in its tracks.

~ Later :O ~

Akarain looked around, it had been almost 5 hours since the party had started and it was clear things were whining down. She had already said goodbye to many of the folks, but she admitted that most seemed more than happy to be leaving.

“Rain!” Said a voice next to her, “Rocking party, but I gotta head out.”

Akarain turned to see Riker tipping his red hat to her, clearly a bit worse for the wear.

“Oh, thanks!” she replied, smiling at him. “You gonna be ok getting home?”

Riker laughed as he stumbled, “Of course, it takes a little bit more than 24 shots of vodka to put me under!”

“Ooooooo kay. . .” Akarain replied wearily. “Isn’t Dan leaving with you?”

Shacking his head as he opened the door Riker replied “I haven't seen him since Aiki said something to him earlier. The little shit disappeared. God I love him, in a totally platonic way, I swear.”

Dan looked into his near empty wallet. What once was a small fortune of gil had been reduced to a fraction. “Fuck, I never thought paying people off to leave would have cost so much. Next time I’m making sure Aka invites WAY less people. . .”

Aiki smiled to herself, the party had almost cleared out completely. She looked around, noticing that aside from herself, Dan, Choco, and Akarain, the room was cleared. She made her way over to Dan and gave him a pat on the back.

”You crafty taru, I don’t know what you did, but I’m proud!” She said, smiling warmly.

Dan nodded. “Yeah, it was, uh, no problem. I’ll grab Choco and we’ll take off. Have a good time ok?” He smiled as he walked over to Choco, and Akarain. Aiki watched him tug on Choco’s leg and then as the two of them walked out. Aiki smiled as she walked over to the sexy mithra. Aiki was only up to Akarain’s waist, but Aiki wasn’t about to complain. Ever since she had first set eyes on Akarain she’d wanted to fuck her, and she was going to get her chance tonight. Throughout the party Aiki had made sure Akarain had plenty of to drink, but just to be sure Aiki had come with a present.

Akarain looked over at the small taru waddling towards her as Choco and Dan departed from the house. “So Aiki, what did you think of the party?”

Aiki smiled, “It was great, but I still have something to give you!”

Akarain stared confused as the taru pulled out a small jug of what she immediately knew was Malbaro Wine, some of the finest ‘wine’ in all of Vana’Diel, though it was known to be less of a wine and more of a pure alcohol drink, labeled as a wine to get it onto shelves. “Holy crap Aiki, that must have cost you a fortune!” Akarain exclaimed, shocked by Aiki’s show of hospitality. “I couldn’t take this!”

Aiki laughed “Yes you can, but on the condition that we each have a bit right now. You know, for the road.”

Akarain looked hesitantly at the flask. She was already feeling the effects of the other beers that had somehow made their way to her hand all party.

‘But to refuse such a gift would be rude. . .’ Akarain thought to herself.

“Ok, sure, lets break it open!” Aka said smiling, half drunk, at Aiki.

Aiki smiled roguishly as she opened up the flask. She passed it to Akarain. “Go ahead, you first.”

Akarain took the flask and sniffed. Her tail curled at the smell and her fur stood on end. Hesitantly she took deep gulp of the liquid before passing it to Aiki. Right away she regretted the decision. The drink hit her like a ton of bricks as her vision blurred slightly and she stumbled backwards. Aiki smiled, before rushing to her aid.

The tarutaru attempted to steady the mithra’s legs, though being as short as she was it did little to help the situation. Akarain fail backwards, landing squarely on her butt. Aiki, who had narrowly dodged being landed on, took hold of Akarain's left shoulder and looked her in the eye.

“You feeling OK Rain? You took a pretty big drink there.” Aiki asked, a hint on concern tinged her voice.

“Haha! Of course I’m all right! I’ve never felt better in fact!” Akarain replied, her words slurring slightly. “Hehe, that's some mighty good wine you got there for me Aiki. Speaking of Aiki, did you know you’re cute?”

Aiki was taken back by this slightly, catching her off guard. She’d never have expected that, even drunk, Akarain would ever say something like that without motivation. “Thanks Rain, you’r-”

“No no! Really! You’re one hot little tarutaru. I just wanna touch you all over!” Akarain said, interrupting Aiki. Once again caught off guard Aiki didn’t even notice Akarain’s tail as it smacked into the back of her head, knocking her into Akarain’s lap.

“Oh wow Aiki, if you had wanted to do THAT you just had to ask!” Akarain said, wrapping her powerful arms around Aiki.

Confused now, Aiki struggled to get free, this wasn’t at all what she had envisioned happening. “Woah Rain, take it easy. . .” She said, attempting to quell the mithra.

“Easy? Hehe, no, not me. Lets see about you though. You know, I always imagined that a tarutaru’s most sensitive spot would be their ears, lets try it!” Akarain said, as more of the alcohol in her system reached her brain. She immediately went to work, nibbling on the tip of Aiki’s right ear, her tongue caressing it lightly.

As Aiki felt the tongue she lost control of herself, shivering involuntarily. All she could feel was pleasure as the mithra treated her ears with care. Aiki felt herself growing wet and let out a soft moan.

Akarain smiled to herself, biting down hard on Aiki’s ear. The taru let out a scream of pleasure as she felt an orgasm tear through her body. Akarain laughed. “Looks like I was right, who’d have thunk!”

Aiki breathed in deeply, regaining her composer. “Geeze Rain, you were right, but I think if you did that for me its only fair I get to do it for you too.” She said, sliding out of Akarain’s now loosened grasp. Grinning roguishly at the still seated mithra she planted a firm kiss on her lips. “Ok?”

Akarain nodded, clearly drunk. Aiki smiled as she began stripping, leaving her bare tarutaru body in plain view.

“Now you Aka.” Aiki nodded. Akarain, lacking any hesitation, stripped herself of all her clothing, throwing her coveted osode across the room, leaving nothing but her bear breasts and now clearly wet pussy.

Aiki smiled. “Very good. Now go ahead and spread your legs.”

Akarain obliged, biting her finger sexily as she spread her legs. Aiki grinned and moved her tiny body between her lovers legs. Her tongue playfully danced across Akarain’s clit, and moved as deep into snatch as she could. Akarain let out a long moan as the tarutaru ate her out quite soundly. Soon Akarain’s tail found began moving of its own accord, moving to the back of the little tarutaru and began rubbing against Aiki’s ass.

Aiki, surprised by the sudden friction, looked over her shoulder just in time to see the tail enter into her ass. Aiki let out a scream of shock, mixed with both pleasure and pain as the tail began pulling in and out of her, twisting and turning on the way in and out.
Determined not to be the first to cum again, Aiki returned to eating out Akarain, speeding up her tempo. Soon enough Akarain let out a low and loud moan, echoing throughout the mog house, as she climaxed from Aiki’s onslaught. Almost immediately after, Aiki let out a loud moan as she came, he small body shaking. Akarain removed her tail from Aiki’s tired body, leaving aiki face down on the floor.

“Now that was fun, lets do it again!” Said Akarain sluggishly. Aiki looked up at the mithra and nodded.

“Yes, please.” she begged, pulling herself into the sitting position.

The mithra grinned roguishly at the tarutaru and wrapped her arms around Aiki, pulling her close. “I think I still got some time before this alcohol totally knocks me out.” Akarain said, nibbling out Aiki’s ear.

Akarain woke up the next morning her head pounding. She look around, noticing right away that she was not only on the floor with a massive headache, but also completely naked. Upon further investigation she also noticed that Aiki was laying next to her, also nude. At that moment she knew she should be wondering what the hell she did the night before, and that clearly she had made a mistake, but all she really wanted to know at that moment was if tarutaru really have as sensitive ears as she always guessed.

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