Intertwining fates

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A/N please note that this is my first fanfic so please be fair thanks and enjoy
Chapter 1

It was a nice and warm morning for Baricade as he did his dayly walk around Windurst, everyone out eather looking for crafting material, or heading out to mostly kill creatures for stacks of items to put up for sell at the Auction House, but for Baricade it was to do both.

After being in Windurst for a little over two weeks he had finaly gotten use to knowing where everything was. "hmmm I wonder how everyone is doing at the Bonecrafting Guild, maybe I should check on my way back" he thought to himself as he headed out to East Sarutabaruts.

After about thrity minutes of killing Crawlers for their spools of silk thread Baricade was on his way back to Windurst when he heard something tht sounded like scuffling up ahead. "Well well well what do we have here, looks like a Mithra has gotten lost out here" one of the voices said, "What do you think we should do to her" the other voice replied as he grabbed the sides of her arms and held them behind her, "what we always do when we suprise and double team someone" he replied back only this time with a smirk added.

After hearing their conversation Baricade knew exactly who those voices belonged to, "Great now the Yagudos are preying on unsuspecting people, oh well I think I have time to squeeze in a couple minutes of sword practice" he said to himself with a smirk.

While the Yagudos were getting ready to have their way with the Mithra they failed to notice Baricade sneeking up to flank them with his sword drawn, as he was flanking them he got a good look at the Mithra and realized that this Mithra was the one he's seen the most around town "Hey assholes" he yelled out to them hopeing to see them look shocked. as the Yagudos heard him, they just turned their heads slowly towards him "What do you want" was there only responce. "Harm her and your lives will be taken by me". with this said both Yagudos toss her aside and start charging him hoping to make him a side dish before the main course, "Red Lotus blade" he yelled as he fried them in one blow.

After sheathing his sword he rushed over to the fallen Mithra and gently helped her up to her feet, "Are you alright" he asked making sure they didn't harm her in anyway, "I...I think so" she said greatful that he saved her life as she looked up and noticed that he was very cute, and very gentle, "Well at least they won't be hraming you again, come on lets head back to town" he said giving her a smile, "Uhh...sure" she replied still a little shocked after the little ordeal yet some-what happy that she would have someone there to protect her.

"By the way my name is Baricade, what's yours" he asked giving her another warm smile. "Umm my name's Miraitha, but you can call me Mria for short" she said blushing abit at his smile. "Well it's nice to meet you Mira" he said. "Like wise" she replied as they headed to the entrence to Windurst.
A/N well that's the end of the first chapter, I will have another chapter up as soon as I have time to work on it, thanks in advance.

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