Down and Dirty in the Dungeon

BY : Akkiko
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy XI, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's notes: If you don't like this sort of stuff, bugger off. This is a first attempt at BDSM and kinky fetishes, if you've not the heart for it, I suggest you exit as I've used every nasty method up my sleeve. To those who enjoy this sort of thing as my happily fucked up mind does, enjoy! This was inspired by the fact that there is no male slash up here, but plenty of het and yuri, what is this? XD


With a startled yell, Ryuu felt the floor give way beneath him and he landed in a heap of armor and limbs with a splash into the murky waters below. Spluttering and wiping the viscous liquid from his face with some difficulty due to his headband, he glared up at the ceiling where the small square of light signalling a trap door slowly closed and vanished from sight.

"WHEN I SAID SURE, I DIDN'T MEAN YOU COULD DROP ME!!!" He bellowed angrily in vain at the roof before realizing terribly that now was not the time to be screaming his lungs off. Not when he was trapped in the sewers beneath the dungeons of Bostanieux Oubliette without aid and a monster could be drawn to the noise. Sighing he climbed to his feet and made a face at the gunk that stuck to his body, gelatinous blobs of Altana knew what clung to his robes and he brushed them off timidly and frowned further when they stuck to his mitts.

Grumbling ill of his own kin, Ryuu fumbled with the junk for a moment more, before losing all patience and finally flinging his arm down in a fury landing the blob into the water with a sickening 'plop!'

It didn't pay to be a curious Elvaan apparently. He was going to kick that guard's ass when he got out. Glancing around, he noticed he was in a square of some sorts, and that there was a set of stairs on the far end, heading for those he climbed them and was relieved when he hit dry ground, albeit a bit damp, but blessedly dry. Alright, quickly casting a set of stealth spells on himself, the white mage cantered off, black jagged locks clinging to his face from the wet. Now... time to find a way out.

Four hours later.

Sinking to the floor exhausted, Ryuu groaned and buried his face into the nest made by his arms as he drew his knees to his chest. How big was this damn maze!? Heaving a breath to steady his nerves, he glanced up and looked around himself. He was in a square room with only one way out and looked suspciously familiar. With half the pathways cut off in this area due to enormous numbers of mobs and crumbling bridges, it was beginning to look like he was doomed to die down here, and all for some goddamned curiosity! Unwillingly he sniffed, just one traitorous sniff before he began berating himself.

Men, especially Elvaan men, did not weep just because they were faced with certain doom, leave that for those Bastokian Humes and their tender hearts, Elvaans were born of pride and dignity and did not sulk.
.... his best friend, who was a female hume, would certainly bash him over the head if she could hear his racist thoughts. That made him smile a little and urged him to get to his feet, if only so he could see her face again and watch her expression of disbelief as he retold the tale over a warm cider in the Rusty Anchor. As he stood, his balance wavered when he stepped on a chunk of rock broken off from the ceiling and with a soft cry he fell back, barely managing to catch himself by placing a hand on the nearby wall.

Swallowing at the small fright, he counted himself lucky, after all if he had fallen he would have been dazed and possibly knocked unconcious. Lucky indeed. Breathing deeply, he turned for the only way out of the room and started walking, never noticing the aura of darkness behind him. Never realizing that his small noise had attracted the dark spirit.

Couldn't even react as a blade of shadow struck him from behind.

With a startled cry that cut off, Ryuu slumped to the floor, utterly pwned.

??? time later...

Coming to in dazed confusion, Ryuu blinked unseeing at the darkness around him wincing at the pain in his head, where was he? Groaning softly he tried to move, get some understanding of where he was when he stopped pointedly.

His arms- his legs- what was wrong with his limbs? And why was he so cold? It took him a brief moment to realize what kind of state he was in.

Though he couldn't see it, he could certainly feel it and the knowledge sent a spike of fear through his addled brain. A single huge ring attached firmly to the wall secured two shackles, both of which were wrapped around his wrists and held his arms suspended in the air above his head. The chains looped around the ring and came down again, this time attatched to two clasps, which Ryuu discovered when he pulled his hands down in attempt to see if he could break free and gasped sharply when he felt a painful tug on his nipples.

That also explained why he felt cold, he was stark naked save for what appeared to be a strap of cloth over his eyes blinding him. Trembling and aware everything had spiraled out of his control, he kept his arms suspended in the air despite the pain to keep the pressure off his sensitive nipples and instead strained his hearing for any sign that he wasn't alone.

He heard nothing but the faint drip of water in the distance.
"... h...hello...?" He tried timidly and his sensitive ears picked up the faint echo of a closed space, he was in a room that seemed to be shaped squarely. And small too, not large or the echo would have been louder and less frequent.

There was no response.

Running his bare hand over the cool metal of his chains, Ryuu quickly tried to find some way of breaking it, where was his weapon? Could he spell it off? Impossible, not without seeing where he was aiming. He might as well just fire off randomly and bring the ceiling crashing down on him. Chewing his way out was also out of the question and Ryuu was debating the possibility of getting the clasps on his chest undone at the very least when a cold hand pressed against his trembling thigh. Screaming much to his embaressment, Ryuu flinched away from the touch and pressed against the cold stone wall as that ice cold hand continued to travel the length of his leg before stopping at his crotch.

"W-who's there? Answer me!!" Ryuu growled in a rather unthreatening voice as he was trembling so much from fear and cold that it made his voice weaker than he had intended. There was no answer, only that continued cold touch soon joined by another hand which teased his abused nipples around the metal which held them fast and Ryuu shuddered at the attack on his senses.

"S-stop... stop it, let me go!" He hissed with a lack of authority as the hands continued to do as they pleased. Pressing his legs together in a futile attempt to keep those hands from his flacid cock, he thought himself victorious in that at least as the hands withdrew completely.

That was before he felt movement above him, his shackles rattled slightly as he heard the distinct drag of chains against the ground, and then...

He gasped in surprise as a cold metal ring snapped around his thigh, just above the knee and forced his leg partially off the ground unbalancing him. As the process was repeated to his other leg, he suddenly found himself unpleasantly suspended partially in the air with his legs spread wide. Even worse, it put a strain on his hands, which in turn tugged at his already aching nipples.

A soft cry was wrought from his throat, the situation wholly unnatural to him and he cried out in a hoarse voice, demanding to be let go. He was even beginning to plead, something unheard of in the Elvaan race. Those cold hands returned and held no reserve in thoroughly exploring his body, eliciting soft whimpers and moans at those invasive touches. As that dry and cold hand began to explore his crack, Ryuu was visibly shuddeirng by this point, his pleading falling on seemingly deaf ears.

"Don't... please don't... let me go I beg of you don't-!" His sentence was cut off by a sharp scream as a finger thrust ruthlessly into his entrance, dry and painful as it wiggled inside him bringing a flush to his pale cheeks. Apparently his tormentor liked this response because he pushed his finger deeper increasing that burning sensation down below.

Ryuu could swear he heard a throaty moan that wasn't his own, but over his own hoarse cry he couldn't be sure, and never would be as the stranger began thrusting in and out, effectively finger fucking him. Inspiration seemed to hit the being and he pulled out the one finger, returning with four.

Desperately Ryuu seized the chains that held his legs and tried to pull himself away from the intrusion with a strangled whimper at the exertion, but in the end Ryuu was a mage, not a fighter.

It wasn't long before the strength of his arms gave out and he fell back down onto those waiting fingers- and drove them further into him than before.

Throwing his head back as the tip of those cold fingers brushed his prostate, the scream that echoed from his throat was hoarse and caught between pain and pleasure. Curiously, the being considered this and withdrew his hands to Ryuu's relief, shamefully that small burst of pleasure had begun to awaken his own erection. Not something one desired when being effectively raped, for lack of a better word.

However his relief was short lived, it seemed that anytime he was being given a reprieve, what he received for it was worse, double fold. He suddenly found himself being invaded by something cold, hard and definitely not a finger or even a set of them. It occured to him a moment later after the large head of whatever was being pushed past his ring of muscle that it the shape was strangely familiar. Fighting not to cry, and failing, Ryuu was sure he screamed his throat raw at the invasion and bucked his hips desperate to get away.

It occured to him a moment later as the object was pushed further in, just exactly what it was.

He was being fucked with his own staff.

Utterly humiliated and sobbing freely now, his erection was stiff and proudly erect against his stomach as the staff brushed his prostate and was left there while a pair of cold lips descended against his own. A tongue like a blade of ice swept his mouth curiously, plundering ruthlessly and cutting his lip when the other bit a little too harshly on the tender flesh. Whimpering at the slight pain, his partner drew excited by the taste of blood and bit harsher increasing the flow and ignoring Ryuu's protesting cry which was swallowed up by the kiss anyway.

"Please... please I haven't done... why are you... stop!" Ryuu pleaded uselessly now, he didn't want this even if his body betrayed his mind and begged for it, uselessly as if he were some sort of whore. His mind seemed to break when that hand, not so cold anymore as Ryuu's own temperature had dropped considerably despite his aroused state, seized his cock and began to painfully jerk it in a grip much too tight. Still, it was enough and with a few sharp thrusts Ryuu knew it wouldn't be long before he came in that hand.

"Stop, stop please I don't- noo, oh Goddess no!!" He cried as his body arched impossibly and he released with another cry, cock twitching in that strange hand which had paused, his body shuddered one last time before falling limp against his chains, even the pain caused by the nipple clasps momentarily ignored as Ryuu came down from his high, utterly spent. Shuffling faintly caught his attention, he knew he should be concerned, but frankly... he didn't care anymore.

An Elvaan without his pride was better of dead, and he had just come in the hands of his silent rapist. He felt so unclean. He made no movement, only a soft sound of protest as those hands came to rest on his thighs and pushed them a little further apart.

He was too tired to even be surprised when he felt another pair wrap around his waist and a cold body shift behind him. So there were two?

As his staff was pulled from his aching hole, all that was released from his throat was a stiff groan as a large and freezing cock slid into his abused entrance, stretching it. Roughly, it was probably the same size as his staff in width, and nearly just as long. Ryuu thought nothing of it, just willing his captor to fuck him and get it over with.

His eyes widened when he felt another cock butt up against his crack.

They're not... they couldn't-! And as one of those cold hands guided the second cock in, Ryuu had to protest in his hoarse voice.

"I can't! Not at the same time, I'm begging you, please don't do this to me!! I- nngh!" He broke off gritting his teeth as the head of the second cock, possibly larger than the first slid pass the ring of muscle and Ryuu threw his head back sobbing as the second assaulter slid in with a single smooth motion.

Two cocks shoved into a virgin and unprepared ass without lubrication wreaked havoc on his mind. All he felt was pain as soft and throaty moans answered his sobs and they began to push in and out of him. Dazed and in agony, he couldn't even be grateful that they held him by the waist and eased the strain on his arms and nipples. As blood dripped from his torn hole, he noted with his utter embaressment that as his body became adjusted to the pain, he was becoming aroused again.

In that moment he felt himself die, his pride utterly shattered and his humanity torn from him in the most brutal of manners, he submitted to their assault at last in both mind and body, utterly broken as a man.

Moaning from an overused throat, the feel of two well endowed cocks sliding in and out of him worked his mind into overdrive as one mouth descended on his neck and the other pressed against his lips. Perhaps... he even felt a little adoreation in those touches? Surely he was imagining it, but no... now he was certain he felt a touch of warm emotion in that touch.

With a desperate grunt the pace increased now at Ryuu's soft moans of encouragement. Bucking his hips slightly to aid in the ritual, he could almost swear he heard a soft set of hisses from behind him and as the pace sped up to a near unbearable rhythm, Ryuu clenched his teeth and let his head fall back to rest on the shoulder of the one behind him as he let out a soundless scream, coming for the second time. As his muscles constricted in his euphoria, he heard a shrill cry from behind and a low hiss from the front as something liquid and cool shot into his abused hole wringing a soft cry of protest from his lips. He passed out after that.

As he slumped limply over the two beings, he was slowly released from the chains and his cold body was laid on the ground carefully, almost lovingly as if he were suddenly precious rather than an object of curiosity. One of them ran cold fingertips carefully over his slowly cooling body and conferred with his partner in a series of hollow hisses and echoing noises.

For a moment the other remained silent, before giving a single, sharp nod. Seemingly delighted, the first being lowered his lips to Ryuu's neck, pushing dark strands of hair out of the way and settling his lips to that pale skin. Puncturing that skin gently with his teeth, he let his essence flow in tainting that warm blood.

When Ryuu reawoke, he would be a Shadow.

Several months later.

"Take it off..." Ryuu moaned breathlessly as Phan rocked against him, his cock buried deep within the Elvaan who moaned shamelessly against the attention. His hand fumbled over his own erect cock which streamed precum, scrabbling over the silver band at the base helplessly. "Please take it off..."

"I love it when you beg." Phanduron the Condemned informed him smiling without guilt as he gave Ryuu a particularly deep thrust, angling his hips just so in the way Ryuu favored bringing the head of his cock slamming against his prostrate which made the dark haired Elvaan throw his head back against the dark silk sheets of the bed and scream.

Seven months since the incident with the trap door, Ryuu had reawoken indeed as a half Shadow on a cold tile floor with his two tormentors curled up around him rather lovingly. At first he'd been dismayed, even angry and distraught at learning his life was no longer his, but as he came to understand the others' form of speech, and learn it on his own, it was hard to stay mad at a pair of lovers who just couldn't keep their hands off you and seemed to worship your every movement. They even seemed apologetic for the roughness of their first time, claiming inexperience. (Really this was just an excuse to have more sex for "practice.")

Apparently being dead was boring and he brought some unexpected warmth into their lives. And besides... he wasn't really dead, just half Shadow now, how that worked he didn't want to think about, but he could still go above ground, just only in darkness now for the sunlight was extremely painful. Now half alive and half dead, his spirit should have been in chaos, but with his two undead lovers fucking his brains out, well, his soul was just too tired to wonder which side it should be on.

At their living lover's request, they had made a small space for their activities without the prying eyes of the monsters in the sewers and had even accepted the bed. In time they even came to enjoy it, no annoying bats trying to attack their little lover as he screamed in throes of pleasure, not more small chafes against his back for being fucked into the hard floor or wall, and in the morning Ryuu was always happier when he awoke in the warm silks and blankets of the bed and thus was much more approachable to morning sex. That and it gave the Shadows a perfect excuse to spoon to their little uke since the bed was more than adequate in size.

"Phan you bastard...!" Ryuu moaned and bucked his hips as the Shadow gave him a particularly hard thrust causing the Elvaan to thrash on the bed with a new set of pleading cries.

"What's this now? Have you made him displeased?" The other third of their trio inquired as he stepped through the small archway entrance to the room and closed the door behind him to keep out the ghoulish hounds that guarded the outside lest any adventurer come harping around, curious at the noises.

Ryuu was terribly noisy after all, not something that either Shadow minded terribly.

"Drex, make him let me come!" Ryuu begged and Drexerion the Condemned smiled a bit ruthlessly.

"I thank you for saving me my turn." The Shadow said solemnly to Phan who began to thrust without pause into Ryuu and the Shadow panted softly as he leaned over Ryuu.

"Welcome." He grunted heedless of Ryuu who was gripping the sheets above his head streaming curses.

"You fucking bastards can go to hell!! I'm not your goddamn toy to be- oh goddess, yes there!!" He broke off sharply as Phan gave two final thrusts and grunted as he emptied himself into Ryuu. Twisting impossibly in the height of his climax, Phanduron let out a soft grunt as he finally came down from his orgasm and withdrew with a slick pop out of Ryuu who gave a moan of agony.

Undressing at a leisurely pace, Drex slid over to the bed stark naked and smiled at the way Ryuu watched him with his eyes and licked his lips hungrily. So much had changed in seven months, all of which they had been grateful for.

Leaning over Ryuu, he slid in without reservation or worry that he would hurt his little lover (which sometimes he did anyway because Ryuu was such a whore for pain.) Moaning softly at the amazingly tight fit, he mused that this was the best way of sex. With his lover's hole already stretched yet tight and slick with the cum of Phan, he was absolutely perfect as Drex began to thrust into Ryuu, pounding into him as skin slapped against skin and Ryuu's cries were renewed.

"Harder... faster..! Fuck yes... oh fuck- Drex!!" Ryuu moaned breathlessly as his toes curled into the mattress and Drex smiled triumphantly as Phan grumbled in the corner. Drex was the only one who could make Ryuu curl his toes, something he was ever so proud of.

Wrapping his arms around Ryuu's hips, he angled the Elvaan's body upwards so that his thrusts went deeper and he was rewarded with a breathless stream of words.

"Yes- oh fuck yes, Drex pound into me- oh Goddess!!" Leaning over the panting male Drex let his long tongue flick over one of Ryuu's nipples which had been attathed to a set of nipple clamps with a chain connecting them, the metallic taste stung his senses but was overpowered by the salt of Ryuu's sweat and his own personal taste. Delicious.

"You're such a slut." He murmured lovingly as he snapped his hips against Ryuu lovingly, he was ever so close and barely noticed Phan as he came up along the side. Curiously, the Shadow removed the nipple clamps and desposed of them to the side and wrapped one hand around Ryuu's cock and began to stroke it roughly heightening Ryuu's breathless cries.

Looking Drex in the eyes, Phan smirked and grabbed on of Ryuu's nipples twisting it savagely as his hand clicked open the cock ring and let it fall away.

Arching his back impossibly at the sudden rush of pleasure, Ryuu strained his neck as his eyes slammed shut and he gripped the sheets so hard his knuckles went white as a shattered scream broke from his lips.

At the sudden constriction of muscle, Drex grunted and released into the tight hole, thrusting once more just for good measure before he leaned over Ryuu breathless.

Retaliation, Phan was the only one who knew the precise limit of pain they could apply to Ryuu before it was too much, the only time Drex had tried, he'd reduced Ryuu to a sobbing and helpless wreck, afraid to go near any toys for a month.

Okay, so they were equal in their abilities to drive Ryuu over the line into the pleasureable abyss. As Ryuu lay helpless on the black silk sheets, his breathing was ragged and his semen lay cooling on his pale white skin. Leaning in to lick some of it, Phan lapped up the cream like a cat before leaning over to kiss Drex on the lips, though they had never shared a mutual attraction to each other before, Ryuu had a tendency to make them love each other as if they still had hearts.

Tasting Ryuu on Phan's lips brought a lazy smile to Drex's mouth as he kissed back and watched as Phan slid down to Ryuu's entrance and began licking the white semen there. Meanwhile, Drex shared a tired kiss with Ryuu who could only haphazardly move his tongue against Drex's tiredly, frowning at the taste of his own cum.

"He lasted 7 hours today." Phan said rather triumphantly as he came up at last and licked his lips clean. Most of the semen was gone from between Ryuu's legs except for that which still seeped out of his entrance, and for now Phan was perfectly happy to let it remain so, very sexy.

"Hmm... very impressive." Drex murmured in compliment as Ryuu dozed off and slept in the sheets utterly exhausted. "Now let's see how long his cool down time is before we can have at it again."

"Last time was 45 minutes right?" Phan asked deviously as he lay next to Ryuu and curled around his half of the Elvaan lovingly.

"Indeed, he's becoming more like a Shadow everyday, earning our recuperative abilities." Drex murmured with adoreation as he spooned their uke and pressed a loving kiss against Ryuu's shoulder.

"Let's try for fifteen minutes today."

Poor Ryuu had never been so thoroughly worked in his life, and he was likely to never be more happy.
The guard at the trapdoor found a pile of gil at his post one morning some few weeks later.

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