Taming the Fates Amidst Chaos

BY : LadyVorlana
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A/N: My immense thanks to my friend, Brie, for helping make sure I stay fairly in character and providing me with an awesome title to this piece, my first fanfic. Enjoy!

'Internal thought'


:Aeris speaking:

~ (Time/story focus shift)

Chapter 1

"I will...never be a memory."

Vincent watched from a window in the SIERRA. A familiar pang of guilt washed over him as he watched the silver-haired man disappear, becoming nothing more than a flurry of black feathers. He turned to walk away as Kadaj died in Cloud's arms, ignoring the loud celebrations of the rest of their odd group. Another life lost to the madness of Hojo and Jenova, a madness he could have stopped over thirty years ago. His mind wandered, back to the Forgotten City, after he had saved Cloud from the three brothers.

* * * * *
The weight of emotion in the blonde's gaze reached the human side of Vincent as much as the trembling arm of Marlene hiding under his cloak. He didn't understand why the child felt safe with him but, for some reason, a part of him cherished the contact.

"Are sins ever forgiven?

Vincent whipped his head up, crimson eyes searching the young man's face, "...I've never tried."

Cloud seemed to contemplate this, "You mean..." The blue eyes scanned the ground, searching for answers, "...never tried?" Suddenly, Cloud's head came up, a strength and light that had been missing for some time finally returned, "Marlene, lets go." The young man placed an arm around the girl and gave Vincent one of his almost smiles as he turned to walk away, "Well I'm gonna try. I'll phone in the verdict."

Scarlet eyes simply watched the two fade into the night, the light amber in them shining as a strange pain entered his heart. How was it that his words brought comfort and strength to those around him, his rare friends, but he himself was so weighted with guilt and sorrow? A low chuckle resonated through his being, Chaos finding himself amused with the raven haired man. 'YOU DO NOT DESERVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP. ONE DAY I WILL GAIN CONTROL AND YOU WILL WATCH HELPLESSLY AS I COVER YOUR BODY WITH THEIR BLOOD.'

Vincent merely shut the demon's voice out of his mind. He had retreated to the Forgotten City so that if he did lose control of Chaos for a time, no one would be hurt. It also seemed the home of the Ancients acted as a soother, making it easier to push down the demons within. Then Kadaj and his brothers had appeared, disturbing the peace and causing concern enough that the ex-Turk stepped in and rescued Tseng and Elena. Since then, the two Turks had been transported to Edge and the three Remnants had kidnapped and apparently brainwashed the orphans with Geostigma.

Sighing, Vincent turned toward his small camp. He had to gather his things and head to Edge. The tension was so thick he could almost taste it and he knew a difficult battle would be coming. The members of AVALANCHE would have a reunion it seems.
* * * * *

Vincent hoped that this was truly the end, that peace would finally come to the world. Perhaps now he could be left alone to find his atonement. An explosion rocked the ship and he had to grab the railing to keep from falling. Cid yelled when he heard the screech of metal on metal, "Watch what you do with that damn claw Vince! If I find one scratch on my ship..."

Vincent ignored the man, instead looking out the window of the airship. The building Cloud had been on was falling to pieces. From what he gathered from the rest of the group, Kadaj's brothers, Yazoo and Loz, had somehow managed to combine massive amounts of materia into their arms and blown themselves, and Cloud, to pieces. As Tifa and Yuffie cried out in horror, Vincent turned to Cid, "Land this ship, we need to get to Cloud!" He had questions that needed answering.

"What does that dark bastard think I'm doing?" Cid grumbled, angrily puffing at his cigarette and swearing again when he noticed it was burnt out. "Damn it, that was my last Gaia-forsaken smoke!"

The SIERRA landed with a jolt just outside the settling dust and debris. Vincent was one of the first outside and he quickly dashed through the ruins, scarlet eyes searching for any sign of their leader. He paused when he spotted silver hair. 'What the...?' A groan made him come closer, recognizing the middle of the three brothers, Yazoo. Loz lay several feet away. "Hmm seems they survived their own kamikaze attempt."

:Help them...Vincent...:

"What?!" A rare expression of surprise rose on his face. He looked around for the vaguely familiar voice when suddenly the memory hit him, "Aeris?!"

A soft laugh rippled through the rain falling among the ruins. :Do not worry about Cloud...he will return soon. Please Vincent...help them. The others won't...understand.:

"That's an understatement. I'm not even sure I do..." Vincent looked back to the others; they had just exited the ship and were looking toward the sky. He assumed Aeris was speaking to them as well. 'KILL THEM. THEY TRIED TO KILL YOU, DON'T SHOW MERCY!'

"Shut up!" Vincent closed his eyes, shutting out the demon's voice, and quickly reached for the pair. None too gently, he dragged them by their collars toward the airship. The others didn't look happy and stood ready to kill both of them. However, whether it was Aeris' words or Vincent's cold gaze, no one made a move as he dragged the brothers into one of the many rooms on the SIERRA and locked the door behind him. 'Why am I even doing this?' he thought.

A small drip fell from the SIERRA's ceiling, :You're a good person...Vincent.:

"Person? Yeah right. More like a monster with a conscience."

Vincent laid the brothers out on the floor, checking them over quickly. The worst of their injuries was their arms. The materia had shredded them but Vincent knew the Jenova cells inside of them would repair that. Right now he just had to stop the rapid blood loss. The sight and smell of the gleaming liquid pooling beneath the two males was causing Chaos to laugh madly, attempting to push his way out.

Vincent closed his eyes, fighting off the cold burn building in his chest. 'Damn, I had hoped I had more time.' He knew he needed to hurry. Casting Cure on the two unconscious men, he ran from the room. "Cid! Get the ship to my place!"

The pilot jumped at the anger and impatience in the man's voice. He had never heard anything like it from him. "What the hell, Vince? We need to get back to Edge and get things taken care of there."

Cid's eyes widened when he found himself pinned to the wall by a golden-clawed hand. Vincent's eyes were glowing even brighter than normal. "Unless you want your precious airship torn to pieces and you along with it, I suggest you get me to my house and fast."

The captain only nodded and quickly exhaled in relief as Vincent turned and walked out of the room. The blond male had a suspicion as to the urgency but wasn't going to mention it for fear it would come true. Though Vincent had never told them the full story, Cid had seen enough in his travels with the dark haired man to know that things weren't always under his control. Noticing the stares from his crew, Cid snapped out, "What are you punks staring at? Get back to work! I expect to be at our destination 5 minutes ago."

Vincent sat outside the locked door where the two brothers continued to sleep. His breath came out ragged and he knew he was shaking. A familiar voice echoed through the hallway, "It's happening again, isn't it?"

Vincent allowed himself a small smile, though it was hidden by his collar, "Yes, Nanaki. I will need your help in this again."

The fire wolf simply looked at him, concern obvious in his golden gaze, "And what of the other two?"

"Put them in the other room. Only please make sure they are fed and given water until I am more...in control." He hated this feeling of helplessness. It was why he had sought out the calm of the home of the Ancients. The battle in Edge and the adrenaline in Midgar had worn through that calm, allowing the demons a further hold, namely Chaos. 'THEIR BLOOD WITH FLOW THROUGH THE RIVERS, STAINING EVEN THE OCEAN IN IT'S...'

Vincent forcefully cut off the thought, closing his eyes tightly and controlling his breathing. "He's getting stronger. I don't know how much longer I will hold out against him."

"Only as long as you need to my friend." Nanaki placed a paw on the man's shoulder, giving him as close to an encouraging smile as he could. "Do not worry about the two Remnants. They will be taken care of."

A few hours later, the SIERRA landed in a clearing a few miles south of Nibelheim. Vincent's home appeared to be a small cottage, sitting simply on the hillside. The group knew better than most, they had helped him build the house. Under the quaint appearance, there was a large basement containing three rooms, each separated by two feet of solid gray steel. Vincent unlocked the entrance to the basement as Barrett and Cid carried Loz and Yazoo's unconscious bodies into the house. Barrett was grumbling to himself, occasionally a few words could be heard, "...damn Sephiroth clones...good for nothing...can't they stay dead?"

Vincent ignored him and hurried down the stairs to the basement. He could already feel the murderous rage building inside of him. Scarlet eyes flicked over the computer screens as he quickly typed out the commands. A soft hiss issued as the doors to the other rooms slid open. The rooms appeared empty but there was obvious damage to the walls in either room. Pointing to the room with the more extensive damage, Vincent retreated into the second room, the door hissing shut behind him. Nanaki dropped his head in a mixture of sadness and relief before turning his attention to the two men staring at the closed door. "I suggest we get these two to the beds before they decide to wake up."

Cid grunted an affirmation, adjusting his hold on Yazoo, "Damn right. He may seem like a skinny bastard but this boy has quite a bit of weight to him. "

"Don't even start that shit, Cid. I got stuck with the larger one." Barrett grumbled as he half-carried, half-dragged Loz into the other room. He glanced around the room, surprise showing on his face at the extensive claw marks and melted spots in the room. "Woah, looks like Vampy had fun in here."

Almost on cue, a scream broke through the steel, quickly changing to a bone-chilling roar. Nanaki looked at the gun-armed man, "I don't think most of us would classify it as 'fun' Barrett. Please hurry and get them on the beds, I don't want them to wake up before they are restrained."

Cid spoke up as they placed the brothers on the two corner cots, "How the hell did Vincent know to have two beds in here? Is the man psychic now too?"

Nanaki sighed and walked over to the main terminal. A secondary keyboard had been made specially for him, the larger buttons making it easier for him to punch out the simpler commands. The two conscious men jumped as five other cots slid out from the walls in the room. "Vincent decided that, rather than having to hope that repairs could be made before he lost control, it would be better to have multiple to use while the others are repaired. I only hope that we can get the materials to repair the walls soon. It won't be too much longer before they are worn down."

Barrett raised an eyebrow and whistled appreciatively, "Hey Red, remind me not to get on Vampy's bad side anytime too soon ok?"

"It might be best if you stopped calling him 'Vampy' then."

"Aw, Vince knows I'm just kidding him right?" Barrett's face became very worried as the fire wolf continued to stare at him. A shudder went through the room as something pounded the walls of the neighboring room, "Well...um...we gotta get going. I gotta check on Marlene. Remember Red, Aeris said we should be at the church in a week."

Nanaki nodded and watched as the two left. He could tell that Cid was trying to keep from laughing as Barrett practically ran from the basement. He turned his attention back to the computer terminal. The extra cots slid back into the walls and the two that remained hissed as large steel bindings slid across the prone forms laying on them. Nanaki then set a special command code into the computer and entered the room with the two sleeping men, the door hissing as it shut behind him. Laying in front of the door, he allowed himself to doze, comforted in the fact that his senses would wake him if the two even stirred.

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