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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I’m trying to get back into fanfiction writing and so I will be doing several one-shots for warm ups. I'm going to try and do something different though and do a style that is poorly represented on this site, futanari, or dick girls. I'll do a few normal pairings as well but if you don’t like that then I suggest you don’t read this story.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any characters in this story; any characters in this story are the property of Square-Enix corp.


“I think your more my type Lulu,” Tidus said as he grinned at the Goth mage. He decided that proclaiming his crush to Lulu, who he learned had helped watch over Yuna for a large amount of time in her life, might not be the smartest idea he had come up with. So instead the sun-kissed blitzer put on his most winning smile and made the move on her, thinking he'd throw off the ebony-haired black mage. 'She's so much of a tight ass I bet she’s just gonna blush and walk off,' the blitzer thought, with an inward smile.

But the Goth did not blush, instead one side of her lips seemed to curve upward as she placed one hand on her hip and considered the boy, staring at him until he started to become uncomfortable. The woman’s blood red irises were intimidating. Combine that with her ice-cold demeanor and she could very easily throw off even the most hardened person. Tidus was finally about to speak when she reached forward and grabbed his wrist, tugging him back through the underground city of Guadosalam. “Come,” she said, and she wasn’t asking.

“Wha... Umm yeah sure...” the flummoxed blitzer replied and he quickly tried to keep up with her. The woman was just an inch or two taller than him but she had a long stride and she kept a firm grip on his wrist. Tidus was suddenly reminded of a day in Zanarkand. He was barely ten years old and Auron was gripping his wrist and leading him through the market telling him to walk faster. The platinum blonde suddenly felt like he was that little kid being led around and he hurried his pace to keep up with the woman, who finally stopped at the Guado-hotel and brought him back to the room that she, Rikku, and Yuna were keeping. The room was much better furnished then the men's, with large, plush beds and lots of comfy chairs for them to sit in. Tidus guessed that having the party’s only mages was certainly an added bonus to the females.

“Sit,” Lulu told him and indicated one of the large chairs. Tidus wanted to say something back, but like always, Lulu gave him that look that dared anyone to disagreed with her and he shut up and did as he was told, once again getting that little kid feeling. The beach-tanned boy unhooked the water sword Brotherhood from his back and laid it up next to the door and sat down. Despite the comfortableness of the plush chair, the blitzer felt extremely nervous. It didn't help that since he had told Lulu she was more his type, she had only spoke two words and had led him off to a secluded area away from everyone else. As a famous blitzer in Zanarkand he was no stranger to being alone with a girl in a hotel, heck at sometimes he was no stranger to having several girls back at his place. But Lulu was a different sort of animal. He had the feeling that he was about to get the hell reamed out of him. Looking at her he could literally imagine it, 'we need to stay focused on our mission Tidus, you are far to young to think such things Tidus, that was very immature of you Tidus, and on and on and on...' the blonde sighed as he sat up, 'guess that’s what I get for joking around with her.'

Tidus was surprised then as Lulu leaned forward and smiled at him, a facial feature that he had rarely seen grace her purple lips. The woman leaned forward so her face was right at his, and Tidus was suddenly aware of how her large breasts nearly bounced out of her what he suddenly believed was a far too revealing dress. The woman gave a soft laugh as she grinned at him. “So you truly think that I am your type boy? I am very flattered, but also very curious. I see the looks you take at Yuna and even Rikku... So tell me... Why is it that you’re so interested in me?” She giggled at him. “Aren’t I a little old for you Tidus?”

Tidus was just a little bit stunned. Lulu literally sounded amused by his proclamation, like a senior who had been asked out by a freshman to the dance. Tidus tried to get his mind back under control now that his little joke had backfired on him. His thoughts scrambled as he tried to come up with something to say back to her, also a little stung by her comment about being too old for him. He had a flash of memory about Rikku and several steamy nights the two beach teens had shared on the Al-Bhed search ship, and several other times they would sneak away from the guardian’s camp and go at each other for the night. The boy blushed, knowing that was something he definitely did not want to tell her. He then thought of Yuna and of course the many things he'd like to do to the summoner from Besaid and realized that might not be the best thing to tell her either. After some quick thinking he stammered slightly as he spoke.

“Well ya know umm... Rikku always was like... you know.... a little to bouncy and energetic... not really the type of girl I like...” he lied then struggled and tried to think up of something for Yuna but really couldn't find anything that sounded convincing even to himself. “And Yuna is.... well... she’s nice but...”

Lulu chuckled, and she looked into the aqua eyes of the boy, easily catching his lie but letting it pass. “Yes of course, because bouncy and energetic is nothing like what you are my dear little boy. But please go on.”

Tidus cheeks flames up at how easily she had caught him but quickly tried to think up more reasons to why he liked Lulu. The blitzer smiled when he came up with a few things that he actually truly did admire about the dark mage. “Well ya know... you’re really a strong person. I kinda wish I could do magic like you, I never was able to learn any magic, and you can really do some damage with it, Yuna only heals and summons.”

Lulu smiled at him, she was staying in the same position and she grinned as Tidus struggled to keep his eyes off her ample cleavage. “Well my dear boy I didn’t think that you were interested in the dark arts. If you would like I could teach you these things.” She grinned as she thought of the way she'd be teaching magic to the boy and placed one hand on his thigh, causing him to jump slightly. “What else?” she prodded.

Tidus squirmed slightly, the smirk on her face, the domineering look on her eyes, the perfect view of the top of her tits, and now the hand on his thigh was making him blush like a virgin and very uncomfortable. He was also becoming extremely flustered by her constantly calling him a boy. Sure ok he was only 17 but come on! Wasn't everything he had done as a Gaurdian so far proof enough?

He quickly thought of the other things he admired about the mage, knowing she would easily catch him in a lie right now. “Well, I really like how you don’t take shit from anyone, not even Auron. You say what’s on your mind and your really forward about whatever you believe in.” The boy calmed down for a moment as he spoke to himself. “I kinda wish I could be a bit more like that actually...”

Lulu smirked and her blood red eyes met his bright blues, “Because you want Yuna don’t you?” She grinned as Tidus blushed again and squirmed under her stair. “It's ok boy, I'm not mad at you. Yuna is quite an amazing young woman and I do believe that you care for her well being.” Tidus settled down slightly but Lulu stayed in the position she was in. “However, there was some truth to what you just said, and I agree, you do need to step up and become a much more forward person to take care of our young summoner. You are just a young innocent boy, and for me to even consider allowing you to proposition her, you need to show me that you can become a man.”

Tidus stayed red in the face, part of him a little angry at being called an innocent boy, the other part a little indignant at her thinking she knew what was best for Yuna, and the final part a little honored at least to know that she did think he cared for her. He was about to speak when she held one finger to his lips. “Shhh, my dear boy. Tell me... would you like to learn how to become a forward and demanding person? Would you like me to show you how I take what I see when I want it so that you can do the same with Yuna?” She leaned forward so their faces were only an inch apart. “Well?”

Tidus blushed at how close she was, and his mind race at what her words, and more so her actions were implying. The eager teenage thoughts took over, and also his curiosity and his want to prove to Lulu that he could care for Yuna pushed the warning bell out of his mind and he nodded his head. “Yes I would Lulu.”

With a quick movement of her hand she grabbed his chin. “I'm mistress to you now Tidus... and this is how I take what I want...” She leaned forward and crashed her purple lips onto his pink ones with a bruising kiss. Tidus gasped at the action and she shoved her tongue into his mouth, running it along his teeth and tasting every part of the wet cavern, before finally pushing it against his tongue and massaging it thoroughly.
Tidus finally got his mind back and tried to push his back against hers but a yank on his platinum blonde hair and a shove of her tongue kept his own pliant and submissive, allowing her to push her tongue deeper, almost making him gag as she pushed her tongue down his throat, finally pulling away from him after getting her fill and grinning at the boy. “Hmmm... You have some experience... but I can tell the only people you’ve been with have been those willing little sluts you flirt with at the blitz games...” She yanked him up out of his chair by his hair, which he yelped at in surprise and tried to break away from her stunned by her strength, not knowing the woman was just as strong in body as she was in magicks.

“Owww! Lulu that h...” He was silenced and stunned when she delivered a powerful and painful spank to his ass.

“Silence boy... I told you that I am mistress to you now...” She sat down on the bed, glad that her spell she normally used to boost strength of warriors had worked just as well on her. With a strong yank on his hair she had him lying over her knees. “And I can clearly see that you need experience with someone who will put you in your place before you can step up and become a man yourself... I will be that person Tidus.”

Tidus tried to get up and look at her but she kept him down with a hold on his hair. “What? Lulu what the hell... ahh!” He shut up quickly as another hard painful spank was delivered to his ass.

“You will address me only as mistress and you will ask to speak before you do... and I will not have you curse around me either... men can curse and you are no man yet boy...” With her free hand she unhooked the straps off his blitz uniform and yanked them down along with his boxers to his knees and keeping them there, preventing him from trying to kick his legs. The blitzer blushed in embarrassment as his ass was exposed to the cold air and then squirmed in surprise as she felt Lulu's nails run across it.

Lulu's eyes lit up with amusement when she saw a tattoo right on the middle of the small of his back, the same emblem as the necklace he wore. “Hah! Ohh my dear boy such a wonderful tramp stamp you have here.” She gave a very cute giggle that sounded nothing like her and shook her head. Tidus head on the other hand now resembled an apple.

Lulu turned her attention now to the rest of the boy’s body. “Hmmm... You're much like Rikku... I do like those who have a tan on their entire body... and yours is natural... you must have spent some time swimming naked on the beach didn’t you boy?” Tidus flushed red as he nodded, having a private part of the beach in Zanarkand, and he hated having tan lines. Lulu delivered a firm spank to his ass making it turn red and causing Tidus to grunt.

“If I ask you a question you reply with yes or no and mistress.” She shook her head. “So much I have to teach you Tidus, and your learning starts now.” She reached way back and then started to deliver hard firm spanks to the boys ass, putting all her strength into it, turning his tanned ass pink in only a few strokes.

Tidus’ grunts soon turned to whimpers, and his whimpers soon turned soft cries of pain, which then finally turned to almost girlish yelps as each spank made his whole body shudder in pain. He cried his eyes red as he begged for Lulu to stop, only ceasing when he finally cried out, “Mistress please!!!”

Lulu brought her hand down one more time but without the sharp crack, instead with a soft touch on the boy’s ass, cupping it and massaging it tenderly. “Please what boy?” Tidus quivered and struggled to get his strained vocal cords to work,
“Please.... stop... mistress... it really hurts...” Lulu laughed softly and continued to stroke his rear. “Since you asked so nicely I will.” She continued to massage the flesh, releasing the boy's hair knowing he wasn't going anywhere now. Tidus continued to cry softly and shuddered; having been the first time he had been spanked in many years, not since he had mouthed off to Auron.

Lulu looked over the boy’s ass and grinned at how red it was; she had done a good job on this one. It was very satisfying, she had not gotten to spank anyone in a while, with Yuna knowing her place around Lulu sincte the two grew up in Besaid together. Rikku also learned her own after only a few nights not to question her. She studied the boy’s backside and spoke.

“Hmm your most certainly a good looking young man Tidus. Very athletic body and lithe... but you also have quite a girlish ass. Nice round and supple...” She said as she cupped the flesh and squeezed it softly. Tidus had to stifle a moan at the touch, not wanting to show her touches were starting to arouse him. His blush had return at her compliment, he had been told that several times by his blitz teams while in the showers and it was a small source of embarrassment to him.
“Sorry mistress...”

Lulu laughed again and kept stroking it. “Oh no my dear boy.... this is a feature I quite like on you... and one I intend to enjoy very much...” She could tell he was aroused so she sucked on her fingers, getting it good and wet and plunged one right into his tight little ass hole, making the tight ring of muscle yield to her and causing the boy to yelp out in surprise and pain. Tidus squirmed and gasped trying to buck away from the finger but then a second finger was added and he yelped louder. Lulu grinned softly and then she curled her fingers, hitting the boys prostate and causing him to let out a moan he couldn’t stifle, and let her feel something poking at her thigh, making her grin broader.

“You like that Tidus?” She asked curling her fingers again. Tidus moaned out again, the moan high and boyish, the move making pressure build in his loins and making his seven inch dick start to prod against Lulu's thighs. He didn’t answer, far to embarrassed to actually admit this was giving him pleasure. Lulu in response jammed a third finger into his tight heat making him cry out as he was forcefully spread around the triple digits.
“Tell the truth to your mistress boy...” Tidus shuddered and nodded his head.
“Yes mistress it does...” He groaned softly as she began to hammer the three fingers into the boy’s ass hard and fast, hitting his prostate each time and making him moan in pleasure over and over again. She smirked as she got him nice and bothered then pulled her fingers out and gave his ass a quick spank.

“Get up boy and undress, then get on your knees in front of me,” she said and stood up crossing her arms. The blitzer blushed under her gaze and pushed his shorts and boxers to his ankles than kicked them away, his boots and socks coming next. He then worked the armor on his arm, undoing the straps and pulling it off along with the vest and hoodie. He was about to take off the necklace as well but she stopped him.

“No I like that being the only thing on you...” She grinned at him. “Makes you look cute...” She chuckled at his embarrassed look. Tidus dropped to his knees in front of her and looked up at her expectantly. The woman smiled and patted his head like a dog.

“Good boy Tidus. You'll learn.” She slowly began to push her dress down her body and soon stepped out of it causing Tidus to gasp. The woman had the body a goddess could pray for. Voluptuous curves, beautiful legs, creamy skin, and huge breasts that somehow gravity still had not been able to take hold of. The silk black lace bra and panties that adorned her, along with the lace stockings that were connected by straps to them only served to accent her body. Tidus mouth dropped open in awe.

Lulu grinned and placed two fingers under the boys chin and shut his mouth. “I trust you like what you see my boy?” Tidus gulped and nodded several times.
“Yes mistress.” She smiled at him genuinely.

“Good, now as you belong to me now you must learn how to properly service me.” Tidus blushed as he caught on to her meaning but nodded and started to move forward but Lulu held him back. “Oh no dear Tidus, I like your enthusiasm and you certainly know the tool you'll be using to do it, but I am afraid I am not quite ready for you to do it.”

Tidus looked at her in confusion. He wasn't a complete fool; he could see her moist pussy lips dripping juices through the lace and down her thighs. A part of him got angry at this, 'the bitch got off on spanking me and finger fucking me... damn sadist...' he thought to himself but did not voice the opinion.
“Mistress I don’t understand.”

Lulu's eyes almost rolled into he back of her head as she looked down into the boy who had no clue of his fate. 'Oh this shall be far too enjoyable... practically a sin...' She shook her head and then one click of her fingers one of the moogles she used came up behind Tidus and grabbed his wrist holding them behind his back.

“Oh no my dear boy, you will not be pleasuring that part of me.” And with that she held both hands over her crotch and preformed the spell she had known since Yuna had hit puberty. From right above her clit the muscles under her skin warped then bulged and then Lulu let out a low heated groan as a perfectly formed rock hard cock sprung out of her, directly above her clit, almost two inches in girth and 11 inches long, easily dwarfing Tidus' own member. She had to yank her panties to the side just so she wouldn’t tear the delicate fabric.

Tidus eyes went as wide as dinner plates. And he immediately tried to struggle out of the moogles grip but the doll held him fast and Lulu grabbed his platinum blonde locks in a vicious grip. She smiled down at him.

“Now Tidus... I'm going to show you how I claim what is mine... I trust you will remember this for your own experiences...” She then gave a yank on his hair, causing him to cry out and she shoved her length down his mouth and nearly halfway down his throat. Lulu gave a low moan of pleasure and bent over him slightly.

“Ohh Yevon your mouth is heavenly Tidus...” She didn't give the boys virgin mouth a chance to recover and immediately started powering her shapely hips back and forth, moaning at how his hacking and gagging throat milked her involuntarily. Tidus face was turning blue and she only chuckled.

“Better learn to breathe through your nose boy... I wont be pulling out till I get mine.” Tidus eyes watered as he tried to control his gag reflex first, not wanting to know what would happen if he threw up on her, finally managing to stifle it. He then focused on taking short gasps of breath every time she pulled back through his nose, the oxygen not much, but just nearly enough to enable him to take the rape his throat was receiving without passing out.

Lulu was in heaven, the boys mouth felt so perfect and she grinned down at him. “I expect you to work as well my dear. Yevon gave you a tongue and lips for a reason. That reason now is to pleasure me.” Tidus flushed but nodded and tried as best he could to move his tongue against her length, pursing his lips around her base and bobbing his head slightly into her thrust.

The mage let out a low groan and started pumping into his mouth as hard as he could, biting her lip as the pressure built up in the base of her length, and started to travel up the tip. She moaned as her thrusts got jerky and out of rhythm.

“Get ready boy, this... ohh... is a meal you will be having.... mmmm... many times from now on.” Tidus gaped and tried to pull away but she grabbed his head and held it there. Then she let out a long moan and came with a powerful jet of cum down his throat, so deep and powerful she was almost pumping it directly into his stomach. Lulu groaned as Tidus's throat writhed and clamped unwillingly around her muscle, trying desperately to expel the intruder and she slowly started to pull out, coating his throat with her seed then resting the tip on his tongue so he could taste it, filling the moist cavern with the hot thick liquid.

Tidus got air when she slowly pulled out of his throat then jerked as she blasted his mouth, surprised at the salty but sweet taste of her. When his mouth finally was filled he swallowed the huge wad of cum with an audible gulp. Lulu grinned and yanked her tip out then jerked her length hard with her fist, coating the boys face with her seed, so much so that it dripped down to his chest and soaked into his hair. The flow finally ended and she gave his cheek a good smack with her cock then sat back on to the foot of the bed gasping for air, her massive breasts heaving up and down.

Tidus groaned softly and wiped the cum out of his eyes and some off his face, not able to get it all and blushing as he looked up at her. Lulu smirked, “Don't let that go to waste Tidus.” Tidus shivered but slowly, almost like a cat, started licking his fingers and hands clean of the cum. Lulu watched the whole way, and her limp length seemed to firm back up from the show. She groaned softly and stroked it a few times. Tidus felt a small surge of pride, surprised but pleased to see the affect he had on her and kept at it till his fingers and hands were clean.

Lulu smirked as she looked at him, the boy now sitting on the back of his legs with hands on the floor waiting for her order. She had called her moogle off since she had added another small spell, one that would take a way any of the boys inhibition after he swallowed her essence. She didn’t want a mindless slave, but an open minded one. And she had always figured him for a closet submissive toy. She smirked and scooted back further on the bed and then beckoned him with a finger. Resting her shoulders against the headboard she spoke.

“Come here boy.” Tidus stood up and walked over to the side of the bed.

“Yes mistress?” Lulu looked the nude blitzer up and down, appreciating the lithe body and then her eyes rested on his length and she giggled.

“Awww I forgot I didn’t let you cum earlier did I?” She said as she reached forward and stroked his length a few times. Tidus arced into her grip with a small mewl of pleasure and nodded his head. Lulu grinned and gripped him harder moving her hand up and down harder. “Would you like to cum now Tidus?” She asked jerking his length harder.

Tidus groaned and nodded bucking his hips into her hand. Lulu grinned and yanked him up onto the bed. “Another rule for you my boy. From now on you don’t get to cum unless it's because of me, or I give you permission to.” She forced him to straddle her hips and her length rested against his pert little ass. “So no more little midnight excursions away from the camp with Rikku unless I allow you got it?” Tidus blushed, first from the length resting against the sun kissed skin of his ass and second from the realization that he and Rikku had been caught. She smirked at him.

“Oh don’t be so ignorant boy, it's quite hard to sneak out when Rikku giggles every half second. That and you don’t exactly know how to stay quiet yourself.” She smirked and leaned in to lick his earlobe, “I don’t blame you though, her mouth is thoroughly talented... I'm glad you enjoyed all the practice she gets on me.”

Tidus went brighter red and stared at her. “Mistress?” Lulu grinned and nipped his nose, “We’ll talk about that later my dear boy. Just know your sisters Yuna and Rikku will be quite welcoming of you into my little harem.” She grabbed his ass and picked him up so her tip rested right below his tight ass hole. “Now time to take care of your little problem.” And with that she yanked the boy down hard onto her length, the muscle, slick from cum and saliva slipping right into the boy's tight entrance and powering up right until her hips slapped against the boys tight bubble butt.

Tidus cried out in pain, feeling like he had nearly been ripped in two, the massive length buried so deep inside him it felt like she was in his stomach. He writhed against her while his ass clenched up tightly against the intruder. Lulu let out a long loud moan and grabbed his ass hard. 'Ohh Yevon he's tight! Holy fuck.... he feels better than Yuna or Rikku!' She bit her lip then looked at the pained expression on the boys face and smiled.

“Ohh my poor boy did I pop your cherry?” She smirked and looked to see some blood leaking down the base of her length from how she had ripped him slightly and she giggled. “Oops I guess I did.” She sighed and pulled the boy in close to her, her massive breasts pressed up against his firm chest and she stroked his ass softly then ran one of her hands inside to grip his length firmly, causing the boy to let out a pained moan.

“Now allow me to show you the benefits of being mine Tidus.” She then twitched her length hard against his sweet spot and stroked his own length hard up and down. The double effect caused the boy's eyes to go wide and cry out her name. She grinned and continued the sweet torture, stimulating his prostate and stroking his length until she had the boy bucking and whimpering to her every touch. She stopped finally when she knew all his pain was gone and ran her hand up his chest.

She grinned as Tidus braced himself by spanning his hands on her stomach then slowly pulling his body up then pushing it back down, letting out a long moan of pleasure as the tip hit his sweet spot on the way in. Lulu gave an encouraging moan and continued to stroke his length as Tidus did it again.

Tidus writhed, not believing that the very thing that made him feel like he was being torn in half was now giving him more pleasure than he had ever felt in his life.
He slowly picked up a rhythm, pulling his lithe body up, his ass pulling the skin of Lulu's cock so hard it made her hiss in pleasure then pushing back down making them both moan. Lulu continued to stroke the boys cock fast and hard, making bright lights flash in Tidus eyes, the dual stimulation far too much for the boy as he started to buck into her hand.

“Mistress... I'm... gonna... cum...” Lulu groaned and jerked him harder, “Just know... whatever mess you make boy... you’ll be cleaning up...” Tidus bucked then jerked as he came with the hardest orgasm of his life, his length spurting his seed all over both of their bodies. Lulu raised an eyebrow, impressed by the boy’s vigor. 'Not bad for a little bishie...' She thought as he collapsed against her, his body spent. She chuckled and licked his ear, making him shudder.

“Your not done yet boy... you made a mess on your mistress... now clean it the proper way...” She ordered and bit down on his earlobe firmly. Tidus bit his lip and whimpered then moved himself down enough to lap up all of the cum on her stomach and creamy breasts. Lulu groaned and stroked his head till he finished then with a surge of strength, flipped the boy onto his back and looked down at him with a predator-like grin.

“Now it's time to finish this my dear boy.” And with that she pulled out and flipped him onto his stomach, yanking his hips up into the air and sheathing herself fully inside him.

The boy let out a whimpering cry that fell deaf on Lulu's ears. She was now claiming her bitch and she was out of patience, she slammed in and out of him with powerful thrusts of her shapely hips, battering the boy’s ass as her tip pounded his prostate. The boy let out one cry after another and had to grab his now once again already straining length and shamefully pumped his own shaft. Lulu almost let out a growl at the sight, it fueling her own lust and she took him harder, her blood pounding in her veins as she got closer and closer to her climax.

“Get... ready... boy...” Tidus only nodded his head and cried out as he came into his hand, his ass clenching up tightly on her length like a vice, not letting her move but the pressure was enough. Lulu buried herself as deep as she could and came with a shout of his name, pumping his ass full with sperm, her seed shooting into him hot and thick, coating his walls and pouring into him till his stomach nearly expanded, then spurting out around her cock. The two lovers collapsed onto the bed, Tidus shuddering and spamming underneath the woman, her cock slowly softening in his ass as she rolled them onto their sides and pulled a blanket over them.

Tidus tried to turn and look at her but a firm grip on his body kept him right where he was. “Shhh my boy... Sleep now.... I want you nice and rested up when you Rikku and Yuna come back tonight.” Tidus flushed bright red. He thought he'd die of embarrassment once they saw him. But as he slowly snuggled back into her soft bosom and got used to the nice warm feeling of her cum covered, soft, but still thick cock inside him, he realized how much he just had enjoyed it. Lulu grinned, she did not need to read minds or use a spell to know she had him fully now and kissed his neck.

“Get used to that feeling boy. From now on... even after I've taught you to be a man strong enough for Yuna... You are mine... And I will be taking advantage of what's mine as many times as I can.” She said and possessively gripped his ass.

Tidus sighed softly, one last thought fleeting through his mind before he fell into his dreams.

'I did say she was my type...'


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