Gamerz Fantasy VIII

BY : The_Playing_Mantis
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Dragon prints: 1998
Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Personal Disclaimer: I enjoyed writing Gamerz Fantasy VII and Gamerz Fantasy X-2 so much that I decided to work on a few others and make it a sort of series of one-shots, so here’s the one for 8. It’s a Selphie fic cause I hate Rinoa. The first bit takes place in the Tomb of the Unknown King where Squall, Selphie and Irvine meet up with Sacred and beat the crap out of him, but when he gets his big brother to help all hell breaks loose. In part two, Selphie, Squall and Zell are traveling through Galbadia Garden to stop Edea when they run into a huge guardian force. Squall doesn’t have time to deal with it properly so he asks Selphie to get it to join them, regardless of how she feels about it. Then in part three, Selphie tries to get another GF that she heard about in an occult magazine, but no one seems to believe it’ll work, so she goes to summon it alone. Was that a bad decision? And who is that who followed her? This story will contain sex and will probably turn some of you off, but *shrug* I’m writing it anyway. Little kids should not be here! Oh yeah…spoilers await.

Gamerz Fantasy VIII
By The Playing Mantis
Part 1 of 3

“Why are we doing this again?” asked Irvine as they traveled from Deling City to The Tomb of the Unknown King.

“Because we can’t get into General Caraway’s mansion unless we go find that ID number,” grumbled Squall.

“I think he was asking why you brought us with you,” said Selphie. “You’ve been traveling with Rinoa and Zell so much that the two of us and Quistis got a card game going.” Squall scowled at her but didn’t say anything.

“I so had you and Quistis!” said Irvine as he winked at Selphie. “I had a full house!”

“You wish!” laughed Selphie, “I had a straight!”

“I was getting tired of Rinoa talking about Seifer and having Zell complain all the time!” snapped Squall. “But, I’m getting the feeling that I should have just stuck with them, because they’re not quite so annoying! Now shut up and follow me!”

Irvine waited until Squall’s back was turned before he stuck his tongue out at him. He smiled at Selphie and winked again. Selphie giggled and shoved him along, noticing the meaningful glance that the young gunman gave her. She appreciated that he thought she was attractive enough to ogle, but it still didn’t feel right to her. She knew she was cute, all her friends told her that, but she never really thought of herself as being truly attractive. She was really skinny and not all that curvy, but she had nice B-cup breasts that she was proud of. She really liked her legs too, so she tried to show them off whenever she could. Her SEED outfit included a pair of brown boots and a yellow dress that only reached down to her mid-thigh. She blushed as she realized that her mode of dress, which was only meant to allow a good deal of movement, could be seen as provocative. “Hey, Irvine?” she asked quietly.

“What’s up, cutie?” asked Irvine.

“Uh…do I dress like a tramp?” asked Selphie, making Irvine stop in his tracks.

“Where the hell did that come from?” asked Irvine as he slowed down and let Selphie catch up to him so that they could talk without Squall getting upset with them. “And why are you asking me?”

“Well, I know we just met,” said Selphie, causing Irvine to flinch slightly, “But, something tells me that I can trust you, and I’ve seen the way you look at me…it’s not quite like the way you look at the other girls…but…”

“Well, if you trust me, then trust me when I say that I’m not looking at you like I look at the other girls,” said Irvine. “I actually respect you, and you can tell that I do because I haven’t come on to you. I’ve still got the eye, but that’s just cause I’m a guy!” He laughed loudly, causing Squall to scowl at him. He merely waved at Squall, making Squall roll his eyes, before saying, “You dress the way that you want to, and don’t let anyone make you think that it’s bad. Besides, even if someone thinks that you dress trashily, that cute hairstyle makes up for it.”

Selphie blushed. She couldn’t tell him that her hair did that naturally and was basically bed head. “Thanks Irvine,” she said.

“Finally, we’re almost there,” said Squall as the trio saw a small building appear in the distance. “Let’s get that ID number and get back.”

“But, what about that supposed guardian force that’s hiding out in there?” asked Selphie.

“I don’t think we should bother with it,” said Irvine quickly. “I don’t really trust those Guardian Forces anyway. It’s been rumored that prolonged use can drain a person of their memories.” He looked at both Squall and Selphie for a second before adding, “Besides, that was just a rumor that there’s one in there, we should get back as soon as possible.”

“Wow,” said Squall, completely deadpan, “I didn’t expect to hear something like that from you.” He thought about it for a minute before saying, “I hate to admit it, but I agree with Selphie on this one. If there’s a possible Guardian Force in there, we should look into it. We don’t want the sorceress to get her hands on it. Besides, that rumor about memories is only that, a rumor. There’s no proof that it’s true.”

Irvine sighed and shook his head in defeat. “I’m not gonna be able to change either of your minds, so I’m not even gonna try,” he said with a shrug.

“Good, let’s go,” said Squall. The three entered the tomb and immediately found a sword that had the ID they were looking for. Squall wrote it down and almost turned to leave when he looked at Selphie as she pointed down the hall. He sighed and nodded. He pulled out the map and looked at it. “It looks like there are a couple of big rooms at the north, east and western points as well as one in the center. Let’s go.”

The three slowly worked their way to the western room only to find that the entryway was closed and locked. Irvine grinned as Squall rolled his eyes and sighed. “The north?” suggested Selphie. Squall nodded silently and they headed up and found that that door was locked too.

“If the eastern door is locked too, we’re leaving,” said Squall calmly.

Irvine actually looked disappointed when they reached the eastern door and found it open. “I’ll bet you two that this place is just a dead end,” he said. Selphie frowned at him, so he clammed up. They slowly entered the room, not knowing what to expect. What they found was a statue of a big purple minotaur, wearing body armor and holding a huge mace, staring at them. “Is this a guardian force?” asked Irvine. Selphie and Squall stared at him. “What?” asked Irvine, “We don’t use them at Galbadia Garden, so I’ve never seen one before you bond with them.”

Squall sighed. “This is just a statue of one,” he said. “A real one would have attacked us by now.”

“Attacked us?” asked Irvine.

“You can’t bond with a Guardian Force unless you prove yourself to it first,” said

Selphie. “Most do it through battle. It’s how we got both Ifrit and Diablos.” She walked up to the statue and stared at it, before gently reaching out her hand and touching it. “What a beautiful creature,” she said.

“GRRR!!! WHO’S THERE?!!!” roared the statue as it sprang to life and swung it’s mace at Selphie. She barely blocked the attack with her nunchakus.

“Holy crap!” cried Selphie as she jumped back to the others. “I didn’t expect that!”

“Maybe you’ll think before touching things from now on,” said Squall testily as he pulled out his gunblade.

“Ignore him and just think about the fun that we’ll have beating the snot out of this thing,” said Irvine with a grin as he loaded his shotgun. “By the way, you’ve been collecting Float spells, right?”

“Yeah,” said Selphie. “Why?”

“Just because I noticed that he’s absorbing health from the ground, so I thought…” said Irvine.

Selphie looked at the minotaur and blinked when she saw the green numbers appearing every few seconds. “He must be an earth element creature,” she said quietly as she reached into her magic stock and pulled out a float spell before tossing it at the creature. (Yeah, I know it’s supposed to be cast, but if the game treats magic like an item, so will I.) A small pair of wings appeared on the monster’s shoulders and lifted it into the air.

“Oh shit…” grumbled the monster as Squall ran in and sliced at it with his blade, making sure to shoot it at the right time to maximize the damage. Selphie bashed the thing as best she could with her nunchakus and Irvine blasted it every time he had a clear shot. The monster wasn’t fairing quite so well. “I knew I should have attacked first and roared later,” he mumbled as he swung at the three.

“He’s not all that powerful,” said Selphie to Squall. “Are you sure he’s worth it?”

“Just keep fighting,” muttered Squall even though he agreed with her assessment.

The battle didn’t last long. The three kicked the monster’s ass easily. “I’m outta here!” he growled. “Just wait until I get my big brother!” He leapt over them and dashed away, leaving the three staring after him.

“Did he just…?” asked Irvine.

“Yeah…he did,” said Squall, completely dumbfounded.

“Well, don’t just stand there!” said Selphie. “We’ve gotta go get him!” They took off, hoping to catch him, but Selphie stopped and looked back, noticing that the floor panel that the monster had been standing on, was now raised. She took note of it before following the other two. She caught up with them staring at a passage that ended at an open room with a tower in the middle.

“That minotaur’s in there,” said Squall.

“Sacred,” said Selphie.

“What?” asked Irvine.

“His name’s Sacred,” said Selphie. The two stared at her. “What? He talked in battle, so his name was up on the little text bar!” (In case you hadn’t noticed by now, I have NO problem breaking the forth wall in this series. This one’s gonna sooooo be breaking the game barrier!)

“Whatever,” said Squall. “We have no way of getting to him… This has been a huge waste of time. Let’s go.”

“Wait,” said Selphie. “When we scared him off, the floor panel he was on rose up. I think it may have done something in here.”

“Weirder things have happened,” said Irvine.

“Fine,” said Squall, “Let’s check the north door again, but if nothing has changed, we’re leaving.” As it turned out the north door was now open and lead to a floodgate, which they promptly opened. The western door led to a switch that didn’t seem to do anything.

“Are you happy? Can we go now?” asked Irvine.

“Let’s check out that central room, one last time,” said Selphie. Squall agreed and the three headed straight down the pathway to the central room. The room was full of water now, and they could see a drawbridge that went from the tower to another passage. “Yay!” squealed Selphie. “Let’s go!”

Irvine grumbled a little, but Selphie grabbed his arm and dragged him along. “Watch out, both of you,” said Squall as they crossed the bridge, “Sacred mentioned getting his big brother. Sacred might not have been all that much trouble, but his brother will probably be a tough fight.”

“Yes sir!” said Selphie as she saluted him. Squall glowered at her as Irvine snickered. “I was just following protocol,” said Selphie.

“…” said Squall as he turned and stalked off. Selphie giggled as she skipped along after him. Irvine merely shook his head and followed the two.

The three ran into the room and stopped dead when they saw Sacred crying like a little girl in front of a coffin. “Big bro…” he sobbed, “They beat me up! Come on! Wake up so you can teach them a lesson!”

“Uh…” said Selphie, unsure of whether to feel sorry or unnerved at it for trying to get help from a dead monster.

Sacred whirled around at the sound of her voice and growled at them. “They’re here, big bro!” he said, “Let’s get them!”

“Calm down,” said a voice from inside the coffin. The lid slowly opened and out popped a much smaller minotaur, wearing the same type of armor and wielding the same type of mace.

“Big bro?!” asked Irvine incredulously.

“Size isn’t everything,” said the smaller creature calmly. “I would like to get the whole story from you all before I make a decision of how to handle you. What happened?” Sacred and Squall both put in their sides of the story; Sacred mostly whining about being beaten up by the trio. “I see…” said the small creature. “So, you three came here looking for a guardian force. You found us. We’re the Brothers. You’ve met my little brother Sacred. My name is Minotaur. I suppose we could help you if you prove yourselves to us first.”

“We already proved ourselves to your brother,” said Irvine.

“That didn’t count,” said Minotaur, ‘because it was just Sacred. You can’t expect to get us both unless you fight us both, can you?”

“I suppose not,” sighed Squall as he brought out his gunblade and pointed it at Minotaur. “This is an official challenge now. Do you accept?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” roared Minotaur as he slammed his mace into the ground, sending a shockwave at Squall.

“Selphie!” shouted Squall as he leapt to the side, “Float spells, now!”

“Right!” replied Selphie as she reached into her bag.

“Oh no, not this time,” snarled Sacred. “Come on, bro! Mad Cow Special!”

“Right!” roared Minotaur as the two stamped the ground before leaping into the air and slamming back down at the same time. The entire building shook with the force of the blow, and Selphie fell backwards, accidentally tossing the Float spell on herself.

“Oops!” said Selphie as she started hovering in the air. Squall and Irvine also fell to their knees and couldn’t get up in time to dodge the huge shockwave that plowed into them, sending them flying out of the room. “Guys!” screamed Selphie as she watched them disappear and then saw the entrance crumble, blocking the exit with rubble.

“Whoops…” said Sacred as a huge sweat drop appeared on the back of his head.

Minotaur slapped his hand to his forehead, saying, “Idiot!”

“Selphie!” cried Irvine from the other side of the rubble. “Squall! What are we gonna…Where the hell are you going?!”

Squall had turned and was leaving, but turned at Irvine’s outburst. “There’s nothing we can do to get rid of that rubble safely,” he said. “Both Ifrit and Quezacotl would fry anything in there and bring the tower down if we tried to use them. Let’s go get some help from the townspeople.”

“But, what about those two things in there with her?!” asked Irvine.

“The challenge was canceled as soon as we became unable to fight properly,” said Squall. “Guardian forces are a very noble breed of creature. They won’t do anything to her as long as she doesn’t do anything stupid. Come on, or she’ll be stuck there all day.” Irvine looked back at the pile of rubble for a second before clenching his fists and running after Squall.

“Completely logical and utterly stupid,” said Minotaur angrily as he walked away from the rubble. “Those idiots have gone to get help instead of just waiting for us to clear away the rubble so we could continue the duel.” He folded his arms and sat down. “Well, if he’s not going to trust us to be able to handle a simple cave-in, I don’t think I want to work with him.”

“Bro…” said Sacred.

“What?” snapped Minotaur.

“What do we do with her then?” asked Sacred as he pointed at Selphie. Minotaur looked over at her and wasn’t sure what to do. She was still floating in the air, but she was crying.

“They’re both okay and they’re gonna come back for you,” said Minotaur. “What more do you want?”

“The only reason we came this far into the tomb is because I wanted to actually be of assistance,” sobbed Selphie. “I was always nothing more than a cute mascot to my friends. Even when I graduated and became a SEED, I was still just put in the back ranks, so this was my chance to prove myself. And, I went and screwed it up, just like everything else.”

“Uh…big bro…what do you think we should do?” asked Sacred. “Should we just open the path and get rid of her?”

“That all depends,” said Minotaur. “What do you want to do, young lady?”

“Huh?” asked Selphie as the float spell died and she fell to the ground. “What do you mean?”

“You want to prove yourself, apparently to yourself as much as to the others,” said Minotaur. “How do you want to go about doing that?”

“Well,” said Selphie. “It would be nice if I could get you two to join us… But, I can’t fight you both by myself.” Sacred whispered something into Minotaur’s ear, causing him to look a little more closely at Selphie. Minotaur looked at Sacred.

Sacred looked at Minotaur. The two nodded and stood up. Selphie started as the two slowly walked up to her. “Uh…what are you two doing?” asked Selphie tremulously as she slowly backed away from them until her back hit the wall.

“Did you really call my brother a beautiful creature?” asked Minotaur as he knelt down in front of her.

“Uh…yeah, I did say that,” said Selphie nervously. “Why, did he take it as an insult?”
Minotaur threw his head back and laughed as he nudged his brother in the ribs. “No, he didn’t,” he said happily. “He was more surprised than anything to hear something like that from an attractive young girl like you.”

“Uh…well, I…” mumbled Selphie as she blushed and hung her head down. “Thanks for saying that…”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Minotaur. “Don’t tell me no one’s ever told you that you were attractive.” Selphie looked away and shrugged. “Never?”

“Well, I’ve been told that I’m cute…but it’s not the same…” mumbled Selphie quietly.

“There’s nothing wrong with being cute!” said Sacred defiantly, causing Selphie to look up at him with surprise. He suddenly got bashful and said, “I like cute things.”

“Uh…” said Selphie, not entirely sure why her heart suddenly started pounding. “Why don’t we talk about something else?”

“Okay,” said Minotaur, “How about if we talk about how you, personally, can prove yourself worthy of having us join you?”

“Well, that would be nice…” said Selphie, “but how am I going to…” She froze when she felt Minotaur’s hand slowly rub up and down her leg. Her leg suddenly became a sea of goose bumps and she didn’t want him to stop. She slowly put her hand on his and, suddenly coming to her senses, pushed it off. “I don’t think…that’s such a good idea…” she said as she got up and moved away from the two.

“It’s the only other way to prove your worth to us,” said Minotaur. “If you prove how strong you are, we will join you as a guardian force.”

“I don’t…no…I mean…but it’s…you’re…” stammered Selphie. She stiffened when she felt two big hands fall onto her shoulders.

“Calm down,” Sacred whispered into her ear. “We’re not asking you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable. It was just a suggestion.” A shiver ran down Selphie’s spine as Sacred slowly ran his fingers down her arms as he pulled away.

“I’ll just sit over here…if you don’t mind…” said Selphie quietly as she sat in a corner and hugged her knees to her chest.

“That was pretty slick,” Minotaur hissed at Sacred.

“I just said what I thought was necessary,” said Sacred. “I didn’t mean to make her more uncomfortable.”

“You didn’t make me more uncomfortable,” said Selphie, “It’s just that…”

“What?” asked Minotaur.

“The two of you came on so strong…and then backed off…” said Selphie. “And I…I’m just a little confused.”

“Look,” said Minotaur, “We didn’t mean to confuse you, and as Sacred said, we’re not forcing you to do anything you don’t want to, so just calm down and decide for yourself.”

“But…” said Selphie, “I’ve never even…done it…with a guy before…”

“Well, that settles it then,” said Minotaur.

“Huh?” asked Selphie. “What do you mean?”

“If you’ve never been with a guy before you could never handle us,” said Sacred.

“Don’t put it like that, you moron!” snapped Minotaur as glared at Sacred. He looked back over at Selphie and immediately saw that the damage had been done. Her face had hardened.

“Can’t handle you, eh?” she asked as she stood up and strode over to them. “I bet I could! I’m just as good as anyone else, dammit! And I’ll prove it!”

“Now hold it!” said Minotaur as he threw up his hands, “This isn’t a question of being good enough! It’s a question of…uh…flexibility.”

“I’m plenty flexible,” said Selphie.

“That’s not the right word,” muttered Minotaur. “You’re not…uh…”

“Experienced,” suggested Sacred.

“Yeah!” said Minotaur, “You’re not experienced enough!” He sighed as he sat back and closed his eyes, expecting her to see reason and go sit down. Instead, he heard the rustling of fabric and felt a small yellow dress fall on his face.

“B-b-b-bro…” stammered Sacred as he furiously tapped Minotaur on the shoulder.

“Yeah…” said Minotaur calmly as he pulled the dress away and looked at Selphie. She was standing in front of him with her hands on her hips, wearing only her boots and underwear. She was glaring at him. He felt a stirring in his loins, but held himself in check. “What are you trying to prove by doing this?” he asked as calmly as he could muster.

Selphie looked over at Sacred before grinning. “I think I already proved it with your brother,” she said. Minotaur looked over at Sacred, a sweat drop forming on the back of his head as he saw his brother openly drooling and ogling Selphie.

“All right, yes, we mentioned that you’re attractive,” said Minotaur, “We’ve already established that, so put your clothes back on!” Selphie knelt down in front of Minotaur and reached out. He thought she was reaching for her dress, but she placed her hand on his cheek instead.

“Are you that afraid of hurting me?” she asked softly, a warm smile on her face. “That’s so sweet!”

“Um…yeah…” said Minotaur as he swallowed audibly. Her breasts were waving right in his face and he was starting to have trouble keeping his composure.

Selphie smiled again as she lightly shook her shoulders, making her breasts sway to and fro in front of Minotaur. “Are you sure I can’t, at least, help you both out a little?” she asked. “We don’t have to go all the way, if you’re afraid of hurting me that much. But I know you want me to do something for you.” Minotaur blushed because he knew his boner was showing. It didn’t exactly help his concentration when his brother started nudging him repeatedly.

“What?!” snapped Minotaur.

“If you don’t want to, can I?” asked Sacred. Minotaur’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe his brother would actually say something like that.

Selphie smiled at the two even though her insides were a bundle of nerves. Even she wasn’t really sure why she was coming on to the two, but she was attracted to them. They weren’t handsome like Irvine or Squall, but they had something that made Selphie, for lack of a better term, aroused. She figured she’d feel better if she was able to suck them off, hoping that she wasn’t bad at it. She slowly squeezed herself in between them and rested her head on Sacred’s shoulder. “I wasn’t joking when I called you beautiful,” she said quietly. “I don’t know why I feel this way, but I do, and I don’t feel any real reason to fight the urges, so why should you two?”

Sacred looked at Minotaur and shrugged. “If she wants to…” he said.

“No, dammit!” said Minotaur, “It’s not that simple! This is a big thing here, and we shouldn’t make her decision for her!”

“Isn’t that exactly what you’re doing?” asked Selphie.

“Well…but I…um…huh…” said Minotaur slowly. “Oh, what the hell! If you want to, go ahead.”

“Yay!” said Selphie happily before looking slightly embarrassed. “Uh…what do I do first?” Minotaur and Sacred looked at each other before hanging their heads and sighing. “I told you I’ve never been with a guy before!” said Selphie angrily.
Minotaur looked like he was going to say something when a moogle suddenly appeared in the room and asked, “Do you want to go through the tutorial?”

“No!” cried Selphie. “I hate those things! They make me feel like an idiot! Get out of here!” The moogle shrugged and vanished. Selphie looked at Minotaur and said, “Just tell me how to do this… I’ve always been curious, especially after that night of girl talk with Quistis and Rinoa. It’s not like I watch porn or anything, so I’ve never even seen a guy’s…thing…before.”

“Didn’t you have any siblings?” asked Sacred.

“I grew up in an orphanage,” said Selphie. “I never knew my parents, and I can’t really remember much about it. I’m sure that there were guys there, but…” Sacred and Minotaur exchanged glances. “Whatever,” said Selphie. “The point is, I’ve never seen a grown male’s…thing.”

“It’s called a penis…” said Sacred flatly.

“Right…” said Selphie. “Well? Are you gonna show them to me?” Minotaur hesitated, but Sacred didn’t. He slowly took off his armor revealing his huge boner to her. Selphie stared in shock at the size of it. “That thing’s supposed to fit in here?!” asked Selphie as she pointed to her crotch.

“We warned you,” said Minotaur. “You really have to start with a smaller one before you try anything with Sacred. Fortunately, I happen to be smaller.”

“That’s not something to be proud of,” snickered Sacred.

“Shut up!” snarled Minotaur. “I’m still bigger than any human!” He took off his armor as well and tossed it aside. Selphie looked at his penis and saw that while it wasn’t as big as Sacred’s, it was still pretty impressive looking. Selphie bit her bottom lip as she reached out and gently wrapped her hand around Minotaur’s cock. “Hey!” said Minotaur. “You’re hands are cold!”

“Sorry!” said Selphie as she blushed. She quickly brought her hands to her face and warmed them up before going back and holding both of them. “So, I just rub them…right?” she asked. Minotaur nodded and Selphie started slowly moving her hands up and down their cocks.

“You don’t have to be quite so gentle,” said Sacred. “You’re not gonna pull them off, you know.” Selphie nodded and slightly tightened her grip, making both of them groan. Selphie let them go and got on her knees in front of them before going back to it, so she could see what she was doing. She got an idea and started to lightly stroke Minotaur’s cock with one finger while she spat into her other hand. She quickly rubbed her hands together and started up again. The lubrication from her saliva made jerking them off much easier, and apparently made it more pleasurable for the two, since they groaned even more. As she sped up her stroking, she rubbed around the heads using her thumbs.

“Am I doing well?” asked Selphie with a smile.

“Grea…” gasped Minotaur unable to finish his word.

“T!” finished Sacred. Selphie giggled as she stepped up the stroking, amazed at how fun the whole experience was turning out to be. “Watch yourself…” groaned Sacred.

“Me t-too!” said Minotaur.

“What’s that supposed to…?” started Selphie before the cocks in her hands started to twitch and jerk. She looked at them curiously before screaming as they both started shooting their cum into her face. “What is this stuff?” she asked.

“Uh…you tell her…” said Sacred.

“Wait,” said Selphie. “Is this…? And girls swallow this stuff? Doesn’t look very appetizing.” She wiped most of the cum from her face, and tentatively licked the stuff from around her lips. She sat there with a contemplative look on her face for a second before shrugging and licking the rest from her hands. “I doubt that was enough to get you to join us, huh?”

“No, sorry,” panted Minotaur, “But, it’s not like we can do anything else just yet. Guys have to wait a short while between orgasms, you know.”

“But…the others will be here before too long,” said Selphie. “I need to get you to join us before they get back! Come on!”

Minotaur sighed. He looked at Selphie and was about to say something when he realized something. “I never got your name,” he said.

Selphie blushed, realizing that she had just done something very intimate with two guys without telling them who she was. “My name’s Selphie,” she said, “Selphie Tilmitt.”

“Well, Selphie,” said Minotaur. “We’re not machines and we can’t just get hard again on command.”

“Bro…” said Sacred. “You’re hard again…”

Minotaur blushed as he looked down and saw that he was. “Uh…yeah…right,” he said. “Well, it’s just because there’s a beautiful young girl in front of me…wanting desperately to have her way with me.” He blushed again. “I rather like strong women.”
“Well,” said Selphie, “let’s see if this whole ‘blowjob’ thing is all it’s cracked up to be.” Selphie got on her hands and knees in front of Minotaur and grabbed his cock before slowly running her tongue along the shaft. There was still some cum on it from earlier and she lapped it up as she licked her way up to the tip and ran her tongue around the head. She licked up some precum that was oozing from the slit in the tip before slowly wrapping her lips around his cock and bobbing her head up and down on it.
“How is she doing?” asked Sacred as he waited for his turn. Minotaur could only give him the thumbs up as he gritted his teeth and groaned loudly. Selphie grinned as she sucked on Minotaur’s cock like a lollipop, running her tongue around it and moaning herself. She was getting wet, and needed some attention. She quickly moved one of her hands down and started rubbing herself through her panties. “Here, let me,” said Sacred as he got behind her and started to rub her hips and thighs before slowly moving inwards. “You can rub your breasts…I’ll take care of back here.” Selphie moaned as Sacred’s big hands slowly ran over her ass cheeks and moved downwards before he ran a finger over her panty-covered slit. Selphie gasped and moaned as she gripped her breasts and squeezed them. By this time, Minotaur had gripped Selphie’s head and was thrusting into her mouth. “May I?” asked Sacred as he touched the straps of her panties. Selphie could only moan her assent and closed her eyes when she felt her panties slowly slide off of her hips and down her legs.

“Almost…there!” panted Minotaur as his thrusting sped up. As if on cue, Sacred stuck a finger into Selphie. Selphie made a gurgling sound in the back of her throat before she screamed and came on Sacred’s hand. The vibration of Selphie’s scream was too much for Minotaur and he roared as he pushed Selphie’s face down on his cock, shooting his seed into her mouth. Selphie greedily gulped his cum down even as she was moaning from Sacred’s gentle stroking of her pussy. She quickly reached back and unsnapped her bra before ripping it off and tossing it away so she could play with her nipples. Minotaur gently grabbed her shoulders and pushed her off of him before leaning back and sighing. “I’m done!” he declared. “Have fun, you two.”

“But…don’t you want to…?’ asked Selphie but was stopped when Sacred spun her around and kissed her. Her eyes flew open when Sacred’s tongue entered her mouth, but they softened quickly enough when his hand went to her pussy again. She melted into his arms and happily kissed him back, moaning softly.

Sacred pulled away from her, somewhat reluctantly, and said, “Let’s get to it, shall we?” Selphie nodded dreamily and giggled when Sacred rolled them both onto his back. They kissed again for a minute before Sacred grabbed her and flipped her around so her pussy was over his face. Selphie grinned and immediately started licking his cock as he started to finger and lick her pussy.

Selphie started bobbing her head up and down Sacred’s cock when she realized something. “It’s too big,” she said. “I can’t possibly get this whole thing in my mouth.”

“Use your breasts,” said Sacred.

Selphie looked a little confused by Sacred’s suggestion, so Minotaur coughed. She looked up and him and he held his hands out like he was cupping his breasts and moved them up and down. “Like this?” she asked as she surrounded Sacred’s cock with her breasts and started rubbing it with them.

“Yeah,” groaned Sacred. “Just like that. Now you can get the whole thing.” He slowly traced Selphie’s lips with his pointer finger before moving up the slit and finding her clit. He started playing with it, which made Selphie moan even louder. She quickly went back to sucking on his cock, making sure that she was giving as much pleasure as she got. Sacred opened Selphie up with his fingers and started licking her insides.
Selphie arched her back and screamed as she came, splashing Sacred’s tongue. She fell forward, panting, but was determined to finish what she started with him. She pushed herself back up and spat in her hands again, rubbing them together before rubbing her saliva on her breasts. Her breasts, now wet and slick, slid up and down Sacred’s cock much more easily, allowing her to rub him faster than before. “Come on,” she moaned, “Give it to me!” Sacred grinned as he continued to lick Selphie’s pussy while Selphie sucked and licked his cock.

The whole scene was getting to be too much for Minotaur, who was giving serious thought to the idea of getting back in the game. Selphie had gotten into the swing of things very quickly, and he started to think that she actually would be able to single-handedly get them to join her as a guardian force. She just had to take it to the next step. She and his brother were panting and moaning as they orally pleased each other, and he could tell that they were both near their breaking points. The question was; would Selphie still have the energy to continue. “We shall see…” he muttered.

“Can’t take much more,” warned Sacred.

“Go ahead,” hissed Selphie. She wrapped her lips back around Sacred’s cock and sucked on it like a vacuum cleaner before gently humming. Sacred wasn’t going to go out by himself so he stuck two fingers into Selphie and twisted them. Selphie’s eyes clamped shut as she screamed and came. Sacred groaned as he came too, filling Selphie’s mouth to capacity with his cum. Selphie, unable to swallow all of it, pulled off of his cock and let the rest splash onto her face and chest. She trembled softly, basking in the afterglow, as she slowly rolled off of Sacred and flopped onto the floor. “That was…incredible…” she panted happily.

“That doesn’t have to be the end of it,” said Minotaur as he walked over and knelt next to her. “Not if you don’t want it to be.”

“Bro…” started Sacred, but Minotaur cut him of with a wave of his hand.

“You’re close to your goal of getting us to join you, Selphie Tilmitt,” said Minotaur slowly as he ran his fingers through her hair and wiped her face clean. “Are you willing to take the next step, or are you content with what you have done so far?”

“I don’t know…” said Selphie quietly. “I’m really tired…but I don’t want to stop.” She hesitated before she whispered, “I’m kind of scared.” Minotaur sat down and looked at her, silently giving her the chance to catch her breath and make her decision. Selphie slowly sat up and looked at Minotaur and Sacred. Something about them still turned her on, even after all the sex. “If I tell you to stop…you will, right?” she asked. Minotaur nodded. Selphie shivered both with the cold and with the realization of what she was considering. She suddenly felt very vulnerable in front of the two creatures and pulled her knees to her chest. “I’m sorry…” she said, “I can’t…I…I…”

“Hey, are you okay?” asked Sacred.

“What have I been doing?!” sobbed Selphie. “You’re not even human! What’s wrong with me?!”

Sacred started going over to Selphie but Minotaur stepped in between them. “She’s got to deal with this herself,” he said sternly. “Not every special girl can handle something like this.”

“Special girl?” asked Selphie quietly. “What’s so special about me?”

“There are lots of girls in the world,” said Minotaur. “Of those, there are some who end up getting raped by monsters. Of that number, there are those who end up liking it and going back for more. There is a number of girls even smaller than that who not only enjoy it, but initiate it in the first place.” Selphie looked up at Minotaur for a second and wiped the tears from her eyes. “Those girls,” continued Minotaur, “tend to be able to get the monsters to care for them in return.”

“Really?” asked Selphie. “It’s not just me?”

“Of course not,” said Minotaur. “We’ve been guardian forces for people before, and we’ve seen quite a bit of what goes on in the world. You are special, Selphie.”

“Have you ever done this before?” she asked.

“No,” said Sacred. “We’ve only heard about it through some of the other guardian forces that joined up afterwards.”

“Does that mean…that I’ll be your first too?” asked Selphie with a slight smile on her face.

“With a human, at any rate,” said Minotaur.

“That makes me feel a little better,” said Selphie quietly. She looked down at Minotaur’s cock and saw that it was hard and ready for her, and she knew that she was wet and ready for it. “Just be gentle with me…please?” she whispered.

“Of course,” said Minotaur as he grabbed her dress and spread it out on the floor before gently laying her trembling frame down on it. He kissed her on the lips before getting between her legs. Selphie panted and shivered as she watched what was going on between her legs with fascination. Minotaur slowly rubbed his cock head along her slit, making it nice and slick for his entry and turning Selphie on even more. She moaned happily as he continued to lube up before he grabbed her hips and slowly started to push inside of her. Selphie sucked in air through her teeth as Minotaur pushed forward an inch and then stopped to let her relax and then moved deeper again. Selphie was panting heavily while Minotaur moved inch by agonizing inch deeper into her until he hit her barrier. “This is it,” said Minotaur, “If you want to back out, now would be the time for it.”

“No way…are we stopping…now…” panted Selphie. “I don’t care how much it hurts. Do it!” Minotaur laid down over Selphie and wrapped her arms around him before gripping her hips and gently thrusting his hips forward. Selphie let out a small whimper as she dug her nails into Minotaur’s back and bit down on his shoulder. The pain was intense but short lived as Minotaur continued to move deeper into her. “Feels good…” she moaned as she gently squeezed Minotaur’s cock. “I never thought it could feel this good…”

“We haven’t even started yet,” said Minotaur as he pulled back and slowly pushed back in, easily sliding in and out of her wet channel.
Selphie moaned softly as Minotaur’s cock slowly loosened her up and started giving her even more pleasure. “Oh my god!” she groaned, “This is so good!”

“Damn, you’re a tight one,” grunted Minotaur as he kept thrusting into her. “It’s like a tight velvet glove! I’ve never felt anything like her before!”

“This is so amazing!” cried Selphie. “Fuck me harder! Come on! Please!”

“Your wish…” said Minotaur as he gripped her shoulders and thrust faster into her. Selphie wrapped her legs around Minotaur to pull him in deeper. “No, do this,” groaned Minotaur as he grabbed her legs and lifted them over her body, placing his arms on either side of her as he continued to pump into her.

“I’m cumming!” screamed Selphie. Her hips started pumping frantically as she felt the biggest orgasm she had ever had shoot through her body. As she came down from her first one she looked into Minotaur’s eyes and said, “Kiss me, dammit!” Minotaur’s lips met Selphie’s and it was like lighting struck through her body as she came again. She screamed into Minotaur’s mouth, even as his tongue entered hers. The two kissed each other as Selphie rode out her orgasm, Minotaur still thrusting away at her. Selphie let out small whimpers as Minotaur’s cock rubbed up against her g-spot.

“Are you ready for it?” asked Minotaur.

“Yes!” cried Selphie. “Give it to me! Cum in me!” Minotaur grinned as he thrust rapidly into the young girl, making her scream as she rushed from one orgasm to the next. “Yes! So good! Fuck me!” she screamed. “Don’t stop!”

“Bad timing to ask for that,” grunted Minotaur as he gave her one or two more thrusts and plunged deeply into her, groaning loudly as he came.

Selphie screamed with joy as she felt Minotaur’s warm cum splash her womb, coating her insides with his seed. She mewled a couple of times as her muscles clamped down on his cock, even as he was shooting the last few strands into her. She actually groaned in disappointment as he pulled out of her, but looked in fascination at the amount of cum that was slowly trickling from her. “Did I do good?” she asked bashfully.

“You were amazing,” said Minotaur. “No one has ever felt as right as you have.” Selphie smiled and blushed.

“Does that mean that you’ll join us now?” she asked.
Minotaur looked slightly embarrassed as he scratched his head. “Uh…no…” he said.

“What?!” cried Selphie. “But, you said if I…wait…” She looked over at Sacred. “I have to fuck him too, don’t I? You said before that unless we fought you both, it wouldn’t count, so I have to take him too, don’t I?”

“Well…sort of…” said Minotaur. “You have to take us both…at the same time.”

“Well, I’ll just suck you off while I’m fucking him then,” said Selphie. “That shouldn’t be so hard.” She looked at Minotaur’s face and realized that that wasn’t what he had in mind. “That will work…right?”

“No…” said Sacred, “You’ve got to take us from front and behind at the same time.”
Selphie trembled. She had heard about the horrors of anal sex from Rinoa. Apparently, Seifer had forced it on her once and liked it so much that he wanted it all the time. Rinoa hadn’t liked it at all, but didn’t want Seifer to leave her, so she went along with it. “I don’t know…” she said. “I’ve heard that it hurts a lot.”

“Come here,” said Sacred. He held his arms open for her. She hesitated for a second but walked over to him. He hugged her tightly before sliding a hand down and rubbing her pussy. She smiled a little as she rested her head on his chest and let him do what he wanted. She felt his huge cock resting against her stomach and ran her fingers along it, lightly brushing it. “Anal isn’t for everyone,” said Sacred. “So, we won’t do it if you’re not interested.”

“If you think I can take it, go ahead,” purred Selphie. Sacred placed his fingers under Selphie’s chin and lifted her head up. She smiled at him before she closed her eyes and let him kiss her. She tensed a little when she felt Minotaur reach up and grip her breasts from behind, but relaxed as he started fondling her like a pro. Minotaur slowly flicked out his tongue, licking up her spine, making her squeal. He grinned as he slowly knelt down, moving his tongue down her back and gripping her cheeks. He licked her ass cheeks a little before gently spreading them and licking her bud. She moaned into Sacred’s mouth as Minotaur started rubbing her pussy, getting his fingers nice and slick. He brought his fingers back to her ass and started rubbing her juices over her bud before slowly pushing a finger into her. She grunted because it hurt a little, but as he moved his finger around and licked around it, she started to relax. Before long she was moaning as he slid his finger in and out of her hole. He continued to lube her entrance with her own juices for a few minutes before he looked up at his brother. The two nodded and Sacred let Selphie go as Minotaur pulled her into his lap.

“Are you ready?” whispered Minotaur into her ear. Selphie trembled as she silently nodded her head, feeling Minotaur’s cock press against her back and staring at Sacred’s right in front of her face. Sacred knelt down in front of her and gently grabbed her shoulders, lifting her up as Minotaur grabbed her hips. Selphie gritted her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut as she felt Minotaur’s cock head touch her ass hole. “Relax,” said Minotaur soothingly as Sacred grabbed her hips and Minotaur slowly ran his hands over her body.

“I’ll try,” said Selphie. She tried to get her entire body to relax, and actually managed it, but she immediately tensed up when she felt Minotaur’s cock try to enter her. “I can’t relax…I’m too scared.” Minotaur scratched his head before Sacred started kissing Selphie. He massaged her breasts and rubbed her pussy as his tongue flowed into her mouth. It wasn’t long before she melted into him again.

“I’m trying again,” said Minotaur. Selphie just grunted her acceptance as she wrapped her arms around Sacred’s neck. Minotaur guided his cock to Selphie’s back door and slowly pushed himself in. Selphie let out a small yelp as his bulbous head pushed it’s way into her ass, giving her a small spark of pain. She clamped down on it and winced but slowly started to relax around it. She panted a little before looking back and nodding. Minotaur slowly pushed Selphie down onto him, making sure that he was going at a slow speed so she wouldn’t be hurt. When she was finally all the way down on him he gave her a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. “You made it,” he said. She grinned at him before looking at Sacred and licking her lips.

“My turn,” said Sacred as Minotaur slowly rolled onto his back and gently spread Selphie’s legs open wide. “I apologize in advance for hurting you,” he said, “because I know I will. I’m way bigger than a normal human should be able to take. You’ll be able to handle me, but you’ll still feel some discomfort.”

Selphie nodded. She was trembling because of the feeling of Minotaur’s cock throbbing inside of her ass, but she was smiling at Sacred. “I can take it,” she whispered. “Because I love you both, I can take anything that you do to me.”
Sacred’s bottom lip trembled and it looked like he was about to say something when Minotaur said, “Brother. Go ahead.” Sacred nodded as he gently laid down on top of Selphie and slowly thrust his cock along her slit. He kissed her on the forehead before guiding himself to her entrance and pushing himself into her. They both let out low moans as Selphie’s pussy stretched widely to allow Sacred’s entry. He had been right and she did feel some discomfort as her pussy stretched more than she thought was humanly possible, but the pleasure that accompanied the pain was so immense that the pain was soon drowned out.

“Yes,” moaned Selphie happily as Sacred continued to move deeper into her, further than Minotaur had before. When he still had an inch left out of her, he bumped up against her cervical opening. She moaned as he continued pushing. Her hands quickly flew down and she started furiously rubbing her clit as she felt Sacred’s cock slowly open her last internal defense and push all the way into her womb. She was panting heavily as the two minotaur brothers held themselves still inside of her shuddering body. She never knew that she could feel so full, and it felt wonderful to her. “I want to be with you both…always…” she whispered. Sacred winced and tried to say something but Minotaur stopped him with a glare. The two slowly pushed themselves up so that Sacred could roll onto his back, thereby making everyone more comfortable.

“Now, we show you how we feel for you,” whispered Minotaur into Selphie’s ear as they both started to slowly and lovingly fuck her.

“Mmmm…” moaned Selphie as she happily rested herself on Sacred’s chest and closed her eyes, loving the feeling of the two huge cocks moving inside of her. “I don’t know what Rinoa was complaining about,” she murmured, “This isn’t so bad.”

“She must not have had someone who allowed her to get used to it,” said Sacred, “Or she just isn’t into it.”

“Seifer’s a dick,” sighed Selphie as she shuddered with orgasm. “You two are soooo good. I don’t ever want this to stop. You’ll never leave me, right?”

“We’ll always be by your side,” said Minotaur gruffly.

“Yeah,” said Sacred softly. The two brothers tried to move at a similar pace, so as not to throw each other off and to give Selphie as much pleasure as they could. Selphie, being pinned between the two, couldn’t really thrust her hips into them, so she was content to let them do all of the work for her. She moaned loudly as her next orgasm hit her. Her body spasmed a little, but she was held tightly in the grips of the brothers, so they were able to merely continue thrusting into her at their regular paces.

The three kept at it for what felt like an hour before the brothers both thrust deeply into the young girl and roared loudly as they came inside of her. Selphie screamed in ecstasy as she felt their cum coating her insides and came herself, squeezing both cocks for all she was worth. She collapsed completely as she felt the two pull from her. She couldn’t move anymore, but she smiled at the two. “You’re our guardian force now…aren’t you?” she asked.

“Yeah,” said Sacred miserably. “We are.”

“Great,” said Selphie, far too tired to notice how sad they both looked. “Now that you’re with us, we’ve got to do this again.” She yawned as she curled up next to Sacred and fell asleep.

“She said she loved us, bro,” said Sacred.

“I know,” said Minotaur, “That is what makes her special…and what will make her very sad later in life.” The two looked down at Selphie and quietly held her sleeping form before vanishing into thin air.

Selphie woke up an hour later to the sound of someone calling her name. “Wuh…?” she asked as she shot up and looked around.

“Selphie!” called Irvine’s voice from behind the pile of rubble. “We’ve almost got you out of there! Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine!” called Selphie. She ran over to the rubble until she realized that she was only wearing her boots. She let out a small squeak before running and quickly getting dressed just as the rubble collapsed and the others ran into the room.

“What happened?” asked Squall. “Where are those two guardian forces?”

“I got them to join,” said Selphie proudly.

“By yourself?!” asked Zell incredulously. He looked at her for a second before giving her the thumbs up. “Good job!”

“I am kind of curious about why they aren’t here to greet you all though,” said Selphie.

“That’s not all that surprising,” said Squall. “Once a guardian force joins with a group it loses it’s corporeal form for as long as it’s working with said group. You won’t see them again unless we want to use them in battle.”

Selphie was stunned. She had forgotten all about that. She remembered some of the things that they had said later during the encounter, and it all started to make sense. Sacred had tried to stop her but Minotaur kept it going, probably to help her. Irvine noticed how pale Selphie had gotten and asked, “Hey, are you okay?”

“What?” asked Selphie quickly. “Oh, yeah. Just great. I just forgot about that, that’s all.”

“Well, let’s go,” said Squall. “We can finally get into Caraway’s mansion now.”

“Do we really have to go there?” asked Rinoa.

“He’s our contact… Yes, we have to go there!” snapped Squall. “And I don’t want to hear you asking that again.” Squall turned and left with Rinoa tagging along behind him, trying to change his mind. Zell and Irvine followed just shaking their heads.

Quistis stopped when she reached the exit to the room and turned. Selphie was still standing in the middle of the room. She had a look on her face that Quistis had seen only one time before and had hoped that she would never see again. It was the look of someone who lost a lover that wasn’t only special, but irreplaceable. It was a look that should never be seen on the face of such a young girl. “Selphie?” she asked quietly.

“Yes?” asked Selphie, obviously trying to keep her voice level.

Quistis ran over to Selphie and hugged her tightly. “It’s okay,” she whispered. Selphie burst into tears and clung to Quistis.

“No, it’s not!’ she bawled. “They tried to warn me, but I wouldn’t listen! All I cared about was getting the guardian force! And now I’ll never see them again except in some stupid battle animation!”

“Calm down,” soothed Quistis as she rubbed Selphie’s back.

“They said that they’d stay with me forever…” sobbed Selphie, “That they’d always be at my side.”

“And they will be,” said Quistis. “As the one who managed to get them to join, you’ll have the most compatibility with them. They’ll like you a hell of a lot more than the rest of us. That should mean something. Besides, they’ll only remain like this until we don’t need them as guardian forces anymore.”

“What?” asked Selphie as she looked up at Quistis.
Quistis winked at her. “I’m sure that once the war is over and we’re at peace again, we can let some of our GF’s go back to being their own…creatures again,” she said with a smile.

Selphie smiled back at Quistis and said, “Thank you.” Then she realized what they were talking about and blushed. “How did you know anyway?” she asked timidly. “Have you ever…?”

“With a guardian force?” asked Quistis. “No way! I can’t get any blue magic components from them.” Selphie stared at Quistis who gave her a devilish grin. “But, if you want I could be there next time, if there is a next time.” She leaned in and kissed Selphie. It was only a peck on the lips, but it felt like something extremely special to Selphie. “Welcome to the sisterhood,” said Quistis softly.

“Is Rinoa…?” started Selphie but Quistis just laughed and shook her head.

“No, Rinoa has no love for monsters,” she said.

“Well, except for Seifer,” said Selphie. The two looked at each other and laughed.

“Come on, the others will start worrying about us,” said Quistis. Selphie nodded and took one look back at the room. She slowly bowed before she turned and dashed out followed by Quistis, exiting the tomb to try and catch up with the others.

Part 2 of 3
Selphie was sitting in her room in Balamb garden, lying on her bed and staring at the ceiling. It had been two weeks since her encounter with the Minotaur brothers and she was still reeling from the amount of stuff that had happened to her: Being thrown in jail, destroying a missile base, almost being blown up in said destroyed missile base, liberating a town and having a tearful reunion with the survivors from Trabia Garden. Then, the real kicker was the fact that she, Squall, Seifer and the others had all grown up in the same orphanage. And the sorceress turned out to be their old caretaker too. Irvine had been right about GF’s taking memories. Of course, when she thought about GF’s she thought about Sacred and Minotaur. Her hands were slowly creeping down to her panties when Squall knocked on her door. She yelped as she shot up and brushed herself down, trying to act normal. “What’s up?” she asked as she opened the door for him. “Here to declare your love for me?” She giggled at his look of disapproval.

“I believe that that would be Irvine’s job, not mine,” replied Squall.

“Yay! A rejoinder!” said Selphie happily. “Not a very good one, but you’re getting a personality!” Squall glared at her so she cleared her throat and asked, “What do you really want?”

“I want you in the battle party when we invade Galbadia Garden,” said Squall.

“Ooooh!” squealed Selphie, “Why?! What’s the occasion?! Did I do something good without realizing it?”

Squall sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair and said, “Just be ready in twenty minutes. Zell will be coming too, so don’t pick a fight with him.”

“I would never do such a thing!” said Selphie indignantly at the door since Squall closed it before she could open her mouth. She frowned as she sat back on her bed. “I wonder why he wants me to join him and not Rinoa. Probably because he doesn’t want any harm to come to her.” She thought about it for a short while before sitting up. “That’s right! She could become the next sorceress! (I don’t remember if they know that yet, but it seems a good reason, in character, to keep that little pissant Rinoa out of the story as much as possible…) We’ve got to keep her away from Edea!” She quickly grabbed her huge nunchakus and exited the room to join Squall on the bridge.

“You’re late,” said Squall as Selphie entered the bridge.

“What are you talking about?” asked Selphie angrily. “You asked to be here in twenty minutes ten minutes ago.”

Squall looked back in surprise before turning around and mumbling, “Thought you were Zell.” Selphie stuck her tongue out at him, used to the fact that he wasn’t the type to apologize. The door burst open a second later as Zell ran into the room and crashed right into Selphie, causing them both to fall to the ground in a crumpled heap. Squall looked back at the two and sighed. “Today people,” he said.

“Get off of me!” snarled Selphie as she pushed Zell off and stood up, making sure her hair still had that weird curl on both sides. Irvine had said it looked good on her so she actually started to like it. She looked down at Zell and saw he was still lying there with a look of shock on his face. “What’s the matter with you?” she asked.

“White…cotton…with pink polka dots…” mumbled Zell.

Selphie turned beet red before she slapped him and screamed, “You Pervert!!!”

“I thought I asked you not to fight with each other,” said Squall testily.

“Actually, I think that Selphie was in the right about that,” said Nida as he looked away from the controls for a second to give his opinion.

“Quite right,” said Cid with an amused grin. “A young man should know better than to tell an entire room the color of a girl’s panties.”

“Yay!” said Selphie happily as she waved her hands in the air. “Thanks you guys!” She gave Cid and Nida high fives before looking at Squall. “Do you have anything to say to me?”

“Don’t do it again,” said Squall. Selphie pouted, but she knew it would be the closest thing she got to an apology. “Have we arrived yet?”

“Almost,” said Nida. “The Galbadia Garden is just coming up on the horizon.”

“Okay,” said Squall. He grabbed up the com and said, “This is Squall Leonhart. Prepare for an attack by the Galbadian military. Everyone with SEED rank, protect your juniors. Secure all entrances and exits that are actually defensible.” He looked at Zell and smirked before saying, “And make sure the hot dogs are safe. That will be all.”

Selphie giggled as she said, “I can’t believe you want to protect the hot dogs.”

“Just trying to lighten up the mood a little,” said Squall. “Quite a few of these people have never seen real combat before. The last thing we need is someone getting so nervous that he or she panics.”

Selphie nodded, realizing that Squall really was a decent leader after all. “So, what do we do?” she asked.

“Quistis, Irvine and Rinoa are already organizing the defense of the garden,” said Squall. “We are going to wait here until we know that Balamb Garden is safe, and then we’ll head over. If there’s a group that’s in distress and the others are busy, we’ll help out as best we can.” Selphie and Zell nodded, suddenly both of them becoming professional because they were receiving orders. “I don’t expect us to see much action before we enter Galbadia Garden, but stay on your toes; you never know what’s going to happen.”

The battle with the Galbadian army went rather smoothly. Both teams did their best to help out those in trouble and because of that, there were few casualties. And other than Squall beating a trooper off while they were both suspended on a wire hanging out of an emergency exit, nothing exceptionally exciting happened. With the outer defenses gone, Balamb Garden was able to dock with Galbadia Garden and Squall, Zell and Selphie easily boarded it. They had only gone three steps when they were attacked by a pair of Creeps and a Jelleye. “Monsters here too?” grumbled Zell.

“I hope the students are alright,” said Selphie.

“Talk later, fight now,” snapped Squall as he cut a Creeps in two, blasting it for good measure. The three ran through Galbadia Garden, helping students who were just trying to get out, and fighting others who were working for Edea. They found that a lot of doors were locked, but a few of the students had card keys that allowed them to get further along. They ran through the hockey rink, Zell sliding half the way on his butt, and down a hallway before they came to a screeching stop. In the middle of the large central room was a guardian force, just sitting there and staring at them. It was a large, three-headed dog, about the size of a husky.

“What do we do?” asked Zell.

“Ignore it for now,” said Squall. “We don’t have time to deal with it. We’ll come back and take it on after we defeat Edea.”

“Uh…I don’t think we can do that,” said Selphie.

“Why not?” asked Squall.

“Um…I just have this feeling that if we don’t get him now, we won’t get another chance,” replied Selphie.

“What’s that you’ve got behind your back?” asked Zell.

“Nothing!” said Selphie as she tried, futily to hide a silver colored book.

“You’re reading the player’s guide!” snapped Zell as he tore it from her hands. “You cheater!” He thought about it for a second before opening it up to the beginning and saying, “I wonder what it says about me.”

Squall looked between the two with a look a pure confusion on his face before sighing and saying, “Fine! But we still don’t have time to fight this thing!” He thought about it for a second before coming to a conclusion. “Selphie! You take it on! You got the Brothers to join us, just do the same thing with this guy.”

“But…” started Selphie, but Squall wasn’t listening.

He walked over to the small glowing orb in the corner of the room and touched it. “Would you like to save your game?” it said.

Squall sighed and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, whatever, I just want to…” he started before he was cut off again.

“Checking memory card…” said the orb. Squall angrily tapped on the orb. After what felt like an eternity, the orb said, “Slot 1 or 2?”

“Slot 1,” said Squall and waited another few minutes for the orb to make it’s customary ding before saying, “Nida, are you there?”

“Right here boss,” crackled Nida’s voice over the orb. “What are your orders?”

“Teleport Quistis over here,” said Squall.

“Roger,” said Nida. “Who’s coming back in her place?”

“No one,” said Squall.

“Uh…is that even possible?” asked Nida.

“Try it,” said Squall.

Squall could actually hear the shrug when Nida said, “Yes sir.” Squall backed away from the orb and folded his arms, tapping his foot impatiently. A few minutes later, Quistis appeared in front of him in a flash of light.

“What’s going on?” asked Quistis. “Has someone been kidnapped?”

“No,” said Squall. “We’ve got another guardian force that needs to be defeated. I’m leaving Selphie in charge of doing that. She handled the Brothers so well, and has such great compatibility with them, that I feel confident that she’ll be able to handle this one too. You’re coming with me and Zell to fight Edea.”

Quistis looked over at Selphie, who looked like she was going to cry, and quickly said, “Are you sure I can’t help her out? You can take Irvine or Rinoa with you.”

“It’s bad enough that you’re here right now,” said Squall impatiently. “Balamb Garden can’t lose any more talented fighters for defense than it already has, now come on.”

“Hang on,” said Quistis as she ran over to Selphie. Squall rolled his eyes but went over to Zell, who was still flipping through the player’s guide. He snatched the book and scratched his head as he tried to understand the point of the Chocobo Forest mini-games. “I’m so sorry about this,” said Quistis as she gave Selphie a short hug. “I wanted to be here for you, but I can’t without the others becoming suspicious.”

“I know,” said Selphie, “And I appreciate that. The others wouldn’t understand, but this doesn’t feel right. It’s still too soon!”

“Look Selphie,” said Quistis, “there are girls out there who never get over their first encounter and refuse to have any fun with others after that. No matter what you try to do for them, they just bottle themselves up inside and latch onto small things that are completely meaningless without the whole. You don’t want to be one of them, do you?”

“Are you speaking of someone in particular?” asked Selphie as she looked at the anger in Quistis’ eyes.

“Yes, I am,” said Quistis a little harshly. She calmed down and said, “Just think about it as harmless fun and it’ll go much more smoothly.”

“But, what if he’s not interested?” asked Selphie.

“Well, take a look at him,” said Quistis. “What do you think of him? I think he’s pretty hot myself.”

Selphie looked over at the creature and had to admit that he was attractive. She licked her lips and said, “Yeah…he’s really cute.” She blushed as she looked down at the floor.

“Well, just don’t get so emotionally attached to this one and you won’t be so bad off,” said Quistis with a grin. She kissed Selphie’s forehead and said, “Good luck. I’ll try to get these two lost for a short while to give you more time.” She gave Selphie’s hand a reassuring squeeze before she ran over to the other two and grabbed the book from Squall’s hands, quickly flipping to the maps in the back. She looked over the map of Galbadia Garden before pointing to the door opposite the one they had entered from and said, “According to this, Edea should be that way! Let’s go!”

“Right,” said Squall as he followed Quistis.

“Using maps…” muttered Zell. “Fine, but I don’t want to see you reading any boss strategies!” The three ran out of the room, leaving Selphie and the guardian force staring at each other.

“Um…hi,” said Selphie.

“If you wish for me to join you then show me what you’ve got!” roared the middle head.

“Take a chill pill, dude,” said the left head, “She just said ‘hi.’”

“Well, it sounded like a challenge,” said the middle head sheepishly.

“You think his snoring sounds like a challenge, you dolt,” said the right head.

“I do not snore!” said the left head angrily.

“Uh…guys?” asked Selphie timidly. “I hope I’m not interrupting anything important, but…I actually would like you to join us.”

“Ah-ha!” said the middle head triumphantly, “It was a challenge! I told you both so!”

“Shut up and let her speak,” said the right head. “What were you saying, dearie?”

“Well, my friends want me to get you to join us as a guardian force,” said Selphie. “It’s just me, so if you want to fight then…I don’t think I could win.”

The middle head scowled and said, “Hey…you’re not one of them, are you?”

“Huh?” asked Selphie.

“No way!” said the middle head. “I’m not into humans!”

“What?” asked the right head. “Are you crazy? She’s a very attractive young lady.”

“I have to agree with Righty,” said the left head. “She’s really hot. We’ll take her if you don’t want to.”

“Wait, what?” asked Selphie. “You know all about it?”

“Well, yeah,” said the right head. “We’re a guardian force, and you have the scent about you of someone who’s experienced with them.”

“Well, only with a pair of them,” mumbled Selphie. “Sacred and Minotaur.”

“You took the Brothers?” asked the left head. “Impressive! So, did they do well for you? Hey…are you okay?” Selphie shook her head as she sat down on the floor and hugged her knees to her chest, tears sliding down her cheeks. The middle and right head looked over at the left one. “Don’t look at me like that! I didn’t do anything!”

“They were her first, you moron!” said the right head.

“Even I know that she must have loved them,” said the middle head. The creature slowly padded over to Selphie and laid down next to her.

The right head nuzzled her arm and whined a little. The middle head looked disgusted. “What’s your name?” asked the left head.

“I’m Selphie,” she said, “Selphie Tilmitt, and yes I do love them. But, I don’t even know if I’ll ever see them again! And now Squall wants me to love you too! I know he doesn’t know what he’s asking me to do, but I can’t do that to myself! But, I don’t want to let the others down either…”

“Fuck the others,” said the middle head causing everyone to look at him.

“What?” asked Selphie.

“Your friends have no right to put you in a position that will cause you this much pain,” said the middle head, “You should learn how to stand up for yourself a little better. Maybe then you won’t be walked all over like that gunblade wielding asshole did when you tried to protest earlier.”

“Aw, you do care,” said the right head, “How sweet.”

“Shut it,” snarled the middle head.

Selphie smiled as she scratched behind the right head’s ears. “What’s your name?” she asked.

“We’re Cerberus,” said the left head as he flopped into her lap. “Hey, you smell real good.”

“Uh…thanks?” asked Selphie.

“You idiot,” said the right head. “That’s not a good pick up line!”

“It wasn’t a pick up line,” said the left head defensively. “She really does smell good. Deny it all you want, but you agree with me!”
The right head nuzzled under Selphie’s chin and sniffed. “Yeah, she does,” he said.

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked Selphie as the right and left heads started gently licking her face and legs.

“Crap…pheromones…” said the middle head as even he bent in and started licking her arms.

“Pheromones?” asked Selphie as she futily tried to push them away. “I’ve heard of them before, but what does that have to do with this?”

“You’re attracted to us, aren’t you?” asked the right head. Selphie nodded bashfully before gasping as he gently licked the back of her neck, sending a shiver through her.

“You’re exuding a scent that is calling to us,” said the left head as he started nosing his way under her dress. “It’s telling us that you’re in heat and that you need someone.”

“I don’t even like humans, and I can’t resist,” said the middle head as he ran his tongue down the front of her dress and started licking her breasts. “It’s an animalistic instinct that can even take over humans, making all reason go out the window.”

“Well, yeah,” panted Selphie, “But, I don’t want this…not now…please stop!”

“That’s your logic center speaking, not your body,” said the right head. He looked right into her eyes and said, “Your body is screaming for us to take you and mate with you until you can’t stand anymore. It’s hard for us to ignore, and we won’t unless you tell us to stop in a way that sounds truly genuine.” Selphie’s eyes were wide and her body was trembling with both fear and passion at the thought of what this creature could do to her. “If you don’t tell us to stop, we won’t and we’ll take you like a bitch in heat!” Selphie panted heavily for a few seconds before she slowly reached up and placed her hands on the right head before dragging him in and kissing him of the lips.

“You’re so beautiful!” she moaned as she threw her dress off. “All three of you are beautiful! Take me! Take me and make me yours!” She removed her bra and panties before asking, “What do you want me to do?”

“Just lay there and let us do our thing,” said the left head. Selphie smiled and closed her eyes as she laid down. Almost at once she felt three long and warm tongues start to rove about her body. She purred happily as one licked her legs and hips, another roamed her stomach and chest and the third ran over her neck and face. She gently parted her lips as the third tongue ran over her mouth, and it gratefully entered. She wrapped her arms around the head and held it tightly as they kissed. “How does she taste?” asked the left head as the right head pulled away from her.

“Pure and innocent,” said the right head with a grin on his face. “How about your side?”

“As sweet as honey,” sighed the left head happily before he looked over at the middle head. “How about you?”

“She tastes like a human…” said the middle head. They both stared at him. “What do you want? I’m no good with words.”

Selphie giggled as she slowly sat up and asked, “Are you ready for whatever’s next on your agenda or do you want to continue?”

Cerberus flopped over onto his side and started wagging his tail as the left head said, “Why don’t you give us a little fun?”

Selphie smiled as she licked her lips and looked down at his hips. She watched in wide-eyed amazement as three long black cocks slowly slid out of their sheaths. “Three?!” she gasped. “You have three?!”

“What?” asked the right head with a grin, “You thought that we only had three heads up here?”

“Which one needs the most attention?” mused Selphie as she compared the three. “Hmmmm…” she murmured, her eyes lighting up as she saw the size of the middle one. “This one, definitely.”

As she gripped it, the middle head let out a low howl. “No, not me!” he hissed. “Take one of those two perverts! I’m not into humanality!”

“Stop complaining, you lucky bastard,” growled the left head.

“Don’t listen to him Selphie,” said the right head. “Go for it!”

“Gladly,” said Selphie as she started licking the middle cock, stopping only long enough to spit on her hands and rub them together so she could rub the other two cocks at the same time. All three heads whined happily as Selphie ran her hands up and down the outer two cocks while running her tongue around the tip of the middle one, lapping up it’s precum. She flicked her tongue against the tips of the other two cocks as well, getting happy yips in response. Selphie giggled and moaned as she slowly went down on the middle cock, making sure to move her tongue around as she sucked on it.

“She’s good,” murmured the left head.

“Very good,” whined the right head.

“Oh god…” squeaked the middle head.

The other two heads looked at the middle one and snickered. “I thought you didn’t like humans,” sneered the left head. The two heads laughed until Selphie quickly sucked on their cocks for a second each, then they just gasped and slumped over.

“Heh…not so…funny…anymore…is it…” panted the middle head.

“You lucky bastard…” moaned the right head.

“Damn you…” groaned the left head.

“No more fighting you three, or I’ll just stop,” said Selphie.

“NO!!!” cried all three heads simultaneously.

“Good boys,” she said as she playfully patted his side and went back to sucking and jerking him off. As Cerberus’ whining and panting became more insistent, his hips started to jerk along with her sucking and rubbing and she felt three large balls of muscle start to grow along the bases of the cocks. “What’s going on?” she asked.

“That’s the knot,” said the left head.

“It ties us to the female,” said the right head.

“You don’t have to worry about it right now,” said the middle head. Selphie shrugged and kept going. She was able to take the whole middle cock into her mouth up to the knot and kept up her rubbing of the other two.

She moaned as she pulled off the middle cock and licked around the knot. “Cum on!” she moaned. “I know you’re all close! Let me taste you!” She licked the tips of all three cocks one after the other, going back and forth along the three, while wildly rubbing her hands up and down them and surrounding the middle one with her breasts. She felt them all start to twitch at the same time and quickly covered the middle one with her mouth, just as they all started to shoot their seed. All three head’s howled as the three cocks shot their cum all over Selphie and into her mouth. She swallowed all she could, but it was too much for her and she finally pulled off, the last few strands flying into her face. She giggled as she looked down at herself. “I’m a mess!” she said happily as she proceeded to lick herself clean.

Cerberus panted as he slowly got up into a sitting position and followed suit. “Not bad human,” rumbled the middle head. “You may just force me to change my position about your kind.”

“That’s about as close to a compliment as you’re gonna get from that hardhead,” said the left head. “I loved it, personally.”

“As did I,” said the right head. “You have a very loving touch about you. You’re…how to put this? You’re even more special than the last girl who attempted to gain our help through these means.”

“I’m not the first for you?” asked Selphie, sounding disappointed.

“You’re the first who’s even tried in over 1000 years,” said the middle head.

“And the first who’s come anywhere near succeeding in over 100,000 years,” said the right head.

“What we’re trying to say here is that, you’re the best we’ve had in a very long time!” said the left head as Cerberus pounced on her and the three heads licked her face.

“Hey!” giggled Selphie, “That tickles! Stop it!” She playfully tried to push him off, but allowed him to push her to the ground. She smiled up at him as she felt his hips thrusting at her. “Who’s first?” she asked sweetly.

“Lefty,” said the right head.

“I’m cool with that!” said the left head happily as Selphie grabbed his already hard cock and guided it to her channel.

“Come on in, big boy!” she cooed as she felt his cock start to slowly part her lower lips. She planted her feet firmly on the ground as she started to thrust her hips up to meet him.

“So tight…” groaned the left head as Cerberus started to really thrust his left cock into her.

“I hate being left out,” said the right head as he bent down and started kissing Selphie. She wrapped her arms around his head and happily kissed him back, letting their tongue twirl and dance together.

“Guess I’ll do this then,” grumbled the middle head as he leaned in and started licking her breasts. Selphie moaned and sobbed happily as Cerberus did everything he could to make their coupling an extremely pleasurable experience.

Cerberus continued thrusting away into Selphie’s tight pussy, and she could feel the lump of muscle start to bang up against her lips. She moaned loudly with each attempt to get it in her and spread her legs open wider to give it more of a chance. “Almost in there,” grunted the left head as he was forced to push harder and harder as the knot got bigger and bigger. With one final hard thrust the knot entered Selphie’s pussy. She screamed in orgasm as the huge knot worked it’s way deeper and deeper into her, stretching her channel to capacity. The left head howled triumphantly as he thrust hard into her and shot his seed into her womb. Selphie cried out as she felt his cum filling her up, the knot making sure that it stayed there. The left head panted and said, “Wow. I didn’t think you’d actually be able to take my knot like that.”

Selphie playfully squeezed the cock that was still embedded in her and said, “It wasn’t easy, but oh my god, does it feel good. Uh…you can pull out now.”

“Um…not really,” said the right head. “He’s tied to you for a while. So, why don’t you just relax and enjoy the feeling of that knot sitting in you for a few minutes?”

“I guess I don’t have much of a choice in the matter,” sighed Selphie. She looked at the middle head, which still seemed a little upset about the whole situation. She smiled as she grabbed him and pulled him in. “Hey!” she said, “Get rid of that scowl and kiss me already.”

“What?!” asked the middle head. “No! I still…you’re a…but… I told you I don’t like humans!”

“What?” said Selphie, “Don’t you think you can kiss better than him?”

The middle head stiffened. He seemed to be having a big internal conflict for a minute before he roared, “I’ll show you how to kiss!” He bent his head in and forced his tongue into her mouth. Selphie just smiled as she kissed him back and winked at the other two heads. They continued to kiss until Cerberus managed pull his left cock from her. Selphie groaned as she felt it pop out of her and looked over at it. Her eyes widened when she saw just how big the knot was. It was the size of a softball, and it had been even bigger when it was stuck in her. She reached down and carefully scooped up a little of the cum that was flowing out of her. She brought it to her face and lapped it up.

“Sweet,” she said. “Are you next, my reluctant friend?”

“Sort of,” said the right head. “Get on you hands and knees. We’re gonna do what I said we’d do; we’re gonna take you like a bitch!”

“We?” asked Selphie even as she got onto her hands and knees and playfully wiggled her butt at him. “You’re not planning on taking me along with him, are you?” She smiled as she said, “Are you sure that’s such a good idea?”

“No, but we’re gonna do it anyway,” said the right head as Cerberus easily mounted her, wrapping his large paws around her hips and holding her in place.

“Fine then,” said Selphie happily as she felt Cerberus slowly thrust his hips up against her and felt one of his cocks slip into her pussy. She moaned softly as she reached back and guided the middle cock up to her rear entrance. “Come on,” she said, “Push it in!”

“You heard the lady,” said the left head.

“It’s not good manners to refuse so polite a request,” said the right head.

“Whatever,” muttered the middle head, but he howled happily as the tip of his cock pushed it’s way into her tight hole.

Selphie grunted in pain from taking such a huge cock in her ass, but she just bit her bottom lip and started pushing back onto both of them. “Don’t move yet!” she hissed as Cerberus started thrusting into her. “Let me get used to your size first. God, you’re huge!” She balled her hands into fists as she continued to push back until both of the cocks were fully embedded inside of her. She was panting heavily and said, “Just hold it there for a minute, please.”

“Sure,” said the right head as the left head leaned in and nuzzled her neck.
Meanwhile, rather close by, Squall had finally had enough. “This is ridiculous!” he snarled. “Are you sure you’re reading that map right?”

“Yeah,” said Quistis. “There should be a staircase coming up soon. We’ll go up that and then we’ll be there.” She dashed away before Squall could get a look at the map, knowing that she couldn’t trick him anymore and hoping that Selphie was having a good time. She came to a screeching halt when she got to the staircase because she could clearly see Selphie getting it from behind by the large three-headed dog. “Come on, you two!” she said, hoping to distract them. “She’s up there!” She veritably shoved them up the stairs, giving one last look back before licking her lips and running up after them.

“I’m ready,” sighed Selphie even as she watched Quistis hurl Zell and Squall upstairs. She didn’t care who knew about her anymore, as long as Cerberus fucked her. “Fuck me! Please!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” growled the right head as Cerberus started to slowly thrust into her. Selphie whimpered in ecstasy as she felt both cocks moving back and forth in her.

“So good…” she moaned as she started to get delirious with pleasure. “So fucking good! Fuck me harder, you bastard! Give it to me!”

“Was that a challenge?!” snarled the middle head.

“Oh shut up and do what she says,” grunted the right head.

Selphie slowly reached a hand back and started stroking the left cock, feeling bad that it was left out of the proceedings. “Oh god…” hissed the left head. “I don’t care how you two feel, but she’s got my vote!”

“We’re so fucking joining her!” said the right head.

“Shut up and fuck her!” howled the middle head. “So fucking tight! Unreal!” Cerberus thrust his hips faster and faster into her. Eventually, he was thrusting so fast and powerfully that her arm gave out on her and she just laid on the floor, her breasts mashing into the cold metal; but she refused to stop stroking the left cock. The left head was whimpering happily as the middle head growled and the right head grunted. Selphie just moaned and sighed until she felt the two cock’s knots start to bump up against her.

“They can fit,” she panted more to herself than anyone else. Her moans became more insistent until she was screaming, “They can fit! Push them in! I want to feel it for real! Ram them in!”

“Can do!” roared the right head as Cerberus’s thrusts continued to get more powerful, as he tried, desperately to tie with her.

“Almost…” growled the middle head.

“Push harder,” insisted the left head. Selphie felt both of the knots start to slip into her before Cerberus pushed forward with such force that both of his knot’s plunged into her. Her eyes widened before she let out a piercing shriek that reverberated through the entire building with her orgasm.

“What the hell was that?!” asked Seifer as five heads turned to face down the hallway toward the stairs leading down.

“Oh crap!” said Zell, “Selphie!”

“Don’t worry,” said Quistis, “I’m sure she’s fine!”

Edea smirked as she shared a look with Quistis and said, “I think you should worry about yourselves.”

“She’s right,” said Squall angrily. “We’ll worry about Selphie later. We’re here to get rid of you!”

“Are you okay?” asked the left head.

“Never better!” sobbed Selphie as tears streamed down her face. “Finish it!”

“Are you…” started the right head.

“Do it!” screamed Selphie. She started thrusting her hips back at Cerberus, grunting in pain and pleasure as she felt the knot’s move deeper into her. “I said move!”

“You heard her challenge!” growled the middle head happily as Cerberus thrust his cocks as far into her as they could go. Selphie screamed again as her muscles clamped down on both of the cocks and her hand gripped the other one tightly. All three heads howled loudly as all three cocks came, splashing Selphie’s womb, ass and body with their hot cum.

Selphie’s body completely shut down as she passed out, muttering, “So good…If we ever meet again, we have to do this again…”

“Well, she seems to have handled herself well,” said Quistis as she slowly entered the room and started gathering Selphie’s clothes.

“You’re like her, aren’t you?” asked the middle head.

“Sort of,” said Quistis. “Don’t get me wrong, you are one hot hunk of monster flesh…but, I mostly deal with monsters who’ll help me gain new blue magic.”

“A blue mage,” said the left head, nodding. “Makes sense. It’ll make you happy to know that we’ll join you as a guardian force.”

“Whatever,” said Quistis with a shrug. “As long as she isn’t going to be hurt this time, I’m okay.”

“She understands what’s going on this time,” said the right head. “Wait…if you’re here, where are the others?”

“Oh yeah,” said Quistis, “After we defeated Edea a few necessary plot points went on and everyone pretty much forgot about Selphie. I quietly slipped away and now I’m here to take her back to Balamb Garden, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Well, it’s not like we can really let her go just yet,” said the middle head. “She kinda clamped down right as she passed out, and then there’s the question about our knots.”

“Well, I can wait,” said Quistis with a shrug as she sat down on a bench, flipping through the player’s guide she still had. Selphie’s body trembled a little in the cold air so Cerberus gently laid down on her, covering her with his furry body. He tried to pull out a little, eliciting a couple of soft moans from her. “Don’t wake her,” whispered Quistis, “Let her sleep.”

“Easy for you to say,” said the left head quietly. All three heads licked their lips as Cerberus gently placed his front paws on her shoulders as he pulled back. Selphie groaned a little as the cocks slowly exited her with a small pop.

“Tell her we’ll gladly take her up on her offer if we ever meet again,” said the right head as Cerberus started to vanish. The left head nodded happily as the middle head snorted and looked away.

Quistis smiled and nodded as she slowly reached down and scooped up Selphie in her arms. She quickly walked over to the small glowing orb and touched it. “Do you want to save your game?” asked the orb.

“No,” said Quistis, “Nida, can you hear me?”

“Barely,” said Nida’s voice over the orb. “What’s up?”

“Can you send me and Selphie directly to her room, please?” asked Quistis, as she crossed her fingers.

“I’ll try,” said Nida.

“Thanks,” said Quistis as she closed her eyes and felt herself and Selphie being transported away. She slowly opened her eyes again and sighed with relief when she saw that they were, indeed, in Selphie’s room. “I’ve got to get Headmaster Cid to give that boy a raise,” she said with a smile as she gently put Selphie on her bed. She covered her with her blankets and kissed her on the forehead before writing and leaving a note, that she couldn’t miss, explaining what happened. “I’ll see you around, little sister,” said Quistis with a smile as she watched Selphie for a minute before quietly leaving.

Selphie’s eyes drifted open as Quistis left and she watched her friend’s butt as she walked away. “And at this rate, I may see more of you soon, big sis,” mumbled Selphie with a grin as she turned and fell asleep.

Part 3 of 3
“I’m telling you that I think it’s a good idea to check this out!” said Selphie as she flipped through the four occult magazines that Squall had collected over the adventure.

“Why are you even paying attention to that tripe?” asked Squall. “I don’t believe any of it!”

“If you didn’t believe in it, why did you take them in the first place?” asked Selphie as she folded her arms.

“She’s got you there,” said Quistis. “You did just pick up that fourth magazine a few minutes ago.” Squall glared at her. She threw up her hands and said, “Hey, I don’t believe any of this any more than you do, but she is right.”

“Look,” said Selphie, “They say we need some high level Remedies, which we have; a bunch of steel pipes; we have more than a few, and some Malboro tentacles.

“We don’t have any Malboro tentacles,” said Squall. “Besides, I doubt we just need them.”

“We already have the Solomon’s Ring that we got from Tear’s point!” said Selphie. “Let’s just get a bunch of those tentacles and then we can get a new GF!”
Squall placed his hand on his forehead and said, “No. This is stupid! They’re occult magazines! It’s all garbage! If you want to, go do it yourself!”

“Well fine!” said Selphie angrily. “We’ll go do it then! Without you! Right guys?” She looked around and saw that none of the others were looking at her. “Guys?” she asked quietly.

“Sorry Selphie, but I agree with Squall,” said Edea. “Those magazines are just trash, as is the news in them.”

“No way am I fighting more Malboros,” said Zell. “It was bad enough trying to get the damn things for Quistis’ weapon and that blue magic of hers.”

“Just give up on it Selphie,” said Irvine. “It’s not worth the trouble.”

Selphie looked at Quistis, who she was sure would go along with her, but Quistis just shook her head and left the room. Watching Quistis abandon her when Selphie needed her the most felt like a slap in the face. “Right,” said Selphie calmly. “I’ll just go by myself and get this GF. And I’ll make sure he knows that you all suck!” She quickly left the room before any of them could see her crying, and ran down the hallway of the Esther hotel they were staying in. She only stopped when she got out of the hotel and suddenly realized how much of an ass she had been. “This had better work, or they’ll never let me live it down,” she sighed as she hurried out of Esthar.

Squall sighed as he looked out the window, watching Selphie run off. “This is so stupid,” he said as he turned around just in time to miss a shadowy figure run out of the hotel and chase after Selphie.

“Why am I doing this again?” Selphie asked herself as she wandered around the Esthar wasteland, trying to find a Malboro. She had gotten enough tips from Quistis on how to go about getting blue magic components to be confident in her abilities, but she wasn’t having any luck finding any Malboros. She took a tentative step forward and the world blurred and swirled for a second forcing her to close her eyes or become dizzy. She slowly opened her eyes expecting to see another Caterchipiller along with a pair of Cockatrices, so she was more than a little freaked out when she saw a Behemoth roaring in front of her. “I can’t take that thing on by myself!” she shrieked. She immediately turned and tried to run, but she found it impossible to leave. “Come on!” she wailed, “L2 R2! L2 R2!!!” She kept trying to run until she saw a huge bar hanging over her head that read, “Can’t escape!” (I’m such a dick)

The figure that had been following Selphie looked out from behind the rock that she was hiding behind. “Dammit,” she hissed. “Selphie’s never actually tried anything with a true monster before and her first is a Behemoth?! This won’t be pretty unless she’s really good!”

Selphie trembled with fear as the Behemoth snarled at her and took a step forward with it’s front paws. Selphie took a step back and whimpered. She looked directly into the Behemoth’s eyes and saw that it was looking her up and down. “Sacred, Minotaur, Cerberus…give me strength,” she mumbled before taking a small step forward. The Behemoth hadn’t expected that and roared at her. Selphie fought down every impulse she had to scream and cower as spittle and hot breath that smelled of raw meat flew past her. “Easy there, you huge monster that could bite me in half with no problem,” she said tremulously as she took another small step forward. “I’m not gonna fight you, so please don’t kill me.”

“She’s stronger than she looks,” said the figure behind the rock with obvious admiration. “I would have been gibbering in fear by now.”

Selphie slowly inched her way closer and closer to the Behemoth. It wasn’t roaring at her anymore, but it didn’t stop growling until she slowly reached out and touched it’s head. It snapped at her, but she didn’t move her hand. She winced as it’s fangs bit into her arm, but she didn’t cry out. She smiled at it and said, “Calm down. I don’t want to hurt you.” The Behemoth stared at her as it let her go. She breathed a sigh of relief and started to rub her arm but her movement alarmed the Behemoth and it pounced on her, knocking her to the ground with it’s paws pinning her shoulders.

“Shit!” hissed the figure behind the rock as she got ready to leap out if things got too deadly.

Selphie held herself perfectly still as she stared in the face of the snarling beast. It was twice the size of Cerberus, so it’s weight was enough to crush her, but for some reason it wasn’t putting it’s full weight on her. The two stared into each other’s eyes and over a matter of silent and still minutes they came to an agreement. The Behemoth slowly got off of her, making sure to snarl to prove that it would rip her throat out if she tried anything. Selphie just smiled up at it and slowly reached down to pull her dress up a little before removing her panties and stuffing them into her bra. She then slowly placed her feet on the ground and pushed her hips up a little as she spread her legs as far as they would go. “Go ahead,” she said quietly so as not to alarm him.

“She’s handling him well,” said the figure calmly as she slowly lowered her weapon. “She may not need my help after all…but, then again, I didn’t follow her to give her help.”

Selphie slowly moved her hands down to her lower lips and spread herself open so the Behemoth could get a good whiff of her scent. She wasn’t as aroused so much as scared at the moment, so her scent wasn’t as strong as it could have been, so she started rubbing herself, making sure to rub her insides as well as along her lips. She started moaning softly as she got more aroused. The Behemoth slowly lowered his head down to her thighs which were quickly becoming wet with her honey. He sniffed her pussy before reaching out his tongue and gently lapping at it. Selphie moaned louder causing the Behemoth to jerk back and growl. “Sorry,” murmured Selphie. She slowly moved her hands back and slipped them behind her head. “I won’t move again unless you want me to, okay?” she asked calmly with a smile. The Behemoth tilted his head and grumbled softly as it stared into her eyes. Selphie suppressed a giggle as the Behemoth slowly lowered his head, not taking his eyes off of her, and started licking her pussy. His long black tongue easily probed deeply into Selphie, making her moan quietly. The Behemoth growled at her moaning at first, but when he realized that she wasn’t trying to fight, he stopped growling and continued licking her.

“Damn,” said the figure as her hands slowly traveled down her body. “I can’t believe how hot this is making me. Okay, that’s a lie. I just wish I could go down and join them.”

“That feels good,” cooed Selphie softly as she tried, desperately to hold her hips still. The Behemoth started rumbling as he licked her and it took Selphie a few seconds to realize that he was purring. She sighed happily, holding herself in check, even as her orgasm was getting closer and closer. She needed to be able to cum without startling the Behemoth, or her life would be over. She bit her bottom lip hard as her breathing became more erratic, but she couldn’t stop herself from screaming when she came, splashing the Behemoth’s tongue with her cum. Fortunately, the Behemoth was to busy enjoying her taste to get angry with her. “That was close,” she panted as the Behemoth finished lapping up her cum and moved up her body. It lowered his head and nudged her arms away from her head before placing his front paws on them, holding them down. “All right,” said Selphie. “I’m completely at your mercy now. I couldn’t get away from you, even if I wanted too. What are you going to do with me?”

“She trusts it…” panted the figure as she gripped her breasts and shoved her hand into her skirt. “I can’t believe she’s already reached this stage. It’s only her third time! Quistis was right; she really is special!” (Ha! Gotcha! You all thought it was Quistis, didn’t ya! Can you guess who it is? Do you even care?)

Selphie was smiling and looking lovingly into the Behemoth’s eyes as he started to thrust his hips against her. She could feel his cock rubbing against her thighs and looked down. She licked her lips when she saw how big it was and pushed her hips up to help ease it’s penetration. The Behemoth rumbled appreciatively as his cock slowly rubbed along her slit. By now, Selphie was panting heavily and needed to feel the cock inside of her so she adjusted her hips slightly and gasped when she felt the tip of his cock enter her slightly. As soon as he felt himself entering her tight channel, the Behemoth started pumping himself into her. Selphie moaned and grunted with each powerful thrust of the Behemoth that moved his cock deeper and deeper into her. “Yeah, that’s right,” she panted. “That’s a good boy. Deeper! Harder! Ooooooh, fuck me!” Throwing all caution to the wind Selphie pumped her hips up to meet the Behemoth’s with each thrust. She even craned her head up and kissed the Behemoth on the nose. He lowered his head to growl at her, but she was too far gone to care as she ripped her arms free and grabbed his head, kissing him full on the lips. The Behemoth seemed stunned by this and Selphie took the opportunity to shove her tongue into his mouth.

“Oh god!” moaned the figure as she sat on the ground and openly masturbated while she watched the Behemoth fucking Selphie. “They’re so hot! I’ve got to join her if she keeps this up! I can’t just sit here again!”

The Behemoth still wasn’t sure how to handle Selphie kissing him, but he kept thrusting into her, needing the release that she was offering him. He rumbled some more as he tried moving his tongue into her mouth, tasting her. Selphie moaned as their tongues danced together in a strange ballet before the Behemoth pulled away from her and started growling as his pumping became harder and more insistent. “You’re close, aren’t you boy?” asked Selphie. “That’s good, so am I. I want you to cum! I want you to fill me! Come on; fill me with your hot cum! I want to feel your essence splashing all over my insides!”

“That’s right!” hissed the figure, “Talk dirty! I love it when they do that! Oh god! I wish I was with them!” She plunged her fingers deep inside of herself and came, her entire body shuddering as she bit her lip to keep from screaming.

The Behemoth roared as he thrust deeply into Selphie and came, shooting his seed into her. Selphie screamed as she felt her womb fill with cum and squeezed and milked the cock with her muscles. Selphie let her hips drop back to the ground as the Behemoth’s cock slowly shrank and pulled out of her. The Behemoth slowly moved forward, letting his cock hang over her face. Selphie took the hint and licked it clean, savoring the taste of their combined cum on it. When the cock was clean the Behemoth turned around and leaned it’s head down, gently licked her face once and left, dropping a small object as he disappeared. Selphie slowly got up and looked at the object. She grinned as she picked it up and pocketed it. “Quistis is gonna be so happy!” she said. “She’s been wanting to get a Barrier for the Mighty Guard spell for a while now.” She quickly looked around to see if anyone was nearby before getting her panties and putting them back on. “Whew, that was fun, but I still need six Malboro tentacles.” As she passed a large rock she heard a small sound and whirled around, expecting a monster. “You?!” she cried. “W-w-what are you doing here?!”

The girl she was looking at was older than her and Quistis, but not by much. She had short black hair, that was currently plastered to her face with sweat, and attractive Asian facial features. Her SEED vest was hanging open and her skirt was rumpled and barely covering her panties. She had obviously been playing with herself recently. “Quistis told me about how you handled your first two experiences with Guardian Forces,” said Xu cheerfully. “I just wanted to see for myself how you handled them.” (Betcha didn’t see that one coming!)

“Okay,” said Selphie uncertainly. “So I guess that means that you—MMPH!” Selphie was cut off as Xu pounced on her and rammed her tongue into her mouth.

“You are so sexy!” panted Xu, “I’ve never met someone as sexy as you since I lost Her! Quistis tries her best, but…oh god!”

“Hey!” cried Selphie as Xu shoved her hands into her panties. “Stop it!”

“I don’t think so,” said Xu as she pulled Selphie’s panties down and quickly got between her legs. “I want to taste that Behemoth’s cum too! And I bet you taste as sweet as sugar!” Before Selphie could protest, she started to lick, making Selphie moan in spite of herself. “Come on,” said Xu, “Talk dirty to me…like you did to that Behemoth!”

“Oh god…” moaned Selphie. “Suck me! Make me cum, you little slut!”

“Yeah!” groaned Xu as she got up and pulled her panties off before straddling Selphie’s face. “I’ll cover your entire face with my cum!” she said huskily, “Just keep talking dirty! Call me a slut or a whore! Make me yours forever!”
Selphie gripped Xu’s legs and shoved her fingers in her pussy as she growled, “That’s right! You’re a little slut who needs a strong lover to make you happy!”

“Yes, I am! I so am!” cried Xu between licks. “Please! Make me beg for it!”

“Stop talking and lick me!” ordered Selphie as she pulled her fingers from Xu’s pussy, making the girl groan in disappointment. “What was that? What do you want me to do?”

“Please,” moaned Xu, “With your fingers…fuck me…please…” Selphie grinned as she slowly pushed three of her fingers into Xu.

“Can you really take it all?” she asked quietly. Xu looked back in confusion, but Selphie ignored her and pushed another finger into her. “Just a little more…” said Selphie as she slowly pushed her thumb and then the rest of her hand into Xu, making the girl gasp and scream.

“Oh god!” cried Xu as Selphie started moving her fist around inside of her. Can’t…handle…Cumming!!!” Selphie quickly pulled her hand out of Xu and opened her mouth as Xu’s body trembled with release and a small flood poured out of her. Xu gasped a few times before collapsing onto Selphie. Selphie licked her hand clean before slowly pushing Xu off of her and pulling her panties back up.

“That was fun,” said Selphie as she got up and brushed herself off. “Now, for those Malboro tentacles.”

She turned and was about to leave when Xu clamped her hand around Selphie’s ankle, causing her to crash to the ground again. “Don’t leave…” sobbed Xu. “Don’t you leave me too. Please!”

“What are you talking about?” asked Selphie as she rolled over to face Xu. “We were just having fun…right?”

Xu slowly crawled up Selphie’s body and hugged her tightly. “I need you!” Xu cried. “Don’t leave me alone again! I love you!” Selphie’s eyes widened in shock as Xu kissed her.

“Hey!” cried Selphie. “What’s gotten into you?! Calm down already…and get off of me!” She roughly pushed Xu away and stood up, looking down at the crying girl with a mixture of pity and confusion on her face. “What the hell happened to you? You were always so cheerful and pleasant, even when you were our superior for that battle at Dollet.”

“It’s hard being called Heart…when yours has been broken,” sniffled Xu, “did you know that?”

“You’re not answering my question,” said Selphie. “Does this have anything to do with the CC group?”

“No…” said Xu as she slowly sat up. “It has nothing to do with them. My problems started when I came to Balamb Garden. I took my SEED entrance exam on the same day that Seifer, Squall and Quistis were brought to Balamb.”

“So, you fought Ifrit and…” started Selphie but was cut off when Xu let out a harsh laugh.

“I wish it had been that arrogant bastard,” she said. “I would have kicked his ass so hard, he wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a month.”

“So…what happened?” asked Selphie as she leaned against the rock that Xu had been hiding behind.

“I fought…Shiva,” said Xu softly. “Well, I was supposed to fight Shiva…but we ended up making love instead.”

“You’re in love with her, aren’t you?” asked Selphie. “She’s the girl that Quistis was talking about,” she thought to herself.

“So much so that I could die,” said Xu sadly. “After she joined with me, I ran back to Headmaster Cid to tell him the news. I had just turned 18 and was happy with my new lover, but when the Headmaster told me that Shiva would never be released, that she would be given to starting SEEDs from then on, my world crumbled. Headmaster Cid completely misunderstood the look on my face and told me to go lie down if I was so tired. At that moment, I met Quistis and the others. Edea brought them in and we were introduced. They were all about 14 years old but Quistis seemed to understand my misery immediately because she wouldn’t leave my side from then on. We became good friends and she’s tried, on a few occasions, to be my lover as well, but it never works out. I need my ice queen back.”

“What does that have to do with you loving me all of a sudden?” asked Selphie.

“I threw myself into my work,” said Xu ignoring Selphie’s question. “I decided that I didn’t need a lover if I just kept myself busy. When Quistis was appointed King of the CC group by the Queen of Cards, I decided to see if I could join too. It turned out that I had a natural talent for the game and was put up high enough in the roster to be given a rare card for my deck. I wasn’t pleased with my title, but I actually have fun playing the game.” She smiled as she said, “I’ve even managed to have a few one-night stands after some rousing games of Strip-Triple-Triad.”

“Are you going to answer me any time soon?” asked Selphie. “Why do you love me?”

“You said it yourself,” said Xu as she hugged one of Selphie’s legs. “I need a strong lover to be happy.”

“What?!” cried Selphie. “That was just sex talk! I wasn’t serious about any of it!” She tried to shake Xu off of her leg, but the girl held on tight.

“You may not have been, but I was,” said Xu. “You treated me the exact same way that Shiva did four years ago. If I’m never getting Shiva back, I want you to be my lover from now on!”

“It doesn’t work like that,” said Selphie as she stopped trying to shake Xu off and just started walking away, dragging Xu behind her. “Will you let go of me?!”

“Not until you say that you love me!” said Xu.

“Oh for pity’s sake!” sighed Selphie. “Do you understand how ridiculous you’re acting?! What would Shiva think of your behavior?”

“What would the Brothers think of yours?” retorted Xu as she stared directly into Selphie’s eyes. “Going around and fucking a Behemoth and a few Malboros to get a new GF…and you’ll probably have to fuck that one too!”

“Touché…” muttered Selphie. She took another step and the world swirled. “Not now!” she groaned. She slowly opened her eyes and couldn’t help but grin when she saw a Malboro writhing in front of her. “Xu!” she hissed. “Let go! If you want to help that’s fine, otherwise stay back.”

“I told you, I’m not letting go until you tell me that you love me!” said Xu loudly, making the Malboro rumble angrily.

“Crud!” hissed Selphie before she quickly hatched a plan. She threw up her hands to show the Malboro that she wasn’t being aggressive. “If you can understand me, please don’t belch on us!” she said slowly. She saw a few of the Malboro’s eyes narrowing in suspicion, but it merely sat there looking at her. Selphie breathed a small sigh of relief. The last thing she needed was to be poisoned, confused and silenced. “Okay, I have a request of you,” said Selphie. “I would like to get six of your tentacles.” The Malboro rumbled angrily at her but held it’s place, understanding that she was going to do something in return. “In return for those tentacles, you can do anything to you want to me and her that you think would be adequate compensation for them.”

Xu looked up at Selphie in shock. “What?” she cried. “I never signed up for this!”
“I told you that you could either let me go or help me out,” said Selphie, “You didn’t let go, so you’re helping out! I know you’re no virgin, so just sit back and enjoy it.” She looked back up at the Malboro and repeated, “Anything you want.” The Malboro seemed to mull over Selphie’s plan before slowly writhing it’s way over to the two girls. “Ready to let go yet?” asked Selphie.

“No,” said Xu. “You’re so aggressive! It’s even more of a turn-on! I’m never letting you go, ever!”

Selphie sighed and hung her head down, a large sweat drop appearing on the back of her head. “Great…” she mumbled. She stiffened when she noticed that the Malboro was right on top of them, letting it’s eyes slowly run over them. “I’ll make this easier for you,” said Selphie as she removed her dress and bra. She pulled her panties down, off of her one leg and just left them hanging over Xu’s arms. The Malboro seemed to grin a little as it’s long, slimy tongue slowly exited it’s mouth and reached down to Selphie’s pussy. “Get your clothes off, dammit!” hissed Selphie as the Malboro started running it’s tongue along her slit. “I’m sorry about her, she’s just a little nervous!” she said cheerfully to the Malboro.

“You’re not going to run away, are you?” asked Xu plaintively, “Because if you run, I’ll never forgive you!”

“I won’t,” said Selphie between moans, “Mostly because that’d be a little hard to do right now.”

Xu looked up at Selphie and noticed that the Malboro had wrapped a tentacle around her waist and was happily chewing on her breasts. She slowly released Selphie’s leg and stood up. Watching Selphie getting Malboro-handled turned her on even more so she gladly started removing her clothing. “By the way, I’d watch out if I were you,” she said as she slipped off her vest. “Malboro cocks tend to be rather big and you might not be able to handle them.”

“First off,” said Selphie, “I’ve taken Sacred, Cerberus and a Behemoth, I think I can handle a Malboro. And second of all, what do you mean ‘them’?”

“I’ve studied the mating habits of Malboros,” said Xu with a smile as her skirt fell to the ground, “mostly to help out Quistis and her search for blue magics. Anyway, Malboros have two really big cocks that they like to use at once. I’ve fucked one before…these guys make the name Behemoth laughable.”

Selphie looked at the Malboro, which seemed to be grinning at her, and smiled. “Excellent,” she said. “Anything else you can tell me?”

“Yeah,” said Xu as she flung her underwear away. “They like to bind their human mates and fuck ‘em silly.” She looked over at Selphie, who was in the process of having her arms held behind her back and her legs forced apart by a bunch of tendrils. “But, I guess you figured that bit out already.”

“Very funny,” said Selphie as she playfully struggled against her bonds. “Why hasn’t he started on you yet?”

“I think he likes you. I know I do,” said Xu even as the Malboro slipped a small tendril into Selphie’s pussy. Xu grinned as she walked over and started kissing Selphie while the tendril writhed inside of her and another smaller one pushed into her ass. Selphie and Xu moaned happily as they kissed each other and Xu didn’t even flinch when she felt tendrils come to bind her arms behind her back. She kept kissing Selphie, even when her legs were pulled apart and a pair of tendrils wiggled into her pussy and ass. She sighed happily at the fact that the Malboro didn’t take her away from Selphie before she pulled herself away from the younger girl for a second to say, “I love you so much.”

Selphie didn’t feel right about the way that Xu was acting. She didn’t love Xu back and, in all truth, Xu didn’t really love Selphie. She loved the hints of Shiva that she saw in Selphie. But, at the moment, the sexual stimulation was too much for her and her mind took a back seat to the physical pleasure she was being given by both the Malboro and Xu. “Yeah, whatever,” she moaned between kisses. The tendrils inside of her quickly pulled out, making her groan, but it was replaced by much bigger ones that started to thrust in and out of her at a rapid pace.

“Oh yeah…” moaned Xu as the same thing happened with her. The Malboro’s tongue, all but forgotten, lazily snaked out and ran over Selphie’s breasts a little before moving over to Xu’s. The two girls moaned and writhed with pleasure as the slimy tongue moved over their bodies. Xu was the first one to cum, squeezing the tendrils inside of her as she screamed into Selphie’s mouth. The tendrils pulled out of her and the Malboro’s tongue licked them clean before running over Xu’s pussy. Xu clenched her teeth as she threw her head back and groaned loudly.

“You’re really getting into this,” panted Selphie.

“How can I not?” asked Xu happily as she kissed Selphie’s neck. “You’re so beautiful.”
Selphie moaned loudly as she came, but as the rush of her orgasm left her, her reason came back and she felt ashamed of herself. “Stop it, Xu,” she said. “I’m not Shiva and I’m not going to be her replacement for you.”

Xu stared at Selphie and looked like she was going to cry before she sighed and said, “I know. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it! Even if you’re not Shiva though…you’re still what I’m looking for in a lover. Can’t you, at least, give me a chance?”
Selphie looked like she was about to say something when she squeaked because she was lifted up into the air along with Xu. “What’s going on?” asked Selphie.

“I think we’re about to be fucked,” said Xu conversationally. “The one in the ass kinda hurt last time, but there are two of us now so…oh shit!!!”

“What?!” asked Selphie as she looked at Xu. The older girl had a look of shock on her face and was looking over at the Malboro. Selphie slowly followed her gaze to the base of the Malboro where she saw that most of the tendrils had snaked aside, revealing… Her eyes widened in shock as she saw, not two, but four huge cocks protruding from the creature; each glistening with a slimy coating and each of them dripping precum. “Oh…great…” she mumbled. “I thought you said they only had two…”

“I thought they did too,” said Xu thoughtfully. “Either this is some kind of mutant or the last one was just hiding some from me. This is really gonna hurt…isn’t it?”

“Probably,” said Selphie. “Ah well, life a bitch…”

“And then you die!” finished Xu. The two looked at each other and giggled. They both looked at the Malboro and said, at the same time, “Bring it, you bastard!” The Malboro grinned as it dragged it’s helpless mates closer in so that it could impale them. Selphie was dragged in front of the Malboro first. She stared directly into some of it’s eyes and nodded her head slightly, telling it that she was ready.

Selphie was positioned so that two of the cocks were placed directly in front of her openings. She was panting heavily in anticipation as she said, “Come on! Fuck me already!”

“I think he wants us both at once,” said Xu as she was positioned in front of the other two cocks. She swallowed as she saw the size of the one that was in front of her ass. “Oh god, I hope that thing is lubed enough.”

“That’s why he kept feeding us bigger tendrils,” said Selphie. “So we wouldn’t be hurt too badly.”

“You think he really cares?” asked Xu.

“Well, of course he do…AIIIEEEE!!!” screamed Selphie as she was roughly impaled on both of the cocks at once. “Then again!” she cried as both of the cocks moved completely inside of her before she started getting fucked.

“Well, fuck,” muttered Xu before she screamed as well as the two cocks swiftly pushed all of the way into her before they started thrusting into her. It took a few strokes, but eventually the pain in both of the girls subsided as they loosened up and they both started feeling enormous amounts of pleasure.

“In…credible…” moaned Selphie as the Malboro ground it’s cocks into her. She felt the Molboro’s balls slapping her with each thrust, sending a little extra shiver of pleasure through her. She looked over at Xu and could tell that she was enjoying herself just as much. “How…how are you doing?” she gasped. Xu responded with an unintelligible moan, making Selphie smile. “I’m gonna…OH GOOOOOD!!!” she screamed as she came, her entire body thrashing around so much that the Malboro had to wrap more tendrils around her to keep her from hurting herself. As she came down from her orgasm she looked over at Xu who was trembling so much that she looked like she was vibrating.

“So good…so fucking good…I missed doing this!” cried Xu. “I’m so glad I followed you!”

The Malboro kept thrusting into them at a rapid pace and Selphie was becoming delirious as she had orgasm after orgasm. “Can’t handle much more…” she panted. “Oh god…cumming again!”

“Too much…” sobbed Xu after her fifteenth orgasm. “Night night…”

“Xu?!” cried Selphie as she watched Xu pass out. “Oh shit…” She tried to stay awake, but her energy was running low and she couldn’t keep her eyes open. “Not again…” she moaned as she came again and blacked out.

“…phie? Selphie!” called a voice as Selphie felt someone shaking her shoulder.

“Hmmm?” moaned Selphie as she slowly opened her eyes and saw a blonde blur looking down at her. “Quistis?” she asked slowly.

“Yeah, I’m here, are you okay?” asked Quistis quietly.

“I’m fine; what about Xu?” mumbled Selphie as she tried to get up, thought better of it and laid back down.

“I’m going to go check on her now,” said Quistis with a smile and a sigh of relief. “I can’t believe you still came out here and did this! Are you completely insane?!”

“Shut up…trying to sleep…” muttered Xu angrily. “What the fuck happened?”

Quistis ran a finger along Xu’s slit and put it in her mouth. “By the taste of the cum dripping out of you both, I’d say you were fucked royally by a Malboro,” she said.

“Right!” cried Selphie as she shot up and looked around. “Where are those tentacles it promised us?!”

“They’re right next to you,” said Quistis. “Now put your clothes on already.”

“Don’t hurry with that on my account,” said Xu as she slowly got up and stretched.
Selphie ignored Xu and quickly put her clothes on before reaching into her pocket and pulling out the Barrier she got from the Behemoth. “Here, this is for you,” she said as she tossed the item to Quistis.

Quistis caught the item and stared at it. “You fucked a Behemoth before the Malboro?!” she asked. “No wonder you passed out!”

Selphie grinned as she pulled out the Solomon’s Ring and the other items needed. “Okay, let’s hope this works,” she said. She placed the items on the ground and put on the ring, activating it in the process. The sky suddenly darkened and Quistis and Xu jumped as railroad tracks appeared in front of Selphie.

“What the hell?!” cried Xu as she looked down the tracks and saw what appeared to be headlights coming closer.

“It wasn’t just garbage,” whispered Quistis as a huge train with a skull-like face on the front rumbled down the tracks and slowed to a stop in front of Selphie.

“You have summoned me and now I am yours to command,” said the train in a rasping voice. “My name is Doomtrain, and I can see that you have personally gone through a lot to gain the items necessary for my summoning. What may I call you?”

“My name is Selphie Tilmitt,” said Selphie with a smile. “And, as my first command, can you give us a lift to Esthar?”

“Your wish is my command,” said Doomtrain, “But remember, after you get off of me, I will be a Guardian Force for you until you decide to release me. Is there anything else you might want to do with me before I leave this physical plane?”

“No thank you,” sighed Selphie as she climbed into the train. “I just want to sleep in a large bed right now. Oh, one more thing, you’ll be working with not just me but a small group of people. Other than me and Quistis…they all suck!” She giggled as she sat down, Xu on one side, hugging her arm, and Quistis on the other, holding her hand. Doomtrain blew his whistle before slowly rumbling towards the safety of Esthar. “Won’t Squall be surprised?” said Selphie with a smile as she leaned back and fell asleep.


(Yet another Gamerz Fantasy done. I had originally only wanted this to be a one-parter, but I wanted to add Xu to the equation and then this happened and then that happened and whatever… It was fun, in the end, and that’s all that matters. Hee! Oh, by the way, yes I realize that Behemoths and Malboros acted differently in previous Gamerz Fantasys, but as far as I’m concerned, different game

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