Voyeuristic Encounters

BY : Bansei
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Solaraa pulled on her mithran outfit top, a couple of small triangles placed to barely cover her ample bosom, forcing them together to show ample amounts of cleavage. Twitching her ears in frustration, she stepped into the panties of the loincloth, pulling them up along her perfectly toned legs, her years of hunting rabbits for food showing in her long, smooth fur-covered calfs. Wiggling her tail through the small hole fitted for it, she finished covering her nicely shaped ass, tying a loincloth around her waist to cover the front the panties were giving no real protection against. Picking up her sword from beside the door, she turned to her bare moghouse, grinning sheepishly. It was a nice place, with simple rug on the floor, a waterfall constantly flowing for atmosphere in the back.

“I knew becoming an adventurer was the fastest way out of that stuffy old school... Rupipi bored the snot out of me.” Turning to leave her new home, a big red-nosed face stopped her. Nearly jumping out of her new clothes, she fell backwards, landing on her soft rump. Facing her was a white creature, with a head as big as its body, catlike ears, and a strange antenna with a ball atop it adorning its head. Behind it, two bat wings constantly flapped, holding it, and the sack around its body, afloat.

“Wait, kupo! Your mother wanted you to take this with you!” Growling a little, causing the creature to pull away a little, she pulled herself off the floor. Timidly, the creature known as a moogle handed her a small horn, made of wood. Pushing her roommate aside, she stormed out of the moghouse, weaving her way around the residential area to come out to Windurst Waters. Walking along the planks towards the exit, she waves to the other mithra girls going to school, sticking her tongue out at the prissy bitch who always huffed when Solaraa got the better score. Coming to the gate, she smiled and waved at the War Warlock guarding the entry, who simple gave a salute to the young new adventurer. “Don’t wander too far, the Yagudo have been getting pretty gutsy lately.” Nodding, she walked out, sunlight blasting her as she came out the other side of the tunnel archway.

Spotting a good first kill, she knelt down, drawing her sword into an attack position. Her tail swayed slowly as she stalked up behind the Mandragora, surprising it with a quick smack to the head from behind. The small onion-like creature screamed, and started off on a run to the northwest. Not to be bested by some uppity vegetables, Solaraa gave chase. Several dozen yards she chased her prey, focused so much on getting that finishing blow she so deserved, she hadn’t noticed that she’d wandered into the nearby bird-man fort, Giddeus, until she tripped on an exposed root. Pulling herself up grunting, she looked at the Mandragora, who vanished in the horizon. Dusting herself up, she heard something coming from behind a nearby bush. Carefully, she inched over to it, pulling open the branches just enough to peer through, seeing something... rare. Another mithra, but a male, was fighting a much larger creature, made of skinny limbs covered in feathers. The male cat was wearing a striking red outfit, the body armor housing two sets of buttons, the tights leaving little to the imagination. Solaraa blushed, as she peeked at the “package” this boy had, trying to avert her eyes.

Striking him with talon-like hands, the Yagudo monk was having trouble hurting the young man. Letting out a shrill cry, soon several Yagudo were pouring out of nearby alcoves, swarming around the mithran man. Try as he might, he couldn’t parry, or defend himself against the oncoming flurry of birds. Deciding whether or not to try and help her hapless brother, she was about to storm from the bushes when she saw something... odd happen. By now the birds had pinned him against a wall, pushing him down to his knees, giving off what seemed to be a shrill laughter. Soon, one of the birds walked straight up to him, pulling a soft, but five inch long cock out from underneath his crotch. The boy knew what the Yagudo wanted, and it was obviously the one he was about to defeat... Struggling to keep his mouth shut, the birds poked and prodded him until he cried out in pain, the soft dick being shoved in his mouth. Reluctantly, the boy started sucking off the Yagudo, noisily, while Solaraa turned impossible shades of red from the bush.

She couldn’t look away... She knew she shouldn’t just watch her mithra family get abused like this, but she just couldn’t bring herself to move. As she watched the mithra suck the bird stiff, the dick grew to about eleven inches, before the boy was allowed a reprieve. It didn’t last long, as the Yagudo picked him up, ripping his tights off his body, and presenting his well-toned ass to the now erect Yagudo. It didn’t take long for the bird to shove his dick in the virgin ass, the boy screaming out in pain at the sudden intrusion. Another Yagudo took the opportunity to shove his dick in the boys mouth, silencing him. Receiving a loving cry from the bird as he sucked the thing to erection, he noticed two more birds bringing themselves alongside him, using their talons to coax their own shafts into the open. Taking the hint, the mithra lifted his two velvet-gloved hands, grabbing the two birds, he started slowly stroking the two off. The cock pumping his ass now had hints of blood on it, but his backside was slowly starting to rock with the thrusts, his saliva coating the dick in his mouth. Grabbing it with a hand, he moved his mouth to the dick he’d just been jerking, starting to cat it with saliva as well.

In the bushes, Solaraa was mesmerized. She was embarrassed, but she was so caught up in what she was watching, she didn’t notice the little drool dribbling out of her mouth, nor the hand snaking its way inside her fresh panties. When she touched her soaked pussy, she let out a moan, and realized what she was doing. She didn’t care... This was a free, good show, she just had to stay quiet. Rubbing her clit slowly, being careful not to do too much and lose herself, she kept her eyes glued on the rape scene in front of her.

The first Yagudo pulled his dick out of the boy’s ass, shrieking an incomprehensible command, the other Yagudo pulling away from his face, letting him catch his breath. It was only for a moment, as he was forced back at the one who’d been ass-fucking him, forced to deep-throat the monster cock, the bird greedily fucking the tiny lips. Understanding what was happening, he reached up to caress the bird’s sack, trying to coax the orgasm out faster, his soft fingertips bringing the bird off almost instantly. In a shrill cry, the bird held the boy’s head at the crotch, blowing his load almost directly into his belly, pulling away to let a few shots spray on his face. Choking a little, he was presented with the other three dicks, the Yagudo had been keeping themselves occupied until now, but they wanted his hungry lips back on their shafts. Without any hesitation, he swallowed the smaller one’s dick, greedily sucking and slurping, his hands replacing the other birds’ talons on their shafts. Switching back and forth, he quickly brought the other three off, who left him there, returning to their raised nests in Giddeus.

Back in the bushes, Solaraa finally let out a moan, now furiously fingering herself to quickly finish what she’d been teasing at the whole time. One finger on her clit, two in her pussy, and a hand on her breast, and it only took a few seconds. Sighing, she sat back, watching the boy dress himself and slowly walk off. She didn’t have the energy to chase him down, but if she ever saw him again, she’d be sure to “thank” him for letting her watch.

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