Pur's Bonding

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***The following story, first in a series still in the editing process, is not for the feint of heart, as sex, violence and sexual violence play a large role in some though not all chapters/stories. This disclaimer will appear before the more violent of the stories. Read at your own risk and if you are not at least 18, do not read at all. NO permission is given to copy and share in entirety or in part without credit given to the author, myself, Marque Roseqvist. (MarqueRoseqvist@aol.com) Comments and questions not of a personal nature about myself are welcome.***

Necessary Background:

The following is a story, written in loosely organized "chapters/stories" of sorts, most of which are stand alone works, but some of which continue one to the next. All are based in the world of FFXI Vana'diel. They begin some years ago with a lovely female hume child, Goldflower, running away from Bastok at a very young age, with the assistance of her parents who often traveled to the consulate in Windurst and arranged for her to be raised among the Tarus there to develop her considerable natural talent with magic. As Flower (as she was called in Windurst) grew too large for the naturally small confines of her Taru home, she was placed with great reluctance into the home of a mithran family of "strong blood" and was doted upon most especially by the father, who delighted in the manners and charm of his new charge, who brought back to him memories of his own youth as a courtier in Jeuno...which made at least his eldest daughter, Koma, more than a bit jealous...but that all comes later.

As Flower rose through the ranks of the Red Mages in the service of Windurst, a bright and brave young hume Paladin (and poet, to Flower's later delight) was sought out to assist her in obtaining her RSE, and he did so, and over a relatively short period of time, and against Flower's own strong feelings of foreboding, a very intense and loving relationship grew. After a dizzyingly short courtship this hot blooded Paladin, Lance of Bastok, ardently asked Goldflower's hand in marriage, absolutely refusing to take no for an answer. They were, Flower thought, blissfully happy, and she threw her entire mind, body, heart and soul into keeping her beautiful Paladin Poet happy--which he swore time and again he was as he showered her with gifts and she did likewise, being a proud hume female not used to the artifice involved in the game of inducing unsuspecting males to purchase and win lavish gifts in exchange for promises of a suggestive if not downright graphic nature, seldom kept--an "art" she could have learned quite well from her many mithra "sisters." For Flower no such thoughts existed, for at long last life was good and her true happiness had been found in a deep and trusting love with her beautiful, exotic and heroic poet. Love was hers at last! JOY!

As was common in Mithran culture, this man, Lance, was brought into the family as one of their own, just as Flower had been, as the wedding lottery process drew long and wearisome...and it was to be the doom of their relationship. Unknown to Flower, not only had Lance had an extensive romantic past as compared to her, so naive for her years, he also had, as every hero of every epic ever written, a fatal flaw. His was his wandering eye for mithra females, a weakness he thought overcome in his genuine love for Flower, but tragically Flower, the unwitting, love-struck, fool, had just brought him into a houseful of preening, purring, shameless sex kittens with neither understanding nor respect for the idea of monogamy! They saw the handsome hume, and acted immediately on their baser nature without a single thought for their "sister" or her feelings and Lance in his weakness found himself all too willing to oblige them, repeatedly and with great enthusiasm. Only two avoided the hume in their home--one sincerely loyal to her sister Flower and the other furious at having choice removed from her hands. It is with the latter of the two that an all important blood debt was to be settled, which of course fell to Lance as the male in the relationship to fulfill...an ancient Mithran rite little known to humes that came as a complete and utter shock to our poor Flower who as yet had no knowledge of Lance's wandering eyes and other body parts. And so our story begins...

Chapter/story 1. Pur's Bonding

Pur, now!" the tall, powerfully muscled hume said in tightly controlled tones, eyes like black ice flashing a dark warning.

Half his size, but sleekly muscled in her own right and tawny, with pert tight-nippled breasts and generous hips and thighs beneath a softly fleshed but proportional waist, Pur glared up at the towering form of Lance where he stood blocking the door. She replied in a deliberately casual tone and with all the command she could muster, "This has to be some kind of mistake," the effort to keep stark terror out of her voice and wide blue eyes costing every bit of emotional fortitude in her over-proud mithra body. Thick brown-haired head held high, she imperiously crossed the room, tail swaying insolently, and made to pass him, hoping to move past his hulking form and then on to freedom. She knew the bluff was her only hope of escape at this point and she played it with assurance that would have given a less determined man pause. No hume, whatever his reputation in battle, and his was considerable, could possibly chase her down in her own home, where every twist and turn was imprinted in her mind and senses, especially in the deepest, darkest hours of this terrible night. One more step and she'd slither past and leave this horrible creature behind, then find and kill her adopted sister Goldflower for visiting this indignity upon her--a thought she knew to be nonsensical, since it was at her own father's command that this "bonding" was to take place. In fact Flower, if anything, seemed more sickened at the thought than she herself did. She'd eaten nothing in days and her eyes held a look of haunted sorrow nearly impossible for the mithra to fathom. Flower and Lance had barely said two words to each other since her father's decree, when before they had been inseparable...the happiest of companions...the perfect storybook couple and envy of all who beheld them. Of course Lance still seemed quite pleased, oblivious to the change in Flower as his lust filled eyes had stalked Pur like prey for days now, waiting for his moment to pounce and claim his unwilling prize; but Flower was less than a shadow of her former animated self.

Pur was still half in shock, though the decree had been made days ago. No blood debt required repayment this demeaning. True, Flower had saved her from that demented Yagudo Mendicant when Pur had wandered too far from her own territory, but that was months ago. True also, she and Flower had been as close as any mithra and hume female could ever be, against their separate natures as it was. True as well, her father was one of few sane male mithra of the strong blood still alive in Windurst, and as such a most respected and feared male of great power. He himself had set the blood bond upon his wayward daughter with her eventual return to consciousness and health, while
Goldflower stood pale--shocked to her very core but stoic in deeply troubled but silent acquiescence as sentence was pronounced. No doubt she was being punished too for allowing Pur out of her sight long enough to be attacked and injured, but no hume, no matter the skill, could catch a mithra set on finding a moment's freedom. Briefly, Pur regretted the pain she had brought to them all with her actions...but why Father was being so harsh was as mystifying to her as it was to Flower, and though Pur was now fully healed, she still could not comprehend the ramifications of the situation.

She was to become Lance's concubine, his whore, which of course was fine if she chose it, but to have it thrust upon her, as it were, was beyond toleration! She, of the highest possible mithra blood, made unwilling sex slave to a-a-a hume?? It just could not be happening! Yet here she was, and clearly no one was going to save her from this fate worse than death. It was archaic, barbaric, completely beneath her! True,the blood bond had historically ensured the strongest males of the tribes and current allies mated with the strongest females, as genetically a female mithra almost always gave birth to mithra offspring no matter the race of the "father", with only a very occasional unfortunate "misbirth", few of which survived and all of which were hideous in the extreme. so genetically speaking, new strong blood was needed to prevent the weaknesses caused by the not infrequent incestuous relationships among the always willing and eager females and the few living mithra males...but just because they'd adopted Goldflower, did it really mean they had adopted this hume Lance as well? Was her debt not to Flower over Lance? Should she not refuse this man rather than give in to him? One look at Flower answered that question for her. She and Lance weren't even married yet--how could the bond possibly transfer??

Anything could happen before their lottery number came up, and she'd had a very disquieting feeling when looking at her sister Koma of late that "something" more than just the events of this night may come between the once happy lovers...something ancient and unspeakable. Pur shuddered and immediately regretted the show of weakness as the arrogant hume immediately misconstrued it as fear of him. Fear a hume...how silly. He may overpower her in the short run, but mithra were wily, sly, and cunning as well as sexually playful and notoriously indiscreet and free with their favors. They could carry a grudge to the grave, and that grave was seldom their own.

But whatever happened with Lance and Flower, no mithra of the strong blood, meaning her father had survived the act of mating with her mother...bleeding profusely and with a considerable portion of his ear missing, but alive none the less...had ever been mated with a hume! Lesser mithra surely, but never one of Pur's stature. Female mithra had a nasty and ages old habit of demanding blood for blood when their virginity was taken and once blood was spilt they were notorious creatures of appetite once the deed was done and the unfortunate male lay in dazed exhaustion. Being the first to "have" a female mithra was an honor and a challenge, the combination of which few men could resist and fewer still survived...but the danger and thought of surviving the contest stoked proud male sexuality and stroked male ego...or was that the other way around? At any rate, bond or no bond, no hume had ever participated in the ceremonially decreed deflowering of what amounted to mithran royalty, and she would be denied the right to exact her right of vengeance upon this hume by law. In fact she would be lucky if he didn't split her from bellybutton to tail in the process of...no, she would not think of it. She would be ruined...useless to any other but him and would never know the joy of drinking the blood of the first male to force his impossibly huge and sharply spined, ripping, tearing torture device into her tender and untouched "little pussy" ...as the adult cat-women referred to their female anatomy. Even as she tried to pass him now, she fought the urge to cover with her hand what was so scantily covered by her silken loincloth. But that would show her fear, and that satisfaction this arrogant brute would NOT have this night.

Pur had made it almost past Lance and into the dark hallway when two events conspired to end her attempt at escape. First, Lance grabbed her unceremoniously and with no little force by the very base of her tail, yanking her hard up against his rigid cock, and second, her once beloved and now reviled Flower walked in the door, closing and locking it behind her. Silent communication flashed lightning quick and with ten times the heat between Flower and her betrothed, but at this point Lance was in no mood for female meddling and he closed his mind and heart to her. He was painfully, throbbingly erect and had just one thing in mind, and damn the consequences.

Flower felt the breath of life leave her body as her beautiful warm world of love and hope for the future began a slow-motion implosion and the chill of impending death entered her soul. She welcomed it in...but, she vowed, she would not die alone.

Ignoring Flower, Lance strong armed a kicking and hissing Pur to the huge pile of silk, velvet and satin many-colored and textured cushions in the corner of the small, dark, musky-sweet scented, candle-lit room, pushing her down, face first, his fist in her hair, his other hand holding both of hers behind her back and landed with his full weight upon her, forcing the air from her lungs. Before she could even draw breath he let loose her hair and ripped away her loincloth, leaving her naked to him from the waist down. Pulling hard down the length of her tail he forced the tip of it, of all places, into her mouth! "Suck this," he commanded, "you will want it wet, believe me, little one." The understated menace in his voice left no room for anything but complete obedience, but still she struggled and squirmed under his weight. "Do as he says," Goldflower said in a quiet, monotone voice, struggling to maintain some degree of control in her role as official witness to this so called ceremony as she saw her future fade before her eyes, "or this will hurt more than it has to." Making one final effort to salvage her beloved world here with sisters and the man she had longed for forever and loved beyond all reason, she made one last effort to avert the disaster to come, "Lance, love, I can take her place--no one needs to know..." Looking up briefly Lance saw the naked plea in her eyes, and for a moment his heart swelled painfully, almost turning him away from lust and back toward love, then just as quickly he dismissed it and Flower's heart shattered almost audibly, before rendering her blessedly numb.

Pur, seeing the death-like pallor of Flower's face in such contrast to her inexplicably shadowed but still eloquent eyes, was more shocked now by Flower's appearance than by anything happening to her own body, and gave up her struggle. She accepted her tail between her lips and sucked as much moisture as she could into it as quickly as she could. Something told her there would be little time given.

Sweat dripped from Lance's furrowed brow making his eyes sting, and he cursed loudly, placing his knees between hers and forcing them wide apart. In abject terror, Pur resumed her previous struggles with a vengeance, further enraging him. Swearing fluently, he vowed to himself that he would make this little hell-cat his if it was the last thing he did. Pur fervently hoped he would die before, not after this act he was so intent upon.

So did Flower.

"Lance, please," Flower hoarsely whispered through unshed tears from where she stood riveted by the door. I can make this easier." "Fuck easier...this little kitty was promised to me and I will have her, on MY terms." Silently, Flower left the room, and her dreams of a future with this man, forever behind her.

Lance pulled Pur's tail from her mouth and rubbed in against....her ass? What was this, some kind of hume perversion? Even as she felt her own tail enter her second most private of places, stretching it with cruel, unnatural, visceral pain, Pur swallowed her tears and the scream that threatened to escape and allowed some small room for hope. Could it be this was all that was to happen? With this thought alive inside her she suffered this repeating and lessening pain as well as Lance's harsh breathing and increasingly gutteral groans in silence. She could feel his cock rubbing against her ass through the cloth of the clothes he had not bothered to remove. Tears of fear, confusion and rage gathered in her eyes.

With hope fading as the assault continued and Stars knew what to come, Pur prayed. Please let me not cry out when he impales me with that great spined THING of his! Her efforts at escape redoubled, driven by fierce pride and outrage and dreams of drinking this evil hume's blood before he had a chance to take hers, as well as shame at the weakness of her own tears. She stilled for a moment, listening as she finally heard the unmistakable sound of breeches being undone and pushed out of the way. With a sudden panicked surge of strength silk was rended and feathers flew as her claws came out as she freed her arms from his painfully imprisoning hand and she began ripping at anything in reach, including Lance's exposed arm, leaving long deep furrows that she immediately turned her head and bit deeply into, finally tasting this monster's blood...firing a lust of a different kind deep in her own belly. For a long moment Lance froze, in complete and utter silence, his ragged breathing the only sound in the room as Pur suckled greedily and bit down even harder. Lance thought surely his cock would explode then and there! Goddess, the sweet pain...and she had no idea what she'd done to him! Then Pur heard him spit, then with incredible force he drove his huge, rock hard cock into her tight little virgin pussy.

"Mrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!" she screamed out in absolute agony as pain and fire shot into her insides, stretching and tearing and finally making something break wetly inside her, allowing the hated THING deeper into her violated body, stopping only when his balls landed with a loud slap against her quivering buttocks. Lance stopped dead still for a shuddering moment, afraid to move and end it all far too soon, feeling the involuntary
spasms of her inner muscles responding to his presence there so deep inside her in a tightening and releasing rhythm as old as time itself. Bitch! he thought, you will not get off this easy! ...and with incredible force of will Lance regained iron control of himself.

Pur was too shocked and in too much torturous pain to move. Finally the demands of his body reasserted themselves and he began to move with elaborate slowness, prolonging each inward thrust and outward pull for the utmost effect, groaning aloud as her pussy naturally sucked at him. He
continued to move slowly so as not to end it before he had what he wanted from her, then when fully under control he thrust more deeply, repeatedly and with increasing speed and force into the tight but quickly stretching confines of Pur's new womanhood.

"Take it...take it all! You're my little bitch now!" he growled as his balls grew full and pulled tight up against his body. The accomodating confines of her mithra pussy were aided by the pressure from the tail still in her ass and drove him to an all consuming need for release...a mixture that erased all reason from his mind. "Claw me? Bite my flesh? Take THIS, mithra bitch!" And the pushing and pulling, pounding and groaning went on and on as Lance bucked and shoved in a maddened, grunting, grinding, swearing, sweating frenzy. He had lost all reason, all pretense at civility, all but the need to fuck this mithra into submission.

"Say it! Say you're my bitch!" he cried out as his final shred of control was lost and he began shoving her tail deeper into her ass counter to the deep thrusts of his cock, the sensation through the fine membrane there separating tail from shaft feeding his madness, invading her in every way, regaining control of her arms behind her back and tying them there with the strong satin ribbon that bound the cascading waves of her brown hair, balancing with his arms on both
sides of her now, one fist in her hair, and pounding with every last bit of his might, grunting each time he hit home painfully deep inside her. All he got in answer was a series of mewls and, "no! no! no!" over and over again as sobs of rage and pain wracked Pur's little body.

"SHUT UP', he raged at her in return...take it... TAKE it...he raged on...his voice becoming hoarse and unrecognizable in pain and frustration and need for release. It didn't have to be like this, you little cunt, now you deal with it... ...take it... ...little bitch" ...to which Pur cried out "NO!" even louder as Lance shoved her face down into the pillows again.

Then with a sudden merciless tug, her tail came out of her abused ass and the considerably larger head of his cock was there instead. "Say it..." he leaned down and whispered as he bit her ear, "if you want it to end jusssst ssssay itttt." And he drove his cock like a weapon into the tight sheath of her ass in one savage tearing motion, embedding it there as he shoved her tail into her pussy. "Nowww, say it NOW!" he demanded in that same quietly intense voice, biting her neck this time, sending involuntary shivers coursing up and down her spine and elsewhere as he sucked deeply at the tiny beads of blood showing there and continued to fuck her relentlessly, with the tireless skill and endless patience of a well seasoned warrior...ass and pussy, pussy and ass...all his...all serving his consuming need...ALL HIS!

Finally at some point, five seconds, five minutes or five hours later... all sense of time was lost as Lance continued to demand more and more from Pur's body...he heard the words he needed to hear.. "yes" she panted weakly. "Yes what?" he demanded with infuriating control. "Yes, I'm your little bitch." "MMMMMmmmm yes you are, little bitch, and this is what you will get any time I want to give it to you, because you.....are..... MINE!"

And with that he thrust, harder, deeper, driving to the very core of her body. "Louder" he whispered menacingly, as he repeatedly drove himself hellishly hard into her warm body and felt his cock become impossibly engorged as his balls gathered up to deliver their load. "I'M YOUR LITTLE BITCH!" Purr screamed as hot unexpected waves of unbelievably deep pleasure wracked her body, and Lance groaned-grunted through his final balls-deep drive, then roared his release as he came violently and hot seed surged into her now accepting body, mixing with her blood and spilling out of her to drip thickly down her thigh, pussy and belly.

In Lance's final shuddering pushes into her and his crashing orgasm during which he unconsciously wrapped his entire body protectively, almost lovingly around hers, Pur was shocked by the response of her own body. At the exact moment when the violence stopped and Lance's hot soothing cum filled her full of the warm vital essence of himself Purr felt a feeling she had never felt before...wondrous waves of feeling from her inner belly blooming outward...a new feeling and a pleasure she had not known could exist...along with a dawning realization that would change her world forever.

Pur lay blinking in wonderment. Hume cocks don't have spines.

It won't always hurt like this...and hurt can feel good...soooooo good.

I want more.

She turned her head and body to look at Lance where he lay sprawled still half on top of her, close to sleep, and through their mutual exhaustion their eyes met, his soft and sated, hers gleaming, almost smiling, and Lance knew that then, at that very moment, another mithra bitch had been born.

...and later, much later, Pur understood why Goldflower's spirit had fled her body that night, leaving starts knew what behind. This was not a man whose love was easily won or, once enjoyed, easily lived without. He wasn't all sweet, solicitous poet or altruistic warrior for a good cause...he had many facets, each made all the more precious by the delicious contrast between them all, and she had only scratched the surface. Flower had had and lost it all. She could never ever possibly be fully alive again. But for now Pur was happy, and she was mithra, so that was all that mattered.

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