Treasure of the Queen's Garden

BY : Akihana
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For Alcy, whom I love and respect even though she won’t sleep with me.

The bright sunlight of the early morning drifted into the garden of the Chateau d’Oraguille lazily through the leaves of the various trees planted in the area, seeming to regret having to be up so early for something as ridiculous as lighting the world of Vana’diel. Guillame agreed with the sun on this point—it was far too early to be on guard duty.

However, it had to be done. The gardener had sworn he’d seen another miscreant sneaking around the queen’s prized azaleas, and the powers that be decided to humor him once again—after all, he was the only one willing to take care of the beautiful garden area.

And who better to send to this fate than the newest of the Temple Knights? Guillame sighed, sitting heavily upon the ground and trying to enjoy rather than hate the morning air. He had proven himself as a Paladin, but obviously he had far to go before he’d be put on some more important duty. It could be worse, he thought to himself, I could be standing outside on guard duty. The morning heat was light but humid, but as the day went on, he was sure it would be unbearable. At least in here he would get some shade.

He stretched his long Elvaan arms above his head in a yawn, running a gauntleted hand through his naturally untidy dark-red hair. He hadn’t bothered to wear a helmet due to the heat, but he could already feel himself cooking in his bright white armor. He still had to thank himself that he had not chosen the path of a Dark Knight, though. The black armor must be terrible in heat. Surely they were too busy reaping the souls of the innocent to worry about something silly like heat, though.

He looked up briefly, hearing footsteps coming toward him, but began looking at the ground again as he noted only another guard coming toward him.

“Guillame,” the guard smirked, “How fares the flower-guarding?” It was one of the senior guards, Guillame noted. He could tell because the older Elvaan reeked of smugness and narcissism. And he had decorations on his armor.

“Oh, fair to partly cloudy,” he replied, doing his best to smile despite his want to throw something at the other. “What are you up to, today?”

“Me? Ha!” The older one leaned his head upward, trying very obviously to drown the garden in his smugness. “I’m off to Windurst on a mission to the Star Sibyl herself! Nothing you’d be interested in.”

“No, I guess not,” Guillame lied, sparking a burst of near-undetectable rage in the other. “Take care, then.”

The other guard scoffed, turning and walking back out of the garden. Had he any business in the garden area, he’d forgotten it when his underling had forgotten to be excited for him. Such a pity.

The rest of the morning was uneventful. The gardener was on business in town, and nobody else seemed to want to visit the garden on this sunny day. Guillame finally decided to take off his breastplate and set it aside. He decided the extra air was worth the chance of being completely decimated when the armies of opposing nations had the idea to attack the garden. Besides, he was left with a chain mail shirt to protect his tan, bare chest. He would be fine. He took off his gauntlets, as well, once he was sure the daisies wouldn’t be offended.

It was mid-afternoon before he decided to remove his leggings, as well. It was more humid than he had expected, and he was just about ready to die for the cause of cooler air on his legs. He stood, wiping sweat from his brow, and bent to remove them. He was, however, interrupted by a loud click, much like a greave hitting the stone floor harshly, from behind him. He stood quickly and reached for his sword automatically, knowing full well that the intruder wouldn’t be anyone more than the gardener or another guard.

However, there was no one there. He looked confusedly around, unsheathing his sword quickly. He was glad, suddenly, that he had not decided to remove it earlier.

“Hello?” He called, stepping toward the noise’s seeming-origin slowly. “Someone there?” His tan arms contrasted brilliantly with the gleaming white of the sword in his hands, though both shone brilliantly in the light with the sweat running down the Elvaan body. “Anyone?”

He heard another noise—a shuffle in one of the plants—and spun around, pointing his sword menacingly. “Show yourself!” He suddenly felt very happy that he was alone.

He was pointing his sword at nothing.

He must have looked like an idiot. He sighed, setting his sword carefully on the bench where he had been sitting previously. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find some sort of small animal in the garden. Without the gardener here, certainly the vermin would come out to play. He had always liked animals, anyway, and they had always liked him. He could use some company.

He turned at another shuffling in the plants to try to locate the rodent, but was instead greeted by a less friendly vermin.

“Jubaku!” The intruder cried, thrusting his hands together then extending one threateningly toward the Elvaan. “Ni!”

Guillame gasped, reaching backward for the sword, but was stopped in his tracks as he felt the familiar sting of paralysis grip his body.

“Got you!” The other cried, stepping in front of Guillame and chuckling to himself.

Guillame silently evaluated his opponent. It was a Hume—that much was certain. He was tall for his race, but still nothing compared to the huge Paladin. He was cloaked in the familiar garb of a Ninja, complete with two katana at his side. He didn’t seem particularly strong, though the paralysis coursing through his Elvaan form told Guillame otherwise.

“Now, let’s try another.” The Ninja threw his hands together in another spell, closing his brilliant green eyes to concentrate. Guillame felt something wrap loosely around his hands and feet before tightening painfully and pulling. It felt like rope, but there was nothing for rope to be attached to in this place. When the pulling ceased a few moments later, Guillame found himself completely exposed, his arms out above his head, and his legs slightly spread. The Ninja had him in a bad position.

“Very good, it worked!” The Ninja was surprised at himself, Guillame noted. Even with the fabric muffling and distorting his voice, the element of excitement was easily detected.

The paralysis infecting the Elvaan’s body disappeared as suddenly as it came, but it didn’t do much good for Guillame. He was caught. He gave an experimental tug on one arm and found that the rope-or-whatever-it-was was certainly strong enough to hold him. And it tightened.

“I wouldn’t struggle,” The Ninja laughed. “It’ll only make it worse.” He stepped closer to Guillame, sizing the Paladin up. “I can’t believe they left such an uncaring knight to guard the valuable treasure of the garden. What trust they must have.”

The Elvaan and Hume made eye contact once more, shared a glare, and resumed avoiding each other’s gaze. “Treasure?” Guillame asked, hoping to prolong the conversation (and gloating) as long as he could. The ties had to wear off sooner or later. Until then, he’d come up with a plan.

“Oh, I suppose you’re not very bright, either. Typical of an Elvaan.”

“Damn you!” Guillame attempted to punch the Hume in front of him, but got only another painful pull of the ropes as a reward. The Hume didn’t even flinch—in fact, he smiled. What smug confidence he had in his ability.

“Don’t be so rude,” He laughed, stepping yet closer and locking eyes with the taller one again. “I’m not going to hurt you as long as you cooperate.”


“Yes,” The smaller sighed, closing his eyes once more. “You’re going to give me the treasure, and I’ll leave peacefully enough.”

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about!” Guillame raged, but he didn’t attempt another punch. Dumb Elvaan?—ha! He wouldn’t be fooled thrice by the tight ropes.

“You really are dense, you know.” The Ninja sighed, opening his eyes and looking at the trapped Paladin. He withdrew a katana from its sheath slowly, holding it to the Elvaan chest. Guillame flinched, sucking in a breath and drawing another tightening from the ropes. “I told you I wouldn’t hurt you, don’t do that.”

The Ninja reached down and unlatched Guillame’s leggings.

“What are you doing?” Guillame gasped, trying to pull away and failing. “Stop!”

“Hush, or you’ll alert someone.”

“That might be worth doing!” The Elvaan scowled.

“Then I’ll never get the treasure if we’re interrupted!” The Hume whined, looking up into Guillame’s grey eyes.

“I don’t think that’s detrimental to my health in the least.”

“I do,” the little Ninja sighed, flicking another finger and causing the Paladin’s leggings to fall to the floor, revealing his similarly white undergarments.

“Now, I’ll be taking the treasure, if you won’t mind.”

“What are you—“Guillame frowned, resisting the urge to hit the infuriating and confusing individual in front of him.

“And you won’t mind,” The Ninja urged, stepping on one of the uneven bricks in the courtyard and using it as leverage to reach the Paladin’s face. “You won’t.”

Guillame gasped as the Ninja lowered his mouth covering and leaned into the Elvaan’s lips. He began to scream, but stopped as the Hume tongue violently pushed its way into his mouth, battling viciously for control. The Paladin found himself suddenly softened by the act, and actually played lightly with the intruder within his mouth. It was over soon, though, and the Ninja withdrew. Guillame panted for a moment, before connecting eyes with face with tongue.

“Edmond.” He gasped, suddenly more at ease than he had been all day. “Edmond!”

The Ninja laughed, pulling off the rest of his head covering and tossing it to the ground. “Guillame! I thought you’d never recognize me!”

“You bastard,” The Paladin laughed. “What are you thinking? Why are you here?”

Edmond smiled at his friend, leaning in for another quick peck before explaining tersely: “I just got back from my trip to Whitegate, and I heard you were stationed here. I thought you could use some company.”

Guillame scowled again, trying to lean forward for a kiss before his reply, but failing miserably with the ropes ever tightening. “I could certainly use some company, but I didn’t need all of this!”

“Of course you did,” Edmond winked, “Or else you’d demand control of the situation.”

“Since when am I overly controlling?” The Elvaan looked affronted.

“Never, honey, never,” The smaller insisted, wiping a strand of his messy blond hair out of his eye. “I guess I just wanted control.”

“I guess.”

“Well, I have it,” Edmond grinned, leaning against the tan Elvaan body lovingly. “And I’ll use it to my advantage.” With a quick swipe of a katana, the Elvaan’s undergarments fell to the ground in a heap, leaving the poor Paladin in only his chain mail shirt and a pair of greaves. He only momentarily tried to deny that the dominative acts of his friend were causing a rise in his loins. After all, without his last bit of clothing, the Hume could see clearly a piece of proof, standing at attention in a needy way, that would trump any claim otherwise.

Edmond found no other need for words, instead leaning up again for another kiss with his Elvaan love. Guillame kissed back passionately, noting only slightly that the ropes were beginning to give a little as the two were overtaken by their passions. The Ninja took the opportunity that was presented to him here in full, exploring the shapely, tan body uninterruptedly with his hands, stopping here and there to tweak a dark nipple beneath the chain mail or to squeeze a firm cheek lovingly. He couldn’t keep this up, however, as he found his remaining clothes to be increasingly uncomfortable.

He pulled off of his friend (to the Elvaan’s dismay) and stepped back a bit, until his body was in plain view for Guillame. He winked slyly once, before slowly stripping off his heavy chain mail ninja vest. He swung it once in the air for good measure, and threw it lazily to the ground, nearly hitting a flower. Neither could care less at this point about the flowers, of course.

He smiled, bringing a hand down to trace the outline of his length in the pants he wore and also to emphasize the fact that he, unlike the Paladin, was not wearing undergarments. He brought his other hand down into his pants, wrapping around the member and gasping slightly for the Elvaan’s benefit.

“Get on with it,” Guillame near-pleaded, unable to hide the pure lust in his voice.

“Only for you,” Edmond smiled, dropping the pants to the ground and simultaneously stepping out of his kyahan. “Only for you.”

Guillame marveled at the toned Hume in front of him. His friend was paler than the dark Elvaan, but he was certainly well-built, from his toned pecs and slightly broad shoulders to his abs to his muscular thighs… and everything in-between. His blond hair accented perfectly the slightly hidden green eyes behind, and his cocky, goofy grin made him only more attractive in the Elvaan’s eyes. He himself was no less well-built, though his shoulders were not quite as wide and his manhood was not quite as… developed. Respectively, of course—he was near-precisely the same size as his younger Hume friend, but that was not very large as far as Elvaan went. It didn’t matter to the Ninja.

The two were blinded by love, and by love the two were made to seem perfect in each other’s eyes.

Edmond stepped forward and up again, letting the two members touch briefly as he leaned in for another quick kiss. He didn’t linger, of course; there was a far more interesting thing to be beheld below. He would have the treasure of the garden, by Altana!—and nothing would stop him.

He sank to his knees on the heated rock, bringing himself as tall as he could without having to halfway-stand. In this position, he could perfectly manipulate the member in front of him. He breathed on it and brought a hand to stroke it softly, teasing the poor Paladin. There were no complaints from above about the teasing, though—only heated gasps as the dexterous Hume fingers slid over the sensitive Elvaan flesh.

Edmond leaned forward, kissing the tip of the length. He was rewarded with a light moan and a small droplet of pre, glistening like a pearly dewdrop on a flower. Perhaps it was bitterer than dew, but the prize behind it was no less sweet. The Hume tantalizingly licked the pearl away, marveling at its salty and musky flavor, then leaned in and took the head of the rod in his mouth.

Guillame had tried to prepare himself, but no skill of a Paladin (or Elvaan!) could prevent him from moaning loudly as he was engulfed by the warm Hume mouth. Edmond rubbed the base of the Elvaan’s manhood with one hand as he bobbed his head up and down, skillfully swirling his tongue up and down the pole. His free hand found its way lazily to his own aching member and began rubbing it slowly and softly.

“If you keep that up,” Guillame panted, “You’re going to be receiving some retribution for surprising me.”

Edmond withdrew from the length for a moment, squeezing its base powerfully and looking up into the Elvaan eyes. “You know how I love retribution.”

He dove again, licking the shaft from top to bottom to top again, before lowering his head to take one of the Elvaan’s low-hanging orbs into his mouth. Guillame gasped again, and shot another bullet of pre onto the Hume’s forehead. Edmond could care less at this point as he brought his face back up to deliver the coup de grâce. He engulfed the length once again, this time not bothering to bring a hand any higher than to roll the Elvaan orbs in the palm of his hand. Instead, he chose this time to take the entire member into his mouth. The Hume felt the rod touch the back of his throat and twitch as he created a high-powered vacuum with his mouth. The member twitched again, and released its bounty.

Guillame let out a moan that was no less than a roar as he came, spraying shot after shot of his sticky seed down his friend’s throat. Edmond was prepared for this, as he had learned to be, but the waves didn’t stop as quickly as he had expected, and he had to withdraw his mouth to avoid coughing or choking. This resulted in the final shot landing just to the left of his waiting mouth. He swallowed dramatically, savoring once again the flavor of his friend, and looked up, licking his lips to remove the excess.

The Elvaan looked down, completely winded and completely spent, and then fell. He felt his arms be released by the ropes holding him, and he hadn’t the strength to catch himself. He fell forward and crushed the naked Hume beneath him.

Their faces ended up next to each other, and, after catching their breaths, the two made eye contact once again.

Guillame was the first to speak, “Edmond… that was incredible.”

Edmond laughed, leaning forward to kiss the Elvaan tenderly and share a taste of the treasure which he had been rewarded. “I’m glad. I guess you were saving that one for me, huh?”

The Paladin nodded, “Yeah. Faithful to you to the end, you know. The Paladin way.”

“I think I like that.” Edmond began to reach down between them to finish himself off and add to the mess, but Guillame stopped him forcefully by grabbing his wrist.

“Take me.”

Edmond laughed, pushing the Elvaan and forcing him to sit upright. “You’re sure?”

“When am I not sure? Take me,” Guillame pleaded through a grin, grabbing the length presented to him to emphasize his point. “Now.”

“You’re in control now, then,” The Ninja laughed, laying back and placing his hands behind his head. He thought better, however, and placed his arms at his side. He somehow thought he might need something to grip.

Guillame took advantage of the control, stroking his friend’s length lovingly, determined to bring him some of the same joy that he had shared. The Hume rod leaked copious amounts of pre after having been abandoned for so many seconds, which was perfect for the Elvaan’s purposes. He raised himself slightly, aiming the member carefully, and thrust himself downward.

Edmond was taken by surprise and let out a moan to rival his friend’s from earlier. Guillame must be really horny, he thought to himself. He never moves so quickly!

The Paladin was not intending to slow down, either. He rhythmically and forcefully slammed himself down onto the Ninja’s member, causing his chain mail to clink loudly and eliciting moans of ardor from both of them as the Elvaan prostate was severely abused and the Hume member was severely worshipped.

Edmond couldn’t stand more than a minute or two of the punishment, though, since he had been so turned on by his previous actions, and was soon filling his friend’s bowels with his warm seed. Guillame refused to slow down at first, but soon the feeling of being filled with the incarnation of his friend’s love and lust became too much, and he collapsed forward again, his heavy breathing falling in sync with the Hume beneath him.

“I… needed that,” Edmond panted, chuckling, “Thanks.”

“No, thank you,” Guillame responded, wrapping his arms around his lover, “For being my intruder.”

The two laughed at the pun for a moment, but stopped quickly as they heard a clapping from somewhere in the garden. Guillame looked up, horrified, expecting to find a stranger, or worse, an officer that would result in his immediate ban from the Temple Knights. Suddenly, the events of the last minutes didn’t seem so blissful.

He was greeted, instead, by a wistful look from a familiar and powerful face: Prince Trion. “Wonderful show,” He smiled sadly, clapping once more for good measure, “Simply wonderful.”

Guillame looked questioningly at Edmond, who shared his look of surprise, for a moment and then looked again at the prince.

Trion laughed, “Oh, I’m only jealous. You two are lucky, you know. I wish I, too, could have a friend with whom to share such special moments…”

Edmond smiled, linking eyes with his Elvaan lover once more, before looking upside-down at the prince before him. Without regard to propriety befitting a prince, he blurted, “How’d you like two such friends?”

Trion gasped and smiled, Edmond smirked then winked, and Guillame laughed while thinking vainly that he probably wouldn’t be doing meaningless guard duty in a garden again anytime soon.


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