Mistresses of the World of Ruin

BY : ricobanderas9
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VI, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

A few notes:

-this is made public after a while of being private. Unless something major comes up, it will remain public.
-this story spans 15 chapters, so it's a hefty read. Most of it is pretty hardcore hypno twists and turns. There is a lot of teasing and a lot of buildup.
-I incorporated several fetishes. There is a fair amount of FFVI yuri content and a few intra-party sex scenes that should float the boats of any casual reader. But there should be some juicy scenes for humiliation fans, and I also have a great amount of M/F (my readers may be surprised). Of course, that means it's oozing with F/F. I think this also stands fairly well as a story.
-I really want some reviews. That's really all I ask. As group members know I'm pretty open to requests and most ideas and comments make their way into my work. But you have to open your mouth first, obviously- I can't read the minds of lurkers.



Cyan pried open the large, oaken doors to the domain and home he used to call Doma. The cool but pungent breeze of ancient scents rushed out and tingled his nostrils as he realized these doors had remained shut even throughout the apocalypse that he and his friends failed to prevent. Now that he had been separated from all of them for so long, he was not sure if he would ever see them, his family, or realize any of his dreams. The warrior's first instinct was to return to this place, long untouched by man, to find his solitude.

He opened a door to his right to a small study with a mahogany desk, and fireplace. Of course, the fire was long snuffed, but above the scenery hung a portrait of a beautiful lady in a red dress. She gazed into the distance, the line of her dress barely visible on her plunging neckline. This reminded him. He saw a portrait similar to this somewhere... he couldn't quite remember where. He passed by, leading to the room he came to see. The old room of his family.

Children's toys. And his first sword. Four beds lay in this room, surprisingly kept, as if this place had been recently inhabited. A grandfather clock ticked away in the corner, surrounded by a coffee tables that held the old keepsakes he thought he would never look at again.

Cyan walked through this chamber and lay down on one of the plush beds. His Murasame clattered on the ground next to him. He wasn't sure why he took it around. Maybe it was for self-protection? The weary warrior closed his eyes and recalled the memories he had, serving and protecting this castle. After his family and kingdom died away, he pursued a journey to get revenge on Kefka, the perpetrator. However, all of it fell to shambles. Even his one hope in this world, Lola, found him out. The girl he was writing to from the peak of Mt. Zozo realized that he was not the lover he posed to be, and the pigeons stopped. So he came back home. He came back in despair to the one place that brought him closest to his past.

He heard... clicking. With the tenacity of a fierce fighter he stood up and gripped his blade. But, somewhere in the warrior's mind was the growing desire to just let whatever was around the corner take his life, which had so little meaning now. First his family, then his world.

A tall, thin shadow protruded the doorway, and as it came closer, it shaped itself into that of... a woman? The shadow disappeared as Cyan noted a pair of brilliant golden heels enter the door, followed by a long, slender thigh that was quickly whisked back into the slit of a long, golden silk ball gown. The stride of her thigh moved up to her hip as the fabric writhed with the motion of her elegant, commanding walk. The dress ended at her bust, and exposed the light, supple neckline of the woman. Her face- her face was divine, glowing in the dark, aging chambers like the new life of chirping bluejays on a Spring morning. She wore little makeup- but what little she had was carefully applied, from the smooth brown lipstick adorning her visible lips to the light, powdery golden eyeshadow that charmed just a teaspoon every time she blinked. Her piercing, confident eyes were shrouded slightly by the bangs of her dark brown hair, put up in a ponytail. She ran her hand through her hair to tuck some of the silken strands behind her ear- gloved hands, golden gloved hands, shimmering in the pale light. Maybe on purpose, her elbow gently nudged her bust, sending her bosom into a delicate jiggle, to which she pursed her lips very slightly in a smile.

"I... wasn't expecting a visitor. Do you mean harm?"

"Are thou friend or fiend?" Cyan demanded hesistantly of the beautiful woman.

She paused for a second, "I'm Coconut. But you can call me… Coco."

"It is my pleasure to make your honor, Maiden Coco. I am Cyan Garamonde, former knight of this castle. What brings thou to this desecrated place?" quoth Cyan.

Cyan remained on the bed as she took a few more strides toward him. She sat down in a chair at the coffee table near him, brushing the side of her dress as she crossed her legs. This woman meant no harm.

She paused for a moment. "I moved here with my sisters after the world left its old state. Here, we keep ourselves beautiful and try to lead a life… of relaxation. It is honorable for me to meet a steward of this place. I thought all the memories were… but a fairy tale."

Cyan sighed. For him, that's what his past seemed like compared to the desolate reality he faced.

"Alas, dost thou mind my presence?" He could smell her perfume: strong yet weak at the same time- the type that you'd notice during one whiff and completely ignore for minutes afterwards.

"No, you are most welcome back, we do not claim this as our kingdom."

"I do not suppose any soul does," he continued.

After some time, she almost whispered, "Are you… lonely?"

What a question. This woman was reading him very well.

"I have lost… so much. It is certainly difficult," his eyes hung low as he spoke, but he raised them to her attentive, piercing stare.

"Please, tell me. You must be very weary," she asked.

He began to tell her, about Doma, Kefka, the Returners. About the Floating Continent and the cataclysm, and his fruitless efforts to find his friends.

Halfway threw his story Cyan did not notice that she pursed her lips and blew ever-so-slightly. She smiled and giggled noticeably at the fact. But to cover up her inattention, she slowly, playfully touched his shoulder. He felt very slightly drowsy.

"Really? That's so interesting..."

Her finger rubbed the shoulder for a moment as she continued,

"Please… tell me more..."

Cyan sighed as he went on with the story, "Anyway. The companions in the quest all disappeared. I have lost so much hope, because we tried to stop Kefka."

"Oh, dear… you seem so worried. I think you should just… relax… I don't think… you should worry about all of that anymore."

"What dost thou mean?"

The sensuous lady continued, "If you tried and couldn't, you should just... accept… it."

"It's pointless… to try… to save this world. It's gone," she continued.

Cyan came wasn't going to budge from this, and interjected, "There is a point to save it. I disagree with thou- I know my friends are out there."

"The world is gone, Sir Cyan... it's pointless to try to save it. I really understand your story, and do want to see you torment yourself," she said this lovingly and sweetly, smiling as she stroked the cheek of the warrior with her silken hand. He blushed. Never since the World of Balance had he considered moving on, or felt the rush of attraction of being close to a woman.

But part of him snapped out of this and shook his head, "No," he insisted, "I still have a duty to, even if dost seems to be no hope."

"Where are they?" Coco smirked as she replied.

"They are still alive, I know it," Cyan said confidently.

"Shhh..." she interrupted, "Just answer my question, where are they?"

Cyan grew dismal again. "I don... well, they are still alive..."

"Shhh," she said once more, placing a finger on his lips. The smooth fabric felt divine against his parched lips.

"I don't know."

"Good, dear Cyan. It is good to just… relax… and admit the truth. I care about your plight, and do not want to see you hurt yourself."

"What do you mean?"

She slowly crossed her legs, then uncrossed them again. He saw the hints of a garter belt through her long slit- apparently she was wearing extremely sheer stockings under her dress, the kind that shimmered slightly like the rising sun on a clear lake. She tucked herself a bit closer to the warrior.

"After what happened to the world… there is little hope for your friends. You must be realistic."


"Be realistic, my dear... relax… be realistic…" she said, petting his shoulder again. She pursed her lips and blew, allowing a thin stream of pink dust to escape her lips and snake around his head in a slow tendril as he spoke. She smiled as he breathed unconsciously once more.

"No, thou art beautiful and have thy views, but I still have duty as thou have thine."

"Your duty is unn...realistic." She emphasized the un-. "My duty is a life of enjoying what I have left, and helping those around me… enjoy… what they have left. The world is still beautiful, for we can make it beautiful if we just… relaaax. My duty is realistic. My duty is beauty."

"Yes... but..."

"What is reality? It is you, sitting here with me."

"There is so much hope."

"No, everything is so meaningless, pointless."

"I refuse to bel..."

"Shhh... meaningless, pointless."

Cyan sighed. Coco smiled as he put his head down and mumbled to himself. Everything she was saying was completely right. He didn't even know why he was deceiving himself by admitting it openly.

"Cyan," she interrupted his stammer, "There is a reason you came here. I understand you, I see you- you have no hope. You realize this. Give… up… on… alllllllllll those silly things. Pleeease… Cyan, just relax. Relax…"

He paused in thought.

"I am humbled… by thy attempts… at comfort, and am… surprised… by thy knowledge… of my feeling," he admitted, feeling himself slowing down.

"I was right… was I not?" she smirked a little.

"Yes, thou wast right. I do… not… have much hope, and thus is why I have come here, to wallow in misery."

"Why did you try to deny me?" she petted him again slightly, inquisitively.

"I wish… to deny… this. To maintain… my strength… and hope," he admitted again.

"It hurts me to be denied," she said, staring him deeply in the eyes, batting her lashes.

"I am sorry, Miss Coco."

"It is alright… I forgive you. But you must relax, just relax, and trust in me, for I am right," she continued, "You will find I am right in many things, and you must… let yourself relax… deeply… relax… and listen… listen to what I say… for I only want… what is best… for you.”

"You seem… so wise."

"Thank you. But for now, just rellaaax, Cyan, and listen to my voice."

She brought herself closer.

"You are welcome to stay here with me and the others. They are out right now, but I would like for them… to meet you, to watch you… relax. In the meantime, you look so tired. You need to relax. This is your old castle- relax in it. Relax… you are welcome to stay. Stay to relax… in the meantime, just relax. Relaax."

Now, Cyan was sitting, his head still slumped over with his eyes closed in depression as Coco's lips were very close to his ear, whispering directly to his mind.

"There is no hope, no searching for friends," she spoke.


"There is no hope," she said, breathing more pink mist close to him.

His head hung down, breathing deeply, lost in her scent as he grew slightly sleepy.

"You tried to deny my words, and you were wrong..." she pursed her lips and blew more of the pinkness.


"You were wrong, I was right..." she traced a circle along his cheek with a finger, and blew just a little more of the sweetness at him, “Just relllaaaxx….”


"I am beauty… Cyan, and you will find your hope in me. In me… for I am beauty. Find hope... in me..." He was growing very tired as she spoke. He kept smelling more of the sweet scent, growing more and more tired.

The maiden adopted a sinister grin.

"My pheromones have robbed you… of allllll your magic resistance, my love. But do not fret… love… it is for your good… for you must rest and let yourself relax… relax… and be completely open to my spell of sleep.”

Cyan nodded with the little strength he had left.

“So, my dear Cyan, *Sleep.* Sleep, Cyan..."

The magical energy caressed his mind and Cyan moaned softly as he succumbed completely to her spell. She guided his weary body down onto the bed as she felt his muscles untense, completely relaxed. She sprinkled, magically, the pink dust around him as his eyes drifted off and she tucked him in. “Relaaaax,” she droned softly while sprinkling.

"Now, sleep..."

She bent over, caressed him, and gave a long, slow kiss on his forehead.

"...to awaken my loyal knight, forever..."

She gave him another kiss as his dreams flooded over his mind.

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