A strange past finds a good future

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This chapter is for people wishing to know a little bit of background on the characters in this story. If you don't wish to read this chapter that is fine, it has no barring on the story its self. You can proceed to Chapter 1- The wedding night begins.
This characters of this story are based on characters that exist with in the world of Vana'diel. They are both citizens of the grand kingdom of San d'Oria. Truraud is a level 36 Redmage and Ashene is a level 50 Whitemage.

Truraud's past was not very eventful. He was the child of two Elvaan adventurers and when he came of age to start his adventuring career he did so with out really much thought. Though it was hard for him to gain experience as a Redmage and found himself being over powered most of the time, he stuck with it and was soon a level 28 Redmage.

Ashene's past is a little more, lets say colorful. No one knows where she came from but being that she is a full blooded Elvaan female it is known that her parents were both Elvaan but thats about all that is known about them. She was found wondering the streets of Bastok at about the age of seven and was taken in by a Hume male. Unfortunately for her he didn't much care for her as a living being, but he did care for her in other sick and twisted ways. He started to abuse her almost right after finding her and this abuse was physical and when she turned 8 it turned sexual. Being so young and rather small for her age, penetration was not possible but that didn't stop him from teaching her the art of oral sex and masturbation. When he was out of money, which was most of the time because he was a drunk gambler who could never keep gil, he would prostitute her out to his friends who would use her much in the same way.

At the age of 13 she was sold into slavery to cover his bar tab and then her life got much worse. She wasn't sold to a civilized being, oh no that would be to easy on little Ashene, she was sold to a Goblin who was one of the few lucky ones allowed into Jeuno. Knowing first hand the abilities Ashene had, her new owner started selling her to his friends, and unfortunately unlike her previous “father” this goblin didn't have any civilized friends, just beastman. This meant pleasuring Goblins mostly but she would also be forced into pleasuring Yagado and her most hated, Orcs.

Goblins and Yagodo were one thing but Orcs were the worst. Rough in every meaning of the word and they never understood what no meant. It was one of the only blessings in her life that she escaped those sessions with her virginity in tact but her jaw, arms, legs, and ribs were not so lucky. When she refused to do it the right way, they would often beat her to with in an inch of her life before her Goblin master would step in and make them stop. Not that he really cared about her, he just didn't want to lose the income she was bringing in.

No one in Jeuno ever reported what was going on because it never happened there. He would always take her to the beastman strong holds, where civilized law had little barring on what happened there. Thankfully one day when she was 18 she managed to escape during a session with an Orc and she ran into Jugner Forest and hid amongst the trees. The was out in the elements for 3 weeks before she was finally found by Truraud, who was on his way back to San d'Oria from Jeuno. Soaked to the bone and barely alive Ashene was brought back to San d'Oria with him.

After nursing her back to health Truraud started to tell her the stories of his adventures in the vast lands of Vana'diel. They would talk until all hours of the night about his past but never once did she bring up hers. She didn't want him to know about what she had gone though, to embarrassed to tell such a noble person. She soon expressed interest in joining the world of Adventurers. She knew that with this magic she would be able to seek revenge for her past and get even with everyone that had hurt her.

She started her training as a Redmage, wanting to follow in the footsteps of Truraud. She liked the power she felt when wielding magic but also liked being able to use a sword to hack away at her enemies. Most of the time the enemies she sought out were orcs, wanting to get revenge for the horrible things they did to her. Some of the orcs even recognized her but she was quick to kill them and she made sure there death was extra painful. All of this killing didn't seem to phase Truraud, he was to busy being impressed with her natural skills and talents. She was learning the art and skills much faster than he had and he was just amazed by it.

Still early on in there training, Truraud and Ashene shared a special moment on a rainy day in La Theine. They were hunting orcs and after about 8 hours of killing the wind had picked up and it was getting unsafe to be out on the plains. They sought shelter in one of the caves in northern La Theine and there in that cave Truraud experienced something new, a kiss. Truraud was the one to give it and Ashene initially pushed him away, it bringing back to many memories. This kiss felt different to her though, it had something unrecognizable to her inside of it. This new thing was love and Truraud was filled with it for her by this point in time. Wanting to feel this feeling again, Ashene quickly kissed Truraud again and again this feeling returned. Both Ashene and Truraud blushed when the kiss was broken and soon the storm and blown though and it was safe to head back to San d'Oria.

From that day on the two of them were inseparable and deeply in love. Ashene still didn't feel ready to devolge the secrets of her past to him though but he didn't seem to mind to much and never really pressed her about it. Her blood lust and need for revenge were now replaced with love and a fear of losing it. This fear is what drove her to take up White magic. She wanted to ensure that Truraud would be with her forever, and, just like with Red magic she excelled at White magic and had very quickly surpassed Truraud in her powers.

Three years had passed since Ashene had taken up the art of White magic and Truraud and Ashene were both very very happy. One day while they were both back in San d'Oria looking for something to do Truraud dropped to one knee and ashed Ashene to marry him. She said yes of course and they were married a few months later in that very cave that they shared there first kiss in. That wedding set Truraud back about 300k but he was happy to spend it to be with Ashene forever.

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