The Duo of Two Taru

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The sun was setting as Coloholo and Daegan-Taegan crossed the grassy plains of Sarutabaruta after another exhausting adventure that had taken them far across Vana'diel. Despite it nearing twilight it was still hot on the savanna and the two had travelled quite a distance in the day.

The Tarutaru had known each other since what seemed to them to be forever, when in reality they had first met during their childhood when Daegan's parents had upped sticks and moved from Mhaura to the relative safety of Windurst during the Crystal War. Even though they were really only children, they were still schooled in the ways of magic together to do what they could if the worst were to happen to the city.

After the war came to a close, as was academic in the capital, their studies in continued, both towards lives of magery, although they ended up at very different ends of the spectrum. Daegan specialising in the destructive ways of the Black Mage, Coloholo working towards a higher degree of skill in White Magic.

As they grew up they steadily grew apart; Coloholo eventually leaving the Federation and Mindartia for new sights and the walls of San d'Oria where he would wield swords and take up the same path of his new peers to become one of the Paladin knights of the kingdom, quite the achievement for a being of his stature amongst the lofty Elvaan; where Daegan would while-away his days chasing after his mentor, Shantotto, or trying but never succeeding to get the better of another of his old classmates, Ajido-Marujido.

As they passed by the hulking erection standing proud amongst the limp loose trees and the long tall grass of the plains, Daegan signalled to Coloholo stop as he adjusted himself under the shadow of the Horutoto Ruins tower. They had worked up a fair sweat today and the brief relief was too good a chance to miss.

"I don't know how you cope in that plate armour"

Even though the mages robes that Daegan wore were significantly lighter than his friends clothing, he wasn't as accustomed to much in the way of being energetic. His typical duties saw him standing back while his comrades kept the attentions of various foes while he blew them to smithereens with his magics from a distance, well, with that and his diet of cookies and sugary pies and sweet drinks, he didn't quite keep the same physique as Coloholo.

"Don't be so dramatic, home's almost in sight and soon you'll be in your mog house, changed into a fresh robe and ready for an evening down the tavern with me to declare our glory to the rest of Windy!" Coloholo said as he smiled wryly with a knowing wink.

"Col, the Timbre Timbers and all those Mithra can do without me for just one night, I'll be in my moghouse easing off these ouchie aches all nighty"

Daegan had taken near the full force of a Hobgoblins bomb earlier after it had become bored with toying with Coloholo and his sword.

"Sure you don't want somebody to help heal what ailes you?" His smile having turned into a smirk.

"I told you, those Mithra can leave me be tonight. Last thing I need is one of those energetic cats bending me all backwards with that sly suppleness of theirs."

His smirk wider than ever, Coloholo kept quiet, gestured with a light nod, contemplating how he'd have his own fun this nightfall as the two friends breached the sanctuary of Windurst, passing through it's great Odin's Gate.


Daegan had stripped off his robe and tossed it atop of his bed just as soon as he had entered his room and the door had slammed behind him. He had pretty much expected his moogle to chirp up about his immediate immodesty and then sing on about the disorder he caused, the mess he was making so quickly and how he should treat his fine garments with better care; the puffball could go on but always in the nicest ways and always with the best of intentions, however the room was silent. Pulling himself out of his traditional Taru undershirt, dropping it in the middle of his floor, he casually walked over from his bed to his desk and sat down on the little stool in front the counter stacked with many of his ancient wizardly tombs all piled up behind him as he struggled with his boots one by one. Wriggling out of his slacks he noticed a freshly written note under the light of the lantern that adorned the table.

"Union meeting kupo!

May be gone for a few days.

Please take care in my absence.

Have good adventures kupopo!!


That would explain the silence, the sorcerer thought to himself. Although he adored Moogle completely and every thing that he would do for him, keeping his home warm and comforting ready for every time he would return from his travels, organising all of his many treasures and collections, especially for tidying after him, he mused over the fact that he probably needed some space and just to be by himself for the time he could and that this peace and quiet really could be a golden opportunity.

Tucking his boots just underneath the desk and lightly kicking his trousers and socks over to meet his shirt on the Near Eastern rug that took up the centre of the room, he shuffled, nearly naked, around to the back of the mog house. He knew exactly what he needed before hitting the hay that night, he'd got so sticky what with all the fighting, the sandstorms in his face and all the disgusting gloop his enemy's had thrown at him, he needed to be clean.

The nicest part of Windursts Moghousing had to be the small well that constantly streamed fresh water from the aqueducts that fed the Great Star Tree's roots, and many a night Daegan, and he imagined many other a Windurstian and visiting adventurer, must have fallen softly to sleep with the gentle background noise of the trickling water. It was supposed to be strictly ceremonial, keeping it clean was supposed to keep up the health and the strength of the mighty tree or so the Ministers would argue over anyway. However, he was tired and traipsing out to the communal water closet was not on the cards and it wasn't as if this was the first time he'd washed himself down there either.

He had afforded himself some form of privacy in the layout of his small abode for occasions like this, a large folding screen separating off his work area that backed onto the end of the room from the fountain and it was here where he slipped off his boxers and neglected to notice the sound of his door being pulled to.


Coloholo had travelled long enough with Daegan to know many of his secrets. He had nearly a girl in every port he visited. There was Rottata in Windurst where he called home, Funono of Jenuo, Shivivi far out in the cold and damp of Norg and Kalokoko on the beach of Selbina, and they were to name but a few of the friendships Col could recall Daegan making.
It wasn't malicious, he was just well liked; After a hard days escapade, he would often just relax and unwind in a tavern of whichever closest settlement they were by, retelling any of his many tales of his journeys to the locals. People were simply attracted to him, although he never took advantage, in fact quite the opposite was usually true, so much so that Daegan could often be quite the mere observer in his own seductions.

It wasn't the be all and end all of why the pair sought out new horizons but it was a perk they both thoroughly enjoyed and Coloholo made the most of it, even if Daegan didn't always notice, for you see Col approached his affairs in an altogether different manner.
During his time while sanctioned by San d'Oria, Coloholo learnt a lot from being included within their legions. The brotherhood of the battlefield, the stiff stuffiness of rank and officialdom, and the camaraderie and companionship felt in and out of training and back at barracks. There wasn't a moment that Col wouldn't make everything he could out of, or leave any chance opportunity undisturbed, this evening was going to be no exception.

He had been waiting for a chance to see if his friend was as open as he was, but he was smart enough to know this was not something to storm into, light footed inside the privacy of a moghouse was the way to go, while all of Dae's barriers were down, when his clothes were already off, his back was turned and he was withdrawn from the world. Fate had granted Col the perfect opportunity.

Glancing through the crack in the doors he eyed up his target, gently creaking the door open just enough to slide through. Walking so gently as if he were crossing clouds themselves as the Zilart once wished to do, he saddled up just behind his consort, he being still so utterly unaware of the invasion taking place.


Col drew closer to Daegan, mesmerised and staring intently at the Tsahyan markings adoring the naked flesh before him. Raising his arm and with just his forefinger he traced the tattoo that graced his friends shoulder blade.

"Colo!?" exclaimed Daegan, turning his head around at the touch.

"I'd come to see how you were getting on with those aches of yours but now I see it's no wonder why you need to rest for the day. You must really keep all the girls happy with that, no wonder you're busy nearly every night."

And with that Col reached around his Taru buddy, taking hold of his cock. Dae dumbfounded and shocked, stumbled back at the touch into his friend. Upon the feel of the Paladins cold metal armour on his bare skin, a shiver arched the length of Daegan's body, shooting through his system, pulsating across his chest and lingering within his dick. He was hard.

He couldn't understand how any of this was happening; How had his friend got into his Mog House? Why hadn't he noticed this in Col before? When had he started slowly pumping Dae's hard-on? and why wasn't he stopping him?

"Having fun?" Colo asked with the same smile he had had on his face earlier on in the day.
"ooh" was the only response Dae could make.
"What better way to ease those pains and bruises eh?"
"ummm" he cooed back to Col.

With his free arm, Coloholo toyed with his ally's chest playing with his body before he pressed him further back into him and his armour giving him a touch more freedom to manoeuvre and perform. Snaking down to his already busy hand, he cupped his friends balls, giving them a gentle squeeze.

"I bet you wanna bust now right?"
"aaahhh" Daegan echoed in pleasure, feeling Colo tickle the very base of his nuts with one hand as he pumped and tugged vigorously with this other and Dae squirted his warm sticky load out across his Mog House.


The two Tarutaru, sat at the end of Daegens bed, naked and exhausted, Dae having just attempted to repay Col's earlier kindness.
The Mog House smelled of sex and the floor and walls were covered in cum.

"Better than any Mithra right?" Colo said.

Their adventures would never be the same again, but they sure weren't going to get any less interesting.

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