A Wish For Love

BY : KingEdgarFigaro
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Disclaimer: I do not own final fantasy VI, and I do not make any money from these writings.

It was late, and King Edgar knew he had
better head to bed.
Scratching his neck as he hurried down the hall, he bumped into a frail girl, with the pretties colored hair ever-Light Emerald.
The girl smiled weakly as she apologized.
"Sorry, Edgar. I didn't mean to bump you."
Her face was flushed.
What was she doing? Thought Edgar, frowning.
He grabbed her hand and kissed it tenderly.
"Aye, tis my fault, young maiden. I should
have my eyes open when i walk."
She gazed behind him and then at his face,
pulling her head back to see his face-He was
so tall an Handsome, well built and very sexy!
Smiling, the king kissed her cheek.
"What were you doing, Terra? It is twelve at night."
Unaware of the time, Terra gasped. "Oh no! I should go to bed," She hugged him tightly, before running off, not noticing Edgar's blush. He had felt her every curve lean against him, a spark hit him somewhere he wished it hadn't.

Running to his room, Edgar hurried into a very hot shower, hearing himself groan and grunt every few seconds. He gazed down and saw his manhood, long and straight, leaking with seamen. Sighing in bliss, he started to stroke the head, feeling his body rocked against his hand. Going faster an faster, Edgar started to grunt even louder, feeling his manhood throb every second his warm hand
enclosed around himself, rubbing and pulling. Pumping forward with all his speed,
Edgar spilled his seamen everywhere in the shower. Gasping and breathing hard, he dropped to the tub and felt his penis throbbing in excitement of thinking of Terra's fragile, naked body below him.
Feeling tired, he dressed in bozers, black and tight, complmenting his size, he went to sleep.

HIs dreams were filled with Terra, teasing and kissing him all over, licking and pulling a very warm, rod. He felt his loins tighten, his size increase, his pants shrink. When she sat on all her limbs, butt in the air, Edgar jumped on her and pounded into her.
Waking up, he found himself attached to a pillow, his boxers wet from his dream. He went to take another shower, but longer, for his dream made him aware of Terra once again.


Next chapter, Edgar will find out why Terra was blushing! Oh, snap!

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