Mage's Special

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Mage’s Special.

Durib and Andrew ended their trip to Windurst, walking through the gates at the port.
Andrew was in need of some new spells after learning the ways of the red mage. The two were made aware by fellow adventurers of the magic shops of this city and came seeking new scrolls.
After only finding scrolls too advanced for Andrew or ones he already had, they were about to return to Mhaura.

The Galka heard a solid “Pssst.” coming from behind the Bastokan Consulate. He nudged Andrew and they both headed behind the building to see what was calling them there.
There was a small table covered in rolled up scrolls tended by a Tarutaru female wearing some interesting cloths not normally seen. She wore what appeared to be a custom-made Mithra separates and loincloth made to fit her body, black boots and a Coven hat were also a part of her skimpy apparel.

“I heard you boys were looking for some scrolls~” She said seductively. “I have things you won’t find anywhere else on Vana’diel.” She unrolled one scroll for their view. “This one would melt the armor right off a Mithra, guaranteed to work or your gil back.” Andrew moved forward, curious began to browse her wares. The Tarutaru made her way over to Durib, her ass shaking in her tiny loincloth as she approached. “Hey there, big boy~” she coxed. “How would you like to see my wares, too? I have things that any job can use, not just mages~” She winked as she pulled a part of her top down, showing her tit off to the Galka, revealing her hard nipple.

Durib gazed at her, lacking curiousity. “Oh… I see…” she said slowly as she turned to Andrew. “You don’t like that kinda thing… I see what you like~ well then, do I have a spell for you~” She waddled back behind her little table, pulling out a scroll that was a more vibrant color than the rest. “Okay, boys, you’re about to see Sumomo’s best!” Andrew jerked his head up to see what was going on as a faint, pink mist filled the air.

Durib stepped forward, in a trance-like state. Grabbing Andrew’s shoulders and pulling him back, into his body. Andrew was in an equally entranced state, loosening his trousers and they fell to the floor. Sumomo giggled as she came out from behind her table approaching the two under her spell. “This is a special spell, it will destroy your inhibitions and your bodies will act solely on desire. Now the fun will begin~”

Sumomo tugged down Durib’s brias, exposing his large dick. She pulled out a vial of slime oil, applying it to her hands; she reached up taking the enormous cock and gently rubbed it, lubing it up for the next event. She guided Andrew back; Durib’s body took over grabbing Andrew’s hips and pulled his ass onto his Galka dick. Andrew could feel the enormous shaft enter his tight ass just before Durib’s thrusting begun.

Durib’s mind raced. This was exactly what he wanted, but could never bring himself to tell Andrew. Andrew had secretly wanted this as well, as the effect of this spell made their bodies act and fulfill their desire, the two indulged in the warmth of one another. Sumomo walked to them as Andrew was being bounced on Durib’s throbbing tool. She watched Andrew’s meaty dick bob in front of her. She giggled before reaching out and grabbing it, squeezing it in her tiny hand.

She began jerking on Andrew’s cock while Durib continued fucking Andrew’s ass. “No fair at all~” she taunted moving her mouth to Andrew’s swollen dickhead. “You boys won’t have all the fun without me!” She took Andrew’s throbbing, pink, head into her mouth, sucking gently as her other hand worked down her loincloth. She felt her little clit along her fingertips as the throbbing dick pulsed in her mouth, being thrust inside with the motions of the Galka ramming his dick into the Hume’s ass.

Sumomo began moaning as the sight made her wet she started pumping her fingers into her tiny slit as her mouth was fucked by Andrew. Andrew felt Durib’s Galkan Sausage pounding deep into him, each vein trailing along the insides pounding deeper and faster.
Sumomo started to bob her head on Andrew’s dick, her pigtails bouncing as she moved up and down. Letting go of Andrew’s dick with her tiny hand, she started to massage his balls while sucking his dick with vigor.

Andrew and Durib’s moans became more intense, Durib started grunting as he reached his climax, cumming deep inside Andrew’s ass. Andrew was feeling the pleasure on both ends; he let out a yelp as his cum filled Sumomo’s mouth at such force it spilled from her lips after filling her cheeks. Sumomo fell to the floor, covered in cum, moaning and squeaking while fingering her tight pussy viciously. Her nectar exploded forth from her slit, covering the ground and soiling her loincloth.


Andrew and Durib attempted to stand as dizziness overcame them. They fell to the floor, unconscious. When they awoke, Sumomo’s table was gone, they we’re fully clothed, and there was no evidence anything transpired. Durib was rubbing his head shaking off the dizziness. Andrew stumbled to his feet bracing himself on the wall. “What happened…?” Durib muttered.. “I had this weird dream.. But… oh... Never mind.” Andrew regained his bearings saying: “Well… lets go find those scrolls and get a rent-a-room… I really need to sit down… Feels like a Pugil learned sneak attack and used screwdriver on me..”
Durib perked up at that then quickly reverted to a smile as the two walked off.

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