Work Interrupted

BY : Lysiaamazon
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This is combination written story by two people, in a role play. It is rough and each break signifies the change in writer. Tseng and Reno are the stars.
It quite smutty and full of MaleXMale love, if you no like then leave now as it can, no will, get a bit graphic. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

I do not own Reno and Tseng, they are, sadly, owned by Square Enix...those lucky peeps.
Anyways please enjoy and be aware that it is a back and forth RP between two players and it's quite possible it will be made into story depending on how well it's received or it can continued to be uploaded in the same format. You let me know...but please enjoy and please no flames...Please remember this is raw and only looked through for flow and spelling not so much for content as of yet.

It is a different written format, so, just a warning.
A brief sum...
Reno seeks to distract the stoic Commander out of work, but might have just bitten off more then he can chew or maybe Tseng has???

The idea for this story and I give props to her and I...because it is not just my idea but ours..(you know who you are *winks*). It was done just for fun, so if you enjoy it, great....


Reno and Tseng -- Work Interrupted --

A dramatic sigh escaped his lips as he slumped back into his chair. It was too darn late for this but, as he must, reports needed to be finished, new Turk applicants signed off or denied as well, and lastly, Rufus's daily summaries typed out of his 5 meetings. It was never over and although on many nights he loved to work late, today had been especially hard. Why did Reno have to mess up, always acting on the emotional level. Admittedly Reno was his best, but sometimes he wondered if the man took anything seriously. Leaning forward Tseng pressed the button to turn on his computer and calmly waited for it to boot up. To his right sat a cup of Wutai Green tea, still warm, thankfully. No one was around and again he was thankful for that. The only way he was going to get to bed at a decent time now was to just work until he was done. His work was his pride and his responsibility. He didn't get to his position just by slacking. Tseng sighed again and looked back to his computer. Now finally ready, he opened a new file, dated it and pulled his notes to the front to start typing them out. Ah, the paper could be so soothing sometimes.

At that very moment, said redhead carelessly threw open Tseng's office door (which was closed and had a display saying "Disturb and Die" posted), sauntering in and flinging himself into one of the three chairs stationed in front of Tseng's spotless desk.
"Heya, Bossman," Reno said, kicking his shoes up in a manner that kept Tseng's face unobstructed. "Whatcha up to?"

Tseng jumped inwardly but didn't show it on the outside. Reno would see him close his eyes for a moment as he obviously settled his nerves. "Did you not see the sign?" Then with a sigh he paused in his typing and gave Reno a look that seemed to speak in so many words that he found it an odd question to ask him based on the fact it was plainly obvious as to what he was doing. " My job..." He stated in a dry tone. His dark eyes then reflected more then just mild annoyance but he looked away before Reno could settle on anything clear about it.
" What the bars empty tonight?" Tseng questioned as he began typing again.

Reno mock pouted, hiding the fact that he was puzzling over the other emotions he saw flit through his superior's eyes in that brief moment. "No, thank you very much. I just decided that getting shit-faced didn't sound like the most entertaining idea. Haven't had any luck getting anyone to bed totally trashed. Figured I'd try it sober for once. May actually be more fun, what with being able to remember it and all." The redhead grinned, knowing he was probably going to get told off for giving the Wutaian too much info, and reached his arms back behind him languidly, his back arching as he stretched, shirt lifting mere centimeters to show pale skin, a shock of more intimate red hair, before he settled back down, preparing himself for what he assumed would be a lecture. Or at least a scathing remark.

Tseng then seemed to notice something and he frowned, but it could be nearly missed by how it seemed to be barely there on his somewhat expressionless face. "Reno, shoes off my desk please, unless you want to polish it!" He said in a low warning tone. Then he paused again and looked upon the Turk with confusion and utter annoyance, but his eyes did not miss his form and they took their time to wash over him before he turned away. "I didn't need to know that, ...your sexual exploits..." He sighed and picked up his tea cup to take a sip before he continued. "...are rather you think I want to know this, like I care who you consider a sexual conquest...really Reno...I have work to do so unless you want to help and by that I mean leave..." He said his words soft but firm. He shook his head.

Reno huffed. "You'll probably get me in here to polish your fuckin desk soon enough, Tseng. God knows I do all your grunt work, yo." While he bitched, a grin remained in his eyes. "And you know you're just jealous of my sexual prowess. You wish you could have a piece of this," he purred, grin back full force, as he wiggled his hips teasingly. "Seriously, though, yo. You need to lighten up. Get some ass. You're way too fuckin tense, Bossman. Live a little."

Tseng put down his cup of tea and leveled his gaze at Reno. He didn't move his feet at his request, so very calmly he got up and walked to the side of his desk. Tseng lashed out his hand and took a hold of Reno's ankle and pulled them off his desk. He made a face and his eyes flicked with the light from his monitor. " Oh you are right, you can use your backside to clean it, in nothing but your boxers, how's tomorrow sound." He said in mocking but it was oh so serious. Then Tseng made a low sound in his throat at Reno's comment, though he did allow his eyes to linger again upon the redhead as he wiggled his hips at him. Deep in his gut something stirred and he cursed inwardly at himself. "I am the way I am because no one else obviously have a problem...none-the-less."

Reno cocked an eyebrow. "Better be careful what you suggest, Commander. You may suck off more than you can handle." He grinned perversely, then stood up, almost chest-to-chest with his boss. "And I am the way I am because each and every one of us has to have something to take our minds off the shit we do here; the people we kill, the families we destroy, then come back here and act like nothing's happened. I am the way I am because drinking's the best memory killer I've found to date, and hey, why not get a little bit of the love we're denied on the side, eh? So like I said: Live a little. Helps ya stay sane, yo. Though I'm sure ya can't tell by lookin at me," he said, his grin turning a bit more sad, his eyes a bit more haunted, before he put his mask back on, the jovial, jocular Reno returning.

The serious look in the Commander's face changed slightly at Reno's words, but he understood all to well the meaning of them. He sighed. 'way to down the moment' he thought, but then he shook those thoughts aside. If Reno wanted some ass then he certainly could abide it. "I am sane enough and very relaxed." He retorted back with a slight frown. Tseng stood his ground when Reno came face to face with him. Dark eyes met those of green and both were glowing. "I was serious, in fact why not polish it clean now for me? Hmmm?" Tseng said grabbing Reno by the shoulders and shoving him backwards. "Since you see fit to hinder my work, I'll put you to work instead." He said his lips hinting at a dark smile.

Reno's eyes widened almost comically, stumbling a bit over his feet as Tseng pushed him, his ass hitting the hard wood (LOLOLOL) of Tseng's desk almost painfully. "I--You--Are you fuckin serious here, yo? Because it would be pretty horrible of you to just be teasing!" he gasped, seating himself on the desk and grabbing Tseng's tie, almost hesitantly pulling the older man closer, a shudder wracking his frame at the smile on his Superior's lips.

The Turk's eyes flared again and he allowed himself the pleasure of an even wider grin. " I never say anything I don't mean." He said jerking forward when Reno pulled on his tie. The two were not even and inch away from each other. Not taking his eyes off Reno, Tseng slid his hands down along the man's side and tucked a finger beneath his belt. "Well...go with it." He said with an electrifying tone. Then he took a hold of Reno's waist and lifted him slightly so as to scoot him far enough back onto the desk his feet weren't touching the ground anymore. He brought his lips so close to Reno's that when he spoke, they brushed against his. " I am serious...very...serious and I expect immediate action especially on your part, since my work will not get done now in a prompt manner."

Reno's hands shakily fumbled with his belt, his eyes crossing slightly as he attempted to watch Tseng's lips. With a light moan, he lost his self control, pressing forward that extra millimeter and catching his superior's lips with his own. He gave a frustrated sigh and grabbed Tseng's hand, forcing it toward his belt, giving a light hiss as it tantalizingly brushed his stiffening erection. "Can't get it off, yo. You want it cleaned, you're gonna hafta help me out a bit, catch my drift?" he purred, nipping lightly at Tseng's lower lip.

"Reno you have a heightened sexuality...and how dare you shove it off onto me..." He teased just before he was caught by surprise when Reno's lips met his. Damn it, he couldn't hold it back and thus Tseng sighed within the kiss and returned it with feverish vigor as his hand, lead by Reno's ever gentle guidance, shadowed over his very obvious arousal. He broke the kiss but only slightly and again he sighed when Reno teased at his lower lip. Then he glared at Reno with a deep desire. With an even more alarming look in his eyes Tseng smirked and stepped back but not far. Both hands again locked onto Reno's hips and he shifted the Turk sideways and forced him down onto the desk length wise. " Oh I most certainly do." Tseng said in a low lustful tone. With one swift movement he slipped the belt off, loosened the snap and zipper and pulled both his pants and shoes off in one fluid motion. Stepping back he gazed with fondness upon the Turk. "Well now you should get to work." He teased, the look in his dark eyes was definitely alluring.

Reno gasped as he was forcibly shoved down onto his back, his hips arching off the surface ever-so-slightly as Tseng made quick work of his pants. Groaning at the lack of contact, then more needily (though he'd never admit it) at their sudden distance, he cocked an eyebrow at Tseng's demand.
"What, ya just want me to squirm around till my shoe-print's gone or something?" he asked, wriggling his hips as he spoke as an example, unable to keep his small grin in check.

Tseng crossed his arms over his chest for a moment and just stared at the man. His insides were turning summersaults inside him and he hoped to God Reno wouldn't start doing a cute wiggle otherwise he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off the man. Tseng smiled again slowly. "No, not exactly...." He said in a soft tone. He then stepped forward and took Reno by the hips again, drawing his body between the length of his legs. He didn't miss the fact that Reno was oozing desire or the fact that the Turk was groaning through his lips. "What do you expect I should do?" He questioned as his fingers slipped along the hem of Reno's boxers. The man was sure asking for it and Tseng questioned inwardly whether it had been Reno's intention first off by coming here.

Reno gasped as Tseng grabbed his hips and pulled him forward, sitting up and taking a fistful of Tseng's shirt in one hand, the other flitting down to toy with the Wutaiain's belt. He wrapped his leg around one of Tseng's, rubbing it slowly, lightly, up and down the length of it. "I dunno, Bossman," he purred, shuddering as he felt Tseng's fingers teasingly breach the barrier of his boxers. "You seem to have a pretty good idea of what it is you want, yo..." With that, the clasp of the belt was finally undone, and Reno turned his attention to the button on Tseng's slacks.

Tseng's jaw tensed at the sight of the redhead before him, Gods, he's had tastes of Reno before but nothing that went beyond a teasing word. How Reno got to him on this night, whether he was tired or not, he didn't know but he sure wasn't going to let this moment pass. Dark eyes followed the man's as he made for his belt and had pulled him close in a handful of fabric. A soft sound came from Tseng's lips and he did not move to stop the other Turk. Once the belt was released he smirked. "Your intentions I see!" He said with a devilishly questioning look. *Sit up Reno!" He demanded as he gripped the flesh of his thighs. He did nothing to remove the other man's hand at his front and uttered another shallow breath when Reno's leg teased the back of his thigh.

Reno threw his head back and laughed, doing as his commanding officer ordered and sitting up. "Yeah. You caught me, yo," he chuckled, giving Tseng a wink promising him that, regardless of his plot, he wouldn't regret what was about to happen. As soon as Reno's hand had finished unbuttoning and unzipping Tseng's pants, both hands flew to his shirt, a goodnatured curse falling from his lips as his fingers stumbled over the offending buttons. Deciding to fuck it for the moment, he pulled the older man closer, spreading his legs so Tseng could press more fully against him, adding a teasing buck of his hips as he pulled Tseng to him. "You disapprove of my intentions? Cuz, y'know, I could always just go..." He pinned Tseng with a sultry, seductive look.

One perfect eyebrow arched once his pants were released and fell to his ankles revealing the silk navy Shinra issued boxers that he wore. It was also obvious by how firm they seemed that Reno's intentions wouldn't go unsatisfied. A light chuckle came from Tseng's lips when the Turk fumbled with his buttons and then gave up. "No won't go anywhere." He said with a soft guttural sigh as Reno drew him near. Upon instinct Tseng's hands slipped down and took each cheek in a rough hold and he closed the distance between their bodies just as quickly. 'Damn Reno...and his body, his touch!' Tseng thought. Eyes met again and locked fully with the other man's, and with another rough jerk towards him, pressing something hard against Reno's inner thigh, Tseng met his lips again in a lust crushing kiss.

Reno groaned at the contact, his legs tightening around Tseng and his arms twining around the elder's neck sinuously. With one hand, he removed the band holding the man's short black hair, the other following quickly to thread through the strands, pulling him closer, always closer, as he met each one of Tseng's thrusts with a sensual roll of his own hips. Returning the kiss with vigor, Reno's fingers strayed back to the damned buttons, bound and determined to get the things undone. He made quick work of the tie, throwing it off to the side somewhere and running his hands up his Commander's body to help him out of his coat, pushing it down his arms, all without removing his lips from Tseng's. Growling and breaking the kiss as he continued to fumble with the buttons, Reno hissed, "I swear to fucking god, I'm just gonna rip this goddamned thing off you, yo."

Tseng's body moved gracefully at the Turk's touch almost as if he anticipated his every move. Groaning within the kiss and the fact that Reno was literally grinding against him, the man was lucky he was tied up in the kiss otherwise he would have elicited a hiss at his hair tie being released. Tseng couldn't hold back the shallow groan that came from his throat when Reno ran his fingers through his hair, and rolled his hips against him, drawing him closer. Tseng was everything but the perfectionist, his hair was at the top of his list but for now he let is slide. He easily shifted his arms to allow his suit jacket to fall off only breaking contact with Reno long enough to let it fall from each arm. All this without breaking the kiss. Then finally Tseng drew back to stared into Reno eyes. "Reno...those hands of yours are dangerous." He said in a husky voice that was laced with desire. It was a tone Reno would be begging to hear.
As Reno worked with his top, Tseng laughed lightly again and reached up behind Reno to snag the length of his ponytail and held it, giving him a teasing warning that he would pull at it if he had too, and he did when Reno spoke next. He jerked Reno's head backwards a bit exposing his neck to him while his other hand slithered around to the front and fitted firmly against the tented part of Reno's boxers. He pulsed his fingers against him. Tseng arched an eyebrow again, his lips slowly curling into a very mischievous grin. He shook his head lightly at Reno's words and could not hold back a deep brief chuckle. "You do and I'll make sure you spend the next week working off the money it would cost to replace such and expensive suit and don't think I won't make good on that promise." He taunted as he brought his lips back down and kissed the nape of Reno's neck softly. He ran his tongue all the way up until his lips met the edge of the Turk's ear, where he nibbled lightly before giving it a quick, somewhat rough bite.
The growl the man had uttered hit his ears sending waves of raw desire down his spine. Through it all Tseng had kept his cool but he was quickly starting to lose it, wanting more from his redheaded fair. Removing both hands from where they were, one at his hair and one between Reno's thigh, Tseng knew the Turk would groan at the loss of contact. With more grace and ease then Reno thought possible, he unbuttoned the Turk's shirt and without removing it slipped his hands inside, dancing his fingers over heated flesh. "Reno..." Tseng said softly as he removed one hand and teasingly swatted the other's away from his own chest. Again with quick ease, he undid his and shuffled it off, showing the perfect skill with which his fingers could perform. Now only in his boxers he placed both hands upon Reno's shoulders and shoved both the suit jacket and white shirt off in such a manner that it would bring the Turk's hands back behind him. Tseng smiled and used both hands to ball up the fabric at Reno's wrists to trap his arms behind him. He leaned forward again, deathly close to Reno's lips. " So you think I need to get more ass...well then...I think I shall, and it will be yours I shall take." He taunted.

Reno grinned at Tseng's warning words, knowing perfectly well that his hands were quite dangerous... And quite skilled. He let out a soft purr as Tseng lightly tugged on his hair, then a deep, long moan when the man pulled it, his back arching instinctively towards him (he'd never told anyone, but he was quite the masochist, and Tseng seemed to have no qualms about using that unknown advantage). The redhead sucked in a shaky breath at the manner in which his neck was attacked, his hips impulsively thrusting into the friction Tseng's hand provided, a low hiss escaping him at the pleasure it brought. Giving his superior a shaky grin, he murmured, "Yeah, I'd bet you would. Probably have me fuckin alphebetize your files by the fifth letter in every word or s--" his sentence was cut off about then by the swift nip to his ear, a moan completing the statement as his eyes went glassy. He pressed his chest up towards his boss's wandering hand, groaning, "You're playin with fire, here, boss..." and glaring as his hand, which had still been trying to remove Tseng's shirt, was swatted away. He let out a huff as Tseng so easily did what he had failed to, not even noticing when Tseng oh-so-easily disabled the use of his arms. He did, however, notice his sudden handicap when he attempted to reach for the man again, his eyes widening, a wanton shudder travelling down his frame.
Bondage. Another one of his hidden kinks.
A sudden blush rose, dusting his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, his breaths coming more quickly in his excitement, a small whimper (again, he'd never admit to it) escaping his parted lips. "Tseng..." he all but moaned, brushing his lips teasingly against those of his Commander, "Shut up and fuck me."

Reno was deliciously sexy and he couldn't avoid it this time. Never before had he had such a strong desire to take a man, sure Reno had teased him and he himself had toyed with the idea of it, but never before had he actually acted on it. Tseng again chuckled. " Actually it would be the last letter but I am sure you wouldn't mind...hmmm?" He said with a dark look. Something again flared in his eyes when Reno spoke to him, setting off a fire inside him he had yet to tamper with. He tightened his grip with one hand on the folds of fabric that bound his lushious Turks arms. "Mess with fire? Oh no, you lit the flame." Tseng stated in that same rasping voice as he bypassed Reno's lips again to make contact with the man's neck where he proceeded to kiss, lick and nibble, quite hard at times, upon Reno's skin. He left small red marks as he did. Tseng smiled again at the man's raw need and slight shutter. Raising his lips to Reno's ear he whispered in a deathly alluring tone. "In good time..." Tseng tightened the grip yet again twisting the fabric expertly around Reno's wrists. Then his other hand joined it and he made a handy knot out of the sleeves and bound him. " Dear, we do seem to have a problem hmm?"

"C-completely beside the point," Reno groaned as Tseng again attacked his neck, his lips itching to reciprocate, his bound hands keeping him from doing so. He groaned as Tseng purred such pretty promises into his ear, his blush deepening. He then felt the ties that held him tighten as Tseng tied them, his immediate instinct being to try to get himself out of his vulnerable state. He growled, yanking on the cloth, catching Tseng in a harsh, passionate kiss as he attempted to free himself, a leg coming up to hook around the man's waist as a distraction tactic (Reno was nothing if not a genius at distraction techniques), bucking his hips to grind against Tseng's, grinning into the kiss when he felt how utterly hard his boss was. "Apparently we do, bossman... Why don'tcha let me take care of yours for ya, hmm?" he purred, his voice positively dripping sex.

Tseng smiled and when he drew back the kiss did in fact catch him by surprise. Arms tangled around the Turk's neck and had so carelessly left that cloth at the base of Reno's wrists. Reno would not miss the breathless deep throated moan that came from Tseng as he hungrily lapped at Reno's lips like a ferral dog who hadn't eatten in weeks. Reno was in fact a class act in distraction and it had worked. Tseng again moaned as Reno pressed against him causing his body to jerk with abate anticipation. The cool calm collectness was being lost and melted down and nearly faded at what Reno uttered in such exotic words. Tseng paused and met his gaze, fingers slipping up into the girth of red hair before him. His dark eyes were nothing but pools of lust now and there was no turning back. He wanted this man bad. Without so much as a thought he jerked his hips forward matching the fleck of heat in his eyes. " You do think highly of yourself...but who will win...if you think you can pin as you please...Reno." He said softly.

Reno grinned in victory as Tseng's hands slipped up around his neck, the loosening of the knots becoming that much easier with Tseng's hands gone. He made quick work of the knot, subtly easing his arms out of their prison, leaving them behind his back. He settled his forehead on Tseng's chest, flicking his tongue against one of the man's nipples as he inconspicuously sized the man up. Ever the Turk, he made some comparisons: First, where he was lanky and wiry, Tseng was a bit more well built; more defined. He had been in this business quite a few more years than Reno, as well. He knew what he was doing. Reaching a decision, he turned a sexy, flirtatious grin up to Tseng. "Nah. You can top, yo... It's just that you've been doing all the touching... I think it's my turn." With that, he pulled his freed hands from behind him, sliding one quickly into Tseng's boxers, grasping him lightly, trying to keep the surprise at his length and girth off his face. After all, he knew that the pain would be one of the more pleasant parts. He slid his hand along Tseng's cock lightly, fingers dancing along the skin, as his other hand traced the smooth contours of the Wutaiain's chest, pausing over the other nipple and toying with it slowly. "'Sides, you need to be teased, too, right?" he growled, a feral grin on his lips, a mischevious glint in his eye. He wriggled to the edge of the desk, falling gracefully to his knees, his tongue darting out to trace a light line along Tseng's clothed erection.

""Was all the former composed Turk could muster to say, trying to question how he got out, but then not really caring once the warmth of Reno's lips met his chest and teased him. Outwardly he tensed slightly, letting a soft sigh escape his lips. On the inside he was growling at the man, almost like a split personallity, but no one would know it. 'God...Reno...' He thought, wanting that man more now then he'd ever thought could be a rational want in the first place. He barely heard the words Reno spoke to him once his hand slipped beneath his boxers, brushing against him. "Reno..." He hissed, through a shuddering breath. His hands moved to the man's shoulders as he tried to steady himself. He had to bite down on his own tongue to stifle the cries he wanted to utter when Reno's tongue brushed against his sex which instantly reacted to him. 'Damn him..but don't stop.' Tseng thought with another growl. He also barely was aware of the subtle movements as his eyes were slowly closing. He didn't miss the mischevious look in Reno eyes and part of him wondered what he had gotten himself into, he had in fact started it...but then again he had wanted to.

Reno couldn't hide the triumphant grin that stole onto his lips at his Commander's flustered state, purring from his spot on the floor, "You let yourself get distracted, yo. I guess you're suffering the consequences of that now. Though..." he removed himself from Tseng completely momentarily, sitting back on his haunches to contemplate. "This doesn't really seem like a punishment, does it? Aw, hell. Guess that's why I'm not in a disciplinary position, eh?" A grin and a wink later, his lips were again tracing the outline Tseng's arousal made in his boxers, wrapping lips and tongue around whatever he could reach, blunt teeth scraping along the fabric-covered flesh. Tiring rather quickly of the cotton, though, he abruptly removed his mouth, his hands reaching for the waistband and yanking down the offending fabric quickly, licking his lips unconsciously as Tseng's now-exposed cock was presented to him. He wrapped his lips around the head briefly, giving a soft suck, before removing them again and licking a long, slow trail from the root of Tseng's erection to the leaking tip, his own blue-green eyes seeking Tseng's brown, holding them in his lusty gaze when he finally caught them.

Again Tseng tried to speak. "I think your wro..." But his words were lost again as he bit down harder on his lip. Shutting his mouth tight, though unable to hide the grunted cry from deep in his throat as Reno continued his teasing, Tseng gasped."'ll get your punishment..." He tried to say again, his voice was extremely shallow and shaking with sexual desire, and one that he hadn't felt this strongly before. His hands lashed out for anything to support his slightly trembling body against. Finding Reno's shoulders again, he attempted to steady himself but would soon fail again as well. Dark eyes, now hazy locked with Reno's, and in that moment, the world faded, and only Reno sat before him. Tseng's lips parted, as he again barely noticed that Reno had completely declothed him, he sighed, sighed rather loudly when Reno took his sex into his mouth.
The shock of it sending icy chilling waves through his body. It was deathly electrifying and he was slipping faster now. The inner battle between whether to continue or not completely exited his mind and he wanted nothing more then to satisfy it, making Reno his. Another soft gasp fell from his lips and Reno would notice it was fast becoming harder for the previously collected man to keep his eyes open as well as stand steadily. Tseng sucked in another sharp breath at the feelings Reno was giving him and uttered a long throaty sigh that could almost be a hiss when the warmth of his tongue ran the length of him. His strong knees began to shake when Reno continued to roll his torturous tongue over him. "" His head was swirling beyond lucid thoughts and he lost all control of everything. Then, and without breaking contact and knowing the lay out of his office quite well, he stumbled backwards and fell into a large grey arm chair behind him. Reno would follow willingly since the hands upon his shoulders didn't allow for him to move away. "Gaia...Reno...what are you doing?" He asked his question saying and meaning so much, not that he hadn't been with anyone sexual in a while, not a man of course, and not that he didn't know how to please a man, it was just not a one had ever done what Reno was doing now. He then also wondered why he didn't entertain this phsycial excersize more often...well...he had been too busy ...but Reno would be his play.

Reno shuddered lightly at the dark promise in Tseng's words, his cock throbbing painfully as he thought of all the ways he'd like for the Wutai man to "punish" him. He honestly had no idea it would be so easy to bed the normally stoic Tseng, or else he would've done this years ago! After all, it was no small secret among the lesser ranked Turks that Reno had been lusting after Tseng for quite some time now. And now that he had him...
Reno moaned lightly along with his superior, finding his sudden illiterate state oddly... Arousing. Chuckling softly, he purred, "Whassa matter, Bossman? Cat got your tongue? Or maybe it has something a bit more interesting..." He grinned, giving Tseng another long, slow lick, grunting when Tseng pulled him forward, chuckling again when he saw his boss slump bonelessly (well... almost bonelessly) into a chair, taking advantage of the position to settle between the man's slender legs, his fingers tracing intricate patterns on Tseng's thighs as his tongue mimicked the patterns along Tseng's dick. He gave a snort at Tseng's question, answering crudely, "Well, it seems like I'm givin you head, yo, but from the look on your face, I dunno what it is I'm doin." His grin widened as his ego was bolstered and he parted his lips again, looking up at Tseng through his lashes and, again, keeping the man's gaze as he lowered his head down, taking Tseng in inch by inch, pausing only when he felt the man's head hit the back of his throat. He then sucked hard, his cheeks hollowing out as he made his way back to the tip, dipping his tongue into the small slit before diving back down again to repeat the action.

The ever quiet Turk opened his eyes slightly and gazed at Reno, his chest rising and falling even quicker now in his slumped position upon the oversized chair. But just as they had opened for him to speak he felt Reno move his tongue over him again causing his body to slightly rise from the chair, arching in a perfect curve towards him, only to fall back down gently when fingers danced about his slender muscular thighs. Not many got to see the controlling, and far to overly serious Commander in such away, in fact no one had. He normally had control but this time, and for whatever reason he did not. Letting out a long gasp he tired to speak again. " Reno I am not unwise to this...I...don't push your luck..." He said in a soft shudder, his eyes gazing upon Reno briefly before he rolled his head back against the cushion on the back of the chair and closed them again. Every muscle tensed and flexed beneath perfectly colored skin and his usually kept hair splashed out messily about his face and the fabric beneath him. Then everything stopped in his mind when Reno took him fully into his mouth. The cry that came from his lips now was more of a whining scream mixed with a futile effort to say something back to the Turk. It was a sound Tseng himself never heard come from his lips. "Reno....M-my...ughhh!" He gasped between his panting breath.

Reno moaned when Tseng arched, knowing the vibrations from his throat would go straight through the man's cock and do delicious things to his nerves. His eyes widened at Tseng's gutteral cry and he removed himself from the Wutai man's cock, burying his head in Tseng's thigh as he bit his lip and screwed his eyes shut, forcing his own orgasm back. "Fuck... Tseng..." His cock throbbed painfully, and as he went back to Tseng's arousal, he slid a hand into his own boxers and fisted himself, his breath hitching some as he jerked himself off. This time, he wasted no time, diving down to engulf Tseng completely, forcing his gag reflex back in order to take the man's length in. He sucked his way back up to the tip again, his tongue tracing the fat vein on the underside of Tseng's sex. Upon reaching the tip, Reno gave a few fast, shallow bobs of his head before diving down again, varying his speed and pressure, keeping no sort of rhythm whatsoever, sure that the inability to thrust in time would drive Tseng crazy. His moans became more frequent as he, himself, began shallowly thrusting into his fist, his breathing becoming erratic.

Never had everything in his body been this heightened, not even with the few women he had taken to bed, which in a lot of cases he just simply didn't want the attention anyways. But this...this feeling he was having with Reno was captivating...he wanted more...wanted all...and thus a almost animalistic deep resonating growl escaped his lips as Reno took a pace his body had yet not been prepared for. "DAMN IT....RENO!" He yelled, both in estacy and in frustration that he had been so easily broken, yes he was very aware of that, his work, his tea, lost in the mind blazes Reno was giving him. Tseng's body lurched upwards again and he slammed his hands down upon the cushion beneath him to keep his body air born, trying in vain to get as deep as he could. His body was jutting in quick spasms, and just as Reno thought, his hips started moving on their own accord as the craze Reno also figured, took it's toll on the older man. Dipping his head to the side he gasped loudly trying to catch his own breath and the sensation of something sweet, tight, and intense, started to build up deep down in his stomach. "RENO...Gaia...." He was sure his cries echoed loudly out his walls but he didn't care, what with the God that was before him now and the realization that he was going to make Reno his.

Reno moaned loudly, giving into Tseng's obvious desire and sliding his mouth up and down the man's cock faster, taking him deeper, sucking harder, all in an effort to hear more of the brunet's reckless cries. Something about the way he screamed Reno's name, heedless of who may still be in the building, uncaring if someone overheard... Reno moaned again, his mouth becoming desperate, longing to taste Tseng's release, to hear what he would sound like in the throes of orgasm. Meanwhile, his hand had lost all sense of rhythm, his hips snapping forward fervently, experiencing the same sensation in his lower belly as Tseng, his climax steadily approaching. He let out a soft whimper as Tseng thrust so wantonly into his mouth, screwing his eyes shut in an effort, once again, to hold off his orgasm as Tseng cried his name into the empty office.

Tseng hips remained up in the air as his arms tensed holding his firm body, well trying to hold his body still, though it was a fruitless effort on any account. The hints of his pre-cum slowly trickling out upon Reno's tongue, teased him, but shown that Tseng was not far from being able to hold it back any longer. The faster Reno moved the more Tseng cried out matching each moan with each nod from the redhead. He was panting loudly, madly, hard. His body now cascaded over with a soft sheen of the sweat produced by the heat of their actions. Another gutteral cry escaped his lips as his head snapped back and he moved his hips frantically. Everything Reno did sent incredible sensations through him and in the last moments of one of the, no the most intense orgasms he had ever felt he lost all control of himself...mind and body. When he finally felt the powerful feeling move through him the air that left his lungs was completely foreign sounding to him. It was a terribly loud cry, a mixture of him trying to say Reno's name, begging in words he couldn't form, and a very breathless scream. Tseng then grunted loudly and his body froze, as he released inside Reno's mouth with one last power thrust of his hips.

The redhead found it harder and harder to keep himself in check with every cry he tore from Tseng's lips, the copius amounts of precum dribbling down his shaft paying testament to that fact. When the brunet finally reached his peak, Reno quickly swallowed everything Tseng had to offer, head still bobbing so as to milk him dry. When he was sure that Tseng was done, he quickly pulled his head away, burying his face in the soft skin of the man's hip and stifling his own cry. He forced his body to tense rather than arch, as it usually did, hoping to leave Tseng desiring his cry, longing to see him streched taut as a bow. His fist pumped until he was sure he, too, was spent, then he slumped quite bonelessly, gasping for breath, nuzzling the brunet's hip in his post-orgasm high.
Of course, he couldn't remain quiet for long, and so he turned a grin up to Tseng, purring, "Never took you for a screamer, Bossman..." He stood somewhat shakily (to make sure that his legs would, indeed, support him), then straddled his still-recovering boss, leaning down to attach his lips to the man's neck, right above his pulse, and begin laving leisurely, sloppy kisses along the sweat sheened skin.

It took a several minutes for Tseng to realize anything and come back from his blissful state. His body sagged against the chair sprawled out beneath the Turk who now reclined over him. He hummed deeply in his throat and lazily lifed one arm to drap around Reno. " I never saw myself as anything...until now..." He said rather softly. For a moment Tseng just rested, not completely spent but he wasn't yet ready to move from the giving warmth. He sighed softly as Reno kissed about his neck and reveled in the warm feeling the man's body gave him as he lay over him. Then Reno would feel a tender hand move to his face and trail down along his jawline, stopping at his chin, where he angled his head up so their lips could met. The kiss was warm, soft, long and gentle and he continued it even more as he teased his tongue at the brim of Reno's lips, begging for entrance. "'s no wonder that I''s dosen't matter, I believe it all now..." He said softly kissing Reno's nose, then cheek, then forehead before his hand slipped behind the man's neck and tangled with his red tresses. "Now there is only one thing to settle...and I only need a moment." He adding in an almost shockingly wicked tone, alluding to something he was or had already planned to do to the man.

Reno sighed, surprisingly content to just sit and devour the man beneath him. His mouth willingly opened to Tseng's inquisitive tongue, but Tseng pulled away all too soon. He groaned at the loss of contact, but sighed contentedly at Tseng's ministrations before catching himself, rolling his eyes even as a blush dusted his features. "I'm not some goddamned girl, yo, so stop treating me like one," he growled, though it was obvious that he was enjoying the gentle treatment. He pulled the tie out of his hair as Tseng's fingers slid into it, his long red tresses spilling over his shoulders and back. He looked at Tseng curiously. "What doesn't matter now? And where the hell are you going?" he asked, slightly panicked by the tone of the older man's voice.


(( More to come, if you want to read more tell me. Next part Tseng shows Reno who really is the 'Bossman'. Sorry if there are any mistakes but it is a raw file....))

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