Only For Him

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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, and I’m not making any money here either.

Only For Him


I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, and I’m not making any money here either.

Summary: A young sorcerer with a hidden past will do whatever it takes to protect the one person he loves more than the safety of the whole world. Language, MM, OC, Violence


There was a time when love was blind
And the world was a song
And the song was exciting
There was a time when it all went wrong…

--Les Miserables

A young man was seated before a large, round mirror. The frame was solid gold and encrusted with many precious gemstones. He gazed upon how his face had changed over the long years. It had matured. He looked wild, untamed, and wickedly beautiful. At first glance he understood why his victims thought him a goddess of descending darkness. His features were sharp, angled, and glacially feminine.

He closed his ice-green eyes, cringing at the horrific things this body had done and will do again. He could not stand having no power to control his own body’s terrible actions. It would not be long until she came for him again. It would only be a matter of time before his moon-white hands were painted in blood once more.

Her power was that of an insane goddess. Her terrible will longed for the compression of all time and spaces in between. She wanted to rule the perpetual silence that would follow for all eternity.

The terrified screams of the dying echoed all around him, causing him to smack the golden tray of jewels from the marble dresser. He looked to see the fallen gems shimmering on the floor, wanting to scream in rage.

“My Lord?” A female servant asked in concern from behind. “Are you well?”

He gazed at his flawless, moth-white face in the polished glass. Long ringlets of darkest ink slithered and coiled around his icy features like a nest of hissing serpents. His honey-sweet voice came from between dewy petals as red as the loveliest rose. It was laced with acidic-venom that could burn through flesh and bone.

“Do I look as if I’m all right?” He asked. His green eyes blazing like molten emeralds at her. “Get out!” He snapped.

“But, my Lord Kail,” she said, flinching when a scorching heat struck her across the face like a back-handed slap.

“Do you defy me?”

She took a small step back.

“Do as I command you, slave!” Kail snarled, gracefully rising in a billowing storm of jade-green silk. “Or you can be a pile of ash at my feet!”

He could feel her silent approach coming upon him. The roar of a deadly tidal wave filled the air all around him.

“Please,” he begged, backing away from the frightened woman. Tears were streaming from his lovely eyes. “Get out before I have to kill you, too.”

The servant slowly backed up to the door. She turned and was gone, closing the door behind her with a soft boom.

He stood there, feeling that heavy presence pressing down upon him. He could feel the glowing hot thread wrapping around him, holding him to its will.

“You’re such a naughty little boy,” an amused voice chuckled from behind him. It was light and airy. “Just look at the mess you’ve made with your jewels.”

He spun around, seeing the sorceress in the mirror. She was gazing out at him with eyes that would make the reddest ruby green with envy.

“Stop it!” Kail screamed, seeing his hands begin to age to bone before his eyes.

“Why?” She asked, sounding even more amused that ever. “Why should I tolerate a spoiled little boy like you?”

“Because,” Kail gasped, struggling not flinch away from her merciless gaze. “You need me.”

“Why do I need you?” She asked him, grinning with deadly fangs. They were so sharp.

He fought to stand his ground against her. “You can’t exist in this place without my body and magic.”

“Good boy,” she chuckled, clapping her razor-sharp talons. “You do very well in reminding me of my need for you.”

His hands returned to their creamy, white smoothness. He risked a sigh in momentary relief from her tortures. She loved to play with his vanity. It was his only other weakness.

“Now, pick up your jewels,” she commanded, flapping her dark wings a few times. “We must look our best when tearing out the spines of SeeD skum.”

Kail snapped his fingers. The tray floated up off the floor to hover before him. All the jewels began to dance through the air, taking their rightful place on it once more.

“I want you to keep your promise,” Kail said, putting on his horned headdress. It magically became a mask, concealing his startlingly beautiful face.

“And I shall,” she cooed to him. “No harm of any kind shall befall your beloved Squall Leonhart.”

“Swear upon your power,” he demanded.

The sorceress narrowed her glowing eyes. “I swear upon my power that I will cause no harm to your man.”

Kail knew that was the best he was going to get from the likes of her. He had thought about taking his own life, but he couldn’t die without passing on his power first. That could only create a more willing doorway into this time and place for her. So many fools were greedy, wanting for power.

Why had he accepted that strange woman’s power? He should have run away. Because of this power, he had to be taken, forced away from Squall. Those people had made Squall forget about him. He could still see Squall crying.

He looked back at the mirror.

“As long as he and I can be safely together,” he said. “I care not what you do.”

Oh, it was such a lie. He cared very, very much. But, he loved Squall more. He loved him more than the whole world.

He trembled when that awesome presence descended into his body, pushing his soul to the side with careless talons.


The alien landscape was solid black and burning with great red flames. It looked as if a titanic object of great velocity had smashed into the place, scorching all in sight.

The terrible heat from the devastating inferno brought tears to his eyes and the wind was cold against his exposed flesh. The air smelled of ash, smoke, and death.

Lightning crackled and hissed in the dark sky in flashes of brilliant reds and oranges. Black smoke filled the swirling void above, and a faint scream could be heard in the far distance. It sent chills racing down his spine.

His heart was beating in his throat. His blood was pounding in his ears. A great and terrible fear was beginning to consume him. He wanted to cry out to someone, but there were no names on his silenced tongue. He knew of no one to call on for much needed comfort in this scary place. He was all alone and afraid in this darkened hell.

A sudden sound came from behind him, making him reach for his Gunblade. It wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Panic began to set in. He was weaponless.

He looked to see that a lone figure was walking towards him. It was a disturbing image of haunting beauty. A vision in flowing black shadows was walking through the burning flames.

“Squall,” the beautiful young man called to him in soft, loving tones. “You do not have to be afraid.”

His flesh was white and more perfect than fresh fallen snow in winter. His skin seemed to shimmer like fine crystals under silver moonlight.

His long hair was like coiling tendrils of feather-black smoke. Each silky strand coiled and curled, billowing like storm clouds around his flawlessly radiant face.

“Who are you?” He managed to voice. “Where am I?”

Those eyes were so green and his lips were so red. His teeth were white and straight when he smiled.

A glowing white hand gently reached up, caressing his cheek.

“You’re my savior,” the stunning beauty whispered, embracing him like a lover. “And this is my Hell.”


Blue eyes snapped open, blinded by the light streaming in through the open window. A pained hiss passed between his lips and he rolled over, putting the pillow over his head. Why did it have to be so damn bright in the mornings? Hadn’t he closed those damn curtains? If that stupid ghost was back again, he was going to lose it.

“Hey, Squall!” A loud voice shouted, startling him. Fists banged against the door to his room. “Are you awake, man?”

The brunette groaned. What the hell did that blond idiot want?

“Hey!” The voice yelled, banging even harder on the door. “Did you die in there?”

YES! Squall roared in his mind, throwing the pillow off his head. I’m dead, Zell. Let me rot in peace!”

“Come on, Squall!” Zell yelled some more, getting even louder. “Don’t make me punch this door down…AGAIN!”

Squall rolled over, sat up, got to his feet, and padded across the cold floor to answer the door. The last thing he wanted right now was to fix the damn thing again. He threw the door open with a growl.

“About time,” Zell said, walking under his arm. “You were supposed to meet me in the library thirty minutes ago.”

“Shit,” Squall whispered under his breath, closing the door with a click. He had totally forgotten about the assignment which was due tomorrow.

“Did you have a nightmare or something?” Zell asked him.

Squall rubbed the sleep from his eyes, and looked. His sheets were all over the place.

“Or,” the blond said, turning, winking at him. “Are you hiding a chick in here somewhere?”

Zell looked under the bed.

Squall ignored the idiotic question. He needed a shower.

“I’m going to Balamb today,” Zell smiled at him. “Would you like to tag along and protect me from the big bad monsters with your scary sword?”


Squall shook his head. He wasn’t in the mood for a long jog.

“Sorry,” he said, scratching the back of his head. “Do you want to just meet up and work on the project later?”

“Oh, heart of mine, be still,” Zell said, putting a hand to his chest. “The lone wolf speaks.”

Squall rolled his eyes. Lone wolf? Indeed.

“Wow,” Zell chuckled, counting off on his gloved fingers for some reason. “That was fourteen words. That’s like a record for this month.”

“Do you to be sliced open?” Squall asked him, putting a hand on his hip, fighting not to yawn.

“No,” Zell answered, shaking his head. “That would hurt.”

Squall went to a drawer, pulling out a large black towel. He really wanted to take a nice shower.

“I’ll just go see if anyone else wants to come with me,” Zell said, strolling back to the door, turning. “Nice tent, Squall.”

The throwing-knife bounced off the door with a loud clang. Squall just looked where the blond had been and looked down, seeing his morning hardness that he hadn’t known he had. Well, he could feel it now.

It had been those sea-green eyes and that delicate touch. They were the only things from the dream he could remember.

“Who are you?” He asked his handsome reflection in the square mirror. “Why am I always dreaming of you?”

His only answer was the music of songbirds singing outside his window from the bushes. He slipped his feet into his sandals, used his large towel to hide his problem, and headed to the showers.


The sorceress howled with evil laughter as lightning hissed from her deadly fingertips. The man’s body hit the ground, smelling of sizzled meat. The corpses just kept piling up all around her.

“La-de-da,” she sang, sending fourth shards of glittering, destructive ice.

Men screamed and cried out as their bodies were torn to shreds, falling in splatters of blood and gore.

She gazed around the blood-drenched room with sea-green eyes, smiling with demon-red lips. “Fine me the jewel,” she commanded, snapping her fingers.

She frolicked through the sea of scorched and torn bodies, to stand before a shattered mirror. This male body was indeed very seductive.

He fit her so well.

“Why kill them?” The little boy’s image in the foggy glass raged at her. “A simple sleeping spell would have sufficed.”

“The answer to that silly question is a simple one, little boy,” she laughed with horrible glee, licking the blood from her painted fingers. “I like killing. Killing is very enjoyable. It is lots of fun.”

“They were only innocents!” He whined to her.

“They were only little bugs at my feet,” she told him matter of fact. “They were practically begging to be smashed under these lovely heels. Didn’t you hear them?”

The little boy put his hands to the broken glass, making her roll her eyes at him.

“Just do my bidding, child,” she smiled with his lips, causing his beauty to look twisted with pure malice. “And I’ll keep you and your Leonhart safe.”

She feasted on the fear in his eyes. It was like sugar on her tongue. He did look so very, very afraid. Good. She adored that.

“Defy me,” she grinned. “And I’ll tear out his heart with these two hands and chew it up with this mouth.”

The little boy looked as if he were suddenly carved from living ice. His image bowed its head, making her giggle all the more. Male children were so easy to control.

“Lord Kail!” A voice called from the near distance. “We’ve discovered something of interest!”

“Most excellent,” she said, turning in a sharp hiss of violet silk, leaving the pitiful reflection to sulk in sorrow. “What is it?”

“This way,” the soldier said, leading her.

She followed him into a circular room. It was very grand. She cared not for the design. It was the object on the altar which stole all her attention. It was the jewel! She took a victorious step forward and that was when her eyes suddenly narrowed into deep slits of magma-red rage.

The false jewel exploded before her wrathful gaze, and time itself crawled to a much grinding halt. The deadly flames were mere inches from her angry face, frozen in the blink of an eye.


She turned on her sharp heel, gliding from the room on wings of rage. Now, she was upset. If she had not acted like she had, she would have lost this precious vessel.

“What are you doing?” The child yelled from a reflective surface.

The explosion was slowly spreading out, incinerating everything it touched.

“You can’t just leave my men to die in this!” He shrieked, punching at the glass.

She looked up at him with a heat much hotter than the creeping death behind her.

“They are only men, boy.”

She stalked out of the complex towards where her chopper was waiting. She snapped her fingers. Time sped up, and the temple violently exploded from behind. Violet silk billowed and flowed all around her slender vessel like great wings.

“Lord Kail?” One of the three guards that were waiting asked. “Are you well?”

Ultimecia left her vessel’s body, falling forwards in time. Her talons dug into the arms of her great, black throne, leaving deep scratches. Oh, she was going to make them suffer. She was going to kill them all. She was going to laugh while she drank from their gaping skulls.


Squall finished off the plant monster and wiped the sweat from his smooth brow. He was going to need another shower after this workout.

He leaned back against a fallen tree trunk, resting his Gunblade on his broad shoulder. It was getting late and he needed to meet Zell in order to work on that project assigned by Instructor Trepe.

He closed his eyes for a moment and then quickly opened them. He could feel the slight quaking of the ground under his feet. A T-Rexar was getting close. He wasn’t equipped to take one of those on by himself.

“Shit!” He hissed, backing up into the shrubbery. He hoped the shadows would be able to shield him from it. He could hear that low, hungry growl. The thing was nearly upon him. He ducked further back, hiding behind a thick bush.

“You’re such a good boy,” a familiar voice happily giggled, followed by a low T-Rexar roar.

What the hell?

He peeked out.

His blue eyes nearly popped out from their sockets. A young man was standing before the giant beast, holding up his hand as if it were a pet waiting to be scratched. Was he out of his damn mind? Where had he gotten that red leather outfit?

The massive beast lowered its giant head, allowing the lithe teen to pet it on the snout. It looked to be craving his touch. Was the damn thing purring? What the hell was this?

“Its okay, Squall,” the tight, leather-clad teen said, turning to smile into the greenery at him. He was beyond beautiful. Those eyes made the green around him pale in comparison. “I’m always looking out for you.”

The T-Rexar nuzzled him with its snout, making him giggle like silver bells.

Squall moved, tripped over a rock, and fell forward with a yelp. He threw out his hands to catch himself, and closed his eyes. But, he didn’t fall.

He opened his eyes, moaning in pain. His head was pounding as if some bitch was using a hammer against the back of his eyes. He looked around with blurred vision, finding himself in the Garden’s infirmary.

“What did I tell you, Squall?” The voice of Dr. Kadowaki asked him with an annoyed tone.

He felt nauseous.

“You’re lucky you’re not blind,” she said, sounding angry. “The two of you are lucky not to be blind.”

He put a gloved hand to his pounding face, wincing at the sharp pain. He wanted to crawl like a wounded animal into a dark place and sleep until the ouch with the hurt went away.

“Fighting like stupid children,” she ranted on like a harpy. “Well, you and Seifer are going to have lovely scars. You two must be so pleased.”

Squall rolled his eyes, quickly wishing he hadn’t done so. Now he felt really dizzy.

“Ah, Instructor Trepe,” Dr. Kadowaki said in a very serious tone when the door to the room slid open.

Squall smothered a moan. What the hell did she want? Oh, this was so embarrassing. He hoped Seifer was feeling just as ill.

“Dr. Kadowaki?” Instructor Trepe asked.

“Perhaps you can drive some much needed sense into your students,” the doctor said.

Squall wished she would just leave. He didn’t want to have to deal with Quistis, too.

“I can only do my best, Doctor,” Quistis giggled.

“See to it that you do,” Dr. Kadowaki said, leaving the room in a huff.

Squall thanked the gods. At least one of them was gone.

“And here I thought fighting was beneath you, Squall,” Quistis said with an amused expression on her pretty face. Her beauty was adult and well crafted.

“He had it coming,” Squall muttered under his breath.

“I’m sure Seifer did,” she told him, cocking her head to the side. “A pity your handsome face will be scarred though. Well, at least it will give you some rugged character.”

Squall blinked and slowly sat up.

“Why are you here?”

“Can’t I be concerned for the wellbeing of my favorite student?” She asked him in all innocence.

He wasn’t buying it.

“I’m going to go take a shower.”

She pushed her glasses up on her nose. “You still need to complete the Fire Cavern.”

He got to his feet.

Oh, yeah. That was today, too. He had totally forgotten about that. Zell was going to kill him.

“I’ll call you when everything has been prepared,” she told him.

Squall nodded, walking from the room. This was going to be so much fun. Not!


The mirror violently cracked when the metal orb struck its glossy surface. Glass fell to the floor, sparkling like ice in the light. The sorcerer looked upon his shattered reflection.

“NO!” He raged like a windstorm. “That miserable bastard, how dare he!”

Squall could have been blinded. Hell, he could have been killed. That stupid blond had had murder in his eyes. He had wanted to kill Squall. If Squall hadn’t have moved at the right moment, he would be missing half his face.

“Oh, Seify,” he snarled in fury. “You will pay for giving that scar.”

Emerald-green lightning crackled, flashing from the corners of his eyes.

A sudden hum went through his mind, knocking him off his feet with a violent tug. The thread had been snapped for some reason. He landed flat on his back in mute shock. The air had been knocked from his lungs and he coughed to get it back.


Something had happened. Why had Ultimecia suddenly severed her link with him? Was he free?

An explosion shook the floor under him. An alarm sounded. His tower was under an attack. This was the moment he had feared the most.

Ultimecia had betrayed him.

Had she found another?

No! It wasn’t possible.

Another explosion rumbled under him. He scrambled to his feet, feeling his tower sway just a little. He had to escape from this place.

The door to his chamber swung open and a soldier raced in. Kail leapt back with fire in his hands.

“My Lord,” the soldier said, kneeling before him. “Many have fled. What are your orders?”

Kail’s mind was racing. He held out his hand, summoning a glass shard to come to him. It flew, landing in his palm.

He breathed a silver mist upon it.

“Uncle Cid,” he said, gazing into the foggy depths. “I need you.”

He slipped the glowing shard into a fold of silk, telling the soldier to rise. He was a very tall man. He had to be seven foot. The guy towered over him.

“Sound the evacuation,” he commanded him, putting on his silver talons that slipped over each of his fingers. “And then we’re getting out of this dump.”

The solider behind the helmet bowed and followed after him. His cloak billowed around him like violent storm clouds, promising lightning at any moment. That was when he cast forth a deadly bolt of crimson death at an attacking enemy. His horned headdress magically covered his face, protecting it from the heat.

He raced down the hall with the armed solider. He looked this way and that as the warrior rang a large bell.

“Come,” he quickly said, taking off across the long hall, and into a room. He raced over to the wall, pecking on it with a silver talon. The wall glowed and melted away. “This way…”

He went through the hole with the loyal soldier behind him. He took off running with the solider as the opening behind sealed itself shut. He would have fallen from another explosion had the solider not caught him.

“There is a ship,” he said, as the solider steadied him on his feet. “Do you know how to fly it?”

“Of course, my Lord,” the man said. His voice was very deep.

“Good,” he said, turning from him. “Let’s go.”

The solider followed behind him once more, keeping him steady.


To Be Continued

Well, this is the prologue to this story, ya’ll. I had posted this one once before, but I decided to go back and change things. Let me know how ya’ll like it.


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