Black magic woman

BY : Sethite
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Story from Final Fantasy X, including Lulu and Yuna. This is a new version, rewritten by Wierdmeijin form AFF.

This is the story for mature readers only.
Final Fantasy X
Black Magic Woman

Lulu opened her eyes slowly as she regained her consciousness. She sat up and looked around, and it took a few seconds before she finally felt the cold stone floor beneath her on her bare legs. „Where am I’m” she asked herself. The black mage, looked around and noticed her surroundings. „A prison cell?” she thought. She attempted to stand, but stumbled forward as she did so. A clatter of chains echoed in the dungeon. I’m shackled to the wall!” she realized with a start.

“Lulu”- a voice whispered. Lulu turned around and saw that in the opposite corner of the cell, was her long time friend, Yuna, hugging her legs in the corner, keeping her naked body warm. „Yuna!” Lulu gasped. „Are you alright?” It was then that Lulu remembered all that had happened. Lulu and Yuna were ambushed by Guado guardians during their trek. Lulu did not exactly know why, but she had a faint idea that it had to do with their actions in killing Seymour, the master who once ruled over Guado.

Lulu turned her attention to Yuna for now. After all, Lulu was personally chosen to be one of Yuna’s guardians, clearly now she had failed. „Yuna, I’m sorry,” Lulu whispered apologetically. Yuna only shook her head and forced a small smile back to her friend. „It’s fine, Lulu,” Yuna said, attempting to encourage her friend. Yuna then uncurled her nude body, and crawled up beside Lulu, though Yuna herself had to struggle against her own shackles that bound her ankles to the stone wall.

Lulu knelt beside Yuna, and somehow, being with her friend, she felt much comfort. „We have to find a way out,” Lulu said quietly to her friend. „I’ll see if I have some power left to conjure some small spell,” Lulu spoke reassuringly to Yuna in a sisterly fashion. But Yuna shook her head. „It won’t work Lulu,” Yuna said. ‘they somehow drained us of our summoning and magical abilities when they caught us. I tried to perform a summoning spell after I woke up, but it wasn’t any good. Also we haven’t been fed at all since we got here, so we”re no match for the guards right now.”

The Black Mage realized that she was indeed rather hungry, and weak as well. „Yuna”I wasn’t a good enough guardian,” Lulu said. Yuna however, still tried to be optimistic, even in this predicament, which brought some hope to Lulu. „Lulu, we’ll get out of here. Our friends will save us. So don’t worry,” Yuna said reassuringly. This moment of peace was interrupted then, and both the High Summoner and the Black Mage had no idea that they were going to have a long stay in Guadosalam.

„Looks like the big-titted bitch is awake,” Lulu heard a gruff voice say. She looked outside her cell, through the bars, and was surprised she had not noticed this earlier. 10 guards were sitting around a bonfire in the middle of the prison complex, burning something. And Lulu quickly realized what they were burning. ‘stop!” Lulu screamed, as she watched one of the guards throw in, what was Lulu’s precious moogle doll. She watched as her doll became charred in the flames quickly, and disappeared. Besides one of the guards, Lulu saw what was a pile of her many belts that she wore, as well as her robe, and undergarments. Yuna’s own kimono-like robe was in that pile.

„Heh,” one of the guards chuckled. “she’s tellin” us to stop. Feisty one „aint she?” another guard said, as he grabbed one of her belts and tossed it into the flames, making the fire grow. „With all of this stuff we can keep ourselves warm for a while,” another guard commented. This one was rummaging through a pouch that Lulu normally carried on her. It contained her personal items, including black makeup and lipstick, which she normally wore.

„Hey let’s stop foolin” around,” one of the bigger guards said now. ‘the master said once they”re both awake, we”re to bring „em out.” Lulu could only wonder nervously what the guard meant by this. The 10 guards mumbled in agreement, and all stood up, drawing their swords as they approached the cell. One of them used a key and opened the cell. Lulu and Yuna both withdrew to the back corner of the cell, as if desperately trying to escape. But of course, it was no use.

„Come on you fat-assed bitch,” one of the guards grumbled, as they all pointed their swords threateningly at her. One guard knelt and unshackled Lulu’s ankles, while another came with a collar attached to a long chain, and roughly grabbed Lulu’s hair. Lulu gave a small cry, and began to kick and flail, but the guard roughly attached the collar and it’s leash, and tugged it roughly. „Lulu!” Yuna cried as she watched her friend being roughly handled. But one of the guards had sheathed his sword and slapped Yuna with his open palm. ‘shut up!” he shouted. „We”re gonna deal with you soon anyway.” Lulu glared as she saw the guard roughly slap Yuna. But she knew she could no longer help her friend. Lulu felt the guards yank on the chain and begin to pull, and Lulu had no choice but to comply. She began to stand, but one of the guards roughly shoved Lulu back onto the ground.

„Crawl like the little bitch ya are,” the guard ordered. He tugged hard and began to walk, the other nine guards following after him, with Lulu in the middle of the group, crawling with them. „What are they doing to me?” Lulu wondered in fear. She heard them shut the prison cell, leaving Yuna behind. „Lulu!” she heard Yuna cry from behind. „Yuna!” Lulu cried back. „Don’t worry I’ll-” Lulu began to call, but then she let out a scream as she felt a sharp pain on her ass. She turned around and looked up, only to see that one of the guards was holding a whip. „Keep movin!” he yelled, as he brought the whip down on Lulu’s large, bare butt once more. Lulu let out another scream as the sharp sting of the bullwhip left its mark on her. She felt a rough tug, and obediently began to move forward in order to avoid another strike from the whip.

Lulu crawled with the guards, her large breasts dangling freely beneath her. She was constantly screaming along the way for the guards apparently enjoyed whipping Lulu for no reason at all. Her ass was marked with red streaks along, and Lulu could not help but cry.. Behind it she heard a large murmur. „Where are they taking me?” she thought, trying to ignore the agonizing pain her ass was in. The guard behind Lulu gave her another lash on the ass, causing her to yelp in pain, as her large breasts jiggled in the air to their delight when she reacted. One of the guards quickly took this moment to grab Lulu’s long, braided dark hair. He roughly pulled her back, forcing her to kneel with her chest pointed outward to another guard in front of her.

This guard, was the one that had gone through Lulu’s belongings. He produced what appeared to be Lulu’s very on lipstick. He opened it, and then knelt in front of Lulu, who was breathing hard now. „What are you doing?!” Lulu demanded to know. This guard grinned, and answered, „I’m writin” down what you are for everyone to see once we go in there.” Lulu could only wonder what was beyond the door, but she had a feeling she would not like it. Then Lulu shut her eyes tight and clenched her teeth as she felt the guard roughly pinch her large, right nipple, and lift her breast slightly. She then squirmed and wriggled as she felt the guard begin to write something on her chest, below her breasts, with her own lipstick. „What is he doing?” she thought frantically.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sharp pain in her left nipple, as the guard pinched this one and lifted her breast slightly, to her discomfort. Lulu let out a gasp of pain and writhed some more, while the guard finished writing. „Damn,” he said when he was done. „Her tits are too big they cover half of the word. Oh well I’m sure they can all read that it says whore though.” Lulu looked up in anger. She wanted to kill them all right now. She felt her hair released, and Lulu fell back on all fours. Then the doors in front of her opened.

A large cheer burst from behind the doors. And Lulu looked forward, past the guard in front of her, to see a large group of people outside the prison complex. They were all standing surrounding a single, raised platform. There was only a single, clear path leading from where Lulu currently was, to that platform. Lulu felt the harsh tug and began to crawl forward. The guard behind her whipped her once more, causing her to scream and crawl clumsily through the door, and into the view of the crowd. Lulu looked around frantically, and felt herself blush. „I’m naked in front of all these people!” she thought.

All around her, Lulu saw groups of Guado men and women, all with their veins visible in their foreheads. Their long limbs and fingers all pointed at Lulu’s nude body as she crawled through the crowd toward the raised platform. They jeered at her, yelling insults such as „big-breasted whore!” or „fat slut!” Lulu looked around for some sign of help, but saw none. They were all mercilessly and coldly staring at her, and so Lulu kept her eyes on the ground in shame as she continued to crawl forward like an animal. „But I am outside,” Lulu suddenly thought to herself. ‘maybe I can escape and come back for Yuna,” she thought. But the odds seemed likely. „I”ve never felt so helpless,” Lulu thought. „If only I could use just a little magic.”

Lulu crawled up a set of wooden stairs, and was now atop a large wooden stage. The crowd was in front of her, cheering and screaming insults. Lulu felt as though she wanted to cry, but knew she could not show fear in front of them. „I’ll be strong,” she thought to herself. Then one of the guards came up behind her, and pulled her hair once more, forcing Lulu to kneel and show off the nude, frontal portion of her body, with the word „whore” written on it. As she did so, she heard the crowd laugh and jeer at her at the sight of the word written on her, and she could not help but feel more humiliated. ‘make it stop!” she thought. She wanted it all to just be a bad dream.

But when Lulu opened her eyes, everything was still there. And then she saw him. A man was richly dressed and standing on the stage beside her. He had flowing, shining green and red robes, and a large grey beard. ‘tromell”„ Lulu gasped, and indeed, Tromell, the former assistant of Seymour, only stared back at Lulu at scorn, before he turned and addressed the crowd. „Praised be to Yevon!” he shouted and raised his arms, and the crowd returned the chant with a deafening cry, bringing chills to Lulu. Tromell continued to speak. „It is thanks to him that we have captured these two heretics who killed master Seymour! They thought that they could live in glory and fame with such a loathsome deed! But we, as faithful Guado men and women, have captured them and brought them here for you all to see be justly punished!”

The crowd let out a roaring cheer of consent that made Lulu” blood freeze. She glanced up at Tromell and wondered to herself „punishment? What are they talking about? Are they going to execute me?” she thought in fear as such ideas entered her mind. Only two guards remained on the stage now, and they both came up behind Lulu. They unfastened the collar with its chain leash, while the second one began to conjure some magical spell. Lulu began to struggle to get away, much the crowd’s amusement as they saw her nude body dance frantically on stage, but the first guard held her firmly in place. Lulu watched in fear, and sweat dropped from her brow, as a large green ring formed around her neck. She then saw the green aura begin to dissipate and fuse into her neck. There was no pain, but the entire ring disappeared into her body.

The two guards backed away, giving Lulu space. „What did you do to me?!” she asked frantically to Tromell, who still had his back to her. But he ignored her and continued to address the crowd. „Now may the punishment begin!” he stated loudly, and once again the crowd let out a cheer of approval. Lulu could not help but feel more helpless than ever. She looked around, and noticed that top some buildings surrounding this courtyard she was in, there were many men with sphere recorders. ‘they”re recording all this!” she thought nervously. „Who else is going to see this?”

Lulu got her answer. „Now,” Tromell said, „First let us here a confession from the whore herself. She will not only give it to us here in Guado, but to all of Spira!” The crowd cheered once more. „All of Spira?” Lulu thought with panic. Thoughts filled her mind, such as her love, Wakka, seeing her like this, or even her friends. Would they come to help her? Her thoughts were interrupted yet again. „Confess! Tell us who you are and all your crimes, and how much of a filthy woman you are!” she heard Tromell order.

„As if I would ever obey this man!” Lulu thought defiantly in her head. If there was anything she was going to do, she would at least put up as much of a fight as she could. But then he felt her body twitch. „What’s going on?” she thought. Her muscles began moving on their own, and slowly, Lulu stood up and walked to the front of the stage. „Why am I moving!” Lulu thought frantically. „No! Why is my body moving on its own!” And then she realized it. „No they couldn’t have!”

Lulu’s mouth opened on it’s own, and began to speak. ‘my name is Lulu, and I come from Besaid,” she spoke. „No stop!” Lulu thought in her mind. But her voice continued, ‘master Seymour wanted me to return to the side of good. But instead I aided in killing him.” Lulu fought hard to keep her mouth shut, but her voice continued to carry on. „What am I saying!” she thought in fear. But still she continued to talk, „people in Spira have called me the Black Mage, and said I am talented with magic. No, actually now I am the former Black Mage for I shall tell you the truth.” Then Lulu’s own voice saying the next words caused Lulu to cry out in protest in her mind. „Honestly,” Lulu went on, „I am a common, filthy, lowly whore. I am a dirty bitch, no even lower than an actual female dog. I have absolutely no morals. I am driven by sexual lust and pleasure.”

„No! Stop!” Lulu’s mind raced. But it was to no avail. ‘they put an obedience collar on me using their magic. If only I had some strength then I could dispel it. They think I’m confessing like this out of my own will too because the spell is only visible to the person it is being cast on! I’m like a toy to Tromell now! Wait what’s going on now?” Lulu thought suddenly, as she felt her muscles begin to move. Lulu felt her left hand rise and cup her own breast, and begin to caress it gently. Her other hand lowered itself and began to brush her dark, black pubic hairs. „What am I doing?” she thought with embarrassment as she began to fondle herself. Her voice trailed on. „Look at me,” she told the crowd. „Watch me. I am a cock-lover, a sex-addict, and a cheap whore.” Her finger probed her own vagina and dug upward, causing Lulu to gasp. Her mind screamed in terror as she felt herself squeezing her own, large, breasts.

„I’m willing to sell my body to anyone for just one gil. No, I’ll give my body away to you for free,” she went on. In her mind, Lulu was yelling for it to stop. She could feel her finger probing her, and beginning to send little waves of pleasure up throughout her body. Her pussy began to grow wet. „I even have sex with chocobos because I am so desperate!” she yelled out to the crowd. She continued to masturbate publicly in front of them all. „I’m such a worthless slut!” she screamed, and continued to finger herself harder.

„Is this real?” she thought to herself. In her mind she felt the pleasure of her own fingers toying with her, and she could feel herself nearing an orgasm already. After all, Lulu was incredibly sensitive. „I’m going to cum in front of them all!” she thought in fear. Lulu felt her fingers quicken their face, rubbing against her moistened insides, sending a shock of pleasure up with each penetrating thrust. Then Lulu’s fingers suddenly stopped, just as she neared her orgasm. Lulu let out a groan of pain, for it was frustrating to become this aroused and then not complete the orgasm. In fact, it was nearly painful. „What am I doing!” she thought. But her body seemed to ignore the need for an orgasm. Meanwhile, Lulu’s mind was desperately calling for a release of pleasure, however humiliating it was.

Lulu’s body stopped molesting itself, and Lulu stood straight once more. She felt ashamed to have said such things to herself. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that indeed, the sphere recorders had just recorded everything she said. Meanwhile, Tromell began to speak once more. „I think we are all satisfied with your confession,” he said, and the crowd murmured in agreement. „Now what was it you promised to show us all?”

Lulu felt her body fall down to its knees. Her naked body then crawled forward before Tromell. „What now?” Lulu thought desperately. ‘they think I’m kneeling before him on my own as well.” Lulu had never felt so defeated in her life. But she felt her neck jerk her head up and face Tromell right in the eyes. Her mouth opened. „Please! I beg you! Let me have your large cock! I need to suck your cock! I promised to give you, or anyone else here, a blowjob! Please give me your cock!” Lulu’s mind was in terror now. „I just begged for a blowjob? No!” Lulu fought with her mind with all her strength. But the magic had too good of a hold. ‘this can’t be true! I”ve only done this once with Chappu! I can’t do this here!”

„Very well,” Tromell said aloud, and he cast aside his robe with one swift move, revealing his large, penis. Lulu, having had only one sexual encounter before this, had never seen such a large thing, though she had heard rumors that Guado men had the largest penises of all races in Spira. Lulu felt her body lunge forward, wrap her hands around its base, and she felt her mouth open wide and struggle to engulf the entire thing. ‘this is so disgusting!” she thought. The bitter taste of the large cock touched the tip of her tongue. Then she felt her mouth skillfully ease the cock to the back of her throat. On her own, Lulu probably would not have touched the thing at all, even if she wanted to. „It’s so disgusting!” she thought to herself, and she felt herself gag.

Against her will, Lulu began to effectively stroke her tongue around the large shaft that filled her mouth. She struggled to breathe through her nose as she began to stroke the large shaft up and down with her lips and tongue, and she began to mechanically move her head to suck on the large penis. She could feel the stares of all the people in the crowd, and in her mind she was begging for it to end. ‘they”re all watching me like this. I”d much rather die.” But her body continued to accommodate the large cock. Her jaws ached and burned from opening so wide to envelope the shaft, but still she went on. She heard Tromell begin to groan as she coated his meat with her own saliva and licked it all around with her tongue. Her body took in the disgusting taste of it, much to Lulu’s dislike.

Then it all came to Lulu with a surprise. Tromell let out a cry and shot off a load of sticky semen into her mouth. Lulu screamed in her head as she tasted the slightly bitter, and slightly sweet cum fill her mouth and begin to ooze out. Some of it dripped out from her mouth and coated her chin. Flecks of it began to drip down onto her large breasts, and ran along her nipples. Tromell forcefully pulled himself out from Lulu’s mouth, as Lulu continued to engulf the fluids being sprayed onto and into her. As Tromell pulled out, he continued to cum, shooting a large load onto Lulu’s face, coating her hair and cheeks messily with his cum.

‘make it stop!” Lulu thought as she felt her throat begin to swallow the disgusting fluids. Yet when Lulu had swallowed it all her mouth opened and she screamed, ‘more! I want more please!” The crowd gave out a cheer at the site of the cum-covered Lulu begging for more pleasure, all at the mercy of the Guado. „How could I have drank all this disgusting stuff!” she thought to herself. Meanwhile the two guards behind Lulu brought forth a large jar. Lulu also saw in the distance, the Yuna was now crawling very awkwardly toward the stage, in a similar fashion that Lulu had earlier. „Yuna! They can’t do this to her too!” Lulu screamed in her mind. But of course, Yuna would not hear her.

„Drink the fluids in the jar,” Tromell, ordered, as he replaced his robes. Lulu felt her body go to the jar, and lift it. Inside the jar, she saw a disgusting, and smelly, black fluid. „What is that?” she thought to herself as her body began to drink it. „It tastes horrible!” she thought in her mind as her body slowly began to consume the entire jar. Finally, she placed the jar down when all of the bitter liquid was within her. Then she groaned in pain. As soon as she had finished drinking it, Lulu felt like her bladder had expanded to its full capacity.

„Oh I need to go pee,” Lulu thought in pain. A guard brought a chair up behind Lulu, which Lulu sat on without choice, and spread her legs, revealing her tight cunt to the crowd. There was a pressure growing within her bladder that increased the urge for her to urinate. Yet her body would not release it. She had no control. Tromell approached now with a small wooden object. He knelt before Lulu, and slowly pushed the object up into her pussy, effectively plugging it as Lulu groaned in pain. In her mind though, Lulu was screaming. ‘stop! It hurts!” as the wooden object slid inward and rubbed roughly against her insides.

At this point, Lulu got off the chair, and knelt before it. She saw that Yuna had now made it up to the stage now, and made eye contact with her. Lulu could not help but feel a twinge of sadness, in addition to her pain, at seeing Yuna, whose eyes were filled with fear. After their brief period of communication, Yuna glanced nervously up at the towers. ‘she noticed the sphere recorders too,” Lulu thought. „Yuna I am sorry.”

Lulu noticed now why Yuna had been moving so awkwardly. Yuna’s legs were trembling, and Lulu saw that between Yuna’s bare legs, was a wooden stopper shoved up her vagina, just like Lulu right now. ‘they made her drink the liquid too. Does she already have an obedience collar?” Lulu thought. But then a sudden pain brought her back to her bladder. One of the guards was gently pressing against the portion of Lulu’s belly where her bladder was. The second guard was tickling Lulu up and down her sides and eventually began to tickle her feat. Lulu’s cries and howls began to fill the courtyard, as her need to pee increased from her jerky movements and discomfort. She felt like her bladder would burst inside her. ‘mercy!” she screamed in her mind. „It hurts!”

As Lulu writhed in agony, she saw Yuna stand up, her legs shaking, in front of the crowd. Apparently it appeared that Yuna was having trouble holding her bladder as well. Lulu could barely make sense of the words Tromell was saying, but she assumed Tromell was ordering a confession out of Yuna as well. The guards then stopped toying with Lulu as Yuna began to speak. Lulu clearly heard Yuna’s words.

„I am Yuna, daughter of Braska,” Yuna said aloud. ‘she must have the collar of obedience on,” Lulu thought. Yuna continued. „I was once called the High Summoner, but I prefer being called a lustful slut. I am nothing more than a sex toy to my home of Besaid. And it is also thanks to this whore who helped raise me since I was a child.” Lulu’s mind was in shock as she saw Yuna point a finger back at Lulu without making eye contact. ‘this whore helped me become the slut I am today, since we were childhood friends. With her help, my holes were all penetrated many times, by every man, woman, and animal I could get my hands on.”

„Yuna! What are they making you do!” Lulu thought while the pain continued to spread in her belly. Yuna’s legs were shaking now, and Yuna let out a soft groan. She then continued to speak. „But this whore was my guardian, and together we killed your Master Seymour. Then, because of her negligence, we were captured,” Yuna said, still keeping her finger on Lulu. Lulu could not believe what she was hearing. Although she knew Yuna was under their magic, Lulu knew that it was true that if she had been a better guardian, she could have protected Yuna from this fate. „I’m sorry Yuna,” Lulu thought.

‘so now,” Yuna went on, ‘to remind this dirty whore of her place, and to show her she is not fit as a guardian, I will make her dirty, just as she likes to be.” With that Yuna turned, and Lulu gazed as she saw Yuna’s nude body approach her, then seat herself on the chair next to Lulu. Lulu’s own body turned and placed her hands behind her back. She knelt directly in front of Yuna’s spread legs. „Oh no!,” Lulu thought. „Please no! Not that!” But Yuna removed the stopper, and Lulu screamed in her mind as she felt the warm, smelly yellow fluids from Yuna’s bladder spray out onto her. Lulu, against her will, opened her mouth and welcomed the bitter liquid as it sprayed, nonstop, from Yuna’s vagina and onto Lulu’s face, coating her hair, breasts, and of course, filling her mouth. Yet Lulu swallowed, and began to massage herself, rubbing Yuna’s urine all over her body.

‘this is disgusting!” Lulu thought. „It tastes worse than Tromell’s semen!” she thought. Yuna had finished spraying Lulu, and Lulu continued to swallow whatever she could. For some reason, Lulu felt nourished drinking Yuna’s urine, though she had nowhere near enough strength to conjure magic. „Did something in that liquid cause them to allow us not to starve if we drank it?” Lulu wondered, as she hunger dissipated, only bringing more attention to the pain in her own bladder. Yet as soon as Lulu had stopped rubbing herself with urine, her body stood up and bent over the chair.

She watched over her shoulder as Yuna, knelt behind Lulu, prepared to move Lulu’s stopper now. „No Yuna don’t! Oh but I need to let it go! Yuna!” Lulu screamed in her mind as she felt Yuna remove the stopper. The instant relief Lulu felt at the release of pressure in her bladder was heavenly, but at the same time Lulu watched as her best friend was sprayed by Lulu’s own smelly urine, lathering herself in it and drinking some of it. She watered the former High Summoner for a few minutes. „Forgive me, Yuna” she thought.

As soon as she was finished, Tromell spoke. „Now show us what you filthy sluts can do!” Immediately Lulu felt her body clamber on top of Yuna’s and push it so Yuna was on her back. She stared deep into Yuna’s eyes and saw the sorrow that Yuna had. Lulu felt as though she could cry, and in her mind she wanted to comfort Yuna somehow. But her body would not allow it. Lulu felt her body then turn itself and now Lulu was face flat on top of Yuna, with Yuna’s wet pussy straight in front of her face. The two had taken up a 69 position, with Lulu’s urine drenched body and her luscious breasts pressed flat against Yuna’s own smelly body.

„I’m sorry Yuna,” Lulu thought once more. Then she felt a sudden tingling in her lower regions. Apparently Yuna was beginning to lick at Lulu’s wet pussy. Lulu felt her neck bend forward and proceed to do the same. Lulu’s tongue began to swivel and lick away at the outer labia of Yuna’s vagina, before slowly making its way inward, licking along the insides. Both of the girls were moaning now, in front of the large audience. „It tastes like urine,” Lulu thought as she licked the inner walls of Yuna’s soft pussy. Lulu felt her own fluids beginning to flow from within her. „It feels good though,” Lulu thought with shame, while she felt Yuna’s warm tongue, enter her and begin to wriggle along her inner linings. The waves of pleasure she felt as it rubbed inside her began to stimulate her further. Lulu was moaning, and in her mind she could not help but feel pleasure. She continued to lick away at Yuna’s pussy, while being pleasured at the same time.

Both girls were now groaning in pleasure as they continued to pleasure one another. The crowd was cheering and yelling chants, as the two girls began to intensify their tongues actions. „I’m going to cum soon!” Lulu thought, but apparently Lulu’s tongue was better than Yuna’s. Yuna had already reached an orgasm from motion of Lulu’s tongue pressing her insides, and Lulu felt the warm, sweet liquid coat her tongue and mix with her saliva, and slowly enter her mouth. „Yuna”„ Lulu thought, while the warm fluids sprayed out onto her face and nose, while filling her mouth.

The drops of fluid continued to drip from Yuna’s pussy, but Yuna pushed Lulu off of her and onto her back, causing Lulu to be on bottom. Yuna’s hand made contact with Lulu’s left breast, and Lulu groaned. She felt Yuna slip two of her fingers into Lulu’s moist cunt. „Oh”„ Lulu moaned in her mind. ‘more Yuna! I need to cum!” She felt Yuna quicken her pace as she thrusted the two fingers in and out of her vagina. Lulu’s mind was racing now, as she felt herself reaching her climax. „I’m going to cum!” Lulu heard herself scream.

Soon enough Lulu did. The wave of relief sent chills up her spine, as Lulu began to spray her juices out. Yuna, meanwhile, had lowered herself and begun to collect Lulu’s cum with her tongue and mouth. She only did so for a short while though, and then brought herself up in front of Lulu. Before Lulu knew it, she had reached her arms around Yuna, and the two were now engaged in a passionate kiss. Lulu felt Yuna’s cum-covered tongue make contact with her own. The two made slurping noises as they erotically made love, and Lulu could taste her own juices flowing into her mouth from Yuna’s. „O yes Yuna!” Lulu thought in her mind. She was still dripping wet from her vagina.

Finally Yuna and Lulu broke their kiss. Both of them were panting and breathing hard, with their smelly bodies now sweating. „Yuna”I’m sorry,” Lulu said, while gasping for breath. Yuna returned the apology, saying „Lulu, I’m sorry. I didn’t meant anything that I said up there.” And then both of them looked at each other in shock. „What?” Lulu thought in confusion. „I’m speaking of my own free will?” She looked up in horror to see Tromell.
Tromell quietly said to both of them, as the crowd cheered behind him, „we released the collars of obedience the minute you two were on top of one another.” He gave an evil grin and continued, „now you realize what whores you truly are.” Lulu could not believe what she heard. „No..” she thought. „I couldn’t have done that on my own!”

Suddenly both Yuna and Lulu gasped. The guards and drenched both of them with large barrels of cold water, cleaning them off, though not very effectively. Lulu shivered, as her drenched body was now more sensitive to the air. It was now sunset, so it was getting colder. She was no longer hungry, but she was too weak to do anything else. She looked over at Yuna, who was shivering the same.

Instinctively, Lulu crawled over to Yuna, and embraced her in her arms, in order to keep her warm. Yuna curled up against Lulu for warmth. ‘someone will save us right”„ Yuna said quietly. Lulu only held Yuna tighter. Meanwhile, Tromell addressed the crowd. „Now you see what whores these two heretics are! Their punishment is far from over!”

Lulu could not believe her ears. ‘more?” she thought. She heard guards coming up behind her, and turned her head to see two chairs, each with two large wooden rods sticking up the middle of them. Tromell’s voice filled the air once more. ‘they have already been nourished with liquids tonight. But it has grown late. Tonight, just like every night, they will sleep on these chairs for sluts! Tomorrow morning they will be placed on display here in this courtyard in some stocks for use and abuse as any of you wish, for just one gil. And of course, tomorrow night return here for another punishment session before they are taken away to sleep on these stools once again. But do not worry if you miss tomorrow, for they will be here every day for your pleasure to pay for their sins!” The crowd let out a humongous cheer.

„A year!” Lulu thought. „No!” she cried aloud. But it was no use. She felt a guard pull her hair and a second guard lift her. Together the two began to carry her to a stool. „Yuna!” Lulu cried as she watched a second pair of guards lift Yuna up and begin to carry her to the other stool. Lulu felt the two guards take hold of her thighs and spread them apart. Lulu began to flail and struggle, but it was no use. The two guards lowered her onto the two wooden rods, impaling her vagina and anal passage at the same time, causing Lulu to scream in pain. Having had only one sexual experience before with Chappu, she was still not used to penetration.

Lulu continued to scream in pain, and this was joined by Yuna’s cries as she too, was impaled by her own stool. Yuna had only had one sexual encounter with Tidus before, so this process must have been equally as painful for the two. Lulu watched as she saw the guards come up behind Yuna and place a large black mask on her head, covering her short brown hair. The mask only had eyeholes with zippers, as well as a mouth hole with a zipper, and nose holes. Meanwhile, Lulu felt the guards behind her roughly undoing her many braids in order to be able to fit a mask over her head. „Yuna”„ Lulu cried weakly, at the sight of her friend’s agony.

„Lu-” Yuna began to scream in response but was silenced by the mouth hole being zipped, effectively gagging her. The last thing Lulu saw of Yuna that night was the fear in Yuna’s eyes before the eyeholes were zipped on the mask, leaving Yuna in complete darkness. The guards then took some rope and bound Yuna to her seat, making her unable to move, and then carried the seat off toward the dungeon complex they had come from. „Yuna”forgive me,” Lulu thought, as she felt the last of her braids undone and her long black hair flowed behind her. Then the leather mask came on. It felt suffocating to her, but she could still breathe through the nose holes. Her sight was limited by a lot, as was her ability to open her mouth. Her hearing was completely stopped. But that didn’t matter for immediately, the zippers were shut, leaving Lulu in pitch blackness.

‘someone’save us,” was all Lulu could think as she felt ropes binding her tightly to the chair. She then felt herself being carried away. ‘save us”„ she thought weakly, trying to ignore the rough rods impaling her constantly from below. Within her dark isolation and chastisement, Lulu had no idea where she was being taken. Lulu could not sleep that night”it was too uncomfortable. All she could do was blame herself for not being a better guardian, and hope for a savior. And then Lulu felt herself begin to cry. She cried within her mask, helplessly, until the following morning, where she endured the same endless suffering once more, and then once more, and again and again, until she forgot all about savior. Every few weeks their sleeping device changed, their punishments changed, and their forms of public display changed. And, much to Tromell’s pleasure, it only took a few weeks, before rather than beginning for someone to save them, all Lulu and Yuna wanted was sexual pleasure and pain. Their suffering became their lives.

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