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Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Rating: R.
Pairing: LagunaxSquall
Warning: Incest, smut. Drabble.

If the borderline of abnormality is exceeded, I wonder whether this opacity will clear up...

Everyone wondered why Squall Leonheart decided to add his long-estranged father's name onto the end of his.

"Squall Leonheart-Loire." It made a mouthful. But he didn't mind if you used either singularly, or together. In fact, he almost looked downright triumphant everytime someone called him "Squall Loire". Everyone thought he would have been scowling in distaste at the name.

As it was, it left his friends baffled at his random behavior on this. None of them knew the reasons why, and he never explained them. He didn't have to. It was his business.

Likewise, no one of Esthar knew why Laguna started wearing a matching pendant and ring to Squall's Griever. Kiros and Ward were just as puzzled at their sometimes crazed leader, since he seemed twelve-times more happy-go-lucky than usual, often sporting his best goofy grin, even as he worked.

They questioned, but would only get vague answers. Not that there was any real reason in the first place, they thought. Perhaps it had just been a spurr of the moment for the man, a want to be closer.

Oh, closer, indeed...

Behind the closed doors of the Loire mansion, the master bedroom securely locked, a silence barrier placed in the room, no one heard the harlequin moans or wanton sighs. They couldn't see the lustful caresses or the sublime whispers of sweet nothings.

They didn't know about the way Squall's barriers came shattering down by a well-placed nibble on the neck, or hear the way he whimpered so needily as he clutched the sheets beneath him, face flushed, eyes glittered and dazed with lust. They didn't know how Laguna was when it came to the young man.

They didn't hear the low, baritone moans, or the playful purring; they didn't see him trace his fingers along the inside of the others thighs; they didn't see him when he took the pretty body under him as his own and move until he heard the passion-filled scream from the other.

They were never truly father and son, the time gap--too large to mend. They could never be like that and they knew it. Instead, they settled for the next best thing.

"L-Laguna! Laguna, please..." Squall whimpered, arching his back in such a way that it made it all the more impossible for the other man to think clearly as his fingers worked along the younger man's cock; stroking it in a lazily slow manner that never failed to send the young SeeD into a passion-filled frenzy.

His lustful and wanton cries never failed to make Laguna crumble and give the other what he wanted. With deliberate, confidant strokes, there was a hitch in breath, a gurgled noise like a gasp, before the scream. It never ceased to satisfy the long haired President as he watched the many emotions overtake his lover and play out in his dazed eyes.

Once again, his smile returned, though less goofy, but just as happy when he felt the others arms reaching out for him and he willingly complied, letting himself be drawn in until their lips met and brushed together in a kiss, that was lazy and filled with the unspoken words they didn't truly need to say. Their actions spoke it enough.

No one knew why Squall suddenly went by his father's last name, or why Laguna started wearing a matching Griever set...

But they did, and that was all that mattered.


One person is heavy, and is too beautiful. Only she is my secret sweet, sweet romance...

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