Dead Men

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It was late when Basch knocked at the door and the only servant Lady E. Bunansa employed let him in without question, for he was one of the few she’d learnt never to demand answers from.
She left Basch outside the door leading to the few rooms Balthier inhabited, her only comment was “I suspect it is master Bunansa you are here to see, your honor”.

Balthier sat at his desk when Basch came in, his head was bent over a piece of paper and the pirate supported himself on his left arm while wrote.

“Take a seat, Basch.” If Basch had not known Balthier’s voice he would never have realized that the seated figure had spoken “I am almost finished.”

“For Fran?” Basch asked once he’d taken a seat in the wooden chair closest to the door, inspecting the ornamented room they were in.

“No, I already wrote her. This letter is meant to reach Nono, he was fortunately not with us during our last job and I fear he’s wandering around the Giza Plains wondering why we haven’t picked him up yet.” Balthier put the pen aside and turned around in his seat “For the love of air ships, do you automatically search for the least comfortable thing to sit on? There are three sofas in here just waiting to be occupied.”

“I didn’t think of that.” Basch grinned apologetically “Poor Nono…”

“It’s the wet season, on top of all. I can almost imagine him standing near the crystal, soaked to his skin and cursing my name.” Balthier rose from his chair and despite the amusement dancing over his face he bit his lip. “He deserves better.”

“You had some bad luck, that’s all.” Basch rose as well, automatically copying his host “As a Judge Magister I should not say this, but you are one of the best pirates I’ve ever had in my prison.”

“I got sloppy.” Balthier played with one of his earrings, the curved silver piece that all the chocobos they’d ever encountered seemed to become obsessed with. “Hang on. Who could be a better pirate than I am?”

“I’m afraid that’s Class Two information.”

“Did I just witness a joke?” Balthier smirked when Basch kept his stone faced look. He walked over to a glass table that stood in the corner, ran his hands along its ornamented edges and, after a moment of consideration, picked a bottle from the shelf next to the table. “Drink with me.”

Basch was not certain if it was an order, a wish or a request, not that he’d even considered turning the offer down.

“Nostalgia?” The Landissian asked and moved towards the corner.

“Well… Fran doesn’t drink more than a few times a year, the smell of alcohol is enough to intoxicate her, Viera and their noses, you know. Nono is the same.” Balthier extended the bottle to Basch but kept his grip on it. “You should know that I only drink with those I find worthy of my trust, it’s never a good idea to do something stupid in front of a person who might tell others about it. Such stupidity could ruin my image.”

“You have my word.”

Balthier relaxed and let go of the bottle, allowing Basch to look at the label while the Pirate grabbed two glasses from the glass table. Basch hummed in agreement and Balthier smiled with one side of his mouth and gestured for the group of sofas near the middle of the room.

“Unless, of course, you prefer that wooden chair...” Balthier smiled when he sat down and curled his legs under himself, once he’d settled he took the bottle from Basch and poured the amber liquid into the glasses.

“To what then?” Basch asked when Balthier handed him one of the glasses.

“To surviving death. Twice.” Balthier grinned.

“To survival.” Basch raised his glass and then allowed the amber liquid to pass his lips, tasting the expensive liquor and letting it roll over his tongue.

They drank in silence for a while, enjoying the silence of the night and the passing of the time. The amber liquid tasted better every time Basch took a sip or had just had his glass refilled.

“It appears my babysitter has an excellent taste in spirits…” Balthier said after some time and laughed at Basch’s horrified expression “Calm your chocobos, ser knight. I do have her permission to use everything in these rooms as if they were my own.“

“Better than being in the cell I suppose” Basch leant back, resting against the soft fabric of the sofa.

“Very much so.” Balthier hummed a melody Basch did not know, his fingers drumming against the glass and once the tune finished, the pirate finished his drink and set the glass down on the glass table behind him. “I’m surprise you haven’t asked why someone in the House of Bunansa carries a Landissian name.”

“It wouldn’t be right for the Judge Magister of the 9th not to know such things about a House like Bunansa.” Basch handed his now empty glass to Balthier who put it next to his own “I just pretend I know.”

“She married my brother and when father gave the marriage his blessings, she earned the right to add Bunansa to her name.” Balthier shrugged “She still works at Draklor, or what remains of it, Doctor Cid demanded that she did or else he would not approve of the marriage. The Design of Weapons department or whatever they call it is where she works. Turned out she’s one of the creators of the Sirius models.”

“Were the two of you close before you left?” Basch was careful not to let his surprise at Balthier’s openness show for that was the fastest way to end said openness.

“No. We only met at family gatherings or whenever I visited Thaulmar. They seemed to get along well enough though, both of them tended to get lost in their work.” Balthier frowned “I still don’t know why she got me out of there and she seems to find great pleasure in silence.”

Basch didn’t reply but closed his eyes, relaxed into the softness of the sofa and sighed contentedly. He could not remember when he’d last been this comfortable, to be allowed to answer to his own name in the company of someone who wasn’t a teenage emperor was not something he was granted every day.

“I cannot recall ever having seen you this tranquil” Balthier observed “Has all the paper work made you soft?”

“Hardly.” Basch laughed “I’m simply tired. Alcohol can make any worn out man relax.”

“A steady desk-job… Does it require more from you than saving the world from war ever did?” The other man’s trade mark smirk was audible in his voice.

“Perhaps I am simply growing old.” A gentle hand placed itself on the side of the scarred face, a soft thumb caressing the end of that scar.

“Since you seem to have nine lives I wouldn’t worry about that, Captain.”

“That is my rank no more, Balthier.” Basch opened his eyes again, a reaction to the pleasant surprise that was the heat radiating from the pirate’s palm.

“Would you rather I called you ‘Your Honor’?” Balthier’s hand moved, seeking golden hair to run between slender fingers.

“No. My name will not be worn out, you could use that.” Basch suggested, leaning into the touch and savoring the feeling of that soft yet callused hand on his skin.



“This is the point where you stop talking so that I can indulge myself in those stupid things I mentioned before.” Balthier’s voice was soft and low, so tempting that Basch never even thought of turning away when the pirate leaned in.

For the first time in over five years, a pair of full lips crushed against his own, Basch shivered when the kiss deepened and his hands found their way to the pirate’s scalp, holding and cradling Balthier’s head ever so gently. He had never realized he’d missed the feeling of a tongue licking his bottom lip playfully or that of teeth grazing against his lips and yet he gasped in pleasure, for it was bliss.

The world was full of warm, wet, soft, gentle and eager, the only sounds breaking the silence were the sound of breathing and the wetter sound of lips locking and unlocking. The pirate smelled as always of gunpowder and leather, Basch quietly wondered how the taller man could smell of gunpowder after having had his gun confiscated nearly two weeks ago, but when a hand begun caressing his neck it no longer seemed important.

It was Balthier who broke away first, that wicked smile played across his swollen lips and his eyes sparkled with something Basch recognized as triumph. The pirate chuckled and put a finger to Basch’s lips, a glimpse of what had once happened in a previous life.

Lips parted and he gently licked the tip of the long trigger finger, mocking another act he’d once committed. The sensation soothed him, the simple pleasure of massaging with his tongue and swirling the flexible muscle around any part of the pirate was enough to still his concerns. It was then that he made his decision.

“I want you tonight” he mumbled, the finger in his mouth still and words caressed it as well as teeth and tongue.

“Oh do not worry. I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to.” Balthier grinned and moved.

Basch found himself wishing that he could watch the situation from across the room so that he could memorize the sight of the sky pirate in his lap, trigger finger inside a wet mouth and a wet mouth and teeth that nibbled along an exposed throat. There was something about the man in this expensive cage that Basch found incredibly erotic and utterly irresistible, something that made him harden faster than he’d done with any other.

The shirt Balthier wore feelt good under Basch’s callused fingers, cool and smooth but it was the heat beneath it he so badly desired and thus he began tugging at it, releasing it from Balthier’s leathers. The pirate’s skin was soft in contrast to the firm torso, well defined muscles created lines for his hands to trace as they worked their way up to hardening nipples.

Balthier removed his finger from Basch’s warm mouth and painted complex patterns on the older man’s neck until all the wetness had gone. The brunette rolled his hips and arched his back, to Basch’s great pleasure, and began unbuttoning his shirt. The tanned skin suddenly laid bare before him had more scars than the judge recalled from previous encounters with the Archadian’s naked upper body and Basch traced them with his own scarred hands.

“I think it best we seek a more comfortable place for an encounter of this nature” Balthier mumbled, controlled and yet with a breath in his voice.

Basch grunted in agreement but couldn’t quite convince himself to stop his mouth’s work on a hard nipple long enough to answer, Balthier laughed playfully before he continued.

“The bedroom might be the classic choice and I do think my back would appreciate resting on a bed rather than a rug, I don’t like getting burns all over myself even if I do like it a bit rough.” Balthier took Basch’s face in his hands and licked the knight’s swollen lips, once, twice.

“Unless you prefer otherwise, I’d be happy if our positions are reversed.” Basch would never admit how difficult it was to create sounds different from sighs and grunts “I haven’t had that pleasure in quite a while.”

“You’d…” Balthier’s eyes widened in surprise before he regained his composure.

“Judge Magisters are not supposed to enjoy being in such a compromised position.” Basch laughed a little. “It’s believed to make us appear less intimidating.”

“Breaking the rules?” Balthier’s eyes sparkled with mischief “And I who thought you morally superior to the rest of us.”

“Rather make it that tonight I am not Gabranth, but the man who died a traitor.”

Balthier kissed him, affection mixed with passion and to Basch’s surprise, even gratitude found its way into the kiss.

“Fear not, my dear Captain. It is as they say; Dead men tell no tales.” Balthier untangled himself from the former knight and rose to his feet, dragging Basch along with him.

Basch lost his dark Archadian shirt somewhere between Balthier’s study and the bedroom, his belt was opened and thrown across the room when he was pushed up against the door and a heated sky pirate pressed against him. He removed his boots just before Balthier threw him of balance and he fell onto the bed.

The younger man wasted no time in straddling him anew, a roll of his hips pressed their clothed erections against their counterpart and the pirate groaned in pleasure. Callused hands moved to caress leather clad thighs and a firm behind as Balthier began to tease Basch’s well muscled chest with his lips, tongue and teeth.

Strong and elegant hands worked on his trousers and the blonde man took a moment to admire the erotic sight before him. Balthier was, rather likely, one of the most dashing men in Ivalice with his lean built and toned body, the sheer layer of sweat appearing on his body made him glow in the dim light and swollen lips and lust filled eyes made him look like something out of a wet dream.

Had he been a man of words, Basch could have sworn he would have written sonnets about the man’s hands, still adorned by the rings he’d worn when they’d first met.

His trousers came off soon enough, after Balthier had toyed with him until he’d growled sharply and muttered a warning. The pirate thought for a moment, his fingers drumming against Basch’s hip and then he smiled in triumph.

“On your knees, Captain.” A pink tongue darted out and added moisture to swollen lips “Your back against me, there’s no need to bend over.”

It took Basch a few moments to arrange himself into the position Balthier had wished for, the main reason for this was not his eagerness but the softness of the bed and Basch was grateful that the pirate bit back his laugh as the Judge Magister lost his balance.

Strong arms embraced him, pressing his back against a tanned chest as a warm mouth pleasured his neck. Basch sat down on his heels, rested his head against the pirate’s shoulder and shivered as Balthier’s tongue did something utterly wicked to his ear.

A hand traveled down his chest and found his raging arousal, Basch twitched when long fingers gripped him firmly.

“Are you not a bit overdressed?” Basch questioned, his voice’s hoarseness the only thing that betrayed his position.

“Patience” Balthier mumbled “Saliva can only do so much even if we do not hasten.”

“I’m no virgin, Balthier.” Basch laughed and rolled his hips to press himself against the leather clad arousal “Nor am I a stranger to pain.”

Balthier rolled his eyes and pushed two fingers into Basch’s mouth while his other hand lazily stroked the man’s erection, varying the speed and pressure.
“You’ve never been one to waste time…”

Basch made an evasive sound, not attempting to speak with two long digits in his mouth.

“I remember the way you used to stare at my hands, when I piloted or sometimes even during battle, it was always my hands you studied before your eyes turned to the rest of my body. The way you looked at me when you thought no one noticed your glances used to make me hard, having your full attention for hours on ends.” Balthier withdrew his fingers. “Do you know how difficult it is to fly with a hard-on?”

“You… You knew?” Basch blushed as Balthier moved his saliva covered fingers to massage unrelenting muscle.

“There’s no need to get tense…” Balthier’s voice drifted when the pirate focused on forcing Basch to relax.

One finger.

“Ah better.” A quick kiss, assuring and comforting before the pirate released the pulsing erection, causing Basch to make a complaining sound. “You are tighter than I expected.”


Two fingers.

“Not in the slightest.”

It did not take the pirate too long to have Basch moaning under his skilled treatment, soon relaxing around three moving fingers. A few soft words urged the shorter man to lie down on his stomach and moving his legs apart, behind him was the characteristic sound of leather stretching and belts unbuckling.

“Happy now?” Asked the Archadian and forced his objecting clothing past his feet.

“Very.” Basch mumbled into the sheets, turning around to look at the lean man. “New scars?”

“Bahamut.” Basch did not need any other explanation and Balthier relaxed a bit when he nodded in reply . “Are you ready like this or do you require more preparation?”

“I’ve never needed more than three fingers before.” Basch hesitated. “I do however think that I might be a bit too… Dry.”

“Would you do the honors?” Balthier bent down and kissed a pale shoulder.

Basch didn’t reply but urged the sky pirate to move towards the pillows, taking the man’s hard length into his mouth the moment he was able to reach.

“Be quick, you are far too skilled for me to last long like this.” Balthier’s eyes had closed and white teeth bit into pink lips, his breathing became shallow as he tried to patiently wait for the blond man to be done with it. He lost that internal battle after a few minutes less than he would have wished for. “Are you torturing me or do you find pleasure in this?”

Basch let the now leaking erection slip from his mouth and looked up to meet amber eyes burning with desire, feeling the sky pirate’s taste on his tongue still; bittersweet and addictive. He extended an arm and pulled the pirate down for a kiss that held the taste of passionate fire, before he (in a slightly roughened voice) gave a positive reply to the question.

Balthier moved back between his legs, placing a few absurdly chaste kisses to Basch’s entrance and then, as his mouth moved towards muscled shoulders, took his own length in his hand and guided it towards the puckering hole.

It was painful, as always, and Basch prayed to gods he’d thought forgotten, hands clung to the silken sheets beneath them and he closed his eyes to conjure up images of the playful rivers of his childhood. Basch never knew why he thought of Landis as the pain cut through him and he knew not which pain caused a tear to fall from his eye.

“Are you alright?” Such tenderness the pirate’s voice held when compassionate lips brushed against a vein in the knight’s throat as the advance halted.

“I will be.” Basch swallowed, his back seeking contact and comfort by pressing against the pirate’s lean front. “Please continue.”

Though he did not see it, he felt the man above him nod and kiss his cheek before he once again focused on pushing deeper into the shivering body beneath him. Basch knew the pirate was gentle, much more so than he had expected but before the pain became pleasure he could not help but doubt.

The pleasure came soon enough, it always did, and it made him forget the pain he’d felt, giving in to the carnal needs he’d suppressed for too long. The pirate moved within him, withdrawing half an inch before pushing back in, resting against Basch’s back.

A few shallow thrusts had the dead knight moaning in delight, his voice thick and full of need. Above him the younger man found a rhythm that pleased them both, and pushed himself deeper with every thrust.

Basch did not feel himself uttering words that begged for harder, faster and deeper but knew that it was his voice that spoke these demands. His world became one of warmth, friction and skin against skin, all troubles forgotten and no concerns remembered.

He enjoyed the feeling of the pirate’s hardness within him, enjoyed it when it moved and prayed for the waves of passion it sent through him when the younger man brushed against his prostate. Each time Balthier hit that spot, Basch’s hips jerked and his hands clawed at the sheets.

Balthier was surprisingly quiet, Basch had expected him to be some sort of vocal exhibitionist but the gunner only hummed or inhaled sharply, making no more than a hissing sound at best. It was the need for sounds that made Basch push his hips back against the pirate, clenching his length every time the man withdrew and this earned him the softest of moans.

A hand found its way under him, searching and finding his weeping cock. Basch bucked into the strong grip, feeling the pressure build up within him with every thrust they made. He lost control over the rhythm, letting the sensations overwhelm him as he voiced his nearing climax.
Balthier increased both the intensity and the speed of his thrusts, finding that spot within his lover every time he pushed himself back in.

Basch’s world became lost in shadows as he came, the brief sensation of eternity flowed over him, he bit into the sheet’s he’d clung to and he spent himself over the warm hand surrounding him.

Balthier threw back his head when he came, a deep and primal groan escaping his mouth between parted lips. Hips jerked one, two, three, four times before he collapsed on top of the older man.

“I hope I didn’t crush you.” Balthier said when he at last withdrew, supporting himself on his elbows.

“It is quite alright.” Basch breathed, whimpering at the sensation of loss. “You weigh less than one would think.”

Balthier laughed and laid down next to Basch, a hand caressing the Judge Magister’s back.

“You are full of surprises” Basch said and turned to lie on his side “I did not expect to be seduced tonight.”

“I admit I hadn’t planned it… What kind of pirate would I be if I let a chance like that escape, hm?” Balthier shrugged and smiled a one-sided smile “Though I must say that the outcome did not disappoint me.”

“Relief does not occur too often these days, for neither of us” Basch agreed. “And where better to find it than with a friend and former companion.”

“Exactly. No need to tell lies about love or give false promises. Plus, a chance to be what we are instead of what we are supposed to be, if only for a moment.” The pirate smiled “You can stay the night if you want to. It’s rather late.”

Basch hesitated, lazily tracing the outlines of Balthier’s bicep.

“It would not look good for Judge Magister Gabranth to appear from the house of a first rank criminal… I thank you for your offer.” Basch sighed.

“Have you never wished to be free of duty?”

“I’d not have the courage to be so.”

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