What He's Missing

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What He's Missing

Quick Notes: For the purpose of this fan fiction, I'm assuming in Final Fantasy Land the drinking age is 18 – which makes what Quistis and Xu do perfectly legal. This is yuri. And a lemon. There's also minor Squall-bashing and not so minor angst. Also, I don't remember the game ever giving Xu's explicit position in the Garden. So, I'm making her Garden faculty and Quistis's roommate – though she's 3 years older than Quisty. Oh yeah: this takes place directly after the “Secret Training Area” scene.

Phew. I'm done. Read, set, go!

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Go talk to a wall...

I'm not asking you to say anything. I just want you to listen.

It's not like everyone can get by on their own, you know?

I don't want to carry anyone's burden.

Quistis Trepe marched down the halls of Balamb Garden, glad that curfew keep most students from witnessing her near-frantic trek from the secret training area. What a nightmare. How embarrassing. She couldn't believe how coldly Squall Leonhart had acted. She had thought he was mature... thoughtful.

Perhaps Cid had been right... No leadership skills... were leaders such terrible judges of character?

Her gloved fingers curled to fists. Go talk to a wall... How absurd! Didn't he know that at least twenty love-sick cadets would kill to be in his place? Didn't he know that she had a bottle of Galbadian champagne worth 200 gil chilling in her freezer just for the two of them? And anything over 100 gil was a lot on Garden salary. Quistis's severely outdated wardrobe was case in point...

Still, even though she lost her instructor's license, Quistis had tried to think positively. She had her eyes on Squall Leonhart since he first walked into her class with those ridiculously tight pants. Any girl with half a brain wanted to Of course, Seifer Almasy was always competing for attention. But Squall wasn't just talented on the battlefield – he was quiet, intelligent, analytical – the exact opposite of cocky, rebel-without-a-cause Seifer. Quistis had always longed to tell Squall she thought he was much more than just a good student. Now that she was no longer his teacher, maybe he would open up to her.

So she thought...

But what a bang-up job she had done seducing him! Hyne, she was an idiot! Bitching about her problems when all she really wanted was to drag the boy to bed and see how good he really was at taking directions.

Even Seifer Almasy is smoother than that, she thought morosely.

Quistis suddenly halted as she reached her dorm. So far, she hadn't seen anyone but that weird girl who seemed to know her name. Quistis opened the door cautiously, silently praying that Xu was already sleeping. Thinking about how Squall had completely ignored her advances brought tears to her eyes. And she didn't want anyone to see her cry – not even her best friend. Crying was a product of weakness, and Quistis Trepe was anything but weak. She was a child prodigy – an adept Blue Mage – crying was beneath her. Even if everything she worked for was gone – even if the one boy she had interest in danced with some bimbo instead of her – she would not cry.

Flipping on the light switch, she surveyed the empty kitchenette and heaved a sigh of relief. Xu said she wasn't attending the ceremony because she still had a lot of exams to grade. Perhaps she had called it an early night...

As Quistis scanned the contents of her fridge, she noticed that the shelves held little except a half-eaten sandwich and that bottle of Deling Delight. She and Xu would have to go grocery shopping in Balamb tomorrow, if she was even feeling up to. The only thing Quistis was hungry for at this point was a big glass of champagne, and she endeavored to drink the whole bottle before the night was over. Maybe then she could stop thinking about what an utter disaster her whole life was swiftly becoming...

But as Quistis uncorked the bottle a voice floated through the air.

“Mmm... Quisty?”

Xu stumbled into the commons area, greeting Quistis and her bottle with a cat-like yawn. The over-sized tee-shirt she wore barely covered her thighs, and she pulled the hemline down, awkwardly adjusting the length lest Quistis see all of Esthar and her underpants.

“Hey, you're home late,” she murmured. “How was the ball?”

Quistis wrapped her fingers around the bottle's neck and took a big gulp directly from the bottle. She followed that with two more swigs before she opened her mouth to reply.


Xu came to consciousness rather quickly when she realized her usually “serious” best friend was seriously tipping back a bottle of booze. Fast as lightning, she intervened before Quistis could take another sip.

“Easy there, tiger,” she said, easing the bottle from the blond woman's death grip. “I thought you were going to share this with your favorite student tonight. You know, after you charmed him with your dazzling intellect and C-cup breasts.”

“I was,” Quistis moaned, blinking back tears. No, no, no! She would not cry. She would not. “I had it all planned out. But when I finally got him alone, he.... he told me to talk to a fucking wall!”

“Well, it hardly needs to be said, but he is a bastard.” Xu crossed to the cupboard and took out two glasses. She filled one to the brim, sliding it across the table to Quistis, then poured herself a rather modest portion. Sometimes the best cure for heartbreak was to drink it off. “Drink up, sweetie. You've earned it.”

“That cold son-of-a-bitch!” Quistis swore, consuming her glass in one graceful toss down the hatch. “To think... after all I did for him... convincing Headmaster Cid to hold Seifer responsible for Team B's mistakes... saving him from that fucking robot... this is how he repays me!”

“If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure Squall is gay,” Xu retorted with a small simper. Quistis rolled her eyes, but Xu pressed on. She was only saying what every girl who had ever batted eyes at the boy was thinking. “I mean, he may be a dedicated soldier, but, if you ask me, all he cares about is crossing gunblades with Seifer.”

Quistis practically lunged for the bottle, but Xu was still quicker, and managed to pour a refill before the irked Blue Mage could test her whip proficiency on the older girl. Quistis accepted the glass like it was the Holy Grail.

“He danced with some bimbo earlier tonight,” she snapped, knowing that it put a huge dent in Xu's logic. It wouldn't have been so bad if Squall had just turned her down. But it hurt so much worse when she saw him dancing with a complete stranger. And enjoying it. She even thought she had once seen him smile. No one could get Squall Leonhart to smile. Quistis would know – she had tried on several occasions.

“And Hyne damn it was he good! If only the bumbling Trepies I was forced to humor could move even half as well as he did!” She consumed more of the champagne, already experiencing a sensation that alternated between between giddy and devastated. “He can dance with a complete stranger, but Heaven help us all if he utters more than two words to his fucking instructor!”

“Now, now,” Xu mock-admonished, sidling closer to Quitsis's bar stool. “Don't let it get to you. Squall Leonhart is a complete idiot for turning you down.”

Her bitter snort was somewhat muffled as she took another gulp.

Xu eyed her friend worriedly. Her cheeks were crimson with anger, embarrassment, and most of all, a good buzz. Quistis hardly ever drank, even when Xu begged her to. “I don't like the way it makes me feel,” she had once said. “I'm not myself when I drink.” The girl had some serious control issues. But, true to her words, Quistis only sipped a single fruity drink on holidays or special occasions. Squall must have really screwed up to cause Quistis to throw back champagne like water.

“It's not enough that I lost my license,” she moaned. “I have to be the laughing stock of the Garden as well! Hyne, I can only imagine the gossip!”

“No one will say a damn thing except for how much of a moron Squall is for turning down the hottest blond this side of Balamb.”

“You're just saying that.”

“You have a fucking fan club for Hyne's sake! Any idiot can see that you're the most lusted-after woman in this institution. Even girls fawn over you! And not in the Quistis-you're-so-great-we-look-up-to-you kind of way. They worship the ground you walk on, Quisty.”

“But not Squall...”

Quistis held up her empty glass and waved it hopelessly before Xu.

“No more,” Xu warned, hugging the bottle to her chest. Even if it was only champagne, Quistis might get sick. And hysterical-puking-Quistis was not exactly what she wanted right now.

“Don't be stingy, you Hyne damn bitch! I'm the one who bought it!”

Xu sighed and acquiesced, emptying out the bottle. Even when Quistis's pretty features were screwed up with rage and she was shrieking insults, Xu could never say no to her.

“That's it?” Quistis sneered at the shot-glass portion remaining.

“That's it.” She decided to finish off her own drink in case Quistis decided to claim it as her own. “For someone who only drinks during Christmas parties and inaugurations, you made quick work of that entire bottle.”

“I want more,” she whined. “I still feel it.”

“Feel what?”

“I feel like everyone in the world just got together to stomp on my head! What the hell do you think I feel like?”

“If you keep this up, you'll feel like something else stomped on your head tomorrow morning.”

“What am I supposed to do? I lost the job I worked for years to secure, and then when I spill my heart out to the love of my life, he tells me to talk to a wall? You're lucky I don't go down the hall and score some fucking heroin!”

“You know someone with heroin?” Xu asked, surprised.

“That's not the point.”

Xu couldn't bear to see her friend in so much pain, staring into a champagne flute like she might drown herself in it if given the opportunity. As much as she didn't want to enable her friend's escapism, Xu felt like a hypocrite to say that she wouldn't do the same in Quistis's shoes. The poor woman had doted on Squall Leonhart, and anyone with half a brain knew it wasn't just because of his superior combat skills. Go talk to a wall? No wonder cool, collected Quistis was an utter mess. Who could blame her? She was, after all, still just a kid.

Xu could still remember the first day she had met Quistis Trepe. Xu had entered cadet school at sixteen when Edea Kramer stopped by her dorm room with a quiet blond just shy of thirteen clutching to her skirts. Mrs. Kramer had explained that Quistis was enrolling in Balamb Garden as well, and that Headmaster Cid himself decreed Xu as the girl's roommate and mentor.

Even then, Xu was quite taken with Quistis. They got along pleasantly, and Xu had always been jealous of Quistis's natural gifts. As a kid, she had been tall, lanky, flat-chested and bony, but there was a timid but fierce determination that burned in her cool blue eyes. It had always impressed Xu. What Quistis lacked in confidence she made up in practice and drive. At first, Quistis was wary of her chain whip, as it had been difficult to wield and she often ended up hurting herself during training. But eventually, Quistis became extremely talented with her weapon of choice, and her awkward preteen body bloomed into a work of art. If anyone was living proof of the axiom “practice makes perfect,' it was Quitis. Hell, Xu once watched Quistis dominate a T-Rexaur with one hand tied behind her back. Not so timid now.

To tell the truth, Xu had been in love with Quistis for several years – not that she would ever admit it – and especially not to the objection of her affections. Quistis had always been either into boys, books, or battle, so Xu had figured the attention would be unwarranted.

But seeing Quistis so upset over some stupid boy... Hyne damn it! What would it take for Quistis to realize just how special she was? Just how special she was to Xu?

“Listen,” she murmured, wrapping her arm around Quistis's hunched yet broad shoulders, “I happen to have a little rum leftover from last week's faculty party. If you promise me you'll play cards stop moping, then I'll let you have some.”

“Really?” Quistis looked at Xu with puppy dog eyes.

“Only if you promise to forget about that stupid jerk, Squall.”

“I can't promise that...” Quistis whispered.

“Okay, maybe that is too much to ask for.” She smiled, then patted Quistis on the back. “Come on, let's go to my room. I'm sure a little Triple Triad will make you forget all about it.”

Quistis took Xu's hand and let the older woman lead her into the tidy bedroom. Xu, unlike Quistis, had decorated and personalized her space. A picture of the two in their SeeD uniforms had been tacked above the desk, along with a shot of Quistis and Xu at the beach as teenagers. A copy of “The Unabridged History of the Sorceress Wars” sat at the foot of the bed, and Xu knocked it down so that both girls could fit on the twin bed. Then she bent over and began fishing beneath the mattress, ignoring all sorts of junk she had stashed there. Quistis watched as her mahogany colored hair moved this way and that until she resurfaced and gravity smoothed the perpetually short bob back into place.

“Here,” Xu said cheerfully, handing over a silver flask. “Don't drink it too fast. Rum packs a bigger punch than champagne.”

“I know,” Quistis snapped. “I didn't spend all those years in cadet school without learning something as simple as that.”

“Hyne... so defensive.”

But Quistis had already screwed open the top and held it under her nose to take a curious whiff. “Ugh. This smells awful.”

“Don't want it?”

Xu reached for the flask, but Quistis raised it over her head, playing keep-away. There were certain advantages to being 5 foot 6. When Xu finally gave up, Quistis took a quick sip and made a face.

“If only the Trepies could see you now,” Xu joked, accepting the flask from Quistis and taking a swig before passing it back.

Then Xu noticed the glimmering wetness on Quistis's cheeks as she took another pull of rum. Always the silent weeper.

“Oh, honey,” she breathed, drawing her into a tight hug. Quistis stiffened. “Come on, it's okay to cry. I'm not going to judge you.”

“I'm not crying,” she hissed, shoving Xu away and wiping her face with the back of her hand.

“Okay. If you say so.”

“You wouldn't understand.”

Xu snatched the flask back and laughed. “Me, not understand what it's like to have a crush on someone who doesn't even notice...?” She took a swig, relishing in the slow burn that prevented her from finishing the rest of that sentence. Like the way you never seem to notice the way I look at you, Quisty. “I think, of all people, I would understand the pain of unrequited love.”

Quistis gave her friend a shy, questioning look.

Her heart leaped. God, what she wouldn't give to look all day into those ice blue eyes... “Quistis, I –”

“I just don't get it,” Quistis interrupted, much to Xu's relief. Thank Hyne for drunken ramblings. “What am I doing wrong? Am I not pretty enough? Not smart enough? Too smart? What did I do to make him dance with that girl instead of with me?”

“You didn't do anything wrong. Quistis, you're perfect.”

“Perfect?” she scoffed. “I certainly don't feel perfect.”

“Who can graduate cadet school at 15 and not be perfect?”

“A lot of good that did me. I'm such a square I can't even manage to seduce someone correctly. The only people who notice me are annoying fan boys who wouldn't even know what to do if I did take them home.”

“I notice you,” Xu said quietly. She was now hogging the rum, taking more frequent pulls to combat the little voice in her head the told her seducing her heart-broken friend might not be the best idea. Thankfully, Quistis didn't notice Xu's preoccupation or hidden meaning. Both were already quite tipsy.

“Yeah, but you don't count, Xu,” she slurred with a delightfully girlish giggle. “You're a girl.”

Xu swallowed another helping of rum. She knew her breath probably reeked like a Galbadian soldier now, but she didn't really care. Leaning closer to Quistis, she replied, “Sometimes girls can see what dumb boys can't.”

At this, Quistis shifted uncomfortably. “Umm, Xu...” she began.

The rum had made Xu not only incredibly brave (or stupid, she hadn't decided yet), but also completely unaware that her tee shirt had ridden up, exposing most of her tanned thighs. As she moved even closer to Quistis, her bare leg brushed against the fabric Quistis's skirt and dark slacks. Xu's cheeks flushed unconsciously at the contact, and her hand dropped to caress Quistis's knee.

Xu was either going to regret this forever, or end up an extremely lucky woman tonight.

“How about we play something other than cards?” she murmured huskily.

“Like what?” Quistis stammered, still feeling a bit uneasy, though she made no effort to scoot away.

Quistis had worn her sexy little battle number for her “date” with Squall. Xu studied the deep coral color that complimented Quistis's china doll complexion, letting her eyes roam to the flat, exposed midriff which always caused aspiring SeeDs to choke whenever they ventured into the Fire Cavern with Instructor Trepe. The outfit. The fancy bra and panties Xu could only imagine Quistis had squeezed into under it (she already fervently wished her eyes had X-rays to penetrate her clothing). The champagne. That gorgeous golden hair Xu knew it took hours for her to straighten yet always looked so casual. Why should it all go to waste on a guy who couldn't appreciate Quistis's beauty, strength, intelligence, and above all, her protective, compassionate nature? Xu appreciated it. Xu had always appreciated Quistis.

“How about truth or dare?” she asked with boldness.

“Truth or dare?” Quistis laughed. “Xu, we're not in cadet school anymore.”

Xu made a face. “That doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves. You're always so serious.”

Quistis hated it when people told her she was too “serious”. It was her job to be serious. She had to set an example for her students. Not that it mattered. She had no students to speak of – at least, not anymore.

“Fine. But you have to go first. Truth or dare?”

She nodded. “All right. Truth.”

Quistis gave a half-drunk, half-devilish grin . “Okay. Let's see... Oh, yeah. Seifer Almasy was in your class last year.” Xu paled, knowing exactly what Quistis was planning to ask.

“I know something happened between the two of you. You always have it in for Seifer, and you're not the kind of woman to be so nasty without a reason. So spill it.”

“That's not even a question,” Xu complained.

“You're just dodging the issue. What happened between you and Seifer, hmm?”

Xu blushed profusely, which absolutely tickled Quistis. “It's not what you think.” At this, Quistis burst into peals of laughter that bordered on maniacal. “Honestly. Seifer came on to me.”

“What do you mean 'came on' to you?”

“It's not like that. Seifer asked me out on a date. I thought he just did it as a joke. You know how he is, always trying to cause trouble. But he kept bothering me about it and asking me why I turned him down - besides the obvious fact that I was his teacher. Well, I told him that... I – I'm not actually... into boys.”

Quistis blinked. Xu contemplated inserting her foot into her mouth.

“I mean, I – I'm not into boys like Seifer.”

Oh, brilliant save Xu.

“You're lying,” Quistis accused. “Seifer gets on my Hyne damned nerves, but even I can see he's a jack ass trapped inside the body of super model. You're hiding something. Was that just an excuse for something else?”

“I'm not lying!” Xu quickly tipped the flask back, eager to silence anything else that might slip out.

“I think you like Seifer," Quistis gave another un-Quistis giggle. "Something happened between you two. I just know it!”

“I hate Seifer!” she argued, turning red with anger and frustration. By this time, both girls were sitting on the edge of the bed, facing each other and passing the rum between them. Xu averted her eyes when she caught Quistis trying to divine the answer from her face. “He's an egotistical asshole who has no future as a mercenary whatsoever.”

“Thou doth protest too much,” Quistis jibed. "You never like any boy. Come on..."

“I don't like Seifer!” she huffed. “I hate Seifer! It's you I like!”

Oh Hyne, Xu silently cursed. If you could just make the earth swallow me up right now, I'd be forever in your debt.

Quistis wasn't sure what to say at first. After several minutes of silence and awkward twitching from Xu, she finally said, “You like me? As in, like me?”


Well, Xu thought. I might as well say it now that the cat's out of the bag. Otherwise it's back to Quistis thinking I've done the horizontal limbo with Seifer Almasy. And I'd rather be the biggest dyke in Balamb than associated with that jerk off.

Quistis didn't know how she could've missed this before. Now that she thought about it, Xu always seemed a little too earnest to help Quistis pick out outfits. She'd also spent a little too much time pursuing the pages of women's lingerie catalogs. And she never seemed interested in boys to whom Quistis introduced her.

“That doesn't make you uncomfortable, does it?” Xu shot her friend a worried look. “The fact that I like girls, I mean.”

“N-no. Hyne no!” Another champagne giggle.

Xu swallowed the last bit of rum. “What about the fact that I like you like that?”

Quistis faltered, then smiled politely – Hyne, Xu hated that smile – she knew exactly what it meant. She had seen Quistis use it on several male Trepies before. It was a smile that said, “Aw, I'm flattered, but I'm sorry. I just don't think of you in that way.”

"Xu, why should I care?"

“It does bother you.”

“N-No,” Quistis objected. She blushed. “I just like boys, that's all.” She cleared her throat nervously. “And... umm... well, Xu, we're friends. I could never let anything compromise our friendship.”

What a classic Quistis Trepe answer. Xu swore that she had already heard the same line in one of her many coming-out-to-Quistis fantasies.

“I'm sorry,” Xu said, not wanting to make things any weirder, but not able to stop the words pouring from her mouth. Damn rum. “I know that you're still upset about Squall, but I just couldn't help myself. You're so beautiful and talented. I think you're so great. I just wish you could see yourself the way everyone else sees you. And I just wanted to tell you that I'm jealous of Squall, even if he is an asshole for squandering his chance.”

“Thanks Xu.”

The pair fell into an awkward silence until Xu spoke up again.

“Aren't we supposed to be playing Truth of Dare? It's your turn, isn't it?”

“Sorry, but I just don't feel like it anymore.” Quistis stood and smoothed the wrinkles of her skirt. Somehow, all her worries seemed to come back to her at once. “It's been a long day. I think I'll just go to bed.”

But as Quistis turned to leave, Xu lurched forward and caught the girl's wrist.


“Look, I know things got weird, and I'm sorry. All I want is for you to be happy. To feel better. It doesn't matter how I feel about you. You're still my friend. I still love you like a sister.” That last part was difficult to say. “Please stay here with me, Quisty. Please let me do whatever I can to help you. That's what friends are for.”

When Quistis didn't move or speak, Xu continued. “I mean, we could still play cards. Drink more. I could give you a back massage. That would feel good, right?" Then Xu remembered her awkward confession. "I promise I won't manhandle your goods. Just because... um... I won't do anything that you're not okay with.”

Oh man, thought Xu, studying the exquisite view of Quistis's back side. She has legs to die for! And that ass... Maybe I shouldn't have promised to keep my paws off her.

Quistis hesitated, then said simply, “All right. I guess a back massage would be kind of nice.”

Xu felt her heart flutter as Quistis very calmly returned to the twin bed, kicked off her boots and made herself comfortable. Of course, she had to sneak another sip or two from the flask first.

Xu moved to sit behind her friend, slowly removing the leather sleeves that kept Quistis's creamy skin safe from any chain-whip accidents. She caressed her arms, marveling at how soft the blond's skin felt, and how hardened her muscles were. The woman was certainly fit. How heavy was that whip?

“Is this all right?” Xu whispered, letting her fingertips run experimentally from her elbows to her shoulder blades.

Quistis nodded, trying to ignore the strange warmth that spread from Xu's skillful hands as she worked to knead all the knots in her back. Xu had given her several back rubs, and she had never thought anything of it. But when the brunette's hands moved lower, a soft sigh of contentment escaped Quistis's lips. This massage felt different. It felt... good... confusing... but good.

“Is that okay?”

Quitistis nodded, and Xu sincerely hoped it wasn't just the alcohol that made Quistis lean into her touch. On her end, she was in seventh Heaven, working every kink in Quistis's back, while nuzzling the girl's shoulder with her cheek. Her hair smelled like lavender and vanilla. Delicious.

Xu reached back and removed the clip that kept Quistis's long locks in place. Quistis didn't resist. On the contrary, she shook her head so that the hair cascaded down her shoulders, framing her heart-shaped face like golden flames.

Quistis should wear her hair down more often, Xu thought absently.

Now Xu's fingers worked up, alternately massaging Quistis's scalp and threading her fingers through silky hair. When Xu tickled the nape of Quistis's neck, the Blue Mage felt a moan slip out.

“Quistis,” Xu murmured, her breath hot in Quistis's ear.

“Xu...” she trembled.

She shouldn't pursue this. They were both drunk, and Quistis obviously needed anything but this sort of complication. But she also needed some attention, and Xu could be a little selfish in wanting to be the one to give Quistis what she was sorely missing. And after all, Xu had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Even if it hadn't happen the way she may have wanted it... how could she pass this opportunity up?

She turned Quistis's chin so that their mouths met. The first kiss was chaste – Xu was asking for consent. When Quistis didn't pull away, the kiss gained a kind of fervor that threatened to consume both of them. The teeth bumped – they tongues wrestled awkwardly – but even in their lack of coordination, the passion was dizzying. Quistis tasted like peaches and champagne – sweet and dizzying. And Xu wanted to taste every inch of her.

Theirs was a frantic sort of lust – both moving hurriedly before either one of them had to chance to change their minds. The next thing they knew, Quistis was sprawled out on the bed as Xu deftly worked her black slacks from her sinfully long legs. She glimpsed a pair of low-cut black panties beneath her skirt and salivated. There was nothing sexier than a woman in black underwear – even if at first Xu had anticipated virginal white. Still, she seriously hoped that Quistis had donned a bra to match.

“Oh!” Quistis yelped, surprised when Xu ran her hands along her bare legs, fingernails dragging lightly along her thighs.

Xu stopped, worried that she might have crossed a line. “Are you okay?”

“It just tickled,” Quistis admitted a little sheepishly.

Encouraged, Xu removed the skirt next, caressing those legs all the while. Quistis lifted her shoulders off the mattress long enough to help Xu unzip her sweater. They were both drunk and impatient as hell, but Xu took extra relish in removing this article, nearly doubling from joy and lust at the site of Quistis's impressive melons barely confined within a black demi bra.

Xu had been already wet. Now she was hopelessly drenched.

Letting out a low whistle she remarked (rather carelessly in hindsight), “Squall doesn't know what he's missing. You're an absolute goddess, Quisty.”

Quistis blushed again – predictably.

But Xu couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight of Quistis Trepe wearing nothing but black undies in her bed of all places. What had she done to get so lucky? Xu was buying a lottery ticket first thing tomorrow morning. Because thanking Squall for being stupid would be downright cruel.

She leaned forward and began kissing Quistis's neck. She discovered it was very sensitive because of the way Quistis squirmed when she sucked at the flesh. Grinning, Xu nipped at Quistis's shoulder, earning a tiny cry that sent shivers down her spine.

Growing bolder, Xu's lips made their way down Quistis's cleavage. Quistis arched her back, gritting her teeth. God, Xu was just teasing her.

Taking this chance, Xu snaked her hands behind Quistis's back and unhooked the bra, displaying perfectly symmetrical round breasts with small, rose-colored nipples. From flat-chested to bombshell! If only Squall knew what a fabulous rack his instructor had... Xu wrapped her mouth around a nipple and sucked earnestly. Quistis seemed to like that even more, so she switched breasts.

"Xu!" Quistis hissed when Xu nibbled just a little.

How many times had she dreamed of doing this? Xu almost had to pinch herself to prove that everything was real – and yes, that really was Quistis Trepe sighing sweetly as Xu lavished her perfect breasts with a skillful tongue.

Quistis gave a wanton moan next when Xu's mouth traveled down her toned stomach and her tongue dipped into her belly button. Her legs quivered. For all her talk about “being into boys,” Quistis had never felt so turned on before. She was certainly no virgin, but Xu was infinitely better at foreplay than any man she had ever been with. She was hitting spots that Quistis had never knew existed. It's the champagne, she told herself. But then Xu's teeth grazed her stomach, and she knew it couldn't just be the booze...

Xu paused and rested her chin on Quistis's abdomen – right above where the panties met flat skin. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?”

“N-no,” Quistis breathed, trying desperately to stop her thighs from twitching in need. It had been forever since she had made love, and she had been worked up for days over her fantasy date with Squall. She needed this. Xu could give her release – give her pleasure – even if it wasn't the pleasure she had intended.

Nodding, Xu got back to work, kissing each hipbone that jutted from Quistis's abdomen, then moved down to suck playfully on her inner thigh. Quistis groaned and swiveled her hips. Xu looked up to see her roommate's cobalt colored eyes glazed with lust, her mouth parted and swollen as her chest heaved with each labored breath.

“What do you want, Quistis?”

She grunted in frustration.

Xu stuck her thumbs beneath Quistis's now soiled panties, pulling them down with a sultry look. “If you let me, I'll worship you, Quistis."

Instead of waiting for an answer, Xu parted Quistis's nether lips with her fingers, earning a startled gasp from the blond mage. Without further ceremony, Xu dove between her thighs, pressing her tongue against Quistis's engorged nub.

“Oh!” Xu's expert mouth left Quistis either crying or purring like a well-fed kitten.

“Squall wouldn't know what to do with a woman like you,” Xu murmured, catching her clit between her teeth. Quistis hissed, then moaned when Xu moved her tongue lower and lapped up her sweet nectar.

“He wouldn't know the first thing about pleasing you. And he'll never, ever know how fucking amazing you taste." Xu punctuated her last remark by finding Quistis's G-spot with the tip of her tongue, humming pleasantly all the while.

“Yes!” Quistis cried, grabbing a fistful of Xu's hair as the petite woman worked between her legs, sucking and licking and, oh Hyne, even thrusting her tongue deeper than Quistis thought possible. “Oh Hyne! It feels so good, Xu.”

Xu flicked her tongue against Quistis's clitoris, letting a single finger slip inside tight, velvety walls. Quistis cried out and threw her head back, beads of sweat dripping from her forehead all the way down her throat. If Xu kept this up... she'd...

“You're so beautiful,” Xu moaned, the sound of her voice causing delicious rumbles against Quistis's skin.

When she added a second finger, Quistis felt her eyes roll back in ecstasy. Even alone in her room thinking of Squall, Quistis had never made her own hands perform the kind of magic that Xu was making. Her fingers rocked back and forth, moving with Quistis's furiously bucking hips.

“Ohhh!” she moaned. “Oh, that's it! Xuuuuu!

Xu's tongue worked even harder, earning loud, unbridled moans from Quistis as she humped Xu's face and fingers, holding onto Xu's head for dear life.

“I- I'm coming,” Quistis gasped, surprised by the ferocity of her impending orgasm.

“Mmmm,” Xu agreed, working her fingers faster and slurping every last drop of Quistis's juices as if it contained life-saving medicine.

Xu added a third finger and Quistis snapped, her hips shooting from the mattress by at least three inches as she let out a long, lusty cry. Her limbs went limp and she saw spots. But Xu mercilessly continued thrusting her fingers and sucking Quistis's clit so that her dark thunder clap of pleasure rode into one seemingly endless rolling wave of bliss.

After several minutes of panting and recuperating, Quistis managed to look down at Xu, who, though finally removed from Quistis's legs, rested her head on Quistis's stomach with an arrogant smile.

“How was it?”

“Amazing,” Quistis gasped. She pushed herself up so that she could lean on Xu's headboard with collapsing. “But you didn't – If you want... um... I can”

“It's okay,” Xu said, wiping her slimy mouth with a forearm. It wasn't the most attractive of sights, but Quistis couldn't fault her – not after all she had just done for her. “Tonight's all about you. I'm just glad that you enjoyed it.”

“Thanks, Xu,” she murmured sleepily. “You're a good friend.”

Quistis's eyelids fluttered. After the orgasmic high left her, Quistis realized just how drunk and sleepy she had been. She slid down and nestled her head onto one of Xu's pillows.

Xu smiled and pulled the covers over her naked roommate (although part of her would rather have Quistis freeze just so see could stare at that amazing body longer – so lean and long yet full of dips and curves).

“Do you wanna sleep here?”

Quistis nodded, clutching the blankets and closing her eyes. She was too exhausted to walk even a few feet next door.

Xu padded over to the door and and turned out the light, climbing back into bed and snuggling behind the blond goddess. She was already passed out, as her light snoring proved.

“Good night, Quisty,” Xu said, planting a kiss on Quistis's forehead.

Xu wrapped her arms around Quistis, knowing that tomorrow this moment would be over as if it had never happened. Quistis would wake early, gather her clothing, offer Xu a cup of coffee, but never mention a single word about what transpired between them that night.

But, Xu thought, perhaps it was better that way.

-The End?

Author's Note: This might be gleefully out of character, but I blame it on boy problems. When my romantic life is unsatisfactory, I turn to smut. And, of course, I do love picturing Xu and Quistis in sexy situations. Nothing is cuter than girl-love between best friends – especially when it involves a tangled web of unrequited love. So don't blame Quistis or Xu – both were mere victims in my fan fic therapy.

On a side note, Quistis's champagne seduction was inspired by a friend of mine. Although I can safely say that said friend's meticulously planned conquest was an epic success (unlike our friend Quistis), it just seemed so in-character for Quistis. I mean, I could totally she her as such a perfectionist that she'd plan out the encounter with Squall so thoroughly as to even purchase champagne in case the two came back to her place. The booze also became a nice plot device so that Xu could get into Quistis's drunk, heartbroken pants. I'm not sure if their sex was totally one-sided, but I can't picture Quistis agreeing to it without proper incentive or extenuating circumstances (read: rejection from Squall plus alcohol).

If anyone thinks I should, I might write a chapter about the morning after, but at this point, I think it's better to leave it as-is.

Also, I forgot how much things were in FFVIII, so please forgive me if the gil amounts seem off. I'm assuming that gil is much like the yen, but I'm American so, a “fancy” champagne costs about 60 – 90 dollars depending on where you live and what you get. According to one website, a 60 dollar bottle would convert to about 5,200 yen. It seemed like too much (in Final Fantasy world), so I settled on 200 gil. Eh, whatever, it's not that important. I'm sure no one was reading that closely anyway!

Special thanks to Valkyrie Rising/Sissyhiyah – her Seiftis keeps giving me ideas for delicious Xu/Quistis smut. What does one call this pairing – Qu? Xuistis? Lol. Anyway, I hope that she enjoys my fic – and that goes for the rest of you!

As always, any comments or critiques are greatly appreciated.

I'm working on a hot Seiftis next, then I'd like to tackle a darker, more S & M Quistis + Xu fic. Oh yes, the whip is comin' out. :)

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