Officially (Reno/Axel)

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Blue eyes locked onto the tantalizing piece standing so casually, leaning against the bar, that catty smile directed towards someone else.

Like always..

He watches as a pink tongue darts out to moisten drying lips, lingering for a second on the soft skin, before slipping back inside the smiling mouth; setting off the firing of brain cells, a ghostly memory of soft lips flickering behind suddenly unfocused blue eyes.

‘Oh Axel! Will you kiss me again?’

Tonight was the night.. the night he would either make or break ‘em. Literally... Ah, to think. He might walk out of this strip joint with the hottest guy on this fucking bluegrayish planet as his. Rightfully! Officially! And only his sweetheart, muffin cup.. sex stud! No more stupid rules and limits. He was discreetly eye fucking the other through the dimmed light and blazing strobes. Hidden text messages and secret phone calls when the other was sure not to be walked in on.

Oh Axel! Will you ever let me hold your hand in public?

He let out a dreamy sigh before reality hit him point blank in the chest. Forcing him to try and chase it away again with yet another shot. His second for the night.

He needed his courage.

And the thought that the most likely ending to this whole upcoming ordeal was that he would be knocked down and kicked out was the most plausible of all endings, hurt.

Another shot was forced down.

Honestly, he had no idea how this was going to go.

But he was thin stretched and tired. His confidence was faltering. Damnit! Reno fucking Sinclair’s confidence faltering! It was disgraceful! It was unheard of! It was a damned outrage! And it needed to be, should be stopped.. this instant.

Before little rainbow colored elephants started to float through the overcast sky.

He felt invisible.

Even when the one that should be overwhelmed by the awesome that was embodied in Reno, should be showing off, holding hands and groping as much as possible. Yes, the one that should claim him as rightfully his was standing so close. Close enough that Reno could smell his cologne every time he went to fetch liquor for some other idiot to drink. So fucking close, he could have reached out to touch him. But it felt like a glass plate was thrown up between them every time they met in public. Only look.. no see, no speak. Axel never even looked his way, ever. Didn’t even notice the look that was directed his way. The subtle invitation.

‘Oh, Axel! Won’t you see me?’

It was like this every night.

And then, as soon as the club had closed, and everyone had gone home to their respectful beds, mattresses and possible couches. Axel would call..

Axel had this thing he did with his voice.

This thing that never failed to push Reno over the edge, drive him wild with desire and need. Just by using his voice on the phone.

And by gods, Reno would cling to that little black communication device like a lifeline, while he eagerly tried to match the others sexy.

He felt like a little kitten being devoured by a lion.

He had never met anyone who was able to do it quite like Axel. Sure, almost every damned person on the planet knew how to force air up through the larynx and make sound come out. How to speak. But the way Axel did it.. Fuck. The way his voice sounded when he was panting. So very, very close to completion, alone in his own bed. Painting painfully detailed images of what he was doing, how he was doing it, and how it felt.. His voice barely a breathy whisper as he talked those dirty, filthy words that made Reno push his aching cock harder and harder into his own hand..

Like a silky veil of pure lust was poured into his head, making his entire body feel like it was about to explode with the way his blood rushed too hot and fast through his poor veins. It was so fucking good, but not nearly enough.

His entire being would be calling out for Axel to come closer. He needed more than that heavenly voice. Fallen angels must have surely sounded the

Two and a half times. Equaling approximately;- four hours and five minutes, possibly 39 seconds. That’s the amount of time they had spent together. Licking, kissing, fondling, cuddling..fucking. The smell and taste of Axel infusing every nerve ending. Their bodies writing together as they got to know every sensitive spot.

On his neck, just below the ear, his belly button, nipples.. Left hip bone more so than the right one. On the inside of his knee.. his toes.

Not to mention his cock. His ass.. Axel loved to ride, to take control. And Reno was a way too lazy bastard to not fucking love that trait. He knew when to lay back and just appreciate. Axel liked to tease, to drag it out. Make Reno’s face twist in surprised pleasure, lustful stares and garbled words mixed with worship and words of love.


‘Oh Axel! Will you ride me again?’

Reno’s heart shuddered in his chest when catty green eyes glanced his way. He waved Axel over, requesting a beer, sizzling energy warming his chest when their fingers brushed when he handed over the money.

The moment had passed, those green eyes focused on someone else. A rumbling laughter coming from the other, a laugh that hadn’t been shared with Reno. Not in public, not anymore. Like he shut it off the moment they went further. The moment they became something more.

Disappointment swirled in Reno’s chest as he flipped open his cell, the blue light shining softly into his pale face as his fingers flew over the letters. A simple message. Not the first of the evening.

Seconds later Axel fished his own sleek phone from his pocket. His laughter dimming when he read who it was from. Reno was impressed at how fast he shielded the screen from his bartending partner. A practiced move.

‘Oh Ayo! Don’t you want me anymore?’

It was hard to swallow his beer while he waited for a reaction. His eyes watching how the other was staring at the green screen, reading the words. Those kissable lips pulled down into a slight frown. Those lips should be smiling, Axel always looked so fucking handsome when he smiled, impossible not to smile back to. Axel shook his head with a shrug when Roxas asked who it was from. And it hurt, impossibly much when he answered “No one important.”

Reno was about to blow it all to hell. Make a royal scene, fuck his great risky plan that he had been plotting and agonizing over for the last three weeks - when those green eyes met his, just as he was about to stand up, they held him down with a stare. His pocket vibrating for the first time that night.

‘Stop being a bitch Reno..U know I do.’

So simple, so catty, so Axel. So much - Not nearly enough.

Reno sighed, slumping back down in his chair again. His lips forming a pout. Another shot was knocked back. The world slipping on the edges of his vision, becoming somewhat blurred. Nothing he couldn’t handle.

It had started out pretty innocent enough – like most things often do. Reno had seen and wanted. And like always when he wanted something, he went after it with everything he had. He had tried everything – catchy comments, cheesy comments (Lord knew he had enough of those), sexy comments. But nothing ever worked.

In the end he had managed to get the sexy stripper/bartender’s number from one of the other strippers in the club – Demyx. Sweet, sweet Demyx, Reno’s savior and official new best friend who was working the stage like a pro at this very moment. AC/DC’s ‘Big Gun’ blasting through the speakers, and in an absurd way the punker made it work. Grinding his crotch against the golden bar situated at the center. And in an impressive move his pants went flying; to the squealing delight of several banshees - before the man hung upside down on the pole, tongue out while he gave the audience upside down devils horns. Still managing to look like something you’d want to worship naked, on the floor. Preferably on all fours, mouth open and ready. Reno shook his head to clear the image from his eyes, glancing over to Axel. Hoping to see a negative reaction to his somewhat open mouthed gawking.


Nerves were starting to jostle Reno’s resolve. He wasn’t too sure about this anymore. Some strawberry blonde had just sat down next to him, obviously not a patron of The Gummi Ship since they all knew he was unavailable and, oh so very gay. Her mouth was going at a thousand miles per hour, her voice too loud, too squeaky, too high pitched, nothing at all like a masculine rumble. Reno didn’t feel like mock flirting with her, didn’t even feel like flipping her off. So he just sat there, sipping his beer while his mind was focused on a much more important situation.

Namely the bitch.

The bitch. The fucking hoochie of a whore bitch who was more or less leaning her entire upper body up on the bar, pretending to be half deaf in order to make Axel come closer, exposing two squished breasts as she lay there, batting her eyelids. Reno knocked back the rest of the beer as anger swirled in his blood. Axel smirked at her, playing his act as available perfectly. Too fucking perfect.

An act he had stopped giving Reno..

Reno got up with a protesting screech from his stool, growling as he nodded an affirmative to Demyx who was crawling around on stage, collecting his due. Letting the ladies, and some eager boys, fill his dark blue string up with dollar bills. He nodded back, his grin widening even wider. So happy to be able to help with some good old mischief.

Reno had been saving his need for attention as best as he could and.. It wasn’t so much that Axel refused to confess their relationship at work.

Oh no, Reno could understand that.

But he wouldn’t even confess it to his friends. And that pissed Reno off. Demyx was the only one who knew about their little fling, and that was just because Reno had told him all about it, since Demyx was the one who had given him Axel’s number.

Reno was scared shitless that maybe Axel had an affair with this Roxas kid that he always hung out with. They always did shit together.. Going to the movies, eating ice cream or just sitting at home watching t.v. Axel never picked up his phone when Roxas was with him, at least not when Reno called. He would always wait before the little whelp had gone home before he called back. So Reno was seriously worried that that was the reason he refused to become public, because it would ruin things between him and Roxas.

That wasn’t paranoid right?

Hell no!

Reno had the right to be worried, and jealous.. like a fucking green monster, with teeth! He didn’t fucking care that Axel insisted that he and Roxas had been best friends since kindergarten, if that was true, Roxas should be happy for him and Reno.

So! Reno was going to out Axel and their very delicious relationship. And he wasn’t going to do it like some little emo bitch and start a fight in the bar. Oh no.. he was outing Axel with style.

If Axel had been paying attention to his secret lover, he might have been able to stop it from happening. But he wasn’t. So he didn’t.

Didn’t even notice that Reno was up on the stage before he heard an insecure “Hello?” rumble through the speaker system, followed by some chuckling as the all too familiar figure started to fumble with the mic, adjusting it.

Axel’s head whipped around faster than you could say whiplash, green eyes widening impossibly wide, all blood draining from his face as his mouth dried up when Reno explained that this wouldn’t be a stripping act, but it would be too fucking sexy, yo.

Reno was fumbling with the guitar strap, the strobe lights were too fucking bright in his eyes, and he could barely see anything. Only shapes and contours. He made a motion with his hand and it dimmed down somewhat, a smile spreading over his face as he gave a thumbs up. Smirking when he met those shocked green eyes. He sent the man a wink before he started adjusting the guitar strap, sitting down on the bar stool brought up to the stage just for him.

The crowd was silent, all eyes on the confident man sitting with a guitar on the stage. This had never happened here before. And even if he had just explained that he wouldn’t be taking of any clothing. He could see that they didn’t quite believe him. Such hungry eyes. But he wouldn’t hold it against them. He was dead sexy after all.

He took a deep breath, ‘Here goes all or nothing.’ He smirked, locking eyes with his obviously scared lover..

“This one goes out to my lover and sexy beast behind the bar, Axel!”

And then the club was filled with the musical strokes of his guitar and his soft and surprisingly good singing voice.

A song about his beloved, he had even put in his playful nickname for his redhead, Ayo.. Axel hated it when he called him that. But it was so much simpler then the ‘Axel yo’ Reno had used to irritate him with in the beginning when he called him. Knowing full well that Axel thought it was ridiculous that he used the word yo so much.

It was the obligatory greeting. “Hey Ayo.. what are you wearing? “Hey Ayo.. imagine how my dick would taste like in the back of your throat..” “Hey Ayo.. if you stick the cell up your ass I can call it till you come.. it would be almost like I was the one bringing you to orgasm.. wouldn’t it?”
Yes.. he liked to call his Axel that. Because it angered him enough to leave room for a much more bold move right afterwards while Axel’s defenses were still low. It often lead to hilarious answers and sputtering.

Oh.. and this is how the song went, Reno keeping his eyes fixed on Axel the whole time:

He work it boy, he work the pole
He break it down, he take it low
He fine as hell, he about the dough

He doing her thing out on the floor
His money money, he makin' makin'
Got the way he shakin'
Make you want to touch it, make you want to taste it
Have you lustin' for him,
go crazy face it

He's so much more than you're used to
He know's just how to move to seduce you
He gone do the right thing and touch the right spot
Dance in you're lap till you're ready to pop

He always ready, when you want it he want it
Like a nympho, the info
I show you where to meet him
On the late night, till daylight the club jumpin'
If you want a good time, he gone give you what you want

Baby It's a new age,
You like my new craze
Let's get together
Maybe we can start a new phase
The smokes got the club all hazy,
Spotlights don't do you justice baby
Why don't you come over here,
you got me saying

I'm tired of using technology,
Why don't you sit down on top of me
I'm tired of using technology
I need you right in front-- of me

In his fantasy, there's plain to see
Just how it be, on me, backstrokin',
Sweat soaking
All into my set sheets

When he ready to ride, I'm ready to roll
I'll be in this bitch till the club close
What should I do, on all fours
Now that that shit should be against the law
Different style, different move,
Damn I like the way you move
Boy you got me thinking about,
All the things I'd do to you
Let's get it poppin' shorty
We can switch positions
From the couch to the counters in my kitchen

Baby It's a new age,
You like my new craze
Let's get together
Maybe we can start a new phase
The smokes got the club all hazy,
Spotlights don't do you justice baby
Why don't you come over here, you got me saying

I'm tired of using technology,
Why don't you sit down on top of me
I'm tired of using technology
I need you right in front of me
Ooh he wants it, Ooh he wants it
Hmm he wants it, I got to give it to him
He wants it, Hmm he wants it
Hmm he wants it, I got to give it to him
I got to give it to him

Baby It's a new age,
You like my new craze
Let's get together
Maybe we can start a new phase
The smokes got the club all hazy,
Spotlights don't do you justice baby
Why don't you come over here, you got me saying

I'm tired of using technology
I need you right in front of me

It had been a slow and painful process from the moment when Demyx had broke down and given him the golden number, oh yes.. it had been a time filled with rejections, threats of restraining orders, and even a couple of run ins with the police before the other had finally, finally caved in after a promise had been given that Reno only needed it that one time. And then he would never call again.

Of course, he never was the one to keep promises like that.


And after the tenth time of lustful moaning and dirty words exchanged over the phone, they had met, and exchanged dirty words and lustful moans among other much more satisfying things in Reno’s bed. Reno unknowingly, but very eagerly, taking Axel’s ass virginity.

Axel had been the one to call after that.

And now..

It was over.

It stung. Badly. Especially when he poked at it with his finger, or tried to figure out where the bruise started and his face ended. But it didn’t sting nearly as much as the bitter taste of rejection. He had been rejected, ejected, kicked out! Ass first from the club, while Axel had been raging something vicious.

He had expected the raging, but he hadn’t expected the point blank denial, the blatant fear that shined from the other so clearly. Axel had denied it, viciously. And it was only too late that Reno realized that maybe, just maybe the reason Axel didn’t want to be seen with him public had nothing to do with him. Or.. nothing to do with his person, who he was.. nothing to do with even Roxas.

But rather his gender. He was disproportionate. Didn’t have tits, instead he had a rather large dick – if he could say so himself.

And by Holy Mary mother of Jesus. H Fucking Christ.. Axel was still a closet fag, and he was far from ready to come out. In his own opinion anyways. And Reno had unmercifully pulled him out. Axel could deny it all he wanted, could stand behind his bar and talk bullshit and spill lies till his face turned blue. Every damned person in that club would still not believe him. Not after a performance like that.

But by gods would the fags tip him more when he twisted that perfect body of his around the pole now. Reno had probably set of a whole swarm of gay oriented sexual fantasies about the somewhat reserved, but oh so blazing hot, stripper on The Gummi Ship.

Axel had ruined it for himself with his initial reaction of anger. By acknowledging that he really did know Reno by yelling; “Fucking hell Reno, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” the minute the music and applause had died down. While the red blush that had slowly turned from the initial red to an even darker version throughout the performance still tainted his cheeks.

Reno had reacted with defense. Maybe a faulty move from his side, he could see that now. Now that he understood. But damned, could he be dense at times. So he had instead stated very calmly that he was sick and tired of hiding, that he wanted them to be public, and couldn’t Axel see that he meant more to him than anyone else in his life did? That he would willingly die for him? (yes, he had been that dramatic about it)
Axel clearly didn’t. Didn’t care.. Didn’t want him. Not officially anyways.
The pain was too much.

The fight that had followed had made so little sense to Reno that he hadn’t even bothered to try and understand. Axel’s fist hurt, but not nearly as much as his cold eyes did.

Reno would never say he was sorry though, because he wasn’t. How could he be? He was too tired from all the hiding and lurking around.

He was ripped from his dark brooding by three sharp raps on his front door followed by the insistent ringing of his door bell. Reno was lying on his couch, his suit crumpled, shoes still on, tears trekking down his face in a steady flow. His eyes sore, nose red and lips swollen along with his left eye. So he didn’t bother to get up. They could ring all they wanted.

His resolve was grinded down to nothing in little less than three minutes of constant ringing.

Cursing - he got up, wiped his eyes and cheeks with his dress sleeve before he yanked open the door. Not even bothering with the peep hole, he was too fucking tired, too angry and way too depressed to care if there was some mugger standing out there.

And lo behold, it was.. The mighty mugger of the hearts. Axel..

Reno had too little fight in him to really argue. So he just moved to close the door, slowly. Not really surprised when the motion was stopped by a firm hand. Not even surprised when the other pushed back and came inside. The click of the door shutting seemed greatly unsatisfying when the person he wanted to keep out right now was standing before him, inside.

“What, Axel?” He asked, kicking off his shoes when he spotted them still on his feet, even though he had come home over thirty minutes ago.

“You can’t pull shit like that and expect me to be happy about it Reno..”

“I should be able to pull shit like that and expect not to get slugged down by my own boyfriend Axel..”

There was a silence, only broken by the slight hiss when Reno popped open a beer, slumping down into the couch. He looked all too much like a man defeated where he sat and he knew it. He couldn’t bring himself to care. He just hoped Axel didn’t notice that he had been crying.

Nothing was going the way Reno wanted today, so he wasn’t really surprised that his last wish didn’t come true either.

Warm fingers traced his moist cheekbones, traveling down his soft skin, following his jaw line before going back up again. A thumb brushing over the soft flesh of his cheek, over his tattoo. Reno bristled, turning his head away. “Don’t touch me..” but it was only halfhearted. He could have just as well murmured “Touch me..”

It wouldn’t have made a difference.

Axel was sitting in his lap now. Straddling him, his hands smoothing out his hair, pulling out the thin black silken band - letting his hair out. Reno hated it when Axel did that. But now he only took another sip of beer, not even acknowledging the others presence. He was blinking rapidly though, and the beer sipping was obviously an act of trying not to let his voice break down into pained sobs, to swallow back down that lump.

Reno Sinclair did not fucking cry damnit!

Axel sighed. “You’re such a fag Reno..”

“Yeah.. well, at least I’m not a closet fag..” Reno snapped back.

He felt the way Axel took a deep breath, only now noticing that his own hands had moved to rest on Axel’s back. His betraying fingers taking their time to skim over the other’s shoulder blades. Axel was scrawny, skinny.. too thin almost, but still not.

And he was curvy.. so fucking sexy with his wide hips and long never ending legs. He would be a perfect cross dresser. Reno had of course told Axel this on numerous occasions, and it never failed to piss the other off.

(Reno kept a little outfit in the back of his closet, just for Axel.. oh, he would so love to see Axel in those lacy little panties, high heels, white knee high stockings and the little nurse hat.)

He dimly wondered when Axel had taken off his shirt. It must have been a stripper thing, because he hadn’t even noticed it. But his fingers were now free to roam over naked silken skin. His index fingers taking great joy in tracing that deeply indented line at the center of Axel’s back, following it down, down, down till it met soft flesh, and after that - a much more interesting indent leading down into Axel’s black jeans.

“Reno..” The voice was serious, Axel’s no bullshit voice. And it made Reno’s fingers stop their exploration of the flesh further down in Axel’s jeans. The tight fit stopping the blood flow to his hand. Oh he loved how it felt now.. his hands squished between Axel’s ass and the tight, tight jeans. His hands getting warm from the others body heat. Or.. ass heat. Reno smiled despite himself.

Reno’s head snapped up.

Axel had this exasperated look on his face, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that Reno could see him so hard and.. was that Axel’s cock head peeking up from the waistband of the jeans? Oh, yes it was..

“Reno! Fuck.. pay attention will you..”

Yeah, Axel was definitely mad. But he was going to forgive him. Had already forgiven him. Since he was clearly showing Reno that if he just managed to behave for three seconds so that he could get whatever emotional bullshit he wanted to spew off his chest – he would let Reno do whatever he wanted to him afterwards.

Reno never did like to wait for dessert. But he still sat silent, enjoying the feel of Axel’s supple flesh against his digits as he pressed down his fingers one at a time. Like he was playing the piano.. the song unknown – but beautiful. It made Axel squirm slightly.

Axel must have figured it was the best he was going to get from his lover. “I told them the truth after you left..” he murmured, his voice barely a whisper. “Roxas reacted by hitting me over the head, telling me to go apologize to you.. I- I.. always thought he wouldn’t accept it. Wouldn’t accept that I was with you, that I was gay. But he did.”

Reno sighed. He wasn’t stupid. “You used to be in love with him didn’t you?”

The small nod was all he needed, he didn’t say anything more. Just smiled a soft smile, squeezing his fingers as hard as he could around the round flesh in his palms, loving the small squeak it provoked from the redhead on his lap. Like a little rubber ducky.

They both understood the reason why Axel had been so afraid to come out. He was scared of Roxas judging him – maybe seeing a pattern to Axel’s behavior and come to the rightful conclusion that Axel had had a crush on him.. And then reject him out of sheer disgust. Or, he would accept it, support Axel. And that would make Axel wonder how things could have been, if he had mustered the courage to confess his feelings to his smaller friend. Would they have been together now?

Roxas had accepted it, and Reno knew that Axel must have already thought the thought once now. ‘What if?’

Reno didn’t want to ask Axel about these things. Afraid that he would find out that he was just a replacement. A spare part.

Axel must have noticed his hesitation, maybe he had stopped kneading that delicious ass. Something that should definitely be seen as a bad sign. And Axel read it right. A soft smile taking over his face as he studied his boyfriend.

The insecure look on Reno’s face didn’t belong there, so he leaned down and breathed in that smell of beer that was almost equivalent to Reno in his mind by now. Since they always made out whenever they could sneak away for a second in the club, Reno always tastsed like beer.

Reno sighed into the others mouth, resting his head back against the head rest. Letting his tongue slip out to play, licking , probing – tasting Axel.

The heat of the others body was suddenly gone, only to return again seconds later. Oh fuck! Reno moaned delighted, his fingers now having free access to that delicious ass. Axel having taken off his jeans.

And he was now sitting naked and very willing, leaking even, on Reno’s lap. Grinding his hips down, rolling them back up again, pressing his hard cock against Reno’s stomach. Small moans and needy whimpers breathed into a heated kiss. Making Reno wonder if the noises were for show. A very successful way of teasing him? Or if Axel really was this horny already?

The way the other was undulating his body while he deepened the kiss, desperate almost, practically humping Reno - indicated that he really was that fucking horny.

And by gods, he was taking control.

Reno loved it when Axel took control, topping him from the bottom. Or.. he had loved it the one time he had done it before.. and he really loved it when he did it over the phone.

Reno knew just what the other wanted, just from the fantasies Axel had willingly moaned to him over the phone over and over again. They mostly consisted of riding Reno. That was Axel’s number one kink. Reno had this secret little idea in his head that Axel must have been a cowboy in his earlier life..

He smiled from the vision, slicking up two fingers with saliva before he pushed one inside the other. “One day.. I’m gonna dress you up in chaps and a cowboy hat before I let you ride me..” He murmured “Aaahngh.. fuck, yeah! Maybe I can put reins on you then? And maybe we can pierce your nipple with a sheriffs star?”
Reno smirked, purposely pushing his fingers against that little bundle of sweetness inside the other, loving the reaction it spurred from his lover.

Axel’s tongue stopped moving in his mouth for a second. The kiss turning so much more sloppy. The sparks of pleasure shooting through the other obviously making his concentration falter. Reno smirked knowingly when Axel whimpered. “P-Please…”

He didn’t need more encouragement, pulling his finger almost all the way out before he pushed two fingers inside the choking heat. “I’m gonna screw this tight ass of yours so fucking hard baby.. you want that kitten?”

A death glare later and long fingers were snapping open his belt, swiping it through the hoops in one swift move before it was thrown to the floor.

Those eager fingers soon working on his fly.

Reno helpfully lifting his ass so that his pants could be pushed down to his knees, where he continued to try and kick them off. Never had he seen Axel this eager, this desperate. He moaned when a wet hand wrapped around his oh so fucking hard cock. Slicking it up with something Reno could only assume was lube. He barely had time to brace himself before Axel was sitting in his lap again, his whole eight (and a half, thank you very much) inches buried deep inside the other. Green eyes fluttering in pain and pleasure as he gasped for breath.

“F-Fuck yeah..”

Reno grabbed the others hips, holding him still - his breathing too hard, too labored. He was desperately trying to calm down his racing heart, his throbbing cock already leaking inside the other. The way Axel felt never ceased to amaze him. It was just too fucking perfect. And by gods- the way Axel looked. Coming undone like he was right now, his hair looking like fire, framing his face. His whole body shaking slightly as he sucked on his bottom lip. Those blazing green eyes so focused on every grimace and emotion crossing Reno’s face.

Reno never ceased to disappoint, so easy to read.

Axel started with a little grind, carefully lifting himself up before going back down with a slight roll of his hips, the action pulling a garbled moan from his lover. Hands tightening on his hips. He took it as a good sign, repeating the action, earning yet another curse.

He set a decent rhythm, writhing on Reno’s cock. This felt so good, small jolts of electricity shooting up his spine with every move. Reno’s cock rubbing up against all those small places. He was gasping, panting, going faster – faster. Reno’s hands helping him to go up and down, his thighs burning with the effort of keeping the pace. “AAaah! R-Reno.. I-I’m close.” He moaned out.

Reno nodded against his shoulder, that sinful mouth busy marking his shoulders with faint hickeys and bite marks. Axel could feel his entire body tighten, the knot in his stomach drawing so hard closed, his balls pulling up..

Reno flipped them around. Making Axel yell out in pure ecstasy as his lover started to pound into him with strong hips, forcing the orgasm to crash over him with a force that made small white specks fly before his eyes. His entire body floating in pleasure when Reno shouted “A-Axel! I’m..I’m gonna fill your ass with my man juice!” The corny statement so Reno it made Axel laugh a delighted laugh.

The answering smile in the other’s eyes, made his heart grow. And then Reno was lost too, his blue eyes rolling back as his hips jerked. Axel could feel warmth overfill him and run out and down his ass.. He moaned from the feeling, arms tightening around his lover’s, no.. boyfriend’s back. “Reno, Reno,Renorenoreno..” He whispered, seeking out a sweaty temple and kissing it.

Reno answered by pulling out, smiling, kissing him back before he rolled over. Forgetting they were on the couch in his afterglow and slight inebriation, he fell off the couch and onto the floor with a loud thump. A string of colorful and obviously carefully selected words - following the initial yelp of surprise.

Axel’s laughter rung through the apartment, followed by a second thump as Reno pulled his boyfriend down to the floor with him, his laughter soon joining the others.

Yeah.. they were going to be okay. And they were going to be together. Officially..

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