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Warning: ummmm…. Thongs, Cid and Demons, oh my.
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Characters: Chaos, Cid and Vincent … Sorta Valenwind… or Chid?




Vincent was trying to clear his mind so he could sleep but Chaos was making it very difficult. Fresh air usually aided in calming the demon, but it wasn't working, and hadn't worked in a couple of days.

'What are you doing!?'

He tried to push the voice aside. He didn't want to listen to the demon but the rough voice resonated in his ears.

'He's over there!'

"I know where he is," Vincent muttered through clenched teeth. He looked over to where the group was standing. Vincent was far enough away from them so that they wouldn't hear him talking to his demons. He kept his face hidden in the cowl of his cape.

'Then go!' Chaos sounded angry and eager at the same time.

Vincent sighed and shook his head. "It's not appropriate."

'Screw that! Did you not see him?! GO DAMN YOU!'

He cringed at the volume of Chaos' voice. He wished he was able to pull away from the fury of the demon, but it was hard when his advisory was attached to his soul. He took a couple of deep breaths, filling his lungs and allowing all the air to leave him before he took another. This exercise usually worked to calm the demons, but Chaos did not want to be pacified. It was taking a lot of effort in the last couple of days to keep him under control.

'Listen to me, you fool!' Chaos blustered and seemed to retreat a bit. He continued the deep breathing and could feel the demon moving into its metaphorical resting place. He was grateful that it was finally working.

"Hey!" The loud yell startled him. He looked over at where the voice came from. Cid was standing a respectable distance away, leaning against his lance with a cigarette on his lips. He still had not put on a shirt and his wonderfully fit looking chest was bared. Cid still had his jacket wrapped around his waist and he found his eyes looking at the well defined abs and chest. The blond man casual pose showed off his well defined shoulders and arms.

Vincent quickly looked away.

'Quit being such a damn prude! LOOK AT HIM!' Chaos was back in full force now and the pressure inside his head was sudden enough to make him grunt at the change.

"Are you sleeping standing up again?" Cid said and began to saunter over.

Chaos purred at the sight of the object of his distraction moving towards him. Vincent couldn't help but admire how the blond man's muscles moved as he casually twirled his spear. His movements were steady and graceful in nature that only seasoned fighters possessed. The pilot's unoccupied hand was hooked in the belt loops of his dark green cargo pants. That small action caused Cid's already low riding attire, to ride a little lower and reveal a little bit more skin. Vincent's found his eyes were drawn to the man stomach. He observed the trail of soft looking blond hair that disappeared into those low slung pants. His eyes looked further down than he should have allowed as he remembered what got Chaos all worked up.

Just the mere thought of the other night sent Chaos nearly crashing forward. He clenched his teeth and willed the demon back.

"Hey?" Cid's voice was much softer now and laced with concern as he stood right in front of him. "Are you okay? You jus' went all white. Well, I mean whiter than usual." Vincent looked at the concerned blue eyes.

"I'm fine." Vincent said through clenched teeth. Chaos was going on about all the things he wanted to do the man, all of which were completely inappropriate.

"Have you eaten today?" Cid asked as he dropped his finished cigarette and crushed it.

'I want to eat him,' Chaos cooed.

Vincent stiffened at the demons thoughts. He straightened up and forced himself to look the Captain in the eyes. "You need to put on a shirt." He turned on his heel and went to find a place where he wouldn't see the man.


Being away from Cid did not stop Chaos from taunting him with images and words.

'Quit denying yourself. I felt you reacting. You liked what you saw! I like it. I want it!' Chaos pressed.

He shook his head not wanting to encourage the demon further. It had been two days of constant badgering and hounding, ever since he had went to ask Cid a small favour.

His gauntlet had needed repairs. The joint on his thumb was a little loose and Cid had helped him repair it before. He had knocked on the Captain's door and the man had yelled for him to come in.

He had opened the cabin and took a few steps in. He was stopped by the sight of Cid standing at his little bathroom sink brushing is teeth and not wearing anything.

'That's not true. He was in a nice black thong that I'm sure he would let you remove if you asked.'

Vincent felt his face heat up at the memory. Cid had turned slightly and Chaos had pointed out how lovely he had filled out the small piece of black cloth.

'You're in denial.'

He had been forced to keep his eyes from the tempting sight. He went through a great effort to keep his voice calm when he asked for Cid to look at his gauntlet. He had somehow hid his nervousness and he hoped that he didn't show any signs of being intrigued about very athletic man and his state of undress.

"Come over 'ere and let me take a gander," Cid said as he walked over to the bed with a towel in his hand. Chaos had yelled at him over how wonderful his butt looked with that piece of floss between his cheeks. Chaos' noise had increased to a deafening volume when Cid turned to sit. Vincent had to force his eyes to stay on his friends face as he laid the towel over his thigh and slapped it. "Place 'er 'ere."

He stiffly walked to the bed and sat beside the man. He was grateful that Cid had that towel on his lap as he passively let the nearly naked man grab his golden hand. Cid had muttered under his breath. "I can fix this in no time."

He had just about calmed down when Cid went to reach for something in the bedside table, having to stretch his toned body and showing his butt in all its glorious detail.

Chaos even quieted and Vincent was ashamed at how his body was reacting.

Cid returned to the sitting position with a small screwdriver in his hand. "Hold still," Cid said simply as he slightly hunched over his arm and started to work.

Chaos then started demanding that he touch him. The demon had crudely pronouncing that he smelled wonderful and he wanted to taste him.

It only took Cid a minute but it felt like forever. Chaos wanted Cid to put the screwdriver away so that he could grope his butt. "All done." Cid straightened and smiled at him.

"Thank you," was all he was able to say even with Chaos yelling about how he wanted to take a bite out of his neck.

"Any time," Cid said, unaware of how he was affecting him.

All Vincent could do was mutter a small 'thank you' as hid his face in his collar. He had wanted to run from the room, but he managed to hold himself together and walk stiffly out.

Chaos wouldn't stop talking about how Cid looked in the thong. It was all that the demon could think about.

Vincent had found a place where he would be away from the others. He didn't want anyone to see his weakness. The badgering of the demon was wearing him down and being near Cid made Chaos eager.

'I want.'

He tried to get his breathing under control so that he could calm the demon down.

'I want.'

He closed his eyes and tried to think of anything but Cid in that small, well filled thong.

'I want.'

Vincent let out a growl. Chaos was close to the surface and Vincent could feel his control slipping.

'I want!'

He felt a heavy tightness in his belly that spread to his chest. He ground his teeth and pushed back as he was forced to his knees. He didn't want to let the demon out when it was making sinful demands; even if he was intrigued.


Vincent fell to his knees as he struggled to stay in control, knowing that he that he was not going to win.


"Hey Vince," Cid called as he saw the broody dark-haired man approach. He was glad that he was back. Cid had been acting weird the last couple of days. He was worried about his friend retreating into himself. "Did ya get somethin' to eat yet?" He thought it was odd that Vincent was avoiding him since he fixed his gauntlet. He didn't understand why the ex-Turk was brooding in the corners and hiding in the trees. It wasn't healthy for a man to hide from the world the way he did.

Vincent moved out of the shadows. Cid blinked a few times as he tried to figure out what was so different about him.

"Oh, I found something."

The strange timbre in his voice almost made Cid take a step back. Vincent was moving differently; there was a strange grace as he almost flowed towards him.

"Wha'd ya eat?" he said trying to keep his voice steady despite the gut feeling telling him that there was something really wrong.

"I haven't eaten it yet."

Cid did take a step back. Vincent was right in front of him, leaning into him. He swallowed hard as Vincent seemed to smell him.

"Wha' are ya doing?" he asked as he took a few stumbling steps back. A clawed hand gripped his shirt, halting him from moving away. He felt a warm breath against his throat for a moment, as if he were breathing him in, and the other hand threading fingers through his pants belt loops.

"Are you wearing that black piece of cloth?"

Cid swallowed hard as he looked at the amber eyes of the man – no, demon - that was holding him close. He could feel the hunger in the demons gaze, as Cid couldn't help but focus on the smirking lips hiding very sharp looking teeth.


The claw tore his shirt. "That thong? That wonderful piece of fabric. Are you wearing it?" Amber eyes gave him a hungry look and Cid wondered if he was going to become a snack.

"Woah! Whacha doin' Vince?" Cid said and tried to pull away but the hand holding his belt loops prevented it. Vincent pulled him closer, so that there fronts were pressed firmly against each other. Cid was startled by the closeness of the very attractive and alluring man. Being this close he noted that Vincent was also a very excited and couldn't help but be impressed at the feel.

"I want."

Cid's breath hitched as the clawed hand ran over his bare stomach and the other hand tugged on his pants, to prevent him from moving to far. "Easy there. Now, don' do anythin' rash 'ere, um, Chaos. Right?"

Chaos hummed and smirked. Cid was a little startled by the demons next move as those dampened lips pressed against his throat. He leaned his head to the side and let him because, at first, he was too startled to do anything about it and, second, it felt damn good. He came back to his senses as he remembered that this was Chaos, not Vincent, and tried to push the demon away. The small nudge caused Chaos to growl and apply teeth to his throat.

"Easy," he whispered. "No need ta be rough."

The teeth released and Vincent pulled back so that he was staring at him again. The demon intense eyes wandered to his chest and neck as he licked his lips. He felt that clawed hand reach down and cup him. He startled a bit at the feeling of such a sharp piece of metal caressing his groin.

"I want."

Cid's breath hitched. "Yeah. I got that. Does Vincent?"

The demon that possessed Vincent snorted. "He's too much a prude to admit it." Cid was grateful when the demon pulled slightly back, even if his claw was still moving against his stiffening groin. "You still haven't answered me."

"Answered what?" Cid said and grunted as he was squeezed rather hard.

Chaos leaned into and whispered into his ear. "Are you wearing that thong?"

Cid swallowed at the strange passionate intensity written across the normally stoic man. "I'll show Vincent if ya let 'em come back."

"But I want," Chaos pouted and squeezed again. It was a strange look to see on Vincent's face and it caused Cid to smile.

"If Vincent gets, you get, right?" Cid was hesitant to move. Those amber eyes seemed to be thinking about something as the clawed hand stilled.

"Tell me first," Chaos said leaning into him once more. "Are you wearing that black under garment?"

Cid swallowed. He didn't think his choice in underwear was such a big deal, but obviously Vincent and Chaos liked it. He had never been one that was shy about his body. He never thought the day that he fixed the gauntlet he had unintentionally turned on the two. It at least explained why he was acting so weird and told him that he needed a shirt earlier.

"No," he whispered.

Chaos growled and looked like he was disappointed. Cid regretted his small teasing remark as the hand on his groin tightened. "I'm wearing a red one," he quickly added.

Chaos purred and relaxed his grip. "You'll show us?" The voice sounded different. Almost like there were two.

"In a more private place," Cid said as he noticed Vincent's natural brilliant red starting appear in his eyes. "Ya can see whatever ya want."

Vincent blinked and the eyes were no longer amber. Vincent realized where his hand was and pulled them away. Cid grabbed the arm of the ex-Turk, to make sure that he wasn't going to run away. "I meant it Vin."

Vincent seemed to be torn. His red eyes were full of confusion and as if he was listening to his inner demons. Cid held his breath as he waited for the response to the internal conversation.

Vincent slowly closed his eyes and opened them again. His stance seemed to relax as he took a deep breath. A small blush crept across the ex-Turk's pale features. "Red, you say."


Okay, my first Valenwind (sortof). Well.... What did you think of this odd little oneshot?

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