Gossamer and Spidersilk

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Title: Gossamer and Spidersilk

Authors: BMIK and Chephren

Rating: M, most definitely!

Pairing: Tseng and Yazoo

Summary: The prince of the fairy kingdom yearns to see the forbidden and dangerous world outside.... Will fortune smile upon him, or will he find himself folly's plaything?

Warning: This fic is extremely AU. We have taken our favorite bishis and thrown them into the situation to see what will happen, but had great fun doing so, and we hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Squeenix owns them, the bishis pwned us! XD

A/N: Okies, this is a nod to a new pairing we discovered when we did our Yazoo-does-everybody stint during our beloved Golden Lotus: the beauty of Tsengzoo! We really wanted to give Tseng more good Yazoo love and that is how the pairing came about. It is hard to explain how the plotbunny came about except that fairy tales are beautiful! *lovestruck eyes*

schawerze: Sephiroth, Genesis

Chephren: Yazoo


Chapter One

The sun peeked over the horizon of a quiet, prosperous kingdom. The first rays glinted off the gilt dÚcor of a splendid palace in which the king of the realm resided. But our story begins behind the palace, within a dense forest, deep within, where the trees are at their darkest. Where no human ventured, there lay a thicket of gnarly, twisted trees with wickedly claw-like branches. Within that, a wide circle of thirteen moss-laden hawthorns, beautifully alive here where all living things seemed to die. A soft white glow and an ethereal hum that would only be perceived by the keenest eyes and ears, those that were trained to sense magical presences, protected the spectral glade.

Inside the enchanted barrier lay an exquisite garden unlike anything man-made or that any human could ever conceive of. Thick patches of flowers grew alongside toadstool rings and other colorful fungi, all so gloriously painted with the Goddess' blessings and love. What no living soul, other than the animals who were brave enough to wander through the dark woods, would learn was that this magical clearing was much more than it seemed. Here rested another prosperous kingdom, the fairy realm of Faefeather. Each flower, knothole, tunnel and dewdrop served a very specific purpose, each was a construction of the enchanted kingdom, a tiny version of its human equivalent, right down to the little fungi patterns that wound around each hawthorn tree, tiny little staircases to each fairy's home.

In the center of the little kingdom was a luminescent patch of orchids, white and periwinkle, which was, in fact, the capital of the realm, a great estate, for each little citizen of Faefeather was no bigger, than a teardrop. Within the castle ran numerous shimmery white halls and corridors, where walked many of the capital's inhabitants. One in particular, a slender fairy with swallowtail glassy wings, long silver hair and a beautifully effeminate face headed toward massive chrysalis double doors. As he neared them, they magically opened and the fairy stepped through into the morning air. Having a look over a great petal balcony, he gazed down over the fair kingdom and all its wonders. Today was airy and pleasantly warm. He sighed contentedly and continued on his way to where he had been summoned.

At the very center of the palace, a great reception hall waited with four thrones, all made of identical onyx, each one reflecting the character of its owner. One was very robust, one very simple, but elegantly beautiful, one very grand and outshined the rest, and the last rather modern and streamlined. The silver fairy, known as Yazoo, took his place, seated on the elegant throne as doors began to open at different corners of the room and the morning assembly gathered. Three other silver haired fairies arrived, the only beings of the kingdom with this distinguishing trait, which set them apart as the royal family and the only magic wielders in the kingdom of Faefeather. First, a rather strong looking fairy called Loz, with short, windswept hair sat beside him upon the robust throne... another, smaller and wiry, with a shoulder-length tresses with bangs that hung adorably in his face, Kadaj, sat on the other end in the modern... and finally, Sephiroth, the king of the fairies, the most regal and masterful of all, took his seat on the grand throne in the center.

After the fairy king had sat down, calmly folding his huge, almost feather like black wings, he made a gesture with his hand and the rest of the ministers that had gathered sat down.

"You may begin the conference," Sephiroth said solemnly, his deep voice resonating through the light flooded hall. And surely, one after another, his ministers stepped forward and gave their reports and suggestions. As expected, it was as always: a peaceful, calm day. Everyone was happily going about their business and Sephiroth could not have been a more pleased king, had it not been for Loz┤ very audible yawning. Sephiroth shot him a morose, reprimanding look and then finished listening to the last report.

"Very well then. Go about your business as usual."

In about an hour he would listen to his people┤s problems and complaints, but before that he still had one thing to do...

"Yazoo, may I talk to you for a moment?" he asked, lifting a brow as he noticed the other two quickly escaping. It didn┤t seem like they had much interest in fairy politics... Kadaj was always causing mischief with his friends and Loz was busy chasing after fairy skirts.

Sighing, Sephiroth leaned back, waiting till everyone was gone.

"Yes, Brother," Yazoo dutifully rose and walked over to his brother, whom he adored, and the fair and just ruler of their beloved Faefeather. "Something troubling you?"

There were none more beautiful than he and his brothers in all the kingdom, and Sephiroth's more masculine beauty was no exception. Tall and strong, his eldest brother the King, had a serene, angelic face framed by luminous moonlight locks that had grown all the way to the backs of muscular calves. Their fairy finery was all spun from the most exquisite spidersilk and dew from the flowers of their particular homes. As these white and purple orchids that made up the palace were the most unique flower to this grove, the dew here was the very best. Sephiroth's robes were also lined with gossamer swan feathers that made up his royal mantle, truly a sight to behold.

"Yazoo," Sephiroth started strictly, suspiciously narrowing his eyes at his pretty brother. His real problem child in so many ways... Yazoo was also not very interested in fairy politics, but unlike Loz and Kadaj, he didn┤t seem to be interested in anything here at all. He was so much of a dreamer, rarely paying attention to the here and now, his huge, dreamy eyes always staring off into an unknown distance...

"There┤s something troubling me indeed," the king said, his brow still sourly lifted.

"Oh?" the young silver fairy lilted, placing his hand on his brother's fist, which rested firmly on the arm of the polished stone.

"Yes," Sephiroth frowned. "You are troubling me, Yazoo," he finally revealed with a pointed look at his little brother, giving him time to explain himself beforehand.

Yazoo blinked. Wow... alright... "Um..." he gave it some thought, "well, I did have an extra piece of cake for breakfast. I'm sorry... Was that it?"

"Nooo," Sephiroth said lowly, propping his tilted head on his hand. "Try again." This probably could take some time. Yazoo seemed so clueless and air headed again today...

"Ummm..." Really nothing could bother Yazoo this morning, he felt so alive, so elated, and at peace, "... I borrowed your woolly slippers?"

"You did?" Sephiroth blinked. Those were his favori- Shaking his head, the king groaned and finally growled, "No! Someone has seen you near the border again! How many times do I have to tell you that you have to stay away from there?! It┤s dangerous!"

Yazoo looked at his brother in all seriousness, "Why, brother? What is out there?"

He hadn't found anything, and anything was evidently too scared to come find them here... If it did, it would most likely not see the kingdom as anything but a grove of flowers, if it saw anything at all.

"So you don┤t even deny it?" Sephiroth asked, incredulous, before he shook his head again, long silver swaying in misery. Then he took Yazoo┤s hand, clutching it so hard that it almost hurt. His gaze became intense when he leaned forward and said lowly, "There are evil creatures out there, Yazoo. They are gigantic and powerful. What do you think why we have these borders?"

He made a pause, his eyes narrowing again, as he said "You weren┤t out there... were you?"

Yazoo shook his head, "No, Brother, I only went to see what the other side was like. I did not leave our barrier..." Actually, he had ventured out a ways, but not on that last visit to the border, and to volunteer this information would be practically begging for Sephiroth's punishment. Wow... danger, a thrilling excursion from his refined, quiet life!!

"The other side," Sephiroth replied through gritted teeth, "is a valley of death, Yazoo!"

"I understand, Brother," Yazoo replied but he felt the excitement swell deep within him. Next time, he would just work harder not to be seen! "Is there anything else, my dear?"

Sephiroth let go of Yazoo┤s hand to cup his face, sighing, "Do you really understand now? We had this discussion far too many times already. You don┤t want your brothers and I to mourn you, do you? "

Yazoo leaned into his brother's touch, enjoying the contact. Sephiroth was not really one for hugs and outward affection, but this more than adequately showed his concern.

"No, I promise, Brother, you will not mourn my death now, or anytime soon!"

The magic of Faefeather not only erected the impregnable, cloaking barrier, but it also allowed its citizens to live vastly extended lives, as it prolonged the aging process by hundreds of years. The eldest living fairy, Angeal, was known to be just over two thousand years old, and he looked just as strapping and youthful as he had in his prime. The only clue was the maturity of his white feathery wings, how long and elaborate they'd become. No one had seen Angeal for at least 200 years, and it was unknown whether he still lived.

Aside from extremely old age, death could come and claim any one of them from outside influences, only possibly a couple of which Yazoo had seen out in the forest. Strange, furry four legged beings that hadn't so far sensed his presence, at least not yet, but they seemed rooted to the ground and the Fae could fly, so Yazoo didn't see why such a fuss need be made at all.

Sephiroth nodded, hoping that this time he had gotten through to his troublesome sibling. "Very well then. You may leave if you are so inclined. But don┤t forget that we have a dinner together tonight," he reminded, his expression slightly strict, but pleased again. "And I do not want to hear news of you anywhere near the border again, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Brother, of course!" Yazoo lied. He was rather mischievous at heart, but it was all in fun. "So I will see you at dinner tonight then?" He would also make damn sure that he wouldn't be caught from now on.

"Certainly," the other sighed, letting go of Yazoo┤s hand and leaning back, still looking a bit sceptical. Then however he just waved his hand, graciously allowing, "Off you go," and watched the slender figure floating towards the exit, his wings fluttering in suspicious excitement. Groaning, Sephiroth pinched the bridge of his nose but then stood to get ready for his duties.

Yazoo did not fly immediately to the borders of Faefeather, for that would be too obvious, and Sephiroth would surely be expecting that, though he did plan to go while his brother would be receiving the townsfolk and would be suitably distracted. He instead ventured down into the village, once he had donned some aristocratic clothing, a silkworm-spun white chemise, blackberry dyed leggings, black boots sewn from shed snakeskin and an iridescent spidersilk vest that shone silver like his long, silky hair and his delicate wings.

After he had flown from the palace, he sank down past the dewy cobweb skyways, a transportation system for longer distances to get citizens from one side of the kingdom to the other in less time. Landing on a public street, which was just lined up pebbles one end to the other, Yazoo walked over to one of his known favorite haunts in town, the Library. Full of ancient bark scrolls and tomes, they dated back since forever, handed down from generation to generation since the beginning of time. As he entered, he heard some shuffling over on one side of the immense collection. The figure of the Scrollmaster popped into view. It never ceased to amaze the Prince how fashionable this creature was for this sort of job, but reading was the most coveted passion of this particular fairy, and Yazoo also knew that there was no better choice for this occupation.

"Good day, Scrollmaster," he said politely. "Anything new and interesting?" the Prince asked with wondrous eyes.

Genesis looked over the rim of his water-drop glasses, before he took them off and stood from his desk.

"Look who we have here... If it isn┤t his Highness," he greeted, with a light mocking glance. Then he looked back to the bark he was just studying. "Well, I found something interesting in the archives indeed. A collection of poems, actually." His eyes got a happy gleam when he mentioned his finding, but then he turned back at the Prince, asking "And how can I help you today?"*

"Really?" Yazoo wasn't that much into poetry, but he thought the fiery Scrollmaster might wish to share a bit. He and the Prince had come to know each other over time, Yazoo having come in here quite frequently. "I need access to the Deep Magic section please... may I have the amulet?"

"I must say your interest in literature is very one-sided," Genesis chimed, but he got the amulet from around his neck nonetheless, holding it towards the Prince. He wouldn┤t know what to read about magic, the only magic Genesis could wield was the little bit that the king had bestowed on him to help him with his library duties.

"You should read some classics every once in a while, I just re-organized the whole section and it surely wouldn┤t hurt you to get some knowledge on our history as well, given your position." Oh yes, he had taken the one or other complaint from the king too much to heart, but then again, books were Genesis┤ life and he could totally sympathize with Sephiroth┤s misery about the lack of interest of his siblings....

Yazoo resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He only maintained his politeness, as certainly Genesis was feeling a bit of pressure from Sephiroth on this, and for that, Yazoo did feel a bit sorry. The Scrollmaster was neither their teacher nor their babysitter, and maybe it wouldn't hurt to take an interest in such subjects after all. Another day perhaps. Today was for adventuring!! Yazoo's favorite activity. Why read about all of it if it was out there for one to discover firsthand??

"Thank you," he took it gratefully, and climbed the crystalline staircase to cross to the back of the Library, where there was a hidden door, masked by illusion to simply look like another bookshelf, one that featured those of adult fairy themes. Yazoo had taken interest in those long ago, but as they were only illusion, that is how he realized the feel of the bubbling of the wall where the stone dilated and collapsed when the door was opened.

As he approached, the amulet, a brilliant azure, the color of Genesis' lovely eyes, began to glow brightly. The mirage of the naughty books disappeared, and the wall opened, revealing a brightly illuminated chamber behind it, and the Prince stepped in.



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