Turkey Lurkey Learns To Gobble Gobble

BY : Drahacnia
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Turkey Lurkey Learns to Gobble Gobble
By: Cherished_Lover
Pairing: ValenWind

With a swift clunk the apartment door was pushed shut. A man in a blue business suit, with bright red eyes, a pale complexion, and hair that fell in a braid down to his waist, leaned against the door as if it were the only barrier between him, and all the demons of Hell. His ragged breathing echoed throughout the small apartment and it was a few minutes before he could catch his breath. When his breathing had calmed down he spent a careful minute listening at the door for the sounds of anyone outside. Satisfied, he found the strength to get up and move away from ‘Hell‘s Gate‘, comfortable in the solace of his own home. His name was Vincent Valentine, and he had just had a bad day.
With shaky hands he reached up and began to unbutton his jacket. Two popped buttons later, the jacket made it to the floor. His shoes he kicked off, then tripped over falling to the ground. He took his pants off while he was down there, they came off fine. His white longsleeve lost three buttons before got the damn thing open, and his tie nearly strangled him so badly that, in the end, he decided to just pull out his tri-barreled gun and blow the damn thing off.
Funny, with his gun, Cerberus, his hands were perfectly steady.

It was a half hour later when a considerably wetter Vincent made his way back from the shower, A tiny towel wrapped around his waist. He was heading back to the front door with a vague fear of having not locked it, when the noise in his ear finally pierced through his dazed state. His eyes scanned the room briefly and lo and behold, it wasn’t just a voice in his head this time. There in the kitchen, the smiling and swarthy tanned face of his blond haired, blue eyed room mate, Cid Highwind.
Vincent blinked repetitively…”What?”
“Wow, and I thought showers were supposed to wake you up. I said ‘What happened to you?’” Cid’s eyes ran a line from the front door to the bedroom, following the trail of broken and discarded clothing. “You’re not hiding someone else in the shower, I should know about, are ya? ‘Cause that would totally ruin my mood.”
Vincent blinked a few more times. There was something funny with Cid’s outfit…he just couldn’t figure out what. “I..had a bad day.”
Cid merely held up the blown apart ends of a tie. “Really? By the way, you’re explaining the hole in the ceiling to the manager. You’s just lucky that our neighbor’s not home yet.”
Cid stared Vincent down until he saw agreement.
What was it that was weird about Cid’s outfit? Vincent almost had it…
“Sit down Vinny, you look like your brain’s going to cramp. Good, there you go. Now! I made a surprise for you.”
Vincent looked up from his new place at the kitchen table. “What surprise?”
Cid’s smile turned into a leer, and he reached up and flicked a chef’s hat on top of his head currently being held in place by a pair of aviator goggles. “I cooked.”
With the flick of the hat Vincent realized what was wrong with Cid’s outfit. He was wearing the chef’s hat wrong, and had an apron to match. That part Vincent had understood, it was the rest that had taken so long…
“Why are you naked?”
Cid’s smile showed teeth, and went from leering to predatory. “Why are you naked?”
“I just got out of the shower?”
“I just made dinner…”
Oh, that smile wasn’t going away.
Vincent stared hard at Cid, hoping he’d see the point.
“Oh, don’t worry, Vinny.” Cid purred seductively, “It’ll all make sense soon. You’ve had a bad day. I’m just here to make you feel better. Come here for a second would ya?”
Well, Cid didn’t have a knife with him, and he wasn’t holding any long phallus shaped objects, so…
Vincent stood up, with slight trepidation, and walked over to Cid.
“So what did you make?” Vincent’s eyes roamed over the kitchen counter. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing met his eye. Biscuits steamed in a basket nearby with a crock of butter next to them, and hiding in a silver tureen was a large supply of gravy. A pair of handcuffs and a bottle of whipped cream had been nonchalantly placed on the counter as well..
“Well, it is Thanksgiving.”
“Yeah, looks like you forgot something.”
“Oh?” Cid faked a look of surprise, “I don’t believe I forgot anything.”
“There’s no turkey.”
“Reeaaallly?” Cid’s stare was poignant.
Vincent turned to look back at the hand cuffs. “…I’m the turkey aren’t I?”
“You got it, Sugar.”
“Does this mean I am going to get raped?”
“Well, now I know why you’re nakeEEEEEPPMPH!!!

With a well practiced ease, Cid slid his arms under Vincent and lifted him up so that he was sitting on the table. At the same time, Cid decided it was just best to shut Vincent up by silencing him with his tongue. As Cid’s lips pressed up against the moist red of Vincent’s and his tongue slid in between the other man’s teeth, Cid determined this was an effective method.
Cid’s hands slipped to the front of Vincent’s chest and moved along the pale coils of muscle.
His thumbs pressed up against, then dug into Vincent’s rather hard nipples.
Hmm… seems like I am having an effect.
Vincent moaned slightly in spite of himself, realized he was starting to think that ‘giving in’ sounded like a good idea, and tried to pull away.
“Urrmhuhhmm…Cishpp ummmhh”
Cid pulled his head back for a sec to stare his partner in his crimson eyes, and said, “If you don’t stop making such a holler and let me have my way with you, I’m gonna’ stuff your mouth with an apple, tie you up like a hog, and then have my way with you. You get me?”
Vincent took a moment to consider, willing participant or trussed pig. Hmmmm let me think…
Cid looked Vincent up and down, “Good. Stay.”
Cid turned around and started looking through the buffet on the counter.
Acting on an instinct not entirely his own, Vincent reached forward and ran his hand along the muscled curve of Cid’s rear. He liked, it made a nice weight in his hand, so he gave it a bit of a squeeze. No reaction, well then…
The cranberry sauce leapt out of the bowl in Cid’s hands as Vincent pinched his bottom. It hit the ceiling with a splat and rained down among the two men in a sweet chunky red spray. Cid turned around and there was a pause as the two men just stared at each other. Unattended, the ceiling dripped. Without a word Cid set down the now empty bowl of cranberry sauce. He then reached forward taking both of Vincent’s wrists and calmly handcuffed them.
“I’ll lead in the groping, if you don’t mind. Now then, where was I?” The blond thought about it for a moment. “Oh, yes! I remember!”
With a quick flick of the wrist Cid’s hand slid up and scooped a large chunk of the cranberry sauce off his apron, and liberally smeared it over Vincent’s nipples.
The Cheshire grin was back in full swing as Cid lowered his head and clamped his mouth upon Vincent’s chest.
Vincent sucked air in through his teeth as goose bumps appeared all over his body. The feel of Cid’s tongue stroking his flesh, and the white teeth biting into his nipple had Vincent squirming in his seat. As Cid wiped a bit more of the cranberries on Vincent’s neck and then latched hold, the space under Vincent’s little white towel became rapidly filled and tight.
“No marks,” he whispered urgently, “ I have work!”
…that didn’t sound like Cid…
Highwind pulled back with a pleasant humm, licking his lips in satisfaction. “You’re pretty tasty Valentine. I like my turkey with cranberry sauce.”
Vincent quivered a little bit. His muscles were trying to betray him.
Cid looked down with false surprise, “Oh my, and what’s this?” His hands reached down and plucked loose the knot of the little white towel. With a flick of fabric Vincent’s erection stood proudly at attention. Rough callused hands slid over the supple flesh of Vincent’s shaft eliciting a sharp intake of breath and a quiet moan from Vincent.
“Here now, is this what you been hiding under there?”
Little muscle spasms worked their way through Vincent’s frame, and he winced and gasped as some of Cid’s calluses scoured his sensitive flesh.
“Oh, am I hurting you darling?”
“Well, I got something for that.”
Cid reached behind him and simply dipped his hand into the tureen of gravy, before enclosing it once more around Vincent’s manhood. At the gooey slick contact Vincent started panting. A wonderful pressure building in his loins and sending tendrils out to his toes.
Yeah, that definitely wasn’t Cid.
The voices in his head were talking again.
“Whaaaat?” Oh yes, Cid was enjoying teasing this man.
Cid’s grip tightened around Vincent’s erection, and the muscles in Vincent’s body spasmed. His pleasure receptors almost overloading, before dropping back down.
Cid leaned forward his eyes reveling in Vincent’s impassioned face. His lips hovered next to Vincent’s.
Cid only saw the flash of silver from the handcuffs as Vincent lifted his arms and slid them over Cid’s head. Pulling the blond near, Vincent’s breath whispered into Cid’s ear before he bit down on his throat, “Faster, you bastard. Make me cum.”
Cid’s hand clenched roughly around Vincent‘s cock, squeezed and started pumping furiously.
Vincent whimpered into Cid’s shoulder. His pleasure sensors were going psycho. The pressure in his loins was building intensely. With every pump of Cid’s fist a wave of tingling pleasure ran through Vincent’s body. He couldn’t hold it in! His body shuddered violently as the tension burst in Vincent and he cried out in joy against Cid’s neck. His fingers dug into Cid’s back. He felt the wonderful rush of release travel upward through his erection, and then a sudden vice like pressure at the end of his manhood as his orgasm hit a wall.
“Urggk!” Vincent spasmed hard, his body slapping back to that table and writhing on it in a gratuitous display of thwarted pleasure.
Cid’s hand didn’t let loose from it’s tight grip, despite the gravy lubricant. He stared down at his partner, looking at the poor pitiful expression on his face.
“You forgot to say ‘please’, Sugar.”
Cid’s hand finally let go and Vincent’s penis gave up the battle. Falling over it bled to death upon it’s hairy bed. Valentine relaxed with a sigh of easing and curled up into a little ball, uncaring of the gravy and semen that covered his body.
Ahh…that was good.
Bite me.
Vincent twitched.

While Vincent recovered. Cid was busy moving things around the room. When he had everything where he wanted it, he went back to the kitchen table.
“Alright Sleeping Turkey, I do believe that’s enough foreplay.”
“Enh…” Vincent wiped a bit drool from his lips.
Cid’s eyebrows waggled as he leered at Vincent. With a grunt of exertion the blond picked up the longer haired man and carried his to the couch in the living room, dripping bits and all.
Cid set Vincent down lightly onto his knees in front of the couch.
“What..what are we doing?”
“This!” The hand on Vincent’s back pushed him forcefully down on all four.
Okay, he could handle this.
Then the couch was lifted up, and Cid pulled Vincent’s hands under the furniture, setting it down gently so that’s Vincent’s handcuffs were now wrapped around the couch‘s center leg.
He could see quickly where this was going. He struggled a little bit, but he wasn’t likely to get a good lifting position with Cid forcing him to stay down on all fours.
It was then that a distant ‘thrum’ filled the air.
“I was hiding this under the table. Figured if I had it out in plain sight, you wouldn’t let me have my fun.”
Vincent stopped breathing. No, Cid hadn’t…
“I bought it just yesterday. Guy at the counter told me he uses it on his girl all the time, drives her nuts.
Oh no, he had…
He could feel the air being displaced as the mechanized phallus hovered around his anus.
“Well this won’t do, you’re tighter than a virgin with a summer sausage.”
After a pause, the air was filled with the sound of ‘tink,tink,tink,tink,’ as the vibrator cycled against the inside of a metal container.
Oh gods, not the gravy…
Vincent started whimpering, and testing just how much strength he could get into lifting that couch. It didn’t help. Suddenly he felt the warm squish of the vibrator beating against his anus. His manhood hardened in spite of himself, and his pulse started racing. Then the vibrator started moving forward. His breathing went ragged in equal parts expectation, and trepidation as the tip entered. With the gravy acting as lubricant the thickly coated head met little resistance slipping in wetly and stretching the tight muscles of Vincent’s anus.
It burnt a little around the edges, but he could feel little pulses of sensual exhilaration flowing out through his body. The muscles of his legs picked up the rhythm and without his control his whole lower body started twitching in time to the vibrator.
Vincent forgot about getting free.
There was a rustle of fabric from behind, and then Cid dropped onto the couch in front of Vincent. He had removed the apron, but left on the chef’s hat and goggles, he had also gained a bottle of whipped cream, and Cerberus.
Cid sprawled with a big grin, loving the way flickers of blind lust made their way onto Vincent’s face. With a chuckle he spread his legs so that Vincent’s head and shoulders were between them.
It also set Vincent’s face staring directly at Cid’s boner.
“Well Valentine, you is some good eating. I don’t think I have ever had a turkey so fine. But…”
Cid popped the top of the whipped cream and started spraying it lavishly around his cock. “…before we get on to desert, I want you to Gobble.”
“I said Gobble, God Damnit!”
“I don’t understan…”
“I want you to fucking Gobble, you get me?”
Having the barrels of his own gun staring him in the face, was enough to cause his manhood to turn tail and flee, and his anus to clench with an audible twang. Of course when that happened the vibrator started feeling really goood.
Vincent looked at Cid‘s whipped cream covered erection and licked his lips. The he raised his eyes up to lock onto Highwind blue.
He took a deep breath.
“I can’t hear you, Fucking Gobble for me! God Damnit!!” As he yelled Cid reached behind Vincent…
and pushed the vibrator deep past the pale man’s rectum.
Vincent gasped in air as a fist of pleasure was driven into him. Tingles of sensation ran down through his legs, and his boner snapped out of hiding like a man unsheathing a sword.
“What!?” He pushed deeper.
White streaks of heat speared through Vincent’s body as Cid pushed the vibrator deeper in and out.
With the expression of a man starving for nourishment who had just had a buffet laid before him, Vincent opened his mouth and deep throated his dessert. Latching on like a leech he rode Cid’s cock as the only lifeline of sanity against the tide of pulsing heat that sent his muscles into spasms.
“Ummmmph!” Cid was filling his throat. It was too much. He titled his head back, clamping down with his lips, and sliding all the whipped cream up along Cid’s stiff shaft.
There that was better.
Running his tongue along the underside of Cid’s cock, Vincent was rewarded when there was a pause in the vibrator’s rhythm and a shudder coursed through Highwind’s body. Vincent made little noises of desire around Cid’s boner, and with blissful intensity the thrumming regained it’s rhythm. Vincent was apt to show appreciation. Without regard for finesse, driven by his own mounting tsunami of orgasmic ecstasy, Vincent SUCKED! He inhaled Cid’s boner like it was his last breath of air. His tongue lashed the erection, demanding it to yield seed.
“God DAMN, Vince! You’re a Fuckin’ Hoover!!”
Inside his head was the animal like panting of a beast in ecstasy, and all Vincent could do was agree as he whimpered and moaned. His legs had lost sensation, an a knot of terrible tenseness had built throughout his body, needing release!

Meanwhile In the apartment upstairs, Cloud Strife, a spiky headed blond with electric blue eyes, came home to the smell of a Thanksgiving dinner, and the sounds of wrestling coming from below.
Hmm…seemed like he was missing all the fun. When he glanced across the floor of his apartment, it was without surprise to see another head sized hole missing from his carpet.
The wrestling sounds came from the hole, and so did the dinner smell.
He listened for a second to the sounds of whimpering and grunting. Man, Vincent is loosing pretty bad today.

Down below in Cid and Vincent’s apartment.

Cloud whistled a happy tune to himself. “Vincent,” he called down, “The repair bill is coming out of your wallet.”
He waited a minute.
“Vincent? Cid?”

Vincent had a death grip on Cid’s cock, and the only thought in Cid‘s mind was: make him scream, make him scream, make him scream.

“Guys?” Cloud called out, walking toward the hole.
“I can smell your dinner, you mind if I come down and join in? Guys?”

With a feeling similar to his soul being released from it’s earthly bonds, the terrible pressure in Vincent’s body exploded in a drenchingly awesome orgasm, that triggered Cid’s own. Trying to balance epic aftershocks and the feeling of being drowned, Vincent swallowed the load of Cid’s salty seed, before he had to much and just flopped over, a line of semen trailing unnoticed out the corner of his mouth.

“Guys?” Cloud made his way over to the hole in the floor, kneeled down on the carpet, and stuck his head through.
“What are you all do…..ing….”
His eyes burned with the image of Cid and Vincent buck naked. Cid sitting on the couch with a vibrator in one hand, its electronic motor still whirling, and Vincent’s Cerberus in the other. His only adornment a white chef’s hat that had been crushed to his head by a pair of aviator goggles. Vincent was slouched over on the floor, his hands chained underneath the couch were Cid was sitting. There was a wet spot on the floor next to him, what looked like dried blood on his chest, and a line of semen running out of his mouth.
Cloud blinked as he brain took stock of the situation and put two and two together. Cid had a vibrator and a gun. Vincent was shackled and had obviously been giving Cid head.
He stared down at them with shocked realization.
“How could you Cid, rape is despicable. I’m calling the cops.”
Vincent turned to look up at cloud with the biggest post orgasmic-shit-eating-grin he had ever worn in his life.



Anyways, Thank you all for taking the time for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it. This is my first fan fic, so please let me know what you thought of it. For those of you who didn't guess, the mysterious voice speaking to Vincent *IN ALL CAPS* is his personal happy-fun-time-friend Chaos.

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