My Road

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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy 7, Itís original characters, places, etc. Nor do I make any money from this fanfiction. The only things that are mine are my own original added characters. And the situations or new places added to my story.


I do not own Final Fantasy 7, its original characters, places, etc. Nor do I make any money from this fan fiction. The only things that are mine are my own original added characters. And the situations or new places added to flesh out my own story.


None really in this chapter unless you donít like angst and very sad poverty conditions. Little Reno... some of the early moments in his dark life.


This fic will start out slow but build up somewhat quickly (I'm hoping) I have it pre planned out with the basic skeleton of the story and the directions I have planned for it. I'm hoping to complete this... as I have two sequels and a few side detours as well planned for it. But I find it hard to keep up with things... I will try my hardest. This will be a deep and angsty story... with some humor/smut(yaoi...maybe het down the line...but doubt it.. pairings are a secret for now *evil grin*)/death/ suicide/self infliction/love/ mushiness/torment/suspense/and probably a little bit of everything... but it will develop with time and I'll try to place the basic warnings at the top of each chapter....... and future opening notes will be shorter and just summary of chapters and story info (true author notes will be at the bottom...). *grins* Thanks *bows*

My Road

~Chapter 1~

The dusty creature that stood in the doorway had his mother shaking her head. "What did you do this time... fall into one of the side gutters again... or just go romping through the reactors waste piles" She finished with a laugh that she just couldnít hide.

Shaking her head she couldnt help but smile at the innocent expression that her little one wore. He truly was a sight today. His little suspendered hand-me-down pants from the local donation bin rode high up on his calves now with how much he had grown. And his little nose had the blackest of grease spread across it making him look like a little wolf or fox pup. And with his normally brilliantly red colored hair, being dusted with grays and browns of the local dust, he looked even more canine......

His little head of dusty hair fell shaggy around his shoulders, which made her think of others things he needed other than some clothes. Her thoughts turned more solemn as she fought tears even though her eyes and mouth smiled.

"I donít really need an explanation... you came home safe. Now head out to the barrel and get washed up we have a dinner to eat tonight, your father... will also be eating with us tonight. You heard me Reno... off with ya now." She turned her face and went back to the small table and pot belly sized stove in their small corner that attempted to be called a kitchen.

Reno sensed his mothers Change in attitude from being comically amused at his current state, to being sad and withdrawn again. He didnít know why, just knew that it happened more often than not recently. He was too young and carefree even in their dark and punishing world that they lived in to see sadness most times though, he found a way to always bring a smile to his face... usually in an attempt to brighten the room with his mothers own return smile.

"Aw, Mam' ya don' need ta worry..." He scuffed his feet in the dusty doorway. "I was jus' playin with the alley Kit's again. They sure are lonely... But I also didnít want Bonno hurtin' em' again like he did
last week...." He looked behind him to the doorway and finished in a softer tone. "He... lit one's tail on fire 'yo..."

The surprised look he got from his mother caused the worried tension to leave her shoulders for a moment and she softly gave a laugh.

"Teach the world... my Lil' Renoíll be helpin' those weeker than 'imself one day jus' like them Kit's... you look like 'em today now.... My lil' one, you'l be a force to be reconed with... now off with yaí and watch yer language... My little 'force' will need to have some upper plate smooth talkin' style when he's a hero one day...." She finished with a swat to his little dusty behind.

Reno yelped and hopped away, but turned around to his mother before he disappeared out the front door. "I love ya Mam... I'll be your hero!" And he flashed her, his dazzling grin... showing his teeth and causeing the whole room to brighten.

And Re'nocia's Heart and face to brighten along with it. "That you will, boy... Now scoot with ya!" She finished with a chuckle. Then turned herself back to the small one pot stew they had for a change.

Reno scuttled out the door running towards the back side of their little hut in the slums. It was small and falling down around them... but it was still safety and home to him. It was all Reno had known in his life. This was the unsure, never steady presence of the man that was called his father. And the warm, and comforting, yet saddened presence of his mother. His Mam' was what he called her. He'd called her that from the start ... his very first word.

This home was enough for him. He'd sleep at night on his little pallet by the front door in the opposite corner of their stove. Likely it was the warmest place in the whole hut aside from immediately in front of the stove. Wrapped in his two little patch work blankets that'd been his, since birth. The one was threadbare and it'd been his Mam's. The other had been donated by some Slum's church. Which one he didnít know, nor care which one. But it was warm and thicker than the one his parents had on their pallet. And it had a few blocks of some soft fabric with flowers embroidered in it. Though it was grayed and dingy with age... it also was a comforting presence... Like his Mother.

But rounding to the back side of their home he took in the sight. Behind them was only dirt and wreckage and falling down huts similar to his own. Some belonged to young family's one or two had children his age or older. And some belonged to older couples, but mostly single people that remained from the few survivors of the poverty and despair that was what the lower plate was known for. And some were veterans or widows of those that had fought in the wars. Which war's... who knew? One of the numerous ones that plagued all of Gaia, there were so many.

It was all too much for someone of his age to take in or care about. Reno had just turned 8. This was the age that his peers were beginning to learn about work. As many by the time they were 9 or 10 were helping support their family. And just providing what meager means with necessary to keep living and breathing and working another day was harsh and sometimes mortal work. So basically if one didnít die young from working prematurely... they could look forward to death through war. Reno knew the rules of the sad scant life they lived. Maybe that was why Mam' was sad all the time. But he didnít think that could be it because those that lived in the slums all knew the code of life and never really hoped for better. Or did she?

Reno shrugged his shoulders, and then slipped his suspenders down off of them. He took his worn pants off and began shaking them and rubbing at them with some crumpled paper that was garbage, that he had dampened with some of the water. He knew how to take care of himself as much as possible for his age. He had to keep his only pieces of clothing for the time being, as clean as possible. His suspendered pants and his worn thin, white shirt that had been his fatherís yet handed to him to wear with the pants during the cold months and for nights to sleep in while his pants were drying from being washed.

Tonight there was no need to wash his pants completely... he'd just get them dirty working at cleaning the side gutters in the streets tomorrow. Though his was young the local sector head had hired him three days a week to clean the street side gutters of build up... so that their drain systems wouldnít clog. Down here that'd mean sickness and death to many if they flooded up because of the drainage systems being blocked. He was one of dozens that would do the easiest yet one of the dirtiest jobs of all. Yet he had managed to get pretty dusty tonight even though he hadn't worked today.

He laughed thinking about the little critters he liked playing with. Sometimes theyíd play like he was one of them. And other times he'd chase them like he would wild beasts and monsters of he were a brave strong SOLDIER. Or other times he'd even sneak around trying to catch them off guard. And imagine he was one of the illusive Turk's.

He dabbed at them with the damp crumpled paper some more till he was happy enough with getting more of the loose dust off. Then took a broken cup from beside the water barrel and dipped it in. True baths were such a luxury that almost no one under the plate could afford... nor had the ability to do so. Water was precious. So the art of keeping oneself clean while not being wasteful with water was a constantly learned and perfected.

Reno took the cup and splashed his face and hair and allowed it to run down his body... rubbing the water over each exposed surface on his skin. Then more slowly took a second cup and slowly rinsed. Usually on nights he wasnít to work we wouldnít have to clean up this drastically. He needed to remember not to let his imagination get away with him, and play so hard next time.

Not that playing was a usual thing. That was normally on days when he wasnít already working... He had many things to help his mother with as well as what little book learning he was taught to work on. Everyone in this small block had their children share and pass around the couple of school books that they had. Not everyone learned reading writing and math. But it was a conundrum in a way... as every child even under the plate knew technology front and back. And know how to use basic transportation.

Reno stood still for a few seconds... closing his eyes and allowing the under plate airflow to dry his body off. He wasnít ashamed of his nakedness. No one in his block would have cared anyway. They were all in such poverty that nothing else even mattered to them aside from basic life, and the simplest and most essential of necessities. Thatís why there was so few children born in this sector. It was one of the hardest to live in.

Reno knew he was unique for having a love of life despite his circumstances. And he had his mother to thank for that. She'd always been a warm glow in the middle of a drab lifestyle.

Deciding it had been long enough for his body to dry enough, and knowing he would be in trouble if he were not sitting on the floor at their makeshift board table before his father came in. It was certainly a rare occurrence for him to be there at all. He was a strict yet quiet and bitter man. Reno didn't really know him, though he was told he was his true paternal parent. He was a stranger to the boy. Reno didnít even know his fatherís name. His mother never spoke of him outside of showing basic respect and telling him in advance where she could, that the man would be joining them for a time.

Reno slipped his pants back on... not even noting how far they came up his leg now. He then slipped the suspenders back up on his shoulders. Reno then walked back around towards the front of their home scuffing a stone in front of him, thinking to himself about his mother now.

He knew her name... and rolled it on his tongue. He thought it was beautiful. He was honored to be named after his mother. She was a beautiful woman, in name, face, and spirit... despite the hardships she'd endured. And he didnít even begin to know all of her life. She never spoke of it. He didnít know who her parents were or where she had come from. He only knew that she was not from this area under the plate originally because of neighbor ladies speaking of it one time when they had first seen his working so early and younger than normal even.

He stepped into the front door of their abode. The day was already coming to a close and the naturally dimmer lighting of the slums caused their home to be dark to begin with but tonight it seemed dimmer than usual. His mother must really be happy, and able to really cook tonight as their one family lamp was out on their make-shift table and lit. And a warm and luxurious smell of stew filled his nose making his stomach, though used to being empty... grumble immediately.

Re'nocia heard her son's stomach before she heard his footsteps. And the thought that the special dinner had touched him so strongly made her happy. Knowing she could provide this dinner tonight so much more filling and complete than normally comforted her. But it was small comfort in comparison to the complete harsh life they were in.

"Well are you going to just keep standing there allowing your stomach to get more angry or are you gonna sit yourself down ya know?" She turned and smiled warmly and comfortingly to her now clean, son.

Re'nocia knew that Reno's father would be entering any second now. It was like a second sense for her to know the time. And she felt the tense presence of him before Reno saw or heard him.

Reno Licked his parched and cracked lips but sat patiently... though the smell that was wafting up from the simple looking pot that was set between them was almost too much to bear. This dingy and dented piece of metal that had kept them alive was now looking utterly heavenly at this moment.

Knowing his motherís body language Reno's entire thought process and saliva glands simply stopped. The small home felt suddenly minuscule compared to the veritable giant and warm cavern that he normally associated with his home. With barely detected body language, Reno knew... that the man who was his father was only seconds away.

They both turned respectfully towards the footsteps that entered the doorway simultaneously. Silently though, Reno's eyes waited for the figure to show some form of recognition or acceptance, though none was apparent.

~~~End Chapter 1~~~


Hi yaíll. This is the first fan fiction I have posted in years. But hopefully it is the first of many, many more to come. "My Road" is quite a whole large encompassing story... I'm hoping. And I have its basic's mapped out as I posted at the top note. And there is a possible 2 sequels and side stories to go in depth on certain situations and characters as well.

I have other story ideas as well so please keep watch for my updates on and adult ff also. Mainly I will write ff7 fan fiction for now, but some other games and animeís and possible crossovers also. But I want to focus on my ff7 story arcs that I finally have settled in mind for now. They have been rolling around up there as random unconnected ideas. Iíve had such writers block for so long it hurt!!! *shivers* and Iíve been enjoying all you other fine writers creations... but have wanted so badly to express myself in written form for a while. Hopefully this break in the block will last for a while!!!

I am more than happy and anxiously awaiting reviews and constructive criticism. I warn you..... Maybe one day someone would like to beta read for me... or proofread... or share ideas with. I SUCK at typing (lots of spelling mistakes because of it) and I stink at punctuation and sentence structure...etc. So please be understanding.

It IS true.... if you donít use it you LOSE it!!!!!

*waves* till next time!

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