A Moment in Time

BY : ChronoDragon
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

STORY: A Moment in Time (Ver. 3)
PAIRING: Cid x Vincent
SUMMARY: A moment in time is all it takes to make love last forever. Valenwind.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own these characters nor do I make money off of this. This only exists to make Valenwind fangirls squeal.

Author’s Note: I know there are SO many of these Cid/Vin fanfics that take place during the course of the game, but I made another one! HAH! Take THAT society!

No but seriously, there’s never enough Cid/Vin *cough*smut*cough* out there… XD
I plan to make this a two part fic. This one will take place with the FFVII storyline, the other taking place with both Advent Children and DoC/post-DoC. Let’s see if I can actually complete them, which I have a tendency to not do… XD

He never knew. He never thought it. He never thought he would be in this situation. If the name “Sephiroth” had never come up, he’d still be sleeping in his coffin, continuing to be haunted by his nightmares. But now, he was wandering Gaia, along with his newly founded… ‘friends’… or something of that sort. From the minute Vincent Valentine locked eyes with those who awoke him from his slumber; the only thing he could think about was what an odd bunch they were. But they gave him an opportunity:

“If I go with you, will I meet Hojo?”

“Dunno… But we’re after him and Sephiroth. So I guess sooner or later…”

That’s the only reason he decided to join them. He’d never thought he’d go on one of the most eventful adventures he’s ever been on. ‘Eventful’ never really came across Vincent as a good thing. Traveling with them was amusing to say the least but also so damn irritating at the same time. First there was the little loud mouth that always seemed to cling to him and follow him around. All he knew that her name was Yuffie and she claimed to be “the best ninja there ever was!” and that’s all he wanted to know of her. He’d shoot her if the rest of group left him alone with her. Cloud and he had nearly the same goals, but something didn’t sit right with Vincent about ‘spikey’, which must have been designated as his nickname, most likely because of his hair. Barrett seemed so worked up on repairing his pride that he reminded Vincent of Hojo after all of his experimentations were going wrong, which of course didn’t make Vincent too happy being reminded of that man. Aerith was alright at times but knew how to get under his skin. Tifa was a sweetheart, and seemed to have learned when it was time to leave the gunman alone. She had learned her lesson after attempting to take his cape to wash it. Cait just bothered him to the point that Vincent never talked with him. Nanaki was the only one it seemed that Vincent could tolerate. The lion was intelligent as he was but kept his thoughts to himself and didn’t poke around in other people’s business.

To Vincent, it was a circus in the making.

Now he found himself on a small continent after traveling across the sea on a plane that could have passed as a hunk of scrap metal. After their little escape escapade from Rocket Town and nearly drowning in the ocean if the plane hadn’t passed as a life raft, the group set up camp and also welcomed the new member into their group.

Cid Highwind, as Vincent learned, was a pilot destined to be the first astronaut and the first person to go into space. At least, it was what he boasted to the others. Sure, Vincent had heard of the space program when he was a Turk, but never believed Shin-ra would keep their interest going into space, and he was right. Now Cid was a mere page in the records of the space program and he complained about it constantly, still trying to envision his dream coming true someday even though there was little hope of it happening. Strangely Vincent could relate Cid’s unfortunate scenario to his own career. Vincent was known for his great skills as a Turk, but because of Hojo, he now was nothing more than a rock in the river of time, his whole existence erased by a single bullet to his chest. Cid and he were one in the same, if it weren’t for the pilot’s foul mouth and ill manners.

“Hey Vincent?”

The gunman blinked at the fire as the voice snapped him back to reality from his thoughts. His gaze wandered up the figure that stood in front of him, locking eyes with green ones that were accompanied with a smile. Aerith held out a small container to him, no doubly a lunch carrier.

“Could you take this to Cid?” She asked. “He didn’t join us for dinner since he wanted to tune up the plane and I don’t want to leave him without a decent meal.”

Vincent hesitated for a brief moment, wondering why Aeirth would ask him of all people to deliver food to the man he barely knew. He let out a small sigh as he stood up, taking the box before walking in the direction of where they left the plane, not regarding any of the group members he passed by. Now he was a stone in the river of time with a colorful bunch of people running errands for them. What was his life coming to?

His cape wisped in the cold wind as he walked, red eyes gazing around on the look-out for signs of monsters while his hand rested on the handle of his gun. He’d admit, it was a habit, but also the bit of pride he still kept from his days in the Turks. It wasn’t too long before a faint glow appeared in the distance, the light reflecting on pieces of metal that stuck out from the water. Soon after he saw a figure he was looking for, moving around the plane, an orange glow of a cigarette also visible. Vincent stopped a few feet from the plane, briefly watching the pilot before placing the lunch carrier down next to Cid’s belongings. He stood there watching Cid bent over in the pilots’ chair, most likely fiddling with the counsel. His eyes narrowed, noticing the blond hair man’s lack of realization that he was there. Vincent decided to speak up.


Even speaking behind his cape and in a low tone, Vincent’s voice was still loud enough for Cid to hear which caused the pilot to spring up from his position, the back of his head slamming into the metal above him. “SON OF A BITCH!!!” Cid groaned, rubbing the back of his head and then snapping this head in the direction of the voice. “WHAT??!!!” The pilot stiffened slightly at the sight of the gunman, expecting he would be last on the list of people that would be standing there.

Vincent, unfazed by Cid’s reaction, said nothing and simply led the pilot’s eyes with his own to the container on the ground next to him.

Cid eyed him curiously and slid down from the pilots’ chair, landing on the ground with a grunt. He grabbed a cloth to wipe his hands with while continuing to eye the gunman. It took him a moment to figure out that Vincent was motioning to his dinner. He wasn’t use to the whole ‘follow my eyes’ thing the gunman often did. “Oh uh… thanks…” The blonde blinked as Vincent turned around and began walking away. Nearly tripping over his stuff, the pilot stomped after him, grabbing the gunman’s arm to stop him. “Hey hey! Where ya goin’?” He looked at Vincent a little dumbfounded.

The gunman stopped, only tilting his head slightly to eye the pilot darkly. “Back to camp.” He jerked his arm from Cid’s grasp, his gaze never leaving the blonde’s.

“Why? Ta sit and stare at the fire or watch the grass grow?” Cid quirked an eyebrow at him. Even though he had only known the gunman for a few hours, he was already able to notice how he would stare at inanimate objects for long periods of time. “Why don’tcha sit and chat with me?” He turned away, grabbing the box to get his dinner.

Crimson eyes softened as he watched the pilot take out his dinner. Even with his menacing glare, dark and creepy exterior, Cid didn’t seem afraid of him at all. Hell the pilot had just grabbed him when everyone else in the group was afraid to get near him the first time they met him. Vincent stood there in a bit of confusion, not realizing the pilot was watching him.

“At least sit your ass down.” He scoffed before stuffing his mouth full of food. Blue eyes followed the gunman as he took a seat on a rock across from him, draping his red cape across his legs in an attempt to keep him warm.

They sat there for awhile as Cid ate. Neither one of them spoke; only listening to the waves coming into shore and metal clanking against metal as Cid stuffed his face. Some scraps of meat, potatoes, corn, and grapes were gone in no time and Cid sat back for a brief moment, the look of content on his face for having a full stomach. He threw the now empty food containers into the lunch carrier and grabbed a cup sitting next to him. He sipped on his tea, only to choke on it slightly. “Damn tea’s cold…” He muttered to himself, dumping the liquid onto the grass which briefly grabbed the gunman’s attention from staring at the ground in front of him. The blonde threw the cup into the lunch carrier as well before looking over at the gunman. His blue eyes examined the raven haired man before him. Although it was hard to judge with the cape, Vincent looked thin… no… slender, almost like a panther with his nearly all black outfit and curving body. His black hair rained down like silk over his face, laying perfectly on his shoulders and back. Porcelain skin that was mostly covered saved for his arm and face seemed to glow in the moonlight and the glow from the lantern. But what caught most of Cid’s attention were Vincent’s eyes. Blood red eyes that glowed and stood out even more with his pale complexion. They were almost piercing, because well… they were scary no doubt, Cid never heard of human’s having such alluring red eyes before, but they were also mysterious, despite the fact that it was the only striking feature that wasn’t covered up by the gunman’s cape. Vincent was beautiful, Cid would admit that. It almost made him want to know the gunman more.


The sudden sharp tone of voice brought Cid back from his trance. He blinked in slight embarrassment, noting that Vincent was shooting him a look that made his heart jump in panic. “Uh…wha-what?”

“Do you often stare at other people?” Vincent narrowed his eyes at the pilot.

“I-uhgn… I was just…” The pilot trailed off, trying to find the right word to not make it that obvious he was studying Vincent. “…spectating.”

“You’re all the same.” Vincent scoffed, standing up and began walking away.

“Hey…! Wait!” Cid sprang up, quickly throwing on his coat and scooping up his belongings before running after the gunman who had achieve a good distance between them in that short of time. When he did finally catch up to the gunman, he ran in front of him, walking backwards to face the gunman. He continued to walk backwards since the gunman gave no hint of stopping. “What are ya talkin’ about?” Cid eyed Vincent, who showed an expression of irritation on his face.

“What makes any of you think staring at me like the monster I am will help you learn more about me?”

“And what makes ya think you’re a monster?” Cid snapped back. “Okay, I admit. I was looking at ya ta see what ya look like, but also ta maybe to get to know ya better! Plus it ain’t my fault for bein’ damn curious! Do ya prefer I annoy ya by askin’ ya a bunch of questions and shit like that damn little ninja girl?”

Vincent frowned, growing increasingly agitated. Most people would leave him alone by this time, but Cid wouldn’t budge and wouldn’t stop talking to him. Vincent didn’t understand it.

“But ya know, how are we suppose ta get ta know ya when ya keep everythin’ to yourself? That don’t make any sense ta me.” Cid explained, which made Vincent stop. Cid stumbled a bit, surprised that the gunman actually halted from his words. For a moment, both of them stood there, watching each other closely. Sky blue eyes never left crimson ones, simply waiting to see if the gunman would break and speak about his inner-most feelings. But the gunman didn’t break, instead he used the opportunity to quickly walk around the pilot and continue to camp, leaving Cid there scowling. He narrowed his eyes as he watched the raven haired man walk off, scratching the back of his head. Damn, what bunch of loonies did I team up with? He stood there a few seconds before following Vincent back to camp.

The camp fire was only a flicker by that time, everyone had retired to there tent besides Nanaki, who had been the designated watchmen for the start of the night. The lion yawned as he watched Cid walk over to the fire, setting his stuff down by other supplies.

The pilot glanced around at the tents before setting his eyes down on Nanaki. “So, which one am I in?”

Nanaki lifted nodded to the tent furthest from the fire. “I believe that one.”

“Thanks. G’night.” Cid smiled at the lion, giving him a wave before walking off to his tent.

“Night Cid.”

Cid tossed off his boots, shoving them close to the tent before unzipping the front and stepping in. He quickly zipped the front back up after getting inside, attempting to keep out the coldness of the night. Thankfully his eyes had gotten use to the dark by then, or seeing in the tent would be murder. He might have ended up feeling up his tent buddy if he wasn’t careful. With a grunt he fell onto his mat, grabbing a blanket and wrapping it around his body. He laid there a bit before noticing he didn’t bother checking who was sleeping in the tent with him. It didn’t matter much to him now, he was too tired to care and soon he drifted off to sleep.


Morning came too quickly. The sun came up at a perfect angle as well, shining right on the party’s tents, which didn’t make the blond too happy. Cid blinked his eyes open, squinting as he squirmed around onto his back. He sat up, rubbing his face. He was use to waking up early, but considering he didn’t sleep much last night, it was hard this morning. Problem was he couldn’t fall asleep and when he did, he’d wake up not to long after. First, he was use to his warm, comfortable bed. Second, his mind kept drifting off to a certain gunman. He had no clue why, but he wanted to know more about him. The gunman seemed like a good guy, just completely pinned up by his past to even notice reality smack-dab right in front of him. Plus his eyes… something made Cid want to wake up seeing those eyes every morning. He paused, dropping his hands into his lap. Why was he having thoughts of that guy living with him? Nah, it wasn’t that. The pilot just like making friends, that’s all. He shrugged off his thoughts and gathered up his jacket and socks, slipping both of them on before heading out his tent. He noted on the way out his tent-mate was already gone. Blue-eyes slammed shut as the bright sun hit them. Slowly his eyes adjusted as he got his boots on and he was soon walking over to the group, who was already having breakfast.

Aerith was the first to notice Cid of course. “Good morning Cid! Sleep well?” The others turned around and offered their greetings as well, except Vincent. The gunman sat there staring at his plate as he ate his eggs. All he did was glance up at the pilot for a brief second before his eyes rested back on his plate.

Cid frowned, assuming the gunman was not a morning person before looking back at Aerith to reply. “Could’ve been better, but I suppose I’ve been through worst.” Aerith handed him his food and he sat down next to Vincent. He didn’t say anything to the gunman, hoping sitting next to him will be all it took to make the gunman be comfortable around him. For that time as he ate, he seemed to have succeeded. Vincent didn’t acknowledge his presence, but didn’t move away or tell him to get away. But before he could finish his breakfast, the gunman was finished, handing his plate and utensils to Aerith before walking away from camp. The pilot watched him wander off until he disappeared from sight.

Tifa attention was also on the gunman until he was gone. “I wonder what Vincent’s up to?”

“Probably had to take a piss.” Cid mumbled as he ate.

Cid’s statement earned a chuckle from Yuffie. “Yeah when we found him I was surprised he didn’t have to take a major piss from sleeping so long!”

“Yuffie! Stop it!” Tifa scolded her.


Cid quirked an eyebrow at the ninja and set his plate down before speaking up. “So, were are we headin’?”

“Dunno.” Cloud began crossing his arms. “Rufus said they were ‘heading the wrong direction’ before he tried taking your plane-“

“Ya mean before YOU took my plane.”

Cloud sighed. “…anyways, we might need to head back towards the gold saucer.”

“Aw c’mon! We have time to explore this continent! You never know if you’ll find materia over those mountains if you never go over there!” Yuffie exclaimed, rather happily.

“What’re you so excited about?” Barret asked.

“Geez. Don’tcha guys have any adventure in you?”

“Look, we got shit ta do!” Barret yelled at the hyper ninja. “We don’t have time for any damn nature walks!”

“Now Barret…” Aerith interrupted. “Maybe we should look around here. I’m up for it!” She smiled at Cloud and the others, which seemed to always make people agree with her.

“Alright. Let’s leave as soon as we can.” Cloud replied

I finally got around to finishing this first chapter of this Cid/Vincent fanfiction. Took me a damn long time for just 7 pages. D:

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