Bad Romance

BY : PrinceLuzaf
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Disclaimer: I do not own FFXI, this is only for entertainment, not profit. I claim only the names of my fictional characters.

Chapter One

The smell of beer and sweat hung in the air of the dimly lit bar. Scampering feet and the scratching of the wooden chairs against the floor could be heard as people of every race and size tried to squeeze in closer to the small stage at the back of the Lion Springs Tavern. A few TaruTaru who had found themselves pushed out of the crowd were standing on each others shoulders to get a glimpse at the dancer on stage.

His lean but sturdy figure complemented his grace, and his flowing silver locks hung shimmering bellow his pointed ears, signature to Elvaan. He danced with the fluidity of water. His steps were graceful and elegant. Every footfall was perfectly placed, Every spin executed flawlessly, every flourish drew cheers and applaud from the fascinated crowd.

A single patron sat at the bar. Adverting his eyes from the scuffling crow, he shook his head in disapproval and motioned for the bar tender to top off his glass. The bar tender, thoroughly enjoying the show, let out a groan of irritation.

“Scar, can’t you be like everyone else and enjoy the show?!”

“What show? A man in tights making a scene on stage? I’ve seen more entertaining shows from the puppetmasters of Aht Urghan. Besides. Why would I subject myself to such humility?” Scar stood from his seat before the bartender had time to object, “I have something to attend to anyway.”

Scar dropped a few gil on the table. As he moved toward the door, his black chain mail jingled lightly against his side. It hugged his form comfortably and securely. He took one last look over his shoulder at the performance behind him. He couldn’t for the life of him understand why someone would put on such a display. Briefly he locked eyes with the fellow Elvaan on stage. He smirked, and with a few quick and indistinctive hand signs the bar fell silent.


Riku finished applying his makeup and placed his tiara gently on his head. It sat snuggly above his perfectly pointed ears. He marveled one more time at his well shaped figure in the mirror in front of him. He made a small, unneeded, adjustment to his tights and smiled to himself.

“They’re all going to be paralyzed with my performance tonight.”

“Lets hope there’s a white mage in the house then.”

A small, blond, Hume scholar appeared in the doorway leading in from the back of the bar. She laughed at her own remark and walked forward to be greeted with a hug from Riku.

“Larxene! You made it! I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show up… Again.”

Riku released his grip and stepped away from the petite scholar. He stood over a foot taller than her, and Larxene had always seemed awkwardly oblivious as to how small she really was.

“Pshh. When have I ever missed a performance from my number one Elvaan!”

“Goddamn it Larx, you’ve never even seen one!” He snapped back, a little hot headed.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m here now, that’s what matters. I’m going to find a seat before they’re all taken!” Larxene motioned goodbye to Riku and disappeared back out the doors into the bars main seating area.

Riku took a few more minutes to check over himself, and after finally deciding he couldn’t look anymore perfect he walked to the curtain leading out to the stage. He took a few deep breaths and motioned to the bard that stood up front. Beautiful harp music filled the room. Everyone’s eyes swept to the stage, waiting for the nights performance to begin. Riku slowly counted to ten and stepped out.

Riku’s movements because fluid and precise as he danced softly, beautifully, to the sound of the harp. He counted his steps to himself, two-three-kick-turn! The crowd grew wide eyed and began moving closer to the stage. Pushing forward to have the best view of the dancer’s performance. Turn-turn-kick-turn! The crowd cheered and applauded with each step. Riku’s eyes looked through the crowd. Everyone loved him, everyone was cheering! Except one. His stomach sank a little as he saw the loan Elvaan at the bar. Turn-turn-kick-turn, turn-turn-kick-turn! He wasn’t even looking! Riku could feel the heat of anger in his face. How could anyone not enjoy his show!? He watched as the man from the bar walked to the door. He looked back, and for a moment they met eyes. One-two-three-kick-turn! Silence.

Riku stopped dancing and looked out over the crowd. No one moved, not a single sound, or breath. Not even a blink. Every eye was glued open, and every limb unmovable, Paralyzed. Fear? Shock? Riku couldn’t describe the emotion that filled him, but it quickly spiraled into anger and hatred. His eyes shot back to the door where the Elvaan no longer stood. He looked around the crowd and found Larxene already working her magic. He jumped from the stage and shot out the door. He was going to find him.

“No one fucking embarrasses me like that!” He ran. Ignoring the fading shouts from Larxene behind him.


Scar watched from outside the Lion Springs Tavern as Riku ran infuriated through the streets of San d’oria. The effect of Tonko kept him invisible in the shadows. Stepping quietly back into the tavern he stealthily approached the aggravated scholar that was painstakingly removing the paralysis from the patrons.

“Meet me in the back,” He whispered softly in her ear.

The scholar jumped mid-cast, interrupting the spell. A groan of frustration escaped the patron she had been working on. She looked around franticly. After a moment of recuperations she nodded and cautiously returned to her work.

Scar slipped through the crud and into the back room. He waited patently for the scholar to finish her work, taking a few moments to rummage through some of the dancer’s belongings on the table. After a short while Larxene appeared in the doorway to the back.

“Larxene, long time no see.”

She smirked, “Maybe not long enough. What do you need this time Scar?”

“Your dancer friend seems to be attracting a lot of attention.”

“I agree, though your stunt earlier didn’t help.”

“I had to get you alone somehow,” The quizzical look on her face let Scar know she wasn’t catching on. “Not all the attention he’s getting is good.”

Realization settled in and a shocked look came across Larxene’s face, “My god, who?”

“I haven’t been privileged with that information, all I know is from whispers within the linkshell,” Scar let out a soft sigh. “I owe you a lot Larxene. I’ll do my best to keep your friend safe.”

“You’d better Scar. You know as well as I do, something like this, my knowledge can only go so far.”

Scar frowned, “I guess I better go introduce myself.”

“Don’t be surprised if you come back without a head,” Larxene laughed, “You haven’t left the best impression.”

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