Inappropriate Behavior

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Inappropriate Behavior

AN: This is an overdue birthday present for a friend. Took me a damn long time to finish, curse college. There's a note at the bottom for when you've read it, so it doesn't spoil the plot or anything. Enjoy.


    When the Shera set down, that was when he noticed something odd, something…strange, during his short stay in the little town of Kalm.

    His morning had been perfectly fine. He arose aboard the ancient ship at 7.32am, just as the last of the amber streaks in the dawning sky faded. A year ago he would have awoken early enough to see the first strokes of color dazzling the horizon. Since his copulation with Cid, mornings had been later due to nightly ‘activities’ they often indulged in, therefore his ritual appreciation of dawn skies became irregular.

    Vincent let his mind wander back to last night. It wasn’t like they had sex every night, they weren’t hormone-influenced teenagers…most times; but Cid displayed his affection with a more physical appreciation, and Vincent accepted more readily than he should have. They were both male, so it was bound to unsettle his sky-gazing hobby.

    Cid had still been asleep, snoring softly on Vincent’s right that morning. Cid never asked why Vincent had been adamant (silently though, as Vincent always was) about lying on the side closest to the door. He guessed – and guessed right – that it was an old Turk habit. If someone snuck aboard (however unlikely) or broke into their house (again, however unlikely) Vincent would be the first target if the intruder entered the bedroom without their knowledge. It was a self sacrifice, but Vincent was careful, always prepared. HE could walk away from any attack. Cid couldn’t. Their bed positions had been established from day one of their living arrangement, and it had been the first and last time it was mentioned. Cid had understood his partner.

    This flashed briefly through Vincent’s mind as he cast his garnet eyes on his lover. He enjoyed watching Cid sleep almost as much as he enjoyed watching the sunrises. It was one of those rare times the pilot looked innocently oblivious. If the captain could ever rightly be described as innocent. Vincent had smiled. Or at least, the corners of his lips twitched in his variation of a smile. He washed and dressed and performed his usual morning routine before he realized something felt…different. Very slightly. In fact, so slightly that he ignored it.

    He managed to catch a few last minute strokes of peach edging the clouds before the sun rose past the horizon and hung warmly in the new day sky. His companion for the scene sat beside him, with a fur of red more brilliant than they had just witnessed. Nanaki bid him a good morning, and Vincent, who shifted subtly to test his pelvic region – bruised from last night – silently agreed; yes, it was a good morning. It had followed a very good night.

    The remaining crew awoke sometime later. Vincent assumed they’d had late nights, or had woken up on the ‘wrong side of the bed’ because some of them frowned hazily. Others, he noticed, eyed him quickly, glancing his way as though he was upsetting their morning balance. He thought nothing of it, but stared them down anyway.

    Avalanche, minus himself and Red, had gathered for breakfast in the kitchen. The pair or sky-gazers joined them at a leisurely pace a few minutes later. Red seated himself at an available space between Yuffie and Cloud, while Vincent stepped around and lowered into the chair Cid had pointed to, next to another empty seat which was obviously Cid’s. The pilot was making, what Vincent could discern, breakfast for the gunman: A drink of coffee and a wedge of flatbread lathered in Ese Butter. When he set it down in front of Vincent, he took his payment for the preparation in the form of a rather involved kiss. This prompted a humored jeer from Yuffie, who was then scolded lightly for her immature behavior by Tifa and Barret.

    Breakfast had been a pleasant affair. It was actually the first time Avalanche had sat down at a single table together. Vincent felt a soft wave of tranquility run through him as he observed his friends talking to each other. He couldn’t remember when it was he last engaged with a group. Way back in his Turk years sometime.

     “Vincent, you look good today,” Tifa said, drawing his attention.

    He stared at her for a second, unsure how to respond. He was unused to comments like those, they tended to throw him. His lack of response prompted her to speak again, but Cid beat her to it.

     “He don’t look no different,” he said bluntly. Perhaps it was because Vincent had never once changed his appearance since climbing out of the coffin that Tifa’s comment warranted a little skepticism.

     “Well…I think he does,” Tifa replied, but seemed undecided on just how Vincent looked different.

    Yuffie gave her opinion as she turned her large eyes on the gunman. “Hmm, yeah, I think he does, too.”

    But they couldn’t determine exactly how. A few minutes later it was forgotten, but Vincent noticed a few glances from both girls throughout the rest of breakfast.

    The Shera was on her way to Kalm from Midgar that morning. Reeve wanted a shipment of supplies delivered for the afternoon and Avalanche was tagging along for the ride. They had mentioned that the opportunity to get out of Edge for a little bit was too good to pass up. Reeve had seemingly assigned this job on the exact day Avalanche had gathered for their get-together. This one had been orchestrated by Nananki, who had been feeling lonely despite his friends at Cosmo Canyon.

    Cid was absent of the group after breakfast as he carried out his routinely Captain duties. Vincent caught glimpses of him here and there, and when the pilot wasn’t too busy he would steal a passing grope before disappearing again with a devious grin.

    The crew, who Vincent had never really conversed with, were suddenly quite talkative to him, even though his usual doom and gloom appearance remained unchanged. (Though, that was in question now, wasn’t it?) He had been quite happily watching the sky roll by when he sensed and heard a presence to his southeast.

     “We see some amazing sights during our jobs,” the crewman said. He was about Vincent’s age… when Vincent had stopped aging. His short, cropped hair made him look younger.

    To his conversation, Vincent said nothing… and then decided to make an effort. After all, they were Cid’s crew. “I imagine you do,” he responded softly. He didn’t miss the slight eagerness his reply had encouraged from the man.

     “It’s a shame we don’t get to witness it with a… special person. It would make a romantic setting, don’t you think?”

    Vincent was silent for a second. “Yes…”

    The man was about to speak again, but as he drew breath a voice shouted over to him.

     “Hey, Johnny, get yer ass back on the monitor.” Cid had entered the deck they were observing the sky from. He strode up to Vincent as Johnny quickly walked away and returned to his station around the corner. Cid stopped by Vincent’s side, glancing out through the glass to see what the interest was out there. “Ship’s running smoothly,” he told Vincent, placing his hands on his hips. “Just a few more systems to check, then I’m free.” This was followed by a suggestive smile.

    Vincent granted it with a responsive smile of his own, humored by Cid’s ever-suggestive mind. Perhaps that earlier hormone comment wasn’t exactly true…

    Unfortunately Cid didn’t find any free time in the remainder of their journey to Kalm. A power circuit ruptured on a lower deck and required Cid’s full attention. It left a section of the work stations without power, and the pilot happened to be the only competent engineer. There was a lot of shouting, mostly from the pilot, and Vincent retreated to the now quiet bridge, where the crew was working silently. He received many looks and smiles as he walked in, and had a strange wonder if Cid had asked his crew to be nice to him.


    Vincent leaned against the helm platform wall, by the steps, and watched the clouds pass by through the huge dome glass. After a second he caught numerous pairs of eyes stealing glances at him. He ignored them and debated leaving when a voice over the speaker system announced they were nearing Kalm. This drew Cid to the bridge a few minutes later. He noticed his partner and gave a grin as he jogged up the steps and took his place at the wheel. Barking various orders to his crew, Cid guided the ship to their landing pad. A few minutes later the ship landed smoothly in Kalm.

    Unloading was carried out swiftly upon arrival, again stealing Cid’s presence away. He liked to oversee everything, and in training the new student pilot, needed to show him what to do. He was thorough in his training.

    Avalanche descended from the Shera to a brilliant sunny day. Strong rays of light beamed down on them of an intensity felt only during summer. Particles in the air hung about, having been swept into the atmosphere by the Shera’s landing. Vincent was among the last of Avalanche to exit the ship. His crimson eyes squinted against the harsh glare. He was much more suited for the shadows than the sun. But apparently someone else didn’t think so.

     “Wow, Vince,” Yuffie looked up at his descent from the ramp; from the protection of the shaded ship. “The sun makes your skin glow.”

    He merely uttered a guttural noise as he stepped down and walked past her, undecided if he should reply to a comment he wasn’t quite sure carried a hint of mocking.

     “Seriously, you look really good,” she gushed, smiling mischievously and… a little genuinely.

    He frowned, a little puzzled at her, but then, Yuffie never was normal, and abnormal comments often slipped from her compulsive lips. The rest of Avalanche waved off her strange comment, or rolled their eyes, but they were all looking at him in a strangely vague way. It made Vincent uncomfortable. He tucked his chin behind his collar and walked past them, hoping to find somewhere cool to sit and wait for their short stay in Kalm to end.

    He found a pleasant little public courtyard amidst a residential area of unique Kalm architecture. The sun bounced off the cream buildings, making the chocolate beams seem darker. Vincent parked himself on a stone bench under a beautiful tree. Dotting the green leaves were stunning, bright yellow blossoms. A gentle breeze drifted by every now and then, taking with it a few loose petals which danced prettily in the air as they rode the current. He sat back against the tree trunk and elegantly crossed one leg over the other, folding his arms as he did. It was automatic by now to cross the gauntlet over the top. I could do with a good book, he thought, lazily watching a large bee hum about the flowers by the right side of the bench.

     The peaceful air of the courtyard was faintly interrupted as a couple wandered in, arm in arm, smiling lovingly at whatever conversation they were having. They both noticed Vincent at the same time as they neared the bench. Vincent realized he was sat in the middle, taking up the majority of seating space. But he didn’t want to be interrupted, so he simply didn’t move.

    The couple, he noticed, were exchanging glances as they approached, throwing Vincent some curious looks.

     “Hey,” the man greeted. He looked about Cloud’s age. “That’s a cool gauntlet.”

    Vincent raised his cold eyes to regard him, noting how they hovered too closely, arm in arm still.

     “Wow, you have red eyes,” the girl exclaimed in awe, unlatching from her boyfriend to sit on Vincent’s left. Much too close. He recoiled and frowned. “They look so pretty.”

     “Is that a triple-barreled gun?” The boyfriend sat down on Vincent’s right. Both were staring intently at him.

    Vincent closed his eyes as his brow twitched. “Yes, and I will use it.”

     “Oooh, promises,” the girl squealed, hands on her cheeks as a coy smile crossed her features.

    Vincent stared blankly, for once his eyes were wide. He was just getting up to leave this strange couple when the girl absently grabbed his left arm as she began talking. He very nearly shot her. Good restraint saved her.

     “Are you from around here?” She questioned, completely obliviously to his discomfort, leaning much too close. Her breasts pressed against his arm and he stared at her again, completely nonplussed. He didn’t fail to notice her attempts to accent her cleavage between her arms.

     “You look part Wutianese,” the man dragged his attention to him as he subtly planted a hand behind Vincent on the bench. The thumb brushed his backside.

    Vincent leaped to his feet, spinning on his axis to face them - he didn’t trust leaving his back open. He glared pointedly, restraining an unbelievably strong urge to blow three holes in their skulls. He backed away cautiously as they rose to their feet and slowly approached him again.

     “You have such long legs,” the girl remarked giddily, hands clasped by her bosom. She, nor her boyfriend, seemed to notice his desire to escape.

     “Yeah,” the man smirked cockily. “I’d look good between them…”

    A loud click followed a swift brush of air. The couple stopped, looking down three shining barrels at the livid but bewildered Vincent. His finger was itching to pull the trigger. “Step any closer and the residents will be picking bits of you from the flowerbeds.”

    The girl’s knees bent in a physical display of excitement. “Oh Gods, your voice is so hot!”

    Vincent grimaced as he continued to back away, thankful his threat had ceased their advance. Either his threat – or his voice. He continued to train his gun on the strange couple as he glanced behind to judge how far to the next street. A corner was within a few meters. He gave them one last look before disappearing from their vision behind the corner, jogging away until he was sure they wouldn’t be able to follow him. He glanced back anyway. What the hell…? Could they have been…. Swingers? If that was the attention he was receiving then maybe he should wait out his stay on the Shera. Vincent began walking again, heading back in the direction of the airport, greatly annoyed his peace had been so rudely interrupted. But… maybe he would find some peace on the ship. He would find Cid on the ship, at least…

    Divulging in a few thoughts, Vincent wasn’t aware he was being watched until the weight of numerous gazes finally alerted him. He glanced up from his red mantel to find the citizens and people around him – presumably enjoying the fine Kalm afternoon – staring. He glanced about. Men, women, couples young and old – they were all looking. Vincent Valentine was not unused to curious attention, but this… this was unnerving.

     “Hey,” a voice drawled behind him. He glanced back to find a young man, probably just a bit younger than him, smiling very distinctively, slowly sidling up to Vincent’s now stationary position. “Haven’t seen you around Kalm before. I can… say… give you the tour.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

    Vincent raised his gauntlet and flexed his talons menacingly, giving the man a good view of their deadly sharp tips. Was Kalm full of maniacs?

     “Whooaa,” the man breathed, sounding just a little intimidated. He danced back a little, but seemed to regain his composure and smirked deviously. “Well, I don’t mind a little bloodplay…”

    Vincent reached for his gun, intending to scare the fool away like the previous couple, but another interruption paused his actions.

     “Hmph, he doesn’t look like a man who swings that way.”

    Vincent turned to watch a young woman approaching, swaying her hips as she bestowed him with a charming yet seductive smile. She tossed a lock of auburn hair over her shoulder.

     “You look much too distinguished to fall for another man,” she breathed, leaning up to him. He remained rooted to his spot, determined not to back down from this odd display. “Hows about we go back to my place and… show ‘em how you like your women…”

     “Like anyone would take a whore,” the man snapped.

     “Ugh, don’t be a sore loser,” she remarked back, not even sparing him a glance as she sneaked her hands around Vincent’s arm. He pulled it back, but she seemed oblivious as her verbal battle with the man continued.

     “Hey, can’t you see you’re scaring the poor man.” A new stranger, older than Vincent, perhaps about Reeve’s age. He had an accomplished, successful-businessman air about him, displayed in his intelligent features and the suit he was wearing. He approached the trio and guided Vincent away with a hand on his back. “Show some dignity.”

    The young man and woman were busy arguing with each other to notice. Vincent let himself be led away to a small, pretty alleyway off the lane where no one could stare at him. The quiet bustling of the street beyond was interrupted only by a few chirping birds.

     “It’s a shame that a man like you should find such unwanted attention on his visit in Kalm,” the man began as he removed his thin-framed glasses and wiped the lenses. He replaced them and let his gaze roam over Vincent’s half-hidden face. “But I must admit, your appearance does merit some attention.”

    Vincent frowned at him.

     “A man like you does not want the affections of inexperienced louts such as those…”

    It came to the gunman’s attention that he was being backed against the wall.

     “A more… refined, mature individual would be more suited to one as exquisite as you.”

    Vincent regained his senses and pushed the man, who was currently bearing down on his face from his slightly higher stature, away from him and stood forward from the wall. He glared at the man in both annoyance and confusion.

     “Oh? Would you prefer a more subtle approach?” The man smiled, pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose.


    The gunman hesitantly took his eyes away from the stranger in front of him to glance down the alleyway behind. Tifa was jogging towards him, and a few seconds later she came to a stop by his side, running a hand through her hair in an attempt to comb it roughly.

     “Phew, sure is warm today,” she breathed, panting quite heavily. Vincent kept his eyes above chest-level with the control of a professional. She happened to be wearing that damned white cropped-top.

     “Excuse me, miss,” the stranger said, his voice strained for politeness. “But we are having a private conversation – ”

    Before Vincent could say anything – or glare – to this, Tifa stood straight and sized him up with an angry frown, hands on her hips.

     “Who are you?” She demanded.

     Leaving the man no time to respond, Vincent said, “No one,” and swiftly turned around, walking towards the direction Tifa had just come from.

     “Hey – wait – ” The strange man began, hand outstretched to catch an arm – but met a rather violent reaction from Tifa. She kicked out and planted a solid foot to his stomach, winding him. He uttered a grunt and fell to his knees, trying to reclaim his breath.

     “No one touches Vincent,” she told him calmly.

    Vincent, who had turned around at the motion of an attack, blinked in utter bewilderment as he dumbly watched Tifa skip up to him – apparently oblivious to her assault – and hook an arm under his right one. She pulled him with her as she walked, smiling happily.

     “I knew I’d find you, Vincent,” she said. “It’s such a beautiful day… I think it deserves something just as beautiful… Like us…”

    For the second time that day he found a rather large pair of breasts pressing for attention on his arm. He slipped from her grasp. “Tifa… I think something’s wrong…” he said as she playfully tried to catch his arm again. Instead, she wrapped both of hers around his chest. His heartbeat quickened slightly.

     “It’s not wrong, it’s right,” she said in a voice that seemed to run straight down his spine. “It’ll all be so right when we’re done…”

     “Done?” He questioned, too busy trying to extract himself from her embrace to fully understand her meaning. He grunted as his back hit the wall, realizing he’d let himself get cornered once again. And still, she was pressing all the more closely to him.

     “It’ll be so amazing, Vincent,” she breathed, her lips parted as she stretched her neck up, eyes fluttering closed. “I want you to make love to me until nightfall…”

    With a rush of air he was no longer against the wall, and instead was stood a good few meters to her left, hands raised in either assurance (for the poor, very confused woman) or defense (for the poor, very confused man).

    Tifa giggled. “I thought I was supposed to play hard to get.”

     “Tifa, there’s something … wrong with you,” Vincent tried, relying on his earlier comment, as at that very moment he was lost for words. His heart was very nearly racing as she began to approach him, swaying her hips very provocatively. Tifa was a very well-endowed woman, and it took a considerable amount of restraint for his eyes not to stray.

     “We can make the sweetest love together,” she said, her voice hot and sultry. She quite suddenly closed the gap between them. “Now, Vincent. In this alley.” A hand grabbed his crotch, making him grunt involuntarily.

    Vincent grabbed her shoulders and pushed her away with the speed and control only he could possess. A second later he was enveloped by his cape, and disappeared in a ghostly bound over the building. He didn’t re-materialize until he was on the rooftop several blocks away. He glanced back, just in case.

     “What the…?” He was completely at a loss. Something very strange was happening to people in Kalm, and from what he’d seen it was affecting everyone but him. First the couple in the courtyard, then the people in the streets, and now Tifa. Was there a pattern? Was something spreading through the town unseen and altering people’s behaviors? If so, it would make sense that he was unaffected. His ‘enhancements’ and the demons sharing his body gave him superior protection from such assaults. But why were they targeting him?

    In his pool of unanswered questions, and his assumption that he would be safe on the rooftops, Vincent was taken by surprise when something grabbed him from behind. He spun around and twisted, trying to throw off his attacker’s hold, but it held on fast. It laughed – amused by his actions – and it was then that he paused.


    The ninja girl giggled and tightened her embrace around his neck, clinging onto his back. “I caught you!”

    Vincent’s mind whirled with the possibility that she, too, could be affected by whatever was happening in Kalm. “Yuffie, get off me.”

     “Do you really want me to?” She asked. It was clear from her tone that she was under the same spell as everyone else. Her voice dripped sensuality.

     “Yes. Get off me now.”

    Yuffie hummed in humored delight, completely ignoring Vincent’s demand. “But I want to touch you, Vincent…” She breathed in his ear, her usually childish behavior replaced with something that made Vincent’s breath stop. “I want to feel you…” She slid her small hands down over his cloaked chest. He was painfully aware of her hip bones pressing into his back, and her slim legs tightening about his waist. He couldn’t move. The tickle of warm breath on the back of his ear had paralyzed him. Those hands slid further, hovering over his belly as they picked subtly at the buckles on his leather. “I want you to feel me, Vinnie…”

    The clink of the buckle pick hitting the metal was like a sharp whistle blast, tearing off the clamps in Vincent’s mind. He regained his motor functions, and with a sharp twist he flung the young woman from his back and rolled, leaving her no footholds to cling to. He leapt to his feet and took to the air, regretfully using his abnormal gravity-defying powers to elevate him away.


     He landed lightly on the higher rooftop several buildings away, but despite the distance he’d put between them he found himself leaping away from another ‘attack’. Yuffie didn’t call herself a ninja for nothing. She was fast. And she saw his evasion as a game.

    He did not.

     “I bet I can catch you,” she sang challengingly as she smiled in amusement.

    Vincent could see words were not going to dissuade her – not that he would have tried anyway. He dodged an attempt of her to grab his arm and swung back as she danced closer. She giggled, enjoying their little tango. She zipped in close and reached for his waist, but he grabbed her wrists with just as surprising speed. She grinned, caught.

     “You win,” she purred, leaning in to press against him. She stretched her neck up, her heavy-lidded eyes on his lips as she began to close the gap between them. He jerked away, releasing her arms. She didn’t seem surprised by his reaction, but instead uttered a mischievously level giggle. “Do you want a prize, Vincent?”

    He had had enough. He couldn’t understand what was going on while he had distractions such as these, but more importantly…

    Cid would kick her ass if he saw this.

    Vincent eyed his adversary, deciding if she was about to advance on him again. He dared not turn his back on her, so he began to step away.

     “I need to go,” he said simply, his voice deep and in no mood to explain further.

     “Go?” She looked puzzled, almost panicked. She edged forward, bringing up her hands again as if to catch him before he moved further away. “Why? I’ve only just found you – I want to stay with you. I’ll come with you!”

     “No,” he said sharply – a little too quickly.

     “But – ” She dived for him, a need in her eyes that startled him.

    Vincent leaped back – jumping weightlessly from the edge of the thatch roof down to the street below, where he landed with a loud clink of his boots and dashed around the corner. He knew Yuffie could easily follow, so he traversed a few lower roofs and high-top alleyways until he was sure he’d lost her. The day was just getting better and better…


    A few minutes later the Shera came into view as he strode around the corner. Never had she looked so inviting.

    And safe.

    He had met yet another crazed stranger trying to get into his pants after he had lost Yuffie, and was quite thoroughly confused and a little edgy. Having taken the rest of the journey at a run, no one had had chance to grab him. Despite his flight, he looked no more flustered than any other day. But there was a certain thundercloud hovering in his atmosphere, with an expression of touch-and-be-shot. He simply wanted this day to end. Curious though he was about what the hell was going on, he wasn’t going to run out and look for it. If it was still in effect tomorrow, then maybe… but right then he just wanted to reach the peaceful confines of the Shera.

    Thankfully, no one was hanging around the ramp way, although, as Vincent left the safety of the building he was admittedly sheltering behind, he noticed that several men were stood a ways to his left, discussing the newest airship that had landed beside the Shera. They didn’t seem to see Vincent so much as they sensed him. All four of them turned and watched as he strode to the ramp. He suddenly wished the airport was not so huge.

     To his annoyance (and somewhat apprehension) the men began to walk to him, eyes on Vincent as they came. He uttered what could have been an irritated growl, too low to hear, and fixed his gaze on the ramp ahead. He would reach it before they were halfway across the distance between them. He hoped they wouldn’t follow him onboard…

    Finally ascending the entrance, Vincent brushed hastily past one of the crewmen standing guard, glad he was there to shoo away some potential pests. However, the man grabbed his arm as he whisked past and was brought to a stop. He looked back at him.

     “Hey, what’s the hurry?” The man asked. He sounded concerned, but when his eyes traveled intentionally up and down Vincent’s body, that concern didn’t sound so genuine as first thought. Vincent wrenched his arm away, thoroughly peeved off that not only were people who had been into Kalm hitting on him, but now it seemed the crew of the Shera were affected, too. The man’s arm wandered back to the gunman’s again. “You look a little flustered there, babe…”

    Vincent glared daggers. He snapped his arm out, throwing off the man’s and striking him with the same movement. The crew member stumbled and hit the wall beside the entrance. No one called Vincent such ridiculous names…

    Except Cid. But only because he didn’t succumb to threats.

    Vincent turned tail and stormed further into the ship, steaming as he moved with a look that promised more damage than a walking lightening bolt holding a gun with no safety. Unfortunately, no one seemed to notice. Or care.

     “Hey, Vincent.” It was Cloud. “Back already?”

    The gunman had entered a spacey corridor, in which the young blond had been walking through. His blue eyes seemed even more vibrant than normal as he glanced at Vincent. The fact that Cloud didn’t seem to acknowledge Vincent’s dangerous mood proved that he, too, was under this spell. Vincent didn’t reduce his speed, nor did he respond.

     “Hey – slow down,” Cloud darted from Vincent’s path, turned, and began to follow him through the many corridors. “What’s wrong, Vince?”

    No. Cloud never called Vincent by that nickname – or indeed any nickname. He needed to lose the blond before something happened they would both regret. It was suddenly decided that Vincent needed to figure out what was happening. It had gotten past the stage of wait-and-hope.

     “You look pretty tense.”

    A pair of hands rose to his shoulders, gaining a single second of contact as they massaged the muscles before Vincent jerked away as quickly as if he’d been burnt. That one second had his shoulders yearning for more, much to his annoyance. He stared at Cloud, wondering what could be so powerful as to affect someone with Mako in their veins. It had happened fairly quickly, whatever it was. Vincent had left the Shera half an hour ago to sit at that bench, and no sooner had he sat down than that couple had interrupted him. From then it had been hell. What could cause such behavior? Something in the water? No, Cloud had been aboard the Shera in that time, as had the crewman. It was unlikely they had consumed fluid from Kalm. Was there something in the air? Was Vincent not affected because of his demons? It seemed possible…

     “You always look so depressed, Vincent,” Cloud drew back his attention, advancing towards him. Vincent backed up only to be stopped by the wall. Damn walls. Cloud’s hands were over him, despite his attempts to thwart them. “I can help you with that,” the younger man smiled. Despite the situation, Vincent had never seen Cloud smile so fully. It took him by surprise.

     “Cloud, something has affected you,” Vincent tried, attempting to pry a hand from his waist, and after succeeding found it curling around his higher back. Vincent felt slightly disadvantaged in his good will not to injure Cloud with his gauntlet. Therefore he was left to fight off the blonde’s seduction attempts with one hand.

    But perhaps pain would put him off.

     “Owch,” Cloud winced slightly as the gauntlet was planted on his chest and pushed him away. Somehow he was still able to hold his ground. Ah, enhanced strength… “Vincent,” Cloud grinned coyly. “I didn’t know you liked a bit of bloodplay. Kinky…”

    Vincent would have rolled his eyes had the situation been suitable for it. But as it were, he was in no mood to display such light hearted expressions. “Cloud, get off me, now.” He growled.

    An expression that seemed all too out of place on Cloud’s young features played across his face. Something predatorily cunning. He suddenly closed the gap, gripping Vincent’s hips as he pressed his own against them. A shock traversed Vincent’s spine. He suddenly found himself paralyzed again. He couldn’t move. The hands on his hips… they were like a clamp on his motor functions. How…?

     “How about I get on you instead,” Cloud said in a tone that did and didn’t suit him. Sultry but devious.

     “Cloud…” Vincent warned, feeling uncharacteristically nervous. “Don’t…” He resisted the urge to swallow as the blond began closing the distance between their faces. “Let me go.”

     “What the FUCK, Cloud?”

    The swordsman was wrenched from Vincent, restrained by none other than Cid. The gunman's body was released from whatever strange paralysis had come over him, and he stepped away from wall, a little alarmed to find his body was flushed and aroused.

     “What the hell were you doing?” Cid berated the offender, jerking Cloud by the clothes he was still gripping.

     “Go away, Cid,” Cloud glared. An expression they had only seen him use against Sephiroth. He shrugged out of Cid’s grip and turned his intense blue eyes on Vincent’s red ones. There was a fire in those eyes that made Vincent pause. “You’re not needed…”

    As expected, Cid didn’t take that – or the second advancement onto his lover – very lightly. His eyes wide beneath a furious frown, the pilot grabbed the back of Cloud’s shirt collar roughly and hauled him to the other side of the corridor, where Cloud stumbled and hit the wall, catching himself before he could fall. When he looked up, the corridor was empty and the door was being shut. A second later the technological beep of a lock met his ears.

    On the other side, Cid stopped glaring at the door and turned his blue eyes on Vincent, who looked at him indecisively. “What the fuck’s that look for?”

    Vincent eyed his partner for a silent second, trying to determine if whatever strange phenomenon occurring throughout the rest of Kalm had affected Cid. His behavior seemed normal, and his reactions were as expected… not warped like the rest of his encounters had been.

     “Why the hell was Cloud all over you?” Cid demanded, grabbing Vincent’s elbow and steering him away from the door. Despite the thick plating in the Shera, conversations could still be heard if one pressed one’s ear to the wall. Who knew that Cloud wasn’t doing that right then?

     Deciding to speak and trust his partner’s unaffected sanity, Vincent allowed himself to be led away. “Something is affecting everyone,” he explained. “For reasons I can’t explain they all seem to be targeting me.” He paused as Cid closed and electronically locked another door. “I don’t know what’s happening, Cid, but I need to find out.”

     “Find out?” Cid repeated. “You think I’m gonna let you go back out there and get molested by Cloud again?”

     “Cid, this is serious – ”

     “And whaddya mean ‘everyone’? Has everyone in Kalm been touching you up?!”

     “Cid, listen – ”

     “Anyway, fuck ‘em.” Cid said dismissively, stealing an arm around Vincent’s waist. His expression flashed into a completely different emotion as he grinned shrewdly. “Got yer all to myself. Ain’t gonna let nobody interrupt…”

     “Cid, wait,” Vincent tried as he turned his face away from Cid’s oncoming lips. They instead went to his neck where they tickled and kissed the delicate skin there. “It's affected you, too.”

     “Yeah you affect me, babe.” Cid grinned smoothly.

    Vincent exhaled conflictingly as he gripped Cid’s biceps, fully intending to throw him off. It was certain that Cid was definitely under the same spell as everyone else, despite his actual behavior almost indistinguishable from normal. Had Vincent approached Cid with a serious dilemma the pilot would not ignore it and delve in for smoochies. He would have taken Vincent seriously. Something he quite obviously wasn’t doing here.

     “Damnit, I hate the thought of someone else putting their grubby paws all over yer,” Cid breathed hotly in his ear as he pressed Vincent against his third wall of the day. He pressed kiss after kiss along the gunman’s pulse, speaking in-between actions. “Gotta reclaim yer…”

    Vincent’s eyelids fluttered, battling to open. But at Cid’s comment he frowned. “What…?” He mumbled sluggishly. He shook his head mentally, surprised and alarmed again by how his body was responding to the stimulus. It was almost like it was shutting down, dimming his chances for retaliation. Sensations felt amplified to a point where he didn’t want Cid to stop. He had felt this when Yuffie had breathed in his ear and when Cloud had pressed to him. That couldn’t be normal…

     “Cid, stop…”

    He didn’t. He didn’t even acknowledge or even hear Vincent’s voice. His hands were massaging some amazing feelings into his buttocks, rotating and squeezing therapeutically, entrancing Vincent’s falling mind. The gunman was suddenly very hot. It wasn’t unlike their normal foreplay sessions, except Cid wasn’t actually deafened by lust and Vincent wasn’t as physically responsive as a teenager on aphrodisiacs.


    Abruptly Cid was wrenched from Vincent, whose body cried out in a frightening sense of loss for the dissipating pleasures. He fought his consciousness to focus on the new distraction, and found Cid glaring at the crewman who had thrown him off.

     “Why don’t you share, man?” The unnamed crew member growled. As Vincent was just thinking, Share? Share what? The man turned his deliberate attention on the gunman and slowly took up position where Cid had previously been. Had Vincent been able to command his body, he would had reached for his gun and introduced the man to three bullets. As it were, he felt weak and sluggish, and grunted quietly as he was pressed back against the wall between the man and the plating.

    Cid, quite obviously, was not going to stand there and accept this. His expression thundered into a livid mask as he stormed to the crewman and hurtled him away aggressively. The man hit the far wall painfully hard and crumpled to the floor, uttering a groan. He slowly climbed back to his feet, but Cid was advancing on him. Vincent watched passively, and then a horrible realization came to his mind: They were fighting for him.

    It seemed lady luck – or indeed any name of fortune – was not going to make an appearance. This was clear when not only Cloud and Tifa stepped into the corridor, but Barret and Red as well from another entrance. Vincent’s heart thudded. He felt in no shape to be able to fight off any advances, and he didn’t particularly want to get molested or worse by his own teammates due to some wild, out-of-control spell that had seemingly befallen them.

    The fight between Cid and the crewman halted as new opponents entered the scene. Cid backed up, dancing slightly on his toes as though gearing up for another round. But he didn’t. “You fuckers ain’t laying one hand on him,” he growled, positioning himself between Vincent and them.

    Vincent had had enough. He glanced to his right and spotted an exit through to another corridor, past the one they had entered through. It seemed Cid had sensed it as well. Before Vincent could make a move for the door, Cid grabbed his hand and pulled him to it, making a break against odds not in his favor. He threw the gunman through the door first and slammed it shut behind his own escape, locking it tight with the Captain’s security codes. Banging vibrated the plating a second later as the others attempted to open the door.

     Still hazy, Vincent found his arm in Cid’s hand as the pilot tugged him along at a jog, meandering through the intersections and corridors without a word. Their footsteps echoed as Cid led their way to an unknown destination. Vincent didn’t care anymore. He didn’t care that everyone was under a sex-crazed spell.

    They twisted around another corridor where Cid stopped at a door in a small dead-end. He keyed in a code and the door swooshed swiftly. They were inside a second later, and when the door shut behind them they were left in semi-darkness, cut off from the light of the corridor.

    Vincent found himself being laid down on a white bed, his neck under attack from the pilot’s soft kisses. His body was man-handled gently in a caring sense of love, but a fierce passion sparkled where those fingers touched. Cid pressed him down with his own weight, careful and tender – a great contrast to his earlier behavior. A breath escaped Vincent’s parted lips as his clothing was slowly removed. His mind was far too distracted to care. Despite knowing somewhere in the back of his sub-consciousness that there was an urgent problem that still needed to be solved, he found no strength to resist his partner. He didn’t want Cid to stop. In fact, even if he wanted him to, Vincent had no power to end this. His body refused to respond in any way. It felt sluggish and light-headed, as though it was purposely shutting down in reaction to Cid’s ministrations.

    Bare skin met bare skin. The pilot’s clothing was on the floor with Vincent’s, merging into the shadows by the dresser. Vincent was shifted fully onto the soft, plump mattress, uttering a quiet noise. Cid’s erection was heavy and swollen against the gunman’s stomach, throbbing in anticipation, hot and hard. Amidst the chaos of feelings and pleasures flowing through him, he could feel the heat from the blond, almost feverish with arousal. Gone were the concerns of the other people; he no longer remembered them. He was lost in a world only he and Cid inhabited.

    They shifted erotically on the bed, fluffing up the feather duvet as they twisted in the fabric. Bodies pressed closely together, they undulated against each other, generating a wonderful sensation. A second later Cid slipped inside him, easily and effortlessly. Vincent groaned softly. He hadn’t even felt Cid prepare him. He felt delirious and wonderfully drugged. His eyes fluttered open occasionally as he squirmed and rocked against Cid’s thrusting. He had no control in their sexual engagement, and had he been in a more sober, right-minded condition he would have been worried. As it were, he wanted nothing more than to feel Cid push deeper into him. He needed to feel that fullness that only the pilot had ever given him, even if it meant all rational thought vanished.

    They lost all sense of time. Their bodies surged on, entangled in each other as they exchanged pleasures, almost automatic in their quest to lose themselves. Minutes merged together in an indiscernible measurement. They shuddered and undulated against each other, speeding into a rough, passionate dance, or grinding slowly and deeply. Many positions, many paces, many gasps and moans... They spent themselves over and over, sliding against one another, inside and out. The air became hot and stuffy, but they were beyond noticing. They were beyond everything but themselves. They couldn’t stop as some unknown force drove them on and on, making love again and again, finding endless stamina in their intoxicated condition. They were slaves to passion and passion alone. Insatiable lust arose and arose, never-ending, pushing them on. They could only obey…


     It was an unknown amount of time later when the first of the lovers roused from the deep, satisfying sleep he had fallen into. He shifted in the cotton bed sheets and duvet as his crimson eyes opened sluggishly to the room he occupied. Vincent blinked away the sleep in his eye, adjusting to the light filtering in through the drawn curtains, and pushed his upper body onto his elbows, dipping in the soft mattress. Beside him lay Cid, still deep asleep, his soft blond hair tousled, and his face half lost in the plush, comfortable pillow. A blue pillow.

    Vincent looked about sharply. Thoughts whirled through his brain in a rush. Memories of Kalm flashed by, all the faces of those who had been acting strangely – Cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, Cid… Sex. Lots of sex… They had fallen into Cid’s cabin aboard the Shera during the hormonal confusion, but that was not where he was now. The current room was unfamiliar.

    Beside him, Cid uttered an irregular breath and stirred as he began to awake. His blue eyes cracked open, fresh and bright as he lifted his head from the pillow and focused them on his partner. He was silent for a second as his mind caught up with him, and Vincent presumed the same reel of thoughts that had greeted him must have now been entertaining the pilot. Blond eyebrows creased in vague puzzlement as he sat up in the fluffy bed, taking in Vincent’s obvious nudity.

     “What the fuck happened…?” Cid said, his voice lacking the volume and power it usually held. His eyes darted to each of Vincent’s, trying to seek some answers in their blood-red depths.

     “I think the more pressing matter is ‘where are we?’” Vincent raised his eyes to their new surroundings.

    It was only then that Cid realized. His frown deepened as he looked about. “What the hell?” He spied their clothing sat neatly on a single chair on the opposite wall, next to a chest of drawers. There was a door on the wall to his left. However, he ignored them for now and settled his attention back onto his lover. “Vince… what happened last night?”

    Vincent watched back, his eyes held no clue. He shook his head faintly and pushed himself up from his elbows onto his hands, but stopped and grunted softly. A hand went to his belly. He glanced at Cid.

     “What’s wr – ” Cid began, but it dawned on him halfway through his sentence. “Oh… Damn, Vince… Did I, uh… fill you up?” He ruffled the back of his hair awkwardly. “Sorry babe… I dunno what came over me. I couldn’t stop myself – I don’t even remember half of what I was doin’…” He reached over and cupped Vincent’s face with one hand and placed the other over Vincent’s stomach in a tender gesture of apology. “Damnit, Vince,” he said quietly. “Are you okay?”

     “Yeah…” Vincent said, feeling a little strange from the heavy warmth in his belly. He remembered almost all of yesterday’s events… up until they had entered Cid’s cabin. The memories had merged together, making it impossible to remember how long they had been… doing it. It was hazy, as though he had been entranced…

     “I’ll get our things,” Cid said as he swung his legs out from the comfortable duvet and climbed out of bed, unabashed at his nakedness. “Then we can find out where the hell we are, and then maybe what the fuck happened…”

    As he stepped away from the bed the door chose that point to open suddenly. Yuffie stepped in, and upon seeing a full frontal stopped dead in her tracks.

     “Eeeeew! Cid!” She shrieked, turning her face away as she held out a palm, as though to ward off the evil image. Cid had already turned tail and jumped back into bed, wrenching the duvet over anything on display. He had reacted more out of surprise than modesty.

     “Fuck, Yuffie,” He growled, relieved at least that their fellow Avalanche friend was about. He used the term ‘friend’ loosely. “Knock next time you walk in on two guys butt naked in bed.”

     “Well you guys’ve been asleep for ages, so I didn’t think you’d be flashing me now!”

     The commotion must have alerted the other members of the team, as a second later Tifa and Barret appeared behind Yuffie, curious to the shriek of shock.

     “You’re finally awake,” Barret said, leaning on the doorframe upon seeing their guests conscious.

     “Ugh! I only came in to open the curtains and window,” Yuffie huffed, as she stormed across the room and did just that. Vincent and Cid recoiled slightly as the sharp light flooded the room. She turned and folded her arms, giving Cid a sour face.

     “Where the hell are we?” Cid demanded. “And where the hell is my ship?”

     “Your ship’s safe.” It was Cloud. He entered the room with Nanaki in tow, joining the others in the spacey guestroom. They both looked relieved to see Cid and Vincent awake. “The WRO took it to headquarters. As for where we all are, we’re at Seventh Heaven.”

    Cid frowned at Vincent before turning his attention back to Avalanche, unbothered by the fact he was still naked in bed. “What? Why the hell did you drag us outta our bed? I was supposed to take the Shera to Gongaga to pick up another shipment.”

     “Cid,” Cloud started, looking a little like the barer of bad news. “You’ve both been asleep for two days.”

    Cid stared. “…Two days?” He glanced at them all, sure they were sharing a joke. But no, they were serious. “What the fuck? How?”

    Yuffie shifted weight from one hip to the other. “Well, we’re pretty sure you exhausted yourselves having sex all that time.”

    Cid was looking more and more puzzled. “All that time? What time? Will someone just tell me straight what the fuck happened?”

    Tifa sighed softly as she and Cloud exchanged glances. “You and Vincent had fallen asleep aboard the Shera after you… um…”

     “Had sex,” Yuffie interrupted. “For seven hours.”

    Tifa nodded. “Which obviously tired you out. You’ve been asleep for two days. We had to move you after you wouldn’t wake up…”

    At this Cid stared at his partner, incredulous. Seven hours … They had been making love for that length of time? It seemed impossible, but as he cast back to the blurred memories, he knew it was likely true. They had been running on some unknown energy that had spurred them on until they had finally collapsed, sweaty, hot and thoroughly sated…

     “Somethin’ came over me in Kalm,” Cid started vaguely, unsure exactly how to put it without being too blunt. He suddenly looked up. “Hey, wait a minute. You guys were actin’ the same.” He pointed a finger accusingly at Cloud. “You were tryin’ to get in Vincent’s pants!”

    Cloud faltered as he attempted to explain. “I wasn’t myself. I didn’t know what I was doing…”

     “You were all trying to seduce me,” Vincent spoke flatly, leveling his gaze at everyone.

     “Yeah, we – uh – all kinda remember it,” Yuffie said, rubbing a hand on the back of her neck, smiling sheepishly. “I can’t believe I said some of those things…”

     “All of you?” Cid demanded, looking at them all. They shifted their gazes elsewhere. “Does anyone have any idea what the fuck happened to us, then?” Cid questioned, folding his arms. He was quite content to sit there in bed, naked, and wait for answers.

     “Yes,” Tifa stepped forward, glad for the change of focus. “Well, a good guess, anyway. We all sorta came to our senses after – we assume – you and Vincent… uh, reached your first…"

     “Climax,” Yuffie finished for her, much less abashed than Tifa by the situation. In fact, she seemed to enjoy the mutual embarrassment radiating from her fellow teammates.

    They all paused awkwardly for a second, and then Cloud continued. “Judging from the fact that we all seemed to target Vincent, it must have had something to do with him… So we did some research into… animal behaviors. We suspected one of, or all of, Vincent’s demons were putting out… pheromones.”

    Cid raised his blond eyebrows. “Pheromones?”

    Tifa sat down gingerly on the edge of the bed by Cid’s feet, resting a hand on the duvet. “It’s more likely that all of your demons were…in the right season, as it were, and that’s why the affect was so strong,” she said, looking at the gunman, who had subconsciously shifted the duvet up to collarbone height.

     “Yeah,” Barret huffed, “so strong that we getting aggressive. I remember tryin’ to knock Cloud out.”

     “Er, correct me if I’m wrong,” Cid started sardonically, “but don’t females of the species send out pheromones? And as far as I know, they only do that to mate and stuff.”

     “Yeah, well, when you and Vinnie got busy, the effect wore off on us,” Yuffie shot back knowingly at him, smirking. “So he obviously got mated. That kinda backs up our theory.”

    Vincent closed his eyes, hoping against hope that somehow a giant monster would emerge from thin air and distract everyone… and possible possess the ability to remove memory fragments… He felt embarrassed – not an emotion he had felt in a long time – and shamed that he had caused such a potentially dangerous situation. He could vaguely hear Cid yelling at Yuffie, but he was rolling the theory over and over in his mind. How everyone had acted that little bit different to him in the morning, and how it had escalated over the time on the Shera and in Kalm…

     “…Dunno know why ya didn’t just escape or kick our asses,” someone was saying. It was Barret. “Ya knew we were actin' weird… Vince? Vincent?”

    The gunman looked up, pulled from his thoughts by his name. Everyone was looking at him, and he wished they weren’t. He felt uncomfortably exposed, even under the weight of the duvet.

     “You couldn’t, could you?” Yuffie asked, in response to Barret’s directed question. “You couldn’t fight us off… I remember – ” at this she caught herself, hesitating a little, but continued anyway. “Um, when I grabbed you in Kalm. You started to resist, but… then you sort of froze.”

     “Ya probably just pushed against him the right way,” Barret mumbled in a low voice. She gave him a sour look. “Hey, it can happen to a man.”

    Vincent closed his eyes again. How. Mortifying.

    Cloud shifted by the door, looking as uncomfortable as Vincent felt. “No, I saw it too…”

    Nanaki looked up from Cloud to Tifa. “Some animal systems employ a natural chemical to… ensure the mating occurs.” He paused, seeming less awkward with the situation than his other team members. “Perhaps Vincent became paralyzed when his body sensed a potential mate.”

     “Hey,” Cid said loudly. “Let’s just remember one thing, okay? Vincent’s not an animal.”

    Nanaki gave an apologetic nod. “Sorry, Vincent. It is the demons we’re talking about.”

    The pilot nodded in response, and sat back against the wooden headboard, giving Red’s suggestion some thought. He glanced at his lover beside him, whose focus was on the bed sheets, obviously very uncomfortable with the current topic. Or with himself. Or with Avalanche in the room with them naked to their skins. Thinking back on Nanaki’s theory, Cid had to agree it certainly had merit. Vincent had attempted to push Cid away initially, but as the pilot had pushed harder he had sort of…given in.

    A nasty though rolled into Cid’s mind that, given Vincent’s condition, the pilot had taken Vincent against his protests… maybe Vincent hadn’t wanted sex, but his body had given him no choice, and Cid’s rampaging, pheromone-induced body had taken advantage. If it was the fault of a biological condition, then they might be wise to find a way of shutting it down. If that was at all possible.

     “Maybe it was their supernatural abilities that made you guys go at it for so long,” Yuffie was saying, though her voice was tuned out behind Cid’s foreground thoughts.

     “It’s more than likely,” Cloud replied.

    Cid lifted his gaze again to his teammates. “Hey, guys. Give us a minute, will yer?”

    They nodded and left the room respectively, closing the door behind them. The bedroom became silent until a small bird twittered as it flew by outside. The curtains fluttered gently in a soft breeze. Cid sat back against the headboard and folded his arms in a seemingly irritated gesture. But Vincent knew better.

     “So you couldn’t stop me, then?” Cid demanded softly. His seemingly cool attitude towards the situation was a protective cover for the guilt that was simmering away. Vincent could read him well.

     “…No,” Vincent answered bluntly. He wasn’t going to lie. “It was as Nanaki guessed. My body simply ceased resisting.”

     “I remember you tellin’ me to stop.”

    Vincent tilted his head to his partner. “Do you remember how enthusiastic that sounded?” He countered softly. He recalled telling Cid to stop because he was concerned for the pilot, not the act that had followed.

    Cid gave a halfhearted smirk to Vincent’s remark. “You know I feel guilty, babe,” he said, changing his tune slightly. “But yer gotta admit…” His smirked blossomed widely as he leaned closer to his lover, sliding his arms around his waist. “It was fuckin’ amazin’…” He pressed his lips against Vincent’s and kissed him several times, pulling him nearer. His guilt was fading because they both knew that, despite being influenced by pheromones, it had only enhanced their otherwise normal urges for each other. They were no strangers to energy-draining sex.

     “Hm,” Vincent chuckled quietly as Cid’s lip marked a path along his cheek bone, nudging his face. He closed his eyes, feeling oddly at peace with the entire ‘ordeal’ that had recently transpired. There was a trapped whirl of conflicting thoughts stirring about beneath his present mood, but Cid’s touches were holding them back.

    They dressed themselves and tidied up their two-day residence to its former appearance before venturing out into the rest of Seventh Heaven. Vincent was checking his bullet count as they passed down a hallway and came to a familiar room. Cid stopped by the desk to check out the various photographs decorating the table. He chuckled at a full group shot, pointing it out to Vincent who had no interest in disturbing someone else’s personal desk. He did, however, glance at the photograph. It had been taken shortly after the Remnants event. He couldn’t help but notice how well that blue shirt of Cid’s had displayed his six-pack. Of course, it was nothing to the sight of him naked…

    The phone began to ring, piercing the air and making Cid turn to it sharply. He glanced at his partner and shrugged, ignoring the ringing as he made his way down the flight of stair to the bar. Tifa was already on her way up from her seat at one of the large circular tables, around which everyone else was sat.

     “Hey, help yourselves to a drink,” she smiled as they parted to allow her up the stairs to the phone.

     The bar was obviously closed to the public due to early hours, therefore the only patrons were the Avalanche group.

     “Hey, you guys,” Yuffie called, waved unnecessarily, but enthusiastically anyway. They came to a stop by the table. “Did you have your talk?”

    Cid folded his arms nonchalantly. “Yeah.” He spied some cheesy chips in a bowl on the table and reached past Cloud and Barret to nab one.

     “So have we,” Cloud said softly, raising his large blue eyes to the standing men. “We thought that it would be a good idea if… we know when this might happen again.”

     “Do we know that this will happen again?” Cid turned his question from the table to the gunman.

    Vincent stared back blankly.

    Cid turned back. “No,” he answered for him.

    Nanaki shifted on the floor, looking up at Vincent. “Did you feel anything that indicated a change that day?”

     Letting his eyes drift from Nanaki’s good one, Vincent thought back to what felt like yesterday. He had noticed everyone looking at him strangely…no, before that; in the morning while Cid had still been asleep. He had felt something, but it was so slight he’d ignored it.

    Cid took his arm in hand. “What?”

    Giving him a glance, Vincent turned his gaze on Nanaki and replied, “I did feel something…”

     “Would you be able to recognize it again?” The fiery hound asked. His tail flickered as he watched Vincent inquisitively.

    For a moment the gunman was silent, and then he gave the slightest nod. “Yes.”

    The table seemed to breathe out as one, as though they had been awaiting the answer with a drawn breath. At least, it seemed, they could endure Vincent’s company without fearing they would suddenly turn on one another… or start seducing him. He could see and feel the relief in their faces as they began talking to each other, smiling like they hadn’t been doing a minute ago.

    Vincent turned and left the table without a word, disappearing upstairs just as Tifa was making her way back down them. She smiled at him but he avoided her gaze and she instead turned a frown to the table when she drew near.

     “What’s wrong with Vincent?” She asked.

    Cid stared after him. “I bet I know.” He followed the gunman from the bar and up the stairs where it was quieter. The pilot looked around for his partner, and saw the open door in the next room. Thin white curtains fluttered from the breeze drifting in. Cid stepped out into the balcony, watching Vincent’s back as the man surveyed the streets below.

     “Hey,” he said, slapping him lightly on the arm as he stood by him, overlooking the scenery. “Stop mopin’,” he ordered, pulling out a cigarette from his pants pocket and striking a match. Vincent said nothing. “I know you,” Cid began, lighting his stick and taking a short puff. “Yer probably disgusted with yerself, thinkin’ how you shouldn’t be around populated areas now that this new shit’s happened.” Silence. Cid cast a sidelong glance at him. “Well… tough shit. You go where I go.”

    At this Vincent glanced at him, his expression passive as always. He blinked as he studied Cid’s face before turning his red eyes back to the streets. There had been a flicker of amusement amidst the self-resentment.


    His tone requested Vincent’s attention, so the gunman looked back at his partner, waiting.

     “I can’t pretend to know how this new discovery makes yer feel,” Cid started, “but I do know you. You can handle anything, Vince. This won’t be a problem for yer if it happens again.” He paused and let his blue eyes roam over Vincent’s face, studying the man’s passive mask. His cigarette sat between two fingers on the hand leaning on the balcony railing. “It ain’t something you can change.” He paused, wondering if perhaps it was, but Vincent wouldn’t like the method involved. It would involve medical procedures. “Only thing to do is accept it.”

    Vincent stared at his eyes, debating what response to vocalize. Cid was keener than he let on, especially when it came to Vincent. The gunman let his gaze drift over to the street again, his eyes pensive. He knew Cid was right. This new problem was now a part of him and he couldn’t do anything about it. It did seem pointless to brood over it, but his burdens just seemed to be that much bigger, now. Before, his fears had been centered on his demons breaking free somehow. Now, it was on his demons’ mating habits. It seemed ridiculous. He didn’t want any more problems, he had enough already. But again, he had no choice.

     The sharp flick of Cid’s wrist as he threw away his cigarette snapped his thought train and he blinked as he watched Cid’s movements from the corner of his eye. A second later the man spoke again.

     “Look at it this way,” Cid said with a spark of humor in his gaze. “At least yer demons waited until yer had someone to share this problem with.” He smirked.

    A little of his internal pain disappeared at the sight of that smirk and those eyes. Vincent’s lips twitched into the slightest smile. Yes, it was fortunate this episode occurred during his relationship with Cid. Had it happened, say, during Avalanche’s journeying, he would have found himself in a very difficult situation, and a potentially life-threatening one at that.

    Vincent shifted his eyes to find his lover’s. Cid’s were watching him back with a twinkle in their depths. His humor seemed to unwind the gunman, to fizz away the aching troubles, and in the silence that followed, a mutual agreement to close the gap between them was made. Their lips met in a series of slow, soft kisses, and everything seemed to melt away. Cid’s hands wandered their way around his hips, a touch that brushed his clothing and tinkled his skin. It encouraged his own hands to slide around Cid’s chest, feeling the man’s muscles beneath his thin shirt, feeling them flex as Cid’s arm shifted around him. Vincent pushed forward for one last kiss before recoiling slightly to speak.

     “I think my demons led me back to you,” he said in a quiet voice, as though unwilling to disturb the silence too much.

    Cid cocked his head inquisitively. “What do you mean?”

     “In Kalm. When the people began… approaching me, I felt a subconscious drive to head back to the Shera.” Vincent paused. “I thought it would be safer there… but I think the demons led me back there. To you…” His red eyes blinked lethargically. “I was much more … affected by you.”

     Cid let a pleased smirk pass as he wrapped his arms around Vincent in an embrace, enjoying the implication in Vincent’s words. “So yer saying… They wanted yer to mate with me, and me only…” It wasn’t a question. Vincent gave him a look that made him smile. Cid nodded his head. “That’s a little more reassuring, don’t yer think?”

    Vincent watched his face. “Just a little.”



AN: I'd read a few variations on how Vincent was affected by his demons' sexual urges, so I thought, hey, it'd be interesting to write one where he affects everyone else :D It was really fun to do. I always thought it would be a funny story, but the way I'd written it was less humorous and more... I dunno, drama-ish? Whatever the weather, it was fun 8-) Thanks for reading.

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