Paternal Affairs

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Squall brushed chestnut brown bangs out of his eyes, wondering if he should get his hair cut. Longish in the front, short in the back, it had a tendency to get his his eyes. But then, while he didn't particularly care about what his hair looked like, his barber had been cutting it like this since he was a kid. He was used to it, he guessed. Squall wondered why he was spending so much time thinking about his haircut when he remembered. . . he sent a quick glare towards the short blond sitting next to him.

If it wasn't for this guy chattering a mile a minute, their professor would actually be able to lecture, and Squall would be able to pay attention to class instead of contemplating trivial things. Squall thought this was supposed to be a pretty smart college, too. But this blond guy wouldn't stop asking questions with answers that, at this stage in his life, he should already know.

It was two minutes past the end of the class. The professor must have realized this, because he cut off the blond's questioning and dismissed them for the day. Said blond turned to him, huge grin on his face.

"Good class, huh?" he asked, slamming his books shut and shoving them in his backpack. "You must be really smart, you weren't taking any notes at all, as far as I could tell. We should get a study group together, you know, once it's time for midterms or something. At any rate, I've got a part-time job to get to, sorry for not being able to talk more, but I've gotta go. See you Wednesday!"

Squall blinked, almost dazed by the speed and volume that had come out of the little blond's mouth. He watched a the boy ran out into the hallway, where he was stopped by another blond. A really hot blond, Squall thought, leaning forward a little to get a better look. Tall and decently built, with short blond hair and green eyes. Definitely the hottest guy he'd seen since he started at college this year. Hmm. He watched as the two boys chatted for just a few moments. Then the short one ran off, and the hot one disappeared into a nearby classroom.

Once Wednesday came around, Squall wasn't displeased when the short one took a seat next to him.

"Man," the boy started, even before he sat down, "I was so sure I was gonna be late, I can't believe I got here a minute early. Oh, yeah, I forgot to get your name yesterday, mine's Zell. Zell Dincht. Nice to meet you."

A hand was thrust in his face, and Squall looked at it as if idiocy was catching. Reluctantly, he grabbed the hand with his. "Squall Leonhart."

"Cool, we should exchange numbers in case we need to get notes from each other."

"Hey, Zell," Squall said, before Zell could start up on another topic, "you were talking to a friend in the hall yesterday after class. Who was he?"

"A friend?" Zell blinked a few times at the question, before he seemed to realize something and scrunch his nose up in distaste. "Oh, you mean Seifer. We're not really friends, we just went to high school together. He's an asshole. . . well, to be honest, he's mellowed a little bit with age, I guess. I mean, we can actually get along these days, which would have been impossible back then. Still an ass, though."

"Can you introduce him to me?" Squall asked, ignoring Zell's expression of disbelief.

"Well. . . fine, but, don't complain when I tell you 'I told you so'."

Squall shrugged. He was confident that he could handle Seifer. "Whatever."

* * *

Laguna was careful not to make too much noise as he let himself into the apartment. Still, the key jiggled in the lock and the door creaked more than he would have liked. He hoped that he wouldn't wake Squall. It was two am, and he was already on thin ice with his son.

And no wonder, given their history together. Laguna didn't even know that Raine was pregnant until word reached him that she had died in childbirth. They hadn't been on the best of terms. Their honeymoon period had been all too brief after the consummation of their marriage, and Laguna had no idea that their one night together had produced a life.

At any rate, when he heard the news he was in a run-down clinic in Armenia treating patients with drug-resistant tuberculosis. He had been shocked by the news that he had a son. He had been shocked by the news that Raine was dead. Whatever went wrong between them, he had truly loved her. But mourning took a back seat to what he was doing. It was too important, too necessary. Diagnose, treat, research. When people were dying every day, his problems seemed trivial.

So Squall had been sent to live with relatives. Sixteen years went by before Laguna even came back to the country, before they even met. After that, Squall had decided to remain with his aunt and uncle. Communication between them consisted of a few awkward phone calls a year, mostly on their birthdays, and maybe on Christmas if Laguna remembered. But then when Squall had gotten into the same university that Laguna worked at, it made sense for him to move in with his father. So he had. And Laguna had no idea how to bond with his silent, taciturn son. Of course, he knew that this was his fault. He was the one who had abandoned Squall, all those years ago. It was a decision he regretted, but a decision that he couldn't do anything to change.

Laguna stumbled over something in the hallway, then caught himself on the wall before he could regain his balance. He knew he shouldn't have had those last few drinks with his assistant. . . he always had been a lightweight. As it was he was feeling somewhat fuzzy and uncoordinated. Definitely more than a little bit buzzed.

He made his way to his son's room, just wanting to check to see if Squall was even there at all. He used a very hands off approach with Squall; he felt he had no right to do otherwise. So Squall often came and left without saying a word to him, and might spend nights away from the apartment. Laguna was sure that he wasn't doing anything bad with his time away. By all accounts, Squall was studious and intelligent, even if his attitude could be a little off-putting.

Laguna came to a stop in front of Squall's door. He reached for the door knob. . . and froze. He didn't know why he hadn't realized it before, but there were noises coming from Squall's room. Laguna flushed. Noises that he could only attribute to one thing. Moans and grunts, and the definite sounds of flesh joining together. Laguna jerked his hand away as though it had been burnt. Embarrassment drove him back out to the kitchen, where he set about making a pot of coffee, more out of nervousness than desire. He just needed something to do.

He was still flushing, he was sure. The voices coming from Squall's room had both been male. Like father, like son, Laguna thought bitterly. At least Squall knew, had realized it in time to prevent someone else being hurt by it. But he shook that line of thinking out of his head. So Squall had a man over. Laguna could deal with that like an adult. That's what a father would do, right?


Laguna's head snapped up at the noise. The first thing he saw was a broad chest, a thin layer of hair scattered across defined pectorals. He felt his breath go dry. He zoomed his vision out. A tall, blond man half-smirked, half-smiled down at Laguna as he leaned against the door frame. His short hair was a little mussed, from activities that Laguna could only imagine. He was wearing only a loose pair of pajama pants, pants that dipped low across his hips, revealing just a trace of golden pubic hair.

"Squall told me his dad was out of town."

"Coffee?" Laguna managed to get out. Before the man even answered he was getting up and pulling mugs out of the cupboard. He was all too happy for the chance to avert his eyes, to keep himself occupied doing something. He heard the man's footsteps coming closer, and then the scraping of a chair against the floor as it was pulled out. "I left the conference early."

"You know, Squall didn't tell me much about you. What was the conference for?"

"It was to discuss affordable medicine, especially in India." The coffee was only halfway done. It was light brown, but Laguna poured it out anyway. In his own ears he sounded like an idiot, bumbling through sentences that he hoped made sense. "There are a lot of complaints about how they handle intellectual property. They wanted the advice of some people in the medical field, from a humanitarian perspective, so they asked me to speak. Other than that, the conference went over my head. . . more of a legal thing, really."

"And what exactly is your perspective?" There was a tone to the man's voice that wasn't just teasing. It might have been actual curiosity.

"That India's lax handling of ip means more affordable medicine for people who need it." Laguna carried the mugs to the table and placed them down, trying to keep from looking at Seifer. Trying to keep from thinking that this man had just been. . . doing things to his son. He watched as long fingers wrapped around a coffee mug, then sat down and took a sip of his own mug. "Are you interested in that sort of thing?"

"Not really. But I study government and politics, so intellectual property regulation is tangentially related, insofar as it relates to trade practices."

"I see," Laguna said, having no idea what that last sentence was supposed to mean. He took a few sips of his coffee, despite the fact that it burnt his tongue. The man's mug, however, sat untouched on the table, despite the man's grip on its handle. Laguna placed his mug on the table, fingers tapping against its side. He wasn't sure what to say, couldn't trust himself to look at this man without blushing. Silence hung think and heavy between them. It was just like having breakfast with Squall, except with added sexual connotations.

"I'm Seifer Almasy, by the way."

Laguna was startled by his own forgetful rudeness. He looked up, into bright green eyes set into perfectly chiseled features, and a gaze that seemed to burn into him. "I'm sorry, I should have introduced myself. I'm Laguna Loire."

That half-smirk seemed like it might have been Seifer's default expression. It looked good on him. No wonder Squall was interested in this guy.

"Are you Squall's boyfriend?" Laguna asked. He wasn't even sure why he asked. Part of it was curiosity towards his son's life, a life he feared he might never be a significant part of. But part of it was something else.

"Yeah," Seifer replied. He seemed to be watching Laguna's expression very carefully for his response, or maybe it was something else. "Two months now."

Laguna nodded. He had no idea that Squall was in a relationship. But then, there was no reason why Squall should tell him. "How did you two meet?"

"A mutual friend introduced us. There was something mysterious about Squall that I liked. He seemed like a cocky jerk with a stick up his ass. But the thing was, it was a really cute ass. So I spent a lot of time and energy going after him. I didn't know until after we started going out that he had been interested in me since the get go, was just playing hard to get."

Laguna wished he could chuckle and say something like 'sounds like Squall,' but it's not like he would know. And even if he did, he wasn't sure he would be able to even speak. Seifer was watching him much too intently, and it made him nervous. The fact that Seifer was half naked also did not help matters any.

"He's a little. . . quiet, though." Seifer was frowning, just a tiny bit, though the expression did nothing to mitigate his handsome features.

That Laguna did know enough about to comment on. He forced himself to laugh a little bit, embarrassed when it came out sounding like a solitary guffaw. "Yes, he's more reserved than his loud-mouth father, thankfully."

Seifer's eyes seemed to flash in the darkness. "It seems like he doesn't take after you that much. Outside of the looks department, of course. Although, as good looking as Squall is, he doesn't really compare to you."

Laguna flushed and brushed a non-existent strand of hair behind his ear. He quickly stood up and grabbed both their mugs, ignoring the fact that neither of them were finished. "I should clean up and go to sleep. I'm kind of drunk right now."

As he reached for Seifer's cup, a firm hand wrapped itself around his wrist. There was a clatter as the mug in his hand fell onto the floor and he was pulled forward, hips digging harshly into the edge of the table. At some point Seifer had stood up, and they were almost pressed together now, less than a few inches separating them. Laguna tried to back away, but the table dug in even deeper, and he couldn't tug himself out of Seifer's grip from this position. His heart raced as he realized he could feel Seifer's breath against his cheek.

"Squall will wake up." He wondered why that was the first thing he thought to say. He could feel himself getting hard, and hated himself for it. There was so much wrong with this situation, but it had been so long since he had had an intimate moment with a man. And there was just something primal and seductive about the younger man in front of him.

"Squall's out like a log after sex. We won't wake him unless you get too loud."

Laguna didn't know what he was feeling himself flush over, the recognition that Seifer had just fucked his son, or the implication that he was planning to fuck Laguna as well. Laguna tried to wriggle away, but Seifer only pushed himself closer in response. He could feel Seifer's erection press against his thigh, hard and thick through the thin cotton of his pajamas.

"You seem like a screamer," Seifer whispered into his ear, "unlike Squall. He's quiet as a mouse. How else are you two different, I wonder?"


Seifer took advantage of Laguna's open mouth, pressing their lips together and forcing his tongue inside. Laguna tried to push him away, but his arms felt so weak. He tried to move his head back, but Seifer's mouth followed, and then a hand came to wrap around the back of his head and keep him in place.

Laguna gasped into Seifer's mouth as a large hand cupped him through his pants. Seifer stroked his cock through the khaki fabric, and he felt himself getting stiffer and stiffer. Finally the constriction of his pants became uncomfortable. He heard more than felt his zipper being pulled down, the unclinking of the metal teeth disproportionately loud in the still space of the kitchen. He felt his cock being pulled out into the air conditioned room, only to have Seifer's hot hand wrap tight around it.

Seifer removed himself from Laguna's mouth, and Laguna threw his head back in pleasure. It had been so long since someone had touched him like this, and his alcohol-addled could only concentrate on the fact that Seifer was jerking him off. Seifer's mouth came to rest at the base of his neck, and Seifer sucked at the flesh there, eliciting a moan from Laguna. Seifer licked and sucked his way up Laguna's neck, then ran in tongue over the inner ridges of Laguna's ear.

Laguna shivered at the contact, at the hot breath that lingered there. His cock was released, and then he felt fingers against his hole, pressing gently but insistently.

"Wait," Laguna said, the word sounding feeble even to his ears. He pushed away, again, but the motion had absolutely no effect. In fact, they seemed to be pressed even closer together afterward. The fingers pressed halfway up his hole, and he moaned at the penetration. His body subconsciously arched into the touch, his legs spreading just a little bit wider. His pants, pulled halfway down his thighs, seemed all of a sudden like a hindrance.

"You've got an amazing hole," Seifer murmured, in between nibbling on Laguna's earlobe, "it's practically sucking my fingers in."

Laguna grabbed onto Seifer's shoulders, shivering as the younger man finger fucked his hole. It had been a long time since someone had done this to him, and he had forgotten how good it felt. Laguna had always loved the feeling of having someone else inside him, whether the appendage in question was a finger, tongue, or cock. It made him feel so full, so content. He wished Seifer could keep fingering him together.

But then those fingers were leaving him, and Laguna mewled with disappointment. Seifer stepped away a little bit, pulling Laguna's pants all the way off. At this point, Laguna was too far gone to care about the ramifications of this act. He felt too empty, and wanted something inside him again. He licked his lips as he noticed the large bulge in Seifer's pants. He could barely see the outline of the other man's cock, long and thick and curved upwards.

"Do you want to see it?" Seifer teased, his fingertips dipping just so into the waistband of his pants. It didn't take long for Laguna to nod his reply. Seifer pulled his pants down, letting his cock spring into the air. Laguna felt his own cock twitch at the sight of it. Seifer's dick was big. Somewhat longer than average, but much thicker. It rose proudly out of a nest of golden hair and curved upwards and towards the left. The head of it was large and bulbous, a deep red color staining it. Laguna watched as Seifer stroked himself a few times, and a drop of pre-cum oozed out of the slit of his cock. "You can suck it, if you want."

Laguna didn't need another invitation. He got down on his knees, grabbing his own cock as he sucked the head of Seifer's dick into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the cockhead like it was an ice cream cone, before dipping into the slit to taste Seifer's juices. Delicious. Laguna sucked harder, hoping to get more out. But then Seifer's hands grabbed onto his hair, and started pushing the rest of his dick down his throat.

Laguna relaxed his throat, letting Seifer use his mouth as the other man wished. He had enough experience that this didn't bother him; deep-throating was nothing. Soon his mouth and throat was crammed with thick, juicy cock, and his nose was pushed into pubic curls. He breathed in deeply, enjoying the strong, musky scent, and sucked as hard as he could on the dick in his mouth. He could almost cum just by sucking on Seifer's cock.

"How does it feel, to have a young stud's big dick punching your cheeks out?" Seifer chuckled, a little, knowing Laguna couldn't answer him. "Squall likes sucking cock too."

Laguna blushed at the mention of his son, remembering that just twenty minutes ago Seifer's dick had been inside Squall's hole. But then Seifer was moving, fucking Laguna's mouth with his cock. Laguna adjusted to the almost violent movements easily. As Seifer fucked his mouth he reached around to his backside and slipped his fingers into his own ass, enjoying the feeling of being penetrated in both ends.

"Open up," Seifer said, jerking his cock out of Laguna's mouth, a line of spit still connecting them, "I'll give you a treat."

Laguna opened his mouth, torn between wanting to taste Seifer's semen and wanted to get that big cock up his hole. He didn't have much time to think about it, though, because Seifer was cumming. Thick, white semen spurted out the tip of his cock, landing all over Laguna's mouth and face.

Laguna caught as much on his tongue as he could. He was amazed at the volume and thickness of the cream that came out, especially given that this was most definitely not Seifer's first go around today. Laguna swirled the cream around in his mouth, savoring that distinctly male taste, before swallowing. Once he swallowed, he leaned forward to take Seifer's cock back into his mouth, determined to suck up any remaining drops. He tugged at his own cock, which had been hard enough for long enough that it was starting to chafe and hurt. Amazingly enough, Seifer showed no signs of going limp in his mouth.

Seifer pulled his cock out of Laguna's mouth, than pulled Laguna to his feet.

"Is there anywhere else you want this?" Seifer asked, tugging on his big cock. His voice was heavy with promise, and Laguna shivered.

"How. . ."

Seifer chuckled. "This monster can go all night, as long as there's a tight hole around that needs to get stuffed. Now bend over."

Laguna did so, turning to bend over the table. He spread his legs wide and braced himself on his forearms, nervous and eager at the same time. It had been a long time since he had a cock up his ass, and never one as big as Seifer's. He placed his cheek on the table, then reached back to pull his ass cheeks apart, allowing easier access. Seifer stepped closer to him, and he could feel that heavy cock come to rest in the cleft of his ass.

"Now," Seifer said, "I don't think I heard you before. Is there anywhere else you want this?"

He jerked his cock up so that it landed with a loud slap on Laguna's ass. Laguna flushed and shuddered.

"In my hole," Laguna said, "please, put it up my ass."

"Such a slut," Seifer said, moving so that the head of his cock was lined up with Laguna's hole. He pressed forward. "Mmm. . . I'm halfway in already."

Laguna moaned at the intrusion. It felt so good, being speared like this. He pushed backwards, wanting to get more of Seifer's dick up his hole. Seifer took his time sliding in the rest of the way, so much that it was almost excruciating. But with every centimeter Laguna felt his hole stretch more than it ever had before, felt Seifer reaching places inside him that no one had ever managed to before. Finally Seifer was in to the hilt, large balls pressing against Laguna's ass. Laguna let out a contented sigh as Seifer's body draped over his, chest to back, and Seifer's tongue lapped at the back of his neck.

"How does my dick feel inside you?" Seifer asked, sounding not a little bit smug.

"Amazing," Laguna replied. "I swear I can feel you in my stomach."

Seifer chuckled at that. He started to move his hips in small circles, delighting in the small moans it produced from Laguna's mouth. "I bet you've never been fucked by a dick this big. You love it, don't you? Having my monster up your ass."

"Yes," Laguna agreed, moaning. He just wanted Seifer to fuck him already. He wanted to feel that ridiculous thing moving in and out of his hole, pulverizing his guts. "I love your cock up my hole. I love feeling it move inside me. Please, fuck me already."

"Yeah. I'm going to pound you into the table. By the time I'm finished your hole's going to be a gaping mess." With that Seifer moved his hands to Laguna's hips, then pulled out and shoved back in in one fast, violent movement.

Laguna moaned at the sudden movement, then moaned some more as it quickly happened again. Seifer wasn't restraining at all. He was seriously pounding Laguna's ass, so hard that Laguna's feet would lift up the floor with each thrust. The kitchen table was creaking something fierce. Seifer's hand slapped over Laguna's mouth, and Laguna realized that he had been screaming in ecstasy.

"Knew you were a screamer," Seifer commented, before picking up his pace.

Laguna had to bite down on Seifer's hand to keep from making a noise. He had never been fucked so thoroughly before, never felt a cock give his hole such a good working over. He could feel his balls tighten and then explode. He came, harder than he ever had, jet after jet of semen. Through the fuzzy haze of his orgasm he wondered where it was all coming from; it seemed never ending. Finally, after what seemed like several minutes, his cock twitched one last time, and he felt himself black out.

Laguna woke up in his bed. It was morning. He looked over at his alarm clock, then turned it off before it went off. Time to get to work. He sat up, and an intense soreness shot up through his ass. He was naked from the waist down, and there were copious amounts of crusted semen caked around his hole and down his thighs. A wave of shame and nausea rushed through him as visions of last night filled his head.

Laguna cradled his head in his hands. He had slept with a man half his age. He had slept with his son's boyfriend. How much worse of a person could he be? Sick of himself, he went to take a shower and get dressed. He wanted to leave before Squall and Seifer woke up, not sure how he should face them. As he made his way past Squall's room he could hear panting and grunting coming from inside, and he wondered how Seifer could be so insatiable. He hurried past and left the apartment. It was best, he thought, to pretend that this had never happened.

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