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STORY: Passion
PAIRING: [Reno/Vincent], [Cid/Vincent]
SUMMARY: One night Vincent runs into an old rival, Reno, during a vacation at Costa del Sol with Cid and Shera. A night of hanging-out turns into Reno prying into Vincent’s current life and ‘affairs’. It doesn’t take long before they can’t stand being away from each other.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Final Fantasy VII or any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


It’s hot. Too hot. Vincent wandered around Costa del Sol while the sunlight beat down on his body. Even with his cape gone as well as his gauntlet, this city was still too warm for his liking. His black clothes weren’t helping much either, absorbing the heat from the sunlight and keeping it there against his body. He could have easily stayed in the hotel room the whole day, but Cid insisted that he get out during the day, not only to get fresh air but also so let Cid and Shera have ‘their time’ together. This was technically their vacation, not Vincent’s, he only tagged along because Cid wanted him along. Whether it was because of the extra sex or to get Vincent in a place he would have no comfort in, he didn’t know. Then again, Vincent was having trouble fitting back in with the rest of society. Perhaps that is the reason why Cid brought him along on their trips. Vincent doubted it. “If I hadn’t slept with him that one night and thereafter I wouldn’t be in this mess.” He muttered as he took a seat on a bench in front of the beach, thankfully in the shade. This mess, he referred to was his affair with the pilot. He hated to say that Cid was the driving force behind him getting in bed with him but, he had a hand in it as well. There was something about the pilot that Vincent found himself enamored with. Maybe it was his blond hair or tanned, muscled skin, or his cheeky grin. Maybe, it was just about the sex. Ever since Chaos left his body, every touch, every sensation was overwhelming. He almost felt desperate for it everyday. Whatever it was, Vincent was now stuck in this game of cat and mouse. It was only a matter of time before Shera found out about their love affair.

Vincent sighed, closing his eyes and leaned back against the back of the bench, running a sweaty hand through his hair. “What should I do?”

“Hay Hey! If it isn’t Vincent Valentine!”

Truthfully the gunman didn’t recognize the voice at first, though its playful tone reminded him of a certain ninja girl. Thankfully this voice belonged to a male. He opened one eye while maintaining his position on the bench, unintentionally striking a pose for whoever it was. Vincent scoffed silently by who he saw. The red-headed Turk stood before him, wearing flower-patterned swim trunks and his trademark grin on his face. Vincent found it amusing that Cid and Reno had almost identical smiles. “Reno?” The red-headed Turk gave him a thumbs-up and a cheeky smile before eyeing him from where he was standing.

“Ya know, if you want to catch the ladies with that pose you might want to change into something more revealing to show off that beautiful porcelain skin you have.” Reno smirked.

Vincent scoffed and stood up, facing the Turk. “What do you want?” He snapped at him.

“Ouch, cold!” Reno chuckled, teasing the man. “Careful to not step into the sun or you might melt!”

His expression remained unchanged as he stared at the giggling Turk, not intimated or amused whatsoever. “Obviously you don’t need me for anything, so I’ll be going.” He said, walking off towards the city.

“Hey wait a minute! I was just kidding!” Reno yelled as he ran after the gunman. It only took a few seconds before he was at the gunman’s side. “Hey look, sorry alright? Geez, don’t take things so seriously.”

“Then what do you want?” Vincent asked, a little less harshly this time.

“I just saw you sitting over there and thought I’d say ‘hi’! Besides, I’m kind of curious why a man like you who hasn’t seen the sun in over 30 some years is in a place like this.” Reno exclaimed, grabbing Vincent’s left arm in the process as if to examine it. It didn’t take long before the gunman yanked it from his grasp.

“I’m here with friends.”

“Oh you mean Cid and his wife?”

Vincent stopped in his tracks, the name reminding him of the very sin he was committing with that man. “How do you know?” Vincent eyed Reno.

“Well I saw the two of them at a café a few hours ago, so I just put two and two together. Hmmm… but if you’re here with them, why aren’t you hanging out with them?” Reno pondered to himself.

Vincent looked toward the ground, avoiding eye contact with the Turk, though it made it more obvious how Vincent felt. Since Chaos left his body, it had become harder to hide his emotions. He figured Chaos withheld his emotions from him, now that he was gone, all these bottled up emotions would suddenly come out of no where, in which one day he ended up crying into Cid’s shoulder for two hours. Now with this whole situation with Cid and him, it was even harder to control how he felt around others.

“Yo… hey?” Reno spoke up, grabbing the attention of the gunman by waving a hand in front of his face.

Vincent jumped back slightly when a hand flew in front of his face. He looked up at Reno who had a bit of a worried look to his face. Vincent shook his head, rubbing his hand on his temple. “Sorry…”

“Feelin’ okay? How about I take ya to a bar and get you something to drink huh?” Reno smiled and grabbed Vincent’s arm to pull him along. “This heat might be getting to you.”

Vincent frowned. “Yeah…” That’s only part of it.

About 5 minutes later both men were seated at a bar and Reno ordered a drink for himself and water for Vincent. While Reno chatted with the bartender, Vincent sat in his seat, staring at the bottles and glasses in front of him. Beyond that there was a mirror, which Vincent found himself glancing at every so often. He rarely looked at himself in a mirror nowadays. It wasn’t that he was scared of what he now looked like, which technically wasn’t much different than his Turk years, but whenever he stared into a reflection of himself he felt like he was looking deep within himself, which he hated to do and hated when others did it. Cid claimed he liked staring into his beautiful red eyes because they were pretty, everyone made that claim. Still, he disliked it.

“Admiring yourself?”

Reno’s voice snapped Vincent back to reality. He glanced at the Turk, eyeing him before he noticed his glass of water was already there.

“Don’t worry, I do it all the time too.” Reno chuckled, taking a sip of his drink. “Because who could resist this gorgeous face?” He said cupping his face with his hands and turning his head and giving Vincent a goofy smile.

“Hmph.” Vincent tried to hide his chuckle under a gruff, but it didn’t work to well. “I don’t like looking at myself.”

“You don’t? Hell if I had a face like yours I’d carry a mirror with me 24-7.” Reno took another sip of his drink before setting it down and leaning towards Vincent. “How could you not like the way you look? You have the most unusual but sexy eyes I have ever seen and you have hair most women would kill for so don’t tell me you don’t like lookin’ at yourself because you think you’re a monster.”

Vincent head snapped in Reno’s direction, for once not in anger but surprise. He opened his mouth to say something but Reno cut him off.

“Yeah I know that about you. You always complained that you were a monster but honestly, every time I saw you and even when you turned into one of your limits I never thought of you being a monster. Yeah you have those weird beasties inside of you but on the outside, I’m sure most would consider you the hottest man alive, aside from me of course.”

Vincent looked away, staring down at his glass. “I only thought that way when Chaos awakened.” He paused, feeling any tension he had left from being with the Turk begin to dissipate. “Now he’s gone and the other demons have fell silent, most of the time I don’t even think their inside me anymore.”

Reno watched the gunman attentively, interested by the fact that he was actually telling something about himself. “Huh… So you can hear them?”

“Chaos would talk to me, the others would just make noise, but I could understand what they were saying.”

“That would annoy the hell out of me. It would feel like I have someone looking over my shoulder every minute of my life. Then again Elena and Tseng do that often enough to me.”

“Heh…” Vincent chuckled, this time he couldn’t hide it. He could only hide his small smile behind his hand.

“Holy crap I made you laugh!” Reno exclaimed, a bit excited. He made Vincent Valentine laugh! “What did I say that amused you?”

“It’s nothing. It just reminded me of my years as a Turk.” Vincent drank the rest of his water, setting back on the bar. “When I first joined my superiors were always everywhere I went, watching me from afar, making sure I knew what I was doing.” The bartender came up and took Vincent’s glass to refill it but Vincent stopped him. “Red wine please.”

Reno moaned playfully. “Mmmm… exotic taste. What else do you like?”

“Only this.” Vincent replied, taking the glass as soon as the bartender set it down on the bar and drinking a rather large portion of it. He set his glass back on the bar, taking a breath after his large gulp of liquor. “I needed this…”

Reno smiled, taking his new refill and taking a few sips. “Well I’m glad I could be of some help relieving some stress and possibly boredom.” He was about to take another drink but paused. “Wait, are you having some problems?” Reno asked, eyeing the gunman curiously.

Vincent sat silently for a brief moment, not making eye contact with the Turk. It would be nice to get some of it off his chest, but he couldn’t tell anyone, especially Reno who sometimes had a rather large mouth and would probably share it with the world. “No.” He simply replied.

The red-head quirked an eyebrow at the gunman. “You hesitated there.” Reno said, aware of Vincent’s obvious lie.

He could have burst out in tears right then, his emotions bottling up inside of him again. Hiding his sin was just making it worse. His heart ached. He loved Cid, loved being with him but Vincent knew deep inside of him that what he was doing was wrong. Vincent grabbed his drink and in one motion jugged down the whole glass before placing it roughly against the table. “I’msleepingwithCidwhilehe’smarriedtoShera…” He mumbled.

Reno blinked, unable to catch the whole thing with the gunman’s mumbling and 50 mile-in-hour talking. “What?”

“I… am sleeping… with Cid… while he’s married… to Shera.” Vincent repeated, more slowly and in an agitated tone.

“Oh I love clandestine love affairs~! Shoot.” Reno grinned, moving his face closer to Vincent’s, waiting for the gunman to dish-out his secrets.

“I’m not saying anything more. I’ve already said too much.” Vincent muttered.

“You just said that there’s a little ‘kindling’ between you and Cid. And now you’ve made me interested. So tell me.”


“C’mon~” Reno swooned. “Did Shera steal your man from you? Or is it for the sex, hmm?” He watched Vincent, who just slumped down slightly, bowing his head so that it nearly rested on the bar. Reno smirked when the gunman didn’t respond. “You want him all for yourself don’t you so you can get what you want huh?”

Vincent lifted his head back up briefly, his focus still in front of him instead of Reno. “I don’t know what it’s for anymore.” Tears swelled up in his eyes and he tucked his head in his arms. “I… is it for love?”

“Hey…” Reno hesitated to comfort the gunman, not knowing how he would react. He slowly brought up a hand and placed it on Vincent’s shoulder, being as gentle as possible. “Sorry… I didn’t know it was like that.” He apologized. Vincent didn’t move, only wrapping his arms around his head tighter. Reno never expected this, from Vincent especially. He had learned of the Ex-Turk’s calm and unemotional demeanor from his time working for Shinra, and he never thought he would see that same Ex-Turk breaking down in front of him. Both of them sat there for a while, neither one of them saying anything. Finally Reno spoke up again after a few moments. “If it would make you feel any better, you can come over to my place to take your mind off of it. I know you probably don’t want to make a scene here.”

Vincent lifted his head from the counter and looked at Reno, some evidence of tears still in his eyes.

15 minutes later he found himself walking inside of Reno’s condo. Surprisingly, it didn’t look as bad as he thought it would be.

“Sorry about the mess, but make yourself at home.” Reno said, throwing his stuff next to his couch. “Do you need anything to drink or eat?”

“I’m alright.” Vincent answered quietly, setting himself down on the couch.

“Well… I’m gonna take a quick shower if you don’t mind. You’re welcome to watch some TV.” Reno smiled weakly at the gunman before heading through the hallway to his room. Damn that guy is hard to predict… Reno thought to himself. First the guy was on the verge of blowing his head off for even talking to him and then he’s completely gloomy. Once in his room he slipped off his swim trunks and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. He let the water rain down on him briefly before washing his hair and body. He rather not leave his guest waiting since he wasn’t sure if the gunman might take off or steal from him. Stealing didn’t really fit the gunman, so he doubted that, but he didn’t want him to leave and Vincent was a pro at leaving quietly and mysteriously. The red head was quickly out of the shower and drying himself off. He threw on some clothes that were lying on the counter before stepping out of the bathroom and heading down the hall towards the living room, expecting the gunman to be gone.

Now that’s a big fucking shocker… To Reno’s surprise, Vincent was still there, sitting on the sofa in silence and twiddling his thumbs. The gunman must have heard him approach however, and turned to face the Turk. “Hmmm…thought you would have left.” Reno muttered, walking past Vincent and into the kitchen area, opening the refrigerator and taking out a beer.

“And why would I do that?” The gunman simply asked.

“Well…” Reno began, setting himself on the couch next to Vincent and opening his drink. “You just seemed like the type that wanders away when he pleases.” At this point he was amazed that Vincent hadn’t threatened him or shot him for being explicitly honest, but he decided to chug a large portion of his beer down in case it was his last moments on Gaia.

“You were nice enough to invite me over here…so the least I can do is appreciate your hospitality.” Vincent smiled slightly, watching the Turk gulp down the rest of his beer in one swift motion. “Is there something wrong with that?”

“Ah no no!” Reno swiftly set down his empty beer bottle on the coffee table before twisting to face the gunman. “Its just…I-” He didn’t understand why he was so nervous talking to Vincent; nervous and giddy at the same time. He didn’t know whether or not Vincent was enjoying his time or just wanted to get out of there. In his search for words he noticed the gunman smiling at him. At least he thought it was a smile. It had to be the first time since he met the Ex-Turk that he’s seen him smile and it wasn’t a smirk, it was a gentle, soft smile, something he would never had expected a smile to be on that man’s face. The next thing he knew he was studying the gunman’s lips, the curvature, the softness, and its pale pink color which Reno swore it to be lip gloss but couldn’t bring himself to believe Vincent would wear makeup, so it HAD to be natural. Dear god… He couldn’t think, all of his mind functions were examining the beautiful lips in front of him and that lack of thought made him do something incredibly drastic. He reached his hands up to cup the gunman’s face and pulled it toward his, locking onto those hot lips with his own.

Vincent’s eyes went wide and his body went tense as his lips made contact with the Turk’s. A familiar feeling flowed through his body that he was not ready for: the feeling of ‘want’. It was a feeling he had when he was desperate for Cid’s touch or when they were just beginning their foreplay. But why was he feeling it now? Was it because he desired sex or did he really want Reno? He didn’t know. All he knew was that he was receiving a familiar sensation and wanted it. He closed his eyes and melted into the kiss, warmth surging through his body.

Reno proceeded with kissing the gunman, since he got no form of resistance from him. His tongue teased at Vincent’s closed lips, which eventually did open to let him go through. It explored every part of the gunman’s mouth, savoring his sweet taste. Vincent tasted wonderfully and was obviously enjoying his own taste since his moans vibrated through both of their mouths. Reno could feel Vincent fight for dominance or at least was trying to get more of him. He leaned back and the gunman followed, their lips still locked in a heated battle. The aroma of passion was beginning to fill the room as heat surrounded their bodies. Reno wanted to pinch himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, but his hands were too busy touching the pale man’s face.

Does this mean I’m betraying Cid? It was the thought of the pilot that made Vincent came to his senses. He jerked away, their locked lips coming apart rather forcefully. The raven-haired man paused, staring into the confused eyes of the other man beneath him. He swallowed and quickly scurried off the Turk. “I’m…I’m sorry.” He began. “I shouldn’t have.” The gunman was quickly to his feet and headed to the front door.

Reno’s mind took a few moments to also comprehend what was going on. He shot up from his spot, watching the gunman open the door. “Wait…What?! Where you goin’?!” He shouted after the gunman who was already out the door.

Vincent ran away from the building as soon as the door was closed. He just ran, his hand covering his mouth in both shock and to protect the lingering feeling of the kiss. Several minutes of running he stopped mid-way into town and let his weary body smack against a wall. He stood there, millions of thoughts running through his head at the same time. What was he thinking?! He was in a committed relationship with Cid and there he was making out with another man. Vincent paused. Could he even consider there was a relationship between Cid and he? Sure the gunman loved the man and he was pretty sure Cid loved him too. At least he wanted to think that. And what about Reno? Was he just a little tipsy when he kissed him or did the red head just want to get into his pants too? The gunman clutched either side of his head and shook his head, attempting to get all the scrambled thoughts in his head organized. He stopped after a few moments and stared at the ground in front of him. What…what should I do…?


After thinking for what felt like ages, Vincent eventually wandered back to the condo he shared with Cid and Shera. He unlocked the door and stepped inside, assuming it was going to be empty and quiet. Instead as he closed the door and took a few more steps into the living area, he could hear muffled thuds against the wall in the upstairs bedroom. I guess I’m not going to be able to shower… He thought and headed into the kitchen, grabbing a cup and filling it with water. The gunman walked over to the sofa and plopped down, letting out a long sigh before taking a sip of water. He tried to relax his brain from thinking so hard earlier, but the banging and squeaking background noise kept interrupting his peaceful state. The image of Cid on top of Shera and pounding into her entered his mind. He quickly tried to get rid of that image, but it entered his mind so rapidly it was already stuck there. It was basically a memory of a time Vincent walked into them having sex. He honestly didn’t hear them and it didn’t help it was right on the kitchen table during the daytime. Now it seemed now after that incident they purposely made a lot of noise during intercourse as if to warn him. Vincent groaned, feeling his stress level rising. He swore he was going to develop a problem with his blood pressure because of all of this.

It wasn’t long before the gunman heard a familiar shout of ecstasy from upstairs. Now he just had to give them about 15 minutes to giggle at each other, get dressed, maybe fondle each other more, and then get out of the room. Vincent sighed and lounged on the sofa, closing his eyes. To his surprise he heard footsteps coming down the stairs a few minutes later and opening an eye he saw a familiar pilot come into view.

“Heya Vince!” Cid said cheerfully, waving a hand at the gunman. “Didn’t think you’d be back already.”

“…” Vincent didn’t know how to respond to that statement. Mainly it was because he wasn’t sure what direction Cid was going with it. Did Cid want him back already or did he want the gunman gone?

Cid walked over to the couch, resting his arms on the back of it, leaning over to eye the gunman. “So what’d ya do all day?”

“Walked around town…like usual.” Vincent answered, sitting up again from his position, twisting around at the waist to look at the pilot.

“Geez Vince…ya gotta do somethin’ else that’s a little more exciting.”

“So tell me Highwind, what’s your idea of excitement when your only form of excitement is sex?!” Vincent’s voice peaked sharply at the end of his sentence. He didn’t mean for the upward inflection, but without the demon inside of him, it was harder to hide his emotions while he talked. Vincent jerked back, slightly surprised at his own outburst and the look on Cid’s face. He prayed that Shera didn’t hear him.

The pilot blinked in confusion. “What the hell is that suppose ta mean?” He asked, his eyes narrowing at the gunman.

“I-I’m sorry…I didn’t…” Vincent twisted around again, facing away from Cid. “I think the heat is getting to me.” He felt a little silly using that excuse again, but it was the only one he had.

“Well umm…drink! Get some fluid inside ya!” He huffed, heading into the kitchen area. “Don’t need ya to die on me from heat exhaustion.”

The drink Cid referred to was usually alcoholic, at least for the gunman it was. Whether it was purposely to get the gunman drunk so that he would accept anything Cid wanted to do or if it was just to make Vincent chill out, he didn’t know. Cid handed him a mixed drink, sat down next to him with his own drink and turned on the television. Shera came down the stairs not to long after in a fuzzy robe, giving Vincent a gentle smile.

“So how are you today Vincent?” Shera asked, quickly heading into the kitchen to get herself something to drink.

“I’m alright.” Vincent muttered. He looked down at his drink he held in his hands, not daring to look at the woman as she walked past from the kitchen.

She smiled at the two men and paused at the base of the stairs. “Well I’ll leave you two boys to hang out. Meanwhile I’ll take a shower.” She waved to them and headed up the stairs.

Cid waved back to his wife, his attention immediately returning to the television in front of him. He waited, listening to the footsteps upstairs head into the room and then into the bathroom, then distinct sound of the door closing soon after. The pilot didn’t hesitate to swing his right arm around the gunman’s shoulders and pull him close.

Vincent reacted naturally, resting his head on the pilot’s shoulder and scooting over as the man pulled him closer. He’d admit, he was a bit of a sucker for when people wanted to snuggle with him. The warmth and softness of snuggling were things that he wanted to experience for the longest time and every time that opportunity arose, he took it. He sought comfort in it, although this time he couldn’t. The memory of Reno and the kiss entered his thoughts again. He swallowed.

The blonde-haired pilot glanced at the gunman, whose gaze had not left his lap the entire time. He frowned. Vincent was acting pretty odd today and Cid didn’t believe Vincent’s excuse that it was the heat. The pilot brought his face down closer to the gunman to the point they were nearly touching. “So what did you really do today?” He whispered into Vincent’s ear.

Vincent hesitated a brief moment, attempting to dispose of the memory of the kiss to concentrate. “I told you. I walked around town.”

“Sure ‘bout that?”

“I’m positive.”

Cid grabbed the gunman’s chin and pulled it up roughly, making Vincent make eye contact with him. They did briefly before the pilot brought the gunman in for a hard kiss. Both men melted into the kiss, Cid’s hands feeling their way down the raven-haired man’s slender frame while Vincent wrapped his arms around him after setting his drink down. The kiss was followed by touching and feeling. Subtle gasps and moans were soon audible as both men started to turn up the heat. It was a quickie. That’s all they had time for really. If Shera was still around somewhere in the house but busy, it was a quickie. If she was gone for groceries, clothes, or other things, they took their time. But it was a short, sweet moment for now. Shera had plans of going out by herself with a few people she had met in a few days, so Cid had planned a little ‘date night’ for Vincent and himself.

Usually things like intimacy or intercourse never bothered Vincent anymore. Today was much different. The entire time his mind kept lingering to the red-haired Turk, wanting him to be there in Cid’s spot. No…he didn’t know what he wanted. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted the sex right now. But the sensation was too great, he ended up getting lost in the movement and the excitement and soon went over the edge, moaning Cid’s name. He laid there out of breath with Cid above him who was also out of breath. They took there moments to regain composure before cleaning themselves up, re-zipping and re-buttoning clothes. Once finished, both men just sat there, attentively watching whatever the television was tuned to.

By that time Shera was done and out of the shower. She came down the stairs and saw the same scene of two guys watching shows. She probably would have never questioned anything unless she heard something, which she had a habit of tuning things out while she did something. Both Cid and Vincent were thankful of that.

Seeing Shera back down, Vincent left his spot next to Cid on the couch and headed upstairs, leaving the other two lovebirds to cuddle if they wished to. He walked into the bedroom and shut the door behind him, dropping his weight down on the bed that Cid and Shera had probably soiled earlier.

What had he gotten himself into?

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