Chaos in Costa del Sol

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It was a beautiful sunny day, again, at Costa del Sol and Cid Highwind was stretching on a fold out chair like a lazy contented cat. He groan when he felt his muscles stretch pleasantly. He was only wearing a pair of dark blue swim trunks. He was laid out in the sun and his skin was quickly turning a handsome shade of golden brown. He had always tanned quickly and easily. He glanced over at his lover who was hold up beneath a beach umbrella. “What’s wrong Vince you seem irritated relax enjoy the sun.” He said lighting up a cigarette. He blew out a puff of smoke and laid his head back closing his eyes.

Vincent was well reserved in a more casual form of the clothes he wore under his cloak. His cloak, for once, was no where to be seen. In fact, his headband and claw where in the hotel room as well, on orders from Cid. The top buttons were undone, and the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, as well his pants were rolled up to his knees. He looked at Cid, able to tan with so much ease he was almost jealous.
“Of course, Cid, enjoy the sun that burns me as easily as it tans you,” he sighed and let his head tilt back. He did relax into the heat of the day, soaking it up without having the full brunt of the sun on him.

Cid smirked and stood finishing his cigarette and snuffing it out in an ashtray he had balanced on the arm of the chair. “Come on Vince stop exaggerating and have some fun.” He ignored the warning look Vincent gave him and picked him up and slung him of a shoulder. “Now how about we go swimming.” He smirked and gave Vincent a pop on the ass when he started struggling and carried him to the water. He walked until he was waist deep in the ocean and said, “Hold you breath now.” He warned and dropped him unceremoniously into the water.

Vincent almost yelled out as he hit the cool water. The smack he created against the water made the air rush out of his lungs. Thankfully, the area was shallow, and he quickly shot up out of the water, sputtering and taking a couple deep breaths. His hair hung in his face, dripping great drops of water. He grabbed Cid and flung him headlong into the gently rolling waves. With a frustrated sigh he looked down at his now soaked through clothes.

Cid didn’t come up for air instead he walked on his hands under the water up to where Vincent was standing. He smirked underwater and crouched for a minute before shooting up out of the water wrapping his arms right under Vincent’s butt and taking him up out of the water with him. He smirked “I’ve got you. Now what are you gonna do about it?” Cid smiled and took a moment to admire how his lover looked with his wet hair in his face. “Your beautiful when your wet.”

Vincent used the fact that his head was over Cid’s to throw their weight off and fling them both into the water again. He got up again and pulled off his sodden shirt, so it wouldn’t weigh him down.

Cid stood suddenly gasping for air and fling his short hair out of his face. “Alright, I give up you win.” He walked up to Vincent and placed his hands on his shoulder. He smirked and leaned his face in close to Vincent’s “ I did still get you outta that shirt though. Come on and sit with me I need a smoke.” Cid went back to his folding chair and sat down toweling off his hands and face before lighting up a cigarette and inhaling deeply.

Vincent followed, pulling the dripping shirt back on around his shoulders. He didn’t want the others on the beach see some of his scars. The worst one, though not as bad as it had been, was a wide incision scar that had been made a long time ago. He came to sit with Cid for a moment, but still under the umbrella.

A young scantly clad woman bearing a tray of drinks approached Cid. “Would you care for a drink, sir?”

Cid gave her a smirk and leaned back giving her an obvious once over. She was tall and all legs and curves with dark tanned skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. “I would love a drink little lady. Make it two,” He gave her a lecherous wink that made her giggle and blush. After giving him his drinks she caressed his face and wandered off. “Sun, surf, and eye candy what more could a guy ask for.” Cid said mostly to himself as leaned back and enjoyed his drink handing one to Vincent. “Loosen up babe it’s a good day today.”

Vincent was silent during the whole thing, ignoring the fact that Cid was blatantly flirting. He tended to do that, so usually he ignored it. But there was a soft growl somewhere inside. That stirring he got sometimes when something got to the primal part of him. Chaos stirred and forced a growl from Vincent’s throat after the girl was gone. He shook his head and looked away, sighing softly. He finger combed his hair as it finally began drying.

Cid leaned over and kissed Vincent on the cheek. “I here you growling over here; don’t be jealous.” He smiled and leaned back again. “So, what do I have to do to get you in the sun?” He gave him his most charming grin and hoped he got an answer.

“A lot more than you would willing attempt,” Vincent said softly, “It’s not jealously, Cid.”

Cid’s grin fell and he downed the rest of his drink. A different young woman approached him. “Come play volleyball with us.” She tugged his arm.

“What do you say Vince come play volleyball.” the woman ran off and he hauled Vincent to feet. “It’ll be fun.” He glanced over and grinned noting that he and Vincent would be the only men playing. “Scantly clad women.. Gotta love ‘em.” He smirked and leaned in to kiss Vincent.

Vincent let him kiss him, then went to stand. Not to go play volleyball, but he started in the direction of the hotel. He really didn’t want the wet squishing feeling he had anymore, not to mention the sand clinging to his wet body, too.

Cid groaned and called out, “Fine, Princess, I’ll see ya at the hotel room!” and went to go play volleyball.

Vincent didn’t look back, that inner whisper growling again. He hated being called Princess, but Cid did that and there wasn’t much he could do about it. His shirt slipped off his shoulders as he walked, and he sighed, given in to the fact that he was going to sunburn and Cid didn’t much give a damn. No, Cid was going to play volleyball…. With girls that he liked the look of, with supple breasts…

A growl emerged from his throat, more animalistic and angrier than before. Thankfully he was already in the hotel room. He took a shower and pulled on a robe so his sunburn, which he could already see welling up on his skin, could breath and the cloth of his shirt wouldn’t irritate it.

After a while of playing he went up to the hotel room feeling a bit guilty this was supposed to be their vacation and he needed to spend more time with Vincent. He walked in the room and stood behind Vincent wrapping his arms around him and nuzzled his hair. “Come on Babe there’s a nice little restaurant by the beach and I’m hungry.” He knew he was in trouble for flirting and then losing his temper so he kissed Vincent’s neck. “We can have a nice dinner maybe a bit of wine, a nice stroll on the beach once it’s nice and dark, and then back up here for dessert. How does that sound?”

Vincent had just came out of the bathroom from looking at his sunburn, he was tying his robe closed as Cid came in and wrapped him up in his arms. The burns began to scream in his senses. And the nonchalant way Cid was talking about their night together. He felt his canines sharpen, and Chaos clenched in his fists. He felt the familiar thrill of fear and anticipation as he shrugged Cid carelessly off his shoulders and turned, the changes not apparent yet. But he had the sense to pull the robe off his shoulders before the transformation shredded it. His back, chest and arms were covered in dark sunburns that was already peeling and might have bled and some places. There was a growl in his voice as he spoke, “Did you have fun, Cid?”

Cid backed up a step and laughed nervously putting his hands up in surrender. “Come on, Vince get a grip; there’s no need to let Batty out of his belfry.” He tried to casually look over his shoulder and wondered if he could make it too the door before Vincent changed and Chaos got him. “It’s ok, Vince. Just.” He put his foot back “Stay.” He did a half turn. “Calm.” He turned completely and bolted for the door putting all his effort into escaping before Chaos got out.

Chaos laughed and sped for him, trapping him against the door before he could get out of it. Vincent’s pale skin was transformed to a pale blue-grey, lines marking it deeply. His chest was much broader, and he was much taller than Cid, rather than just a little. He leaned in to Cid, letting him take in the wide grin and the glowing gold eyes. “Enjoying the eye candy gets you in trouble, Cidney,” he whispered in the deeper baritone Chaos had. He pulled him away from the door, easily bullying him to the table that sat just low enough to slam Cid unceremoniously face down on it, bent with his ass pressed tightly into Chaos’s formidable crotch. He held Cid’s arms behind his back, nails biting lightly into his wrists. His pressed his growing arousal against Cid’s ass. “It’s been… sooo long… Cidney,” he rumbled, his free hand taking the waist of Cid’s board shorts in his fingers, ripping it with aching slowness.

Cid growled angrily trying futilely to intimidate Chaos. “Don’t call me Cidney, Batty. Now let me go!” He was trying to sound angry but his voice was laced with fear and a little bit of arousal at the feeling of Chaos ripping his board shorts off him. “You bat shit crazy fucker leave me alone!” He started to struggle trying to get away.

He bent over him, teeth grazing Cid’s skin on his shoulder with a soft hissing sound he knew made Cid weak in the knees. “You just like being in control, Cidney… With me… your never in control…” Even with such a gentle touch, his canines broke the skin enough to take blood. He lapped it up and pressed his erection tighter against Cid, growling a moan at the friction as he tore more of the shorts away from Cid’s body.

He licked his lips and let out a strangled moan when Chaos pressed his erection to his ass. “C-Chaos s-stop” He wriggled his hips enticingly and moaned. “I-I want…” He bit his bottom lip to stop himself. He tried to pry his hands out of Chaos’ grasp.

“You want?” he rumbled, ripping the cloth far enough to reveal his ass. The robe was already slipping down Chaos’s legs, so he gave a light kick and it fell to the floor, pressing his pulsing length against the cleft of Cid’s ass, skin to skin. The odd duality between Vincent and Chaos struck him, Vincent was moaning at the sight of Cid laid out face down on the table, but Chaos found himself chuckling. So what was produced with a half chuckle that turned into a soft rumbling moan.

Cid blushed lightly and moaned. “S-Stop.” He moaned out not sounding at all like he wanted Chaos to stop. His eyes were glazing over with lust and he sucked in a startled breath at the feeling of skin on skin. He finally stammered out. “I- I want- I want more.” He ground his ass against Chaos’ erection. “Please.”

Chaos reached for the candle stands that were on either side of Cid’s place on the table. They were odd little things, pointed parts on either side of the candles, probably to keep them in the wells. He took the candles off them and pinned each of Cid’s hands to either side of him, leaving plenty of room for his to move and back up to make this easier on him. Leaned over him and lapped his tongue down his spine, as his hands spread his legs and took his arousal in hand, palming it carefully to not hurt him with his nails.

Cid’s eyes were half lidded and he was panting lightly, “B-Bastard.” He moaned and growled lightly. “Stop teasing me.”

He chuckles, not listening to him in the slightest. His tongue continues downward, in the dimple right above his ass, and then he spreads Cid’s ass cheeks and buries his long tongue deep into him all at once. He may love the idea of taking Cid unprepared, but with Vincent’s slight control of his mind and actions, and the emotional pangs of the idea of truly hurting Cid kept him from being too brutal. So he teased him and prepared him all at once, it gets the job done nicely.

Cid’s eyes shot open wide and he moaned loudly at the feel of the other’s tongue entering him. “Ah ah Chaos Oh god!” He moaned and thrust back to meet the other’s tongue. “M-More now!” he growled and thrust back suddenly and bared his teeth.

After a moment Chaos removed his tongue and stood to thrust into him all the way, stopping to let him adjust as Vincent reacted to the stimulation predictably. But Chaos didn’t fight the moan that escaped him because he was loving it too. He pulled out and thrust back into him full force, grunting as the table creaked under the power and Cid’s weight.

Cid let out a started yelp and moaned when Chaos thrust into him. “God. Chaos. Harder.” He thrust back to meet Chaos. “Bastard.” He whimpered wanting Chaos to hit the spot inside him that would make it hard for him to stay relatively quiet.

The chuckle Chaos let out promised more than that spot, he slid Cid just a little farther off the table to angle his body downward, thrusting up into him and directly at that spot within him that made him go crazy. He tilted his head up to moan and growl in pleasure as he let go and thrust with abandon that would surely leave some bruising from his hips meeting the other’s ass, and thoroughly sensitizing that bundle of nerve within the pilot beyond reason. The table literally shook and moved with the force of the thrusts, but Chaos merely lifted Cid from the ground and let the table move until it hit the wall, thrusting all the while like a wild and horny beast he was at his core.

Cid bit down hard on his bottom lip when that spot was hit. He bit down harder and harder on his lip as Chaos was thrusting hard enough to move the table. He could taste the coppery tang of blood from his lip and he was trying desperately to hold in his moans and was partially successful though he was still pretty loud. He almost always turned into a screamer when Chaos had his way with him and he hated himself for it.

Chaos grinned broadly though Cid couldn’t see, and continued to pound him thoroughly. He thrust nonstop, set into a brutal pace that seemed never ending. But he knew that wouldn’t get Cid to moan for him like he wanted to, so he shifted them again and rolled his hips as well as the brutal, animalistic pace, panting as their quite violent sex.

Cid tried desperately to hold back his moans but lost the war and opened his mouth and moaned loudly. He let out loud “Ahs” of pleasure with every thrust.

With a satisfied growl of pleasure, Chaos continued to thrust with the roll of his hips. He bent and lapped his tongue over the trails of blood by his teeth from before as a hand crept around to give the pilot sweet friction against his dangling cock. “Come for me, Cid,” he rumbled roughly, grunting and moaning with pleasure in his ear.

Cid’s breath caught in his throat as he shuddered and came hard over Chaos’ hand. He collapsed panting hard. He groaned “Bastard.” He then lay there panting feeling the other still moving inside him.

Chaos continued to thrust into Cid’s tightened heat for what seemed like forever. They had found out a long time ago that Chaos had an infinite stamina, or at least it’d seemed like it. But his hold on Vincent started to slip away. So he built his own pleasure and pulled out in time to release on Cid’s back. With a breathless chuckle, he leaned forward, released Cid from the hold on the table, and whispered into his ear, “ ‘Til next time, Cidney?”

Vincent stepped back with a long, exhausted, exasperated sigh, sinking down on the floor. He pulled the robe from floor and looked at Cid. His shoulders, arms, and chest were still an angry red, but Chaos’s control healed them enough that he wasn’t almost unbearable anymore.

Cid groaned and stood up. He reached around and touched his lower back and frowned feeling the stickiness pooled on his lower back. “Motherfucker.” He turned around and saw the sunburn on Vincent’s chest and shoulders. “Oh god, Vin, I’m so sorry. Don’t put that back on yet I’m gonna get cleaned up and I’ll be right back.”

Vincent sighed, looking at his arms and touching them lightly. Chaos was already going quickly back to the dormant subconscious he usually had with in him. And he felt exhausted, the muscles in his legs and hips were throbbing in agony of so much vigorous activity. There were moments when he thought he very much hated Chaos and his powerful libido. Cid went to the bathroom and cleans himself off then walked back out. “Sit on the bed I brought this incase we would need it.” He went to his bag and dug around pulling out a bottle of green goo. “It’s aloe if I had known you were that burned I’d of used it sooner.”

Vincent got himself up and on the bed, legs shaking bad as he did so. But he sat, on the bed, clutching the robe. The pilot started smearing the aloe gel gently on Vincent’s burns. “I really am sorry, Vin. I didn’t realize you were hurtin’.” He gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Will ya forgive me?”

Vincent gave him a look, then let his head fall forward, glad for the soothing of the aloe. “I-I suppose I can forgive you this once, since he already gave you a bit of punishment…” he smiled just little, and looked at Cid as Chaos chuckled lightly in the back of his mind.

“I’d say that was more than a bit of punishment.” He smirked and leaned forward and latched on to Vincent’s shoulder biting and sucking on an unburned bit of flesh in the nape of his neck. He pulled back smirking at the small purple mark he left behind. When he was done he wiped his hands off on a dirty shirt and put the aloe up. “Feel better?” he asked sitting down on the bed beside him. “I know I suggested dinner but I’m to tired to get back up. Mind if we stay here?”

“Mmm..” Vincent was going to say something, but a yawn stopped him before he started. “That doesn’t sound like a bad idea… But tomorrow night, after sunset, I’ll gladly enjoy the beach with you…” he said as he scooted back on the bed and pulled Cid with him.

Cid stretched and lay down and held Vincent close to his chest. He yawned and nuzzled Vincent’s hair murmuring in his ear. “Love ya Vince.” before kissing his temple and falling in to a deep sleep.

The gunman got comfortable. “Love you…” he replied quietly and let himself drift into sleep, too.

That was the most interesting experience they’d had together, especially in Costa del Sol.
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