Captain Grease Monkey

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                                                Captain Grease Monkey:



Okay he
was annoyed and it probably could really show on his face right now, not only
was Chaos and Galian annoying him inside his mind, but a comment from one of
Cid Highwind’s little lackeys had irritated him to the point of him having the
comment rushing around and around inside of his head.


He had
joked with a friend of his as they walked past Vincent earlier moaning about
Cid, the young man had called him…….well Captain Grease Monkey and he wanted to
know what the hell that meant, what the hell was Captain Grease Monkey, it
wasn’t like he could see his lover in tight Lycra rushing to save people.


Okay that
thought had brought a small and he knew it was small smile to his lips, damn it
was taking too long for him to become human once more, sure he was slowly
getting the idea and Cid was a brilliant teacher, maybe not in the language
department, but Cid alone had managed to get him to change his attire.


Today he
was in tight black jeans and a white tank top, his arms all on show and he felt
a little nude if he was honest, but to see the joy in Cid’s face earlier that
morning was priceless and he wanted to please him, really wanted to please him
so he was trying to get the idea that he was beautiful into his head.


Damn beautiful
just sounded too girly to him but it was a word Cid loved to use, as Galian and
Chaos once more began there stupid argument with each other about Cid, Vincent
found he was sighing heavily as he looked towards the workshop doors where he
knew Cid was inside working on an engine.


thought the comment from the lackey meant Cid rolled about in pots of grease as
he pleasured himself over his main demon, Galian refused to let Chaos lap up
the attention and guessed the idea of Cid being Captain Grease Monkey was
seeing him at the wheel of the airship naked and covered in lubricant.


Damn the
two demons were giving him a headache as well as his own desire to understand
the comment, as Vincent looked to the door he suddenly realized he owed that
naught, dirty foul mouthed lover of his a repaid debt, Cid had spied on him
last week when he had redressed in his lathers.


Not that
Vincent hadn’t heard the pilot’s damn heavy breathing at his door, so he had
taken it all slowly and rubbed lotion all over his legs, slowly bent
down……Vincent cleared his throat as he wasn’t about to think of the wild sex
they had gotten up too once Cid fell threw the door into his room.


To say
that he had needed another shower afterwards was a correct assessment, and that
he had to nurse the welts he had given Cid on his buttocks back to health was
also a correct assessment, so right now Vincent suddenly had the urge to spy on
his blonde lover.


Slowly he
walked barefooted towards the door of the work room and he felt a tingle inside
of his stomach, gods he was getting more and more human everyday as the tingle
was his nerves and also the thrill he could feel burn threw his veins, he was
such a naughty boy if he did this.


Boy, well
grown male of 60 years although still looking 27….damn he was a lucky bastard
when he thought about his good looks, but the pain that followed after this
thought made him realize how sad he was, he wouldn’t age when all his friends,
his lover would.


As he
came to the workshop door he was stunned that his demons had grown suddenly
silent, well that was one good thing at least, and he reveled in the silence
inside his head for a brief second, then he looked threw the pain of glass of
the door and he spotted Cid.


He tilted
his head a little and his loose ebony locks tumbled to his right, Cid was
wearing just his blue jeans, well the had been clean and were now covered in
black goopy grease from the plane engine Cid was busy working on.


A smile
broke out on Vincent’s usual stoic face as he noticed as Cid turned in this
direction to drop a screw that the pilot had smudges of grease all over his
face, black goo up his hands and arms and he looked a right sight, a real
grease monkey.


But the
smile on Vincent’s face got bigger as he noticed the C in a capital letter
drawn on to Cid’s chest, the blonde’s small amount of chest hair didn’t hide
the fact that the pilot had drawn a great big C on his chest in grease.


ducked his head down and his right hand slapped across his face as he
sniggered, he hadn’t laughed like this for…..well a bloody long time anyway,
Chaos rubbed his mental shields inside of his mind as he chuckled and he felt
the demons intent to go in there and get dirty with him.


of crap’, Vincent heard Cid bark out his curse.


As more
profanities erupted from his lovers mouth Vincent slowly stood upright again
and he spied threw the glass, Cid was leaning over the engine and his right arm
was elbow deep into the workings of some tube……but it seemed he was stuck and
stuck fast.


watched as he lashed about and his lovers arm remained wedged inside the tight
tube, he couldn’t help but chuckle and then ducked down as Cid seemed to turn
in the direction of the door….Vincent couldn’t help the grin on his face no
matter how much he didn’t want to smile.


than Vince’s…..well his tight ass’, Cid cursed more.


felt a ripple inside of his throat and he wondered what it was, and no matter
what he did he could feel it about to break out of his mouth……loudly a laugh
escaped him and it was his own laugh…..the laugh he hadn’t heard for such a
long time he had forgotten what it sounded like.


‘If your out there Vince, I am going to ram this tube somewhere
painful……unless ya help’, Cid barked.


was fanning his mouth as he kept out of sight, happy tears rolled down from his
eyes and he tried to regain his dignity, Vincent Valentine never laughed, but
the more Cid cursed the more he laughed.


‘I mean
it vampy pants……get your sorry ass in here, I know ya was spying on me’, Cid


slowly regained some dignity and he leaned on the door hard, Cid was good for
him as he had shown him so much and he owed his lover so much… sure was
different for him now and he felt like he was slowly living a bit each day.


sorry assed tight ass……come help me I am stuck’, Cid barked again.


once again began to laugh and he listened to the purrs of his demons inside of
his head, they too thought the idea was funny, but then Vincent had a really
naughty idea and he slowly stood upright.


Time to
play mean and moody Vincent, he pushed the door hard and he bit the inside of
his lip to not laugh as he watched Cid thrash about with his arm stuck still,
gods it was so hard not to laugh at his blonde lover with the capital C on his


As Cid
turned to him Vincent stopped walking and he noticed he was stood beside a tub
of what looked lie grease, okay his idea was going to take it up a notch right
now, and he slowly stripped off the white tank top and threw it to Cid.


bit back another laugh as the white top fell on Cid’s blonde short cropped
hair, as the pilot looked at him with wide blue eyes Vincent looked to the
grease and then dipped his left index finger into it, then
with a quick movement he made his mark.


‘So tell
me Captain Grease Monkey, is there a position for sidekicks’, Vincent purred to
his lover.


mouth dropped open. ‘Yo…..Vince ya have a huge V on yer chest’, Cid droned on.


don’t say…..well my sidekick name is Slippery V, slippery as in Lube slippery’,
Vincent drooled.


blue eyes nearly bulged out of his head. ‘Ya…..ya don’t say’, he replied.


‘You need
a hand there Captain’, Vincent purred.


‘Are you
fucking joking…..get your sidekick ass over here and use your special ability’,
Cid gushed with a huge grin.


‘If I do
that, your going to A get more stuck and B be covered in more grease’, Vincent


they don’t call me Captain Grease Monkey for nothing ya know’, Cid said with a
huge grin and a wink of his right blue eye.


‘Oh I
guessed as much’, Vincent purred as he slowly stalked over to Cid and stood
directly behind him, grinding the huge erection he was sporting into the
buttocks of his dirty over……dirty really sounded like fun right now……..

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