Chocobo Penalty

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Chocobo Penalty

A chocobo is a majestic giant bird that resembles a chicken.

Cloud is a man who isn't good at trying to sneak up on a chocobo to take it back to the barn.

He would get within touching distance of the bird and it would skip off another ten feet. The man had been at it for most of the morning. The rancher had him out trying to catch this bird because for some reason it was wondering around with a saddle on. No one knew how it had gotten a saddle on though.

The bird skipped away again into a thick grouping of trees. Cloud followed it. The bird stopped to pick at the grass. Cloud rested his hands on the saddle. He did this so he could reach to grab the reins attached to the saddle. To his surprise, they were suddenly tied around his wrists, binding him to the bird.

"What the he-?" He started before he caught sight of Kadaj.

"Hello, big brother." The silverette smirked as he walked around behind the blonde. Cloud just watched him as best he could while trying to get free of the saddle.

Cloud froze when he felt Kadaj undo his belt and zipper to his pants before sliding them down the blonde's legs. Cloud started to struggle harder.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" He growled.

"I'm taking what I want." Kadaj's cool, indifferent voice answered as Cloud heard a zipper being pulled down.

The blonde started to panic when he felt something prod his butt. A hand pushed his ass cheeks apart and something pushed against his sphincter. He tried to move away from it. Kadaj grabbed his hips and pulled him back onto his erection.

Cloud let out a short scream of pain as the other man's penis tore him open. The silverette didn't stop. He started quickly thrusting into the blonde. His hands clenched on the bottom's hips hard enough to bruise and draw blood from where his nails had sunk into his skin.

After a few minutes, Kadaj came hard inside the once-was hero. He pulled back and smirked at the sight of blood and cum running down the blonde's legs. Cloud slumped as far to the ground as he could while the silverette pulled his pants back up.

"Thanks, big brother." He whispered in the man's ear as he walked off.

Cloud was left to figure out how to get out of his bindings, feeling used and cheap.

Karina: . Meh.

Tsuki: Wow. *q* I loved it. Poor Cloud.

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