Adventures of the Fayth

BY : TheReapersMule
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Blitzball. It was a sport of few words but then again, words weren't needed when the players on one team could beat the bloody hell out of players on the other team. Why the whole of Spira enjoyed such violence could only be answered by those that watched from above, not that the people of Spira as a whole believed in that sort of thing. But philosophy wasn't why I had come to tonight's match. No, tonight something very important was going to happen.

I was going to be born. Again.

"Move you little urchan!" Yes, that's right, I was going to be born into another body. It seemed that the Gods above didn't want me to make it passed my fourteenth birthday, so I was left to relive fourteen years over and over again until my purpose on Spira had been completed. What exactly that purpose was I hadn't yet figured out, but I felt like I was close to discovering the answer. Suddenly, my blue eyes opened wide, and my arms followed. The ball was coming right at me, straight for my chest. When it hit, the bones snapped and pierced my lungs and death was soon after. When my body fell backwards into the legs of the people behind it, a small wisp of silver air emanated from my open mouth.

"PUSH!" There. I ghosted over, unseen by the thousands split between my former body, the game and the woman currently giving birth to my new body. Slipping into a new body relied on speed and patience because it could only be done just before a newborns first cry. Once the cry of a birthed child sounded, a soul had entered their tiny body and would decide who exactly that child would grow to become. I needed to insert myself before such a thing could happen. Just as the tiny body emerged, the mouth opened and I dove in. It took some getting used to, stretching and moving around in a new body until one was accommodated but when I was situated, I cried.

"It's a boy!" The woman who'd helped deliver my new body said as she handed me over to my new mother. But fate would have it that I would be left to roam because this mother could not care for me. How did I know this? I am an old soul, well traveled and versed in the ways of the world. This was the fate of each body I came to inhabit, and would be the fate of those I will come to inhabit in the future. I am growing tired though, tired of traveling and trying to figure out the will of the Gods. Respite is only a far-fetched dream for those like me, those bound to serve through life, death and the beyond. I don't quite remember what happened to me to bind me into such a horrible service, but I do know that whatever mission I have been given must be essential to the survival of Spira and it's people. What is a world without people to make it?

"I'll name him Manin." With a new body comes a new name. Some said change was pivotal to the growth, development and eventual survival of a species, but when one was stuck as I, it was just another block to overcome for the greater good. For me, this was the first block of many to be overcome. It is hard for me to remember who I was when I was in my original body, but of the few things I do remember, I remember my name. Bahamut.

"Oh look, he has a little birthmark right there on his back." Ah, the mark. Ever reincarnated soul left their mark on the body they inhabited. The one I had left did have a birthmark, or had until I had vacated the body. The mark was one of those other things I remembered from my original body. I had come to the conclusion that the mark was in the shape of a symbol that had been important to the Gods when I had been in my original body and that was why it followed me, for there was no other plausible reason for the mark to be there. The mark appeared as two circles, one inside the other. The first circle was the largest, and it was the outer circle. The second circle was very small and in the center of the larger one. Connecting the two circles were lines like lightning. I had examined it time and time again to make sure it was as ever the same as I was, unchanging from body to body.

"He has the most beautiful eyes." My new mother stroked a finger down my cheek. I closed my eyelids because I was suddenly overwhelmed with the need to sleep. But my eyes, as she had noticed, were the clearest shade of blue, almost clearer than blue crystals. The eyes were the second to last thing that remained unchanged from body to body. As my little form shut down from the event of the day, I let my mind rest. It would be a long, hard fourteen years, so the little bit of respite granted now would help keep me together later for it seemed that every time I reincarnated, the life I lived got harsher and harsher.

By age three, the mother that I had come to rely on and care for had left me. There was no reason, as there never was for their departure; I was simply left inside a tavern one day while she wandered off with a grizzly looking man. The barkeep, poor fat slob that he was, watched my mother leave that day and looked down on me with a wicked gleam in his eye. That was the look that would decide how the next ten years of my life would be spent.

Of all the body's that I had inhabited and all of the lives that I lived, this one was by far the worst. My old soul had experienced rape before, had experienced abuse before, but what my soul had never been tarnished with was being raised from such a young age to become a thing for elder people. It was a scarring thing, to learn to service people in ways better left between adults. Not only did I work for the fat bar keep whom I called "Sir" whenever I addressed him, but at night I was expected to bring in more gil by servicing weary travelers, regardless of race, sex or personal preference. A good night in my own opinion was when I had one client, a good night in Sir's opinion was five or better.

When I brought in nothing, I was beaten severely and forced to service Sir himself. Plenty of times there had been an opportunity to kill the fat bar keep but Fate would not allow me to do such a thing. I lived through each and every life trying to figure out what the point of my mission was and if my body was to suffer for the answer, then I would do nothing to stop it. However, if there came a point in any of my lives where my body's survival was compromised, then I would call upon the final thing that remained unchanged from body to body. Within my soul lay the power to call upon the elements and use them for defense, or as one life had proven, for war.

The day of my thirteenth birthday, a return client of Sir's had requested he be serviced in front of the patronage in the tavern. When I refused, Sir grabbed my hair from the back and dragged me into the cook room. There he grabbed a metal flipper and proceeded to beat me with it. When I cried out apologies and tears sprang to my blue, blue eyes, he did not stop as he usually did. No, he kept hitting, kept ignoring my pleas for it to stop. When the metal flipper came down between my eyes I knew that it would not stop. The thrum of the metal resounded through the cook room and then the tavern. My eyes clouded over with blackness and the mark on my back grew hot to the touch, so hot in fact that it seared through my shirt.

Sir took one step back, then another and finally he turned to run. I lifted my arms and my body rose into the air, wind whipping around my body, knocking over pots and pans, throwing cook ware and food around like nothing more than dust. Sir was knocked over by the gusts of wind and he turned to stare at me, fear evident in his body language and his brown eyes.

"P-please Manin! You must understand-" He tried to plead with me but he had tried to kill this body before it's due time. When I spoke, the voice of my body resounded with the true voice of my soul. It sounded ethereal at the same time it was meant to strike fear in the hearts of any who heard it.

"You have been judged for your crimes against this form. The price of trying to slay a servant of the Gods is death." The force of the wind grew stronger, shaking the tavern itself until the screams of the vacating patronage grew distant. When I knew there were no others inside the tavern, I lifted my arms above my head and placed the palms together. Lightning fell from the sky, out of nowhere and lit up my body, energizing me with the strength to complete my task. I opened my mouth once again and roared, a sound so loud and freighting that I did not doubt it was heard for milled around. Light spilled from between my lips and the tavern become nothing more than ash.

I lowered my hands and my body gently floated to the ground. Once I was safely on my two feet, I turned and started away from the site of death. There were many questions I asked myself through my travels but the answers were still far away. When I figured out the goal of my mission, I would be given my answers. So as I walk away, I send up a small prayer for the soul of the dead bar keep.

Those that had witnessed me floating down from the air obviously moved out of my way, but their screams called over the guards. I had but a moment to look for an escape route. Unfortunately, they were coming from both sides. Panic and fear were two emotions that I did not like and would rather have lived my lives without but that was not a possibility. So I just held my hands up in defense and fell to my knees. There was a reason for everything, and maybe this capture would lead to the revelation of my answers.

The guards were rough with their handling of me, however I could not fault them their motions. I was tied and thrown over the back of a chocobo. The animal sensed I was not just a regular human and became agitated, but some soft words from his rider forced the bird into submission.

Five days of travel and I was handed off to some more guards as a prisoner. They would tell me nothing about where I was being taken, but the closer I came to whatever my captors destination was, the more I became agitated and short tempered. Never in all of my lives had this happened to me. Soon enough though, I found out why.

The City of St. Bevelle in Spira was renowned for the honorable judges that held court within the temple. I had heard stories of Bevelle from travelers aplenty during my lives but not once had I ever come to the City itself. When I was brought up to the steps of the temple, the heart in my body exploded with fast paced thrumming. The blood in my veins ran ice cold and I could have swore that my lungs stopped taking in air. The symbol on the outside of the temple was the one which decorated my back. It was my mark. But...why? How could this be? When I tried to speak, I was shut up by a backhand to the face and then forced forward. So forward I went.

Inside the temple of St. Bevelle, I expected to see others. What greeted me however was a line of robed figures. from the way they stood I could tell that they were all men. I was shoved forward until I collided with the hard rock floor on my knees.

"This is the boy, honorable Judges." The leader of the Guard that had brought me from the mid-way point in this journey spoke, almost as if I were a prize. When my eyes rose to meet the row of men again, they were whispering amongst themselves, a few pointing at me.

"Bring him forth," came a booming voice from the robed man in the center of the line. I was grabbed up on either side by my arm and brought forward until I was standing in front of the robbed man who'd spoken. "Unbind him, now." My hands were quickly freed and I brought them in front of me, rubbing the wrists tenderly. I stared up at the robed man and could see under his hood. His eyes were kind but his soul was not. Inside there was torment, his body and mind fighting a war that would leave him devastated and empty in the end. "Leave now," he said.

"Our payment?" the man behind me said. I turned my head when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. A trunk was set in front of the Guards and they cheered when it was opened to reveal gil and other precious items. "Thank you kind Judges. I will leave this urchan in your hands." With that, the trunk was picked up and the Guards left. The resounding thrum of the doors closing echoed deep inside and I couldn't help but feel as if the sound was finality.

"Do you know why you are here?"

"No Sir, but my mind would harbor a guess as to the reason following closely along side the mark on my back matching the symbol on the face of your temple."

"You speak as if you are a boy well educated and yet, I hear you are nothing more than a trained whore whom destroyed his home. Tell me, why do you speak so?" I took a few steps away from him and looked to the left and then to the right, examining the robes figures.

"I will answer your questions Sir, when you answer mine."

"As you will." I nodded to him but kept my eyes wandering over the line of figures. My heart was still beating heavily against my chest, but now it was not with a muted excitement. Something was wrong here with these men.

"Why does your symbol match my mark?"

"This temple is dedicated to the Gods."

"That is not an adequate answer." The men in the line started to circle me slowly, closing me in. Every moment I was inside this temple I became more uncomfortable. Them circling me did not help matters.

"It is because your soul belongs to this temple." He smiled when he said that, a sick, twisted smile that was more of a threatening gesture to me. His statement made me angry. I belonged no where but in the body in which I was gifted by the Gods to complete their task.

"Preposterous! What do you know of souls and Gods when your mind cannot come to terms with it's own puzzles?" The man looked slightly aghast, but his slight shock turned to rage.

"And what would an earth bound spirit know of the confliction of men?"

"Enough to know that I do not belong inside a cage."

"Your body is a cage, what is a temple?" He took a step closer to me, his hand reaching out to grasp my forehead.

"A cage of constructed by man." When I tried to move away, I found myself trapped. Fear seeped into my crystal clear eyes.

"You belong to this temple now and here you will serve man in it's greatest fight."

"I warn you now, if you so much as harm a hair-"

"Worry not, it will only hurt for a moment." Heat seared from his hand into my body. The pain was worse than anything I had ever felt before. Fear for the life of my body forced me to call on the powers hidden, but to my astonishment, nothing came. Nothing. It was as if I was empty. The man removed his hand and I tried to move. I could not. He took a few steps back as did the ring of men around me. They then lifted their hands and started chanting. A ring of white light shot up from the floor around me and I screamed in agony. My head tilted back and crystalline tears formed in my eyes.

I felt as if I was being ripped out of my body.

The pain lasted for hours and when it finally stopped, the light faded and I fell to my knees, then my face met the hard stone. I was drained. I felt like I was floating now on a bed of warm waves, maybe inside a blitzball sphere. I felt so empty, like a part of me was missing completely. What was it? As my eyes close, my thoughts shut down and then I blacked out for the first time ever.

"There, you see, I told you it would work."

"But Master, where has it gone?"

"It is in the chamber. When it is needed it will be called forth to fight at our side."

"His mark looks as if it was simply branded into him now Master."

"Of course it does you simpletons! Get that shell out of my sight, there is no need for it now." The leader of the Judges waved his hands and the others moved to do as bade. One of the newer members picked up the child and carried him through the corridors to a back door. There, he simply tossed the boy outside of the temple and shut the door.

Little did he know that a Ronso woman was walking by. She had taken cover when she heard the door open, since Ronso were usually persecuted by the Judges for being off their mountain. When she saw what was thrown out, a clawed hand covered her mouth. To simply throw out a cub like that! As soon as the door shut she jumped out of her hiding place and ran over to the crumpled pile that was the hume child.

Leaning her ear close to his face, small, short breaths tickled the fur on her ear and she sighed with relief. Picking up the hume cub, she looked around and made sure no one else was walking by before she ran off.

It was weeks before the cub woke. She had a hard time getting him out of Bevelle and an even harder time convincing the Ronso Elder to allow her to take in the cub, but when she'd informed him of how he'd been simply thrown out like a piece of rotten meat, the Elder relented. It also helped that the Elder was her father.

Unari-Ronso paced back and forth in front of the hume cub, waiting for him to open his eyes. He had spoken in his sleep earlier and she thought he was waking, but he still slept. When he started to move, her eyes darted over to him before her body followed. She grasped his small, fleshy hand in her clawed furry one. When his gray eyes opened he looked around, unfocused for a few moments before he looked at her.

"Who are you?"

"Unari-Ronso, of the Ronso Tribe."

"Where am I?"

"Ronso mountain." His face turned to stare up at the rock ceiling above his head.

"Who am I?" Unari-Ronso frowned and tilted her head at the hume cub. There hadn't been blood from his tender head, so how could he have forgotten who he was?

"Why you not know name? Humes not give you name?" The hume cub reached his free hand up to scratch at his chest. He frowned and scratched harder, becoming agitated. She could smell it in him, hear it from his heart and his blood. Then she noticed tears falling from his gray eyes. On instinct, she leaned in and licked them up. He struggled, pushing her away and turned to look away from her.

"So empty..." His small hand rested over his heart.

"Unari-Ronso call you Sumga." The hume cub rolled away from her and wrapped his arms around his small body. She assumed he was cold and pulled the animal furs she'd gathered for him over his small, fleshy body. "Sumga hungry?" When he didn't answer, she prodded him a little. Unari-Ronso could still smell tears. Well, he was missing his memory, or that's what she assumed. Only way to find out for sure was to talk to the Elder. Shaking her head, she rose to her full eight foot height and headed out to find her father.

"So empty..."

Why did I feel so empty? Why did it feel like I was forgetting something? What was a Ronso? Who was I? So many questions that I did not have the answer to. I closed my eyes and wept silently for all of the emptiness inside of me. I wept until I fell into a light sleep. Would I ever feel better?

My light sleep was interrupted when I heard the heavy fall of feet. My eyes were still closed and I pretended to be asleep. Something large and warm settled over my shoulder and shook me.

"Sumga wake now." That was the Ronso named Unari. I opened my eyes and looked at her black and gray, fur covered face. She was dressed in simple furs to cover her top half and her lower half. There was a taller male who resembled her quite a lot, but he was more white than black and gray. The wrinkles on his forehead must have meant he was older. I knew it was a him because only his lower half was covered.

Unari moved away and the big Ronso stepped over him. A large claw came to settle over his chest and the big feline, because that was what they looked like--a lion-- closed his eyes. He breathed deep through his snout and then out through his mouth.

"Hume cub has destiny."


"Hard road, heavy heart, long nights. Destiny off Ronso mountain. Important." The big Ronso removed his hand and looked down at me. "Many hard choices in future hume cub. Now stay on Ronso mountain. When better leave Ronso mountain and see Lady in Ice. She need hume cub help." The elder Ronso turned and left. Unari followed her father out and I was left alone in a cold place to ponder the words of the lion man.

Lady in Ice? Destiny? My heart gave a little thump and I didn't feel so heavy now. I was to stay on the Ronso mountain until, I guessed, the Elder told me to leave...but how long was that? Why should I stay when the Lady in Ice needed me? My head swam with the possibilities. But suddenly I was tired. My eyes fluttered until they closed.

I dreamed of a beautiful woman encased in ice.

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