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The report of a single shot echoed loudly through the basement of the Nibelheim mansion, followed by maniacal laughter and a woman's scream.

'They deserve this, both of them. It never would have come to this if they had stopped like she promised.'


The clink of glass tubes and bubbling liquids filled the room as a single figure hurried about, occasionally pausing to look at his newest project with glee. This would be a true work of irony, something to make him grin even on the worst days. Oh yes, this time he would be the one with the last laugh.

Nearly quivering in anticipation as he picked up a clipboard, he read off the chart into a voice recorder, "Subject V is male, 27 years of age, blood type A, 6 feet in height, weighs in at..." He paused, looking through the papers, "Ah! Subject's last exam places him at 157 pounds."

He retrieved a glowing green needle, injecting it straight into the open gunshot wound. Immediately a scream filled the lab, Hojo shivering in delight at the sound. He watched the look of anguish and pain-filled shock slowly fade as the Turk regained control and silenced himself, his bound hands fisting as he clenched his jaw and glared at his tormentor.

The Professor merely sneered, "Now now, why the modesty, Valentine? After all you had no problem calling out your undying love for my wife in my bed. Scream for me!" He reached in, tearing out a bloody bullet fragment with his bare fingers, rewarded with the shrieks he wanted.

Humming in pleasure, he dropped the bloodied metal into a side container, "You know, you deserve every bit of this, Valentine. You lured her away with your looks, weakened her mind with promises, making her feel guilty over our work. Because of you, she might not survive the experiment."

He smirked as he saw the crimson eyes widen in horror, shimmering with unshed tears of pain, "One time, she told me that you were one of the most beautiful men she had ever seen. I don't know if you're beautiful or not, I haven't gotten past your eyes yet."

Pulling down the thin white autopsy sheet, Hojo studied the body before him as he turned on the recorder again, "V has crimson eyes as well black hair that is layered but slightly unkempt and length is roughly eight inches. Muscle tone is lean, the subject trained in stealth and speed rather than strength. Skin is normally a light shade of tan though blood loss has caused a pale blue tint."

Glancing at the bared groin, he shut off the recorder for a moment to speak with the trembling man, "It really is no wonder she continued to go to you, even after we were married. You certainly are quite the specimen, Valentine."

Stepping closer, the Professor continued recording his analysis, ignoring the weak snarl and struggling from his subject, "Scarring is sparse and there is only one wound," A small chuckle left him, "One of the greatest gunmen the Turks have ever had, taken down by a derringer. Oh the irony!"

He set the recorder down, wiping a bit of blood spatter from his glasses before picking up another needle, speaking almost casually to the restrained man, "I was going to let you go on your merry way, you know. Let you continue your numbered days as one of the President's pet monsters, hiding your wicked nature behind a handsome face. Respect from one monster to another, of course." He glared at the weakening form, "But you had to continue after her, trying to take her and our son from me."

Sneering once more, he gripped the pale shoulder closest to the oozing wound, relishing the agony glittering in those crimson depths, "Now, lets see just what kind of demons you hide inside of you, Valentine."


Made for a contest on DA but I figured I would share it here as well

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