Valenwind Drabbles

BY : sesshyfreak
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So I'm back after a retarded long absence doing other stuff... But the point is I'm alive, with a new fandom to drool over. I've only gotten into Cid/Vin within the last few months, but I've been eating it like CANDY. To the point where I'm cosplaying Cid... *sweatdrop* Eh heh... Anyways, I've decided to challenge myself to write and post a differnt Valenwind drabble every day of January. If I miss a day, you'll be seeing two the next day. My "husband" will make shur of it. After all, she's the one who pushed me into the pairing haha.

~ C&V ~ V&C ~ C&V ~ V&C ~

Two voices, very male, echoed within the large captain’s quarters, as two bodies undulated against each other. Between moans, panting could be heard, along with the telltale sound of flesh slapping against flesh. The more lithe of the two bodies quickly rose and fell atop the stockier male, long dark hair curtaining around the two of them.

“V-vince…” the short-haired man breathed, pulling the other down for a kiss, his hand twining in ebony locks. Vincent’s clawed hand was carefully splayed across his lover’s chest, keeping his balance as he rode his lover, internal muscles squeezing with each fall of his body. Cid released the gunman’s hair and let out another groan.

A few moments longer and Vincent was unable to take much more, reaching his human hand down, and grasping himself firmly, stroking along time with his downward thrusts. With a choked grunt a few moments later, the captain stiffened, releasing his seed inside the other man. Cid continued to thrust a few more times before quickly reaching up and batting the paler man’s hand away, gripping his lover and stroking quickly. With a muted moan that could have been his lover’s name, Vincent released, covering Cid’s hand and stomach with his hot spunk.

With a content murmur, Cid maneuvered the ex-Turk next to him, absently grabbing the nearest article of clothing to wipe his stomach down. In the beginning of their tentative relationship, Vincent quickly learned that Cid was very cuddly after sex, and far be it from him to push the other man’s attentions away. Instead, he leaned closer, pulling the other man against him, and the two shared a languid kiss.

Cid snaked his arms around his lover, holding him close and sighing contentedly. Minutes passed by slowly as their breathing evened out, and he looked up, catching crimson eyes watching him softly. “Shower?” he asked gruffly, rubbing a hand down the dark-haired man’s spine. Vincent shuddered slightly, but nodded, untangling his limbs from the blonde’s. The two showered quickly and dried halfway off, collapsing in the bed. Cid pulled the slightly taller man to him, spooning their naked frames.

A shrill sound cut through the air aboard the Highwind, causing Cid to groan. Vincent turned over and watched as he rolled over and walked to a intercom on the wall. “What the hell is going on?” the Captain barked at his crew. “It appears we’re having troubles with the left engine,” a voice answered. “We’re very near to Costa del Sol-“ “Then land there!” Cid all but yelled. “Don’t disturb me with anymore of this shit until morning either!”

“Sir!” the voice answered, and the alarm shut off, leaving the quiet once more. Cid turned and shuffled back to the bed, pulling the blanket over him and his lover. “Damn idiots,” he murmured, although Vincent could detect a note of affection for his crew. With a look from his lover, he quickly fell silent, a small smile playing on his lips. This was the life.

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