Scorch Marks

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Title: Scorch Marks

Additional Warning: Reno. Dude needs his own warning, yo!

Pairing: Cloud/Reno

Summary: The most minute of things can trigger a memory.

Timeline: Goes from Crisis Core to Advent Children but !NOT! Advent Children Complete

(Can't have Yazzy shoot the heli down yo)


And so it begins...

"Hurry ya Chocobo ass up, yo! I ain't got all day," Reno yelled from the pilot seat of his helicopter.

This was not how Reno wanted to spend his only day off this month. He was supposed to be, Reno paused to check his watch, just starting to drag his ass across his apartment floor to pass out somewhere between the hallway and his bed at this ungodly hour. Instead, he was unceremoniously informed right before leaving the office yesterday that he had to be at the helipad at o'dark hundred hours to transport Cloud Strife to Rocket Town. The only good thing was he didn't have to take anyone else so he was able to take his helicopter and not one of the newer models that Rufus insisted on being flown in.

Slouching in the seat, Reno watched with hooded eyes as the blonde tossed his gear into the back of the chopper. That was the other reason for the Turk's dark mood. Cloud Strife, Savior of Gaia twice over, Slayer of the Silver General, blah blah blah. Reno's ego and jaw were still healing over the last encounter he had with the compact firecracker.

Okay, so Reno had the hots for Strife. Had had them for the longest he could remember. But every time Reno cornered the blonde and made a pass at him, Strife would not so gently tell him no.

"Yanno… ya keep bending over like that I'ma get hard as a fuckin' rock, yo," Reno said as he palmed his crotch. "So I suggest either you continue doin' what ya doin and bend further over so I can get a betta view of that tight ass…" he paused to lick his lips when he saw Cloud stare incredulously at him from over his shoulder. "Or," he drawled. "YA HURRY THA FUCK UP!"

Cloud just reacted to Reno as he normally did. Silence as he finished strapping his sword and overnight pack in the cargo area. Once he was finished, he climbed into the co-pilot's seat to join Reno and start the long flight.

"Rufus spared no expense on this tin can, eh?" Cloud grunted as he eyed the now out of date helicopter.

Reno turned to glare at Cloud as he flipped the preflight switches and listened to the flight plans coming in from his headset.

"You take that back! Right now," he growled as he poked his index finger near the blonde's face.


"You heard me Cap'n Emo! You don't talk about Josey like that!"

"J-Josey? Reno, if you've been drinking…"

"I ain't been drinkin' ya prick. You just insulted my babygirl," Reno muttered as he began to lovingly pet the Cyclic.

"And they said I have mental problems," Cloud mumbled to himself.

Pausing to look at Reno from under his bangs, Cloud noticed that Reno was serious.

"I-I'm sorry, Reno"


"And Josey. I'm sorry," Cloud sighed.

Reno immediately felt contrite for yelling at the blonde, but this was his baby and really the longest relationship he had. He couldn't even say that being partnered with Rude was as old as his relationship with this machinery.

"I'm sorry yo it's just this is my baby, yanno. She's been mine since the day I got my pilot's license. Good old ShinRa Numba 9," Reno beamed. "How can I explain it… oh. Heh. It's kinda like how you go all Sephiroth on someone when they breathe on Fenrir."


"Batshit Crazy."

Cloud didn't respond, only grunted and turned his head to peer out the windows as they started to lift up.

"Might as well relax, got a few hours ta get there," Reno said as Cloud was already being lulled to sleep by the smooth flight. Reno was the best of the best for a reason.

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