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Summary: Genesis gets congratulated by Sephiroth in the most unexpected way. Genesis and Sephiroth start their turbulent relationship and you should all pity poor Angeal! Colab between Soyna and BMIK

Rating: If you have read any of BMIK's or my stuff, you know this is rated Mature in nature. That means that there will be men love (yaoi), bad language and a lot of bad attitude as well.

Soyna: THIS IS ALL BMIK's Fault. She nagged and nagged and nagged me into writing a Genesis and Sephiroth story. Guess what, I made her help me write it.

BMIK: *ebol laughter of eternal doom*

Soyna: *eye twitch*

Genesis : Soyna

Sephiroth: BMIK

Angeal: We shared… he likes it. ;)

Chapter 1

"Congratulations on your mission."

The man's voice sounded more routinized and listless than enthused as it trailed languidly through the briefing room, along with the sound of Sephiroth's heavy footsteps. The two SOLDIERs Second Class saluted, their backs ramrod straight, their elbows spread in a perfect angle from their muscular chests. Sephiroth blinked lazily and sauntered around them, because the front sight kind of bored him.

Now this was more interesting...

While he complimented them on their really not-so-great achievements of their earlier mission his eyes trailed over a pair of perfect, round buttocks that bulged in too tight, red leather pants. The man arched a brow.

"Now make sure to report to Lazard and I will see you on your next mission," he finally droned and with a smirk his palm landed on aforementioned rear, squeezing it boldly to confirm its tightness.

"Off you go."

Genesis knew his eyes grew wide as he felt a hand blatantly land on his ass. He had been too shocked to respond to the fleeting but firm touch as the General dismissed them. With extreme difficulty he kept his form with salute.

Sephiroth had just grabbed his ass and was shooing them away. Genesis tried not to see if there was a change in the expression on the silver haired man's face and could have sworn he had seen a smirk form there. It was seldom that anyone left him speechless and flustered, as this was unexpected but not unwelcome. Angeal dropped his salute and Genesis followed suit and tried not to let the shock of what had just happened ruin his form. He had his eye on Sephiroth for quite a while and you couldn't help but admire the man, for he was perfect in every way. He could still feel the brief pressure and heat from the touch and wondered if the General was toying with him or if there was something more.

Sephiroth's smirk even widened as he watched the redhead leave with his back stiff and his expression blank, the usual smug and slightly arrogant attitude wiped off. So this was what it took to make Genesis Rhapsodos speechless... Interesting. And he had a perfect ass as well. Sephiroth was very pleased; he had gathered a lot of useful information today.

"The nerve," Genesis whispered to himself as they walked into the hallway, leaving Sephiroth behind in the briefing room. He found his own hand going to where the other had rested.

"What?" Angeal asked and he had a large smile. "We did well on the mission and we will most likely get promoted because of it."

Genesis turned on his childhood friend. "He grabbed my ass!"

Angeal's eyes grew wide, "He did?"

"Yes! He did!" Genesis pouted and turned on his heel and continued down the hall, starting to get more angry as he went.

"... I see," Angeal muttered. He wasn't sure what he was expected to say to his. On top of that he wondered how much of the 'revelation' was just wishful thinking on Genesis' part too. "Maybe it was an accident," he offered, shrugging and following his agitated friend down the hall way, having a bit of trouble matching his speed.

"He. Squeezed. My. Ass!" Genesis said, stomping as he said each word through clenched teeth.

Angeal opened his mouth as if he were to respond, but Genesis didn't wait for him to get his thought out. "If he thinks he is going to get away with groping me like that he has another thing coming!"

"I am sure there is a plausible explanation for this." Angeal almost hissed, glancing at the people around the hallway. They started to whisper and look at them. He scared some of the lower ranks off with his patented glare of doom, resisting the sheer overwhelming urge to cradle his face in his hands in misery.

Genesis stopped, not caring about the other looks that he was receiving. He turned around and pressed a finger into the startled Angeal's chest. "Plausible explanation?" He stabbed his friend again. "I know I have a great ass but he should at least ask before grabbing it!"

Genesis turned back and resumed his quick pace as he stormed down the hall, forcing Angeal to try to keep up with him again.

"Or at least return the favor!"

The wheels in Angeal's head turned as he tried to process that last statement. At least they had reached a wing of the building where there were less people walking around now. The elevators were in sight as well, which was quite a relief because it would mean that they would reach Lazard's office soon and there would be no more talking about asses, at least for a while. "I do not dare to ask but... are you saying that you want to... make contact... with his... bottom... as well?"

Genesis jabbed the buttons on the elevator for Level 51 and rolled his eyes. "Have you seen his ass!" Genesis leaned against the elevator wall with crossed arms and a look that could only be claimed as dreamy. "I would love to get my hands on that! And here he goes and makes the first move!" He threw his hand up in frustration and scowled. "I was waiting until I got to First Class but if he is going to play it that way, so be it!"

Angeal's expression pretty much said 'Oh GODS this is way too much information, someone PLEASE have mercy and drop a rock on me!' He didn't say anything anymore though, just crossed his arms over his chest, humming a neutral "Hmhm" and hoping that Genesis would get the message and just stop. Which he usually never did. But while there was life there was hope, wasn't there?

"No one grabs my ass and just smirks at me!" Genesis pouted now. "Just because he is the poster child for SOLDIER, does not give him a free feel!"

The doors to the elevator's opened and Genesis stormed out first and Angeal followed behind trying to keep up with the angry SOLDIER's pace and hope that he didn't blurt out anything else about how Sephiroth Had Grabbed His Ass.

"I think I need a shower after being sullied like that!" Genesis said as a guard opened the door to Lazard's office.

Luckily, and much to Angeal's relief, Genesis had the decency to refrain from any more ass talking in the presence of their superior. During the man's speech of praise he still looked sullen and angrily worked his bottom lip with his teeth, but Lazard either didn't notice or chose to ignore it. The whole ordeal was over pretty fast given Lazard's tight schedule, and they left for a well deserved break and time to relax. Angeal was quite tired because the mission hadn't been easy, and so he muttered a quick "See you tomorrow" and vanished into his room before Genesis could work himself into another hissy fit.

Genesis was still fuming after he had the shower and he could still feel the shadow of that hand on his ass even as he pulled on his boxers to go to bed.

He could already hear Angeal snoring away in his room, and it would be no good to wake him to try to get the man to understand how important it was that his ass had been grabbed by Sephiroth.

As he crawled under the thin sheet, he wondered what that hand would feel like if his leather pants weren't in the way of that squeeze. It was so warm and firm.

A large smile formed on his face as he dozed off.

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