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Disclaimer: I don't own Final Fantasy VII, nor do I make a profit from this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or settings of Final Fantasy VII. They are the sole creative property of SquareEnix. I do however own my insanity and perversity. Nor do I make a profit from this endeavor, I will however gain carpel tunnel syndrome eventually.

Title: War

Warnings: language, yaoi, lemon, lime, possible occ-ness.

Rating: M

Summary: To the victor go the spoils! But what are Tseng and Reeve really fighting over? Control of Edge? Vincent? Each other? All of the above?



Crumpling the note in his hand, Tseng turned around to glare at his subordinates. His eyes landing on each one until they looked down in clear submission.

“Reno,” he barked. “Blow up Seventh Heaven.” Tseng rolled his eyes when the predictable outraged gasps echoed through the office.

“Yo, I can’t do that,” Reno hissed as he narrowed his eyes at his boss. “Have ya lost ya fuckin’ mind?”

“Sir,” Rude interjected calmly as Elena sat there mouth agape.

“Yes, you can and will do just that,” Tseng sneered.

“Yo, they’re our friends now. Kinda like our ali… alias.. all”

“Allies,” Rude corrected as he took off his sunglasses to clean them.

“Yeah that,” Reno pointed towards Rude as if the word became a visible object. “They’re our allies we just can’t blow em up. Now if ya would have let me like I wanted ta two years ago…”

“Obviously that’s my sin to bear.”

Sighing slightly in defeat Tseng looked back up to his Turks. Resting his left hand on his hip, he rubbed the mark on his forehead with his right hand and huffed in frustration as he paced back and forth behind his large oak desk.

“Why would ya want the bar blown up? Tifa water down ya drinks? They secretly switch ya favorite domestic for some shit from tha tap? What is it?” Reno inquired, by default the spokesman for the remaining Turks.

Throwing the balled up paper in his hand at Reno, the Director smirked as it bounced violently off of Reno’s goggles and landed at Rude’s feet. The dark Mideelian leaned forward in his seat and picked up the paper, smoothing it out on his thigh. As he read the note, his shapely dark eyebrows slowly rose to appear above the frame of his sunglasses. Clearing his throat, Rude looked directly at The Director.

“Do you prefer a small explosion or all out… chaos?” he asked as Reno leaped over Elena’s chair to grab the paper out of the bald man’s hand.

Quickly scanned the sheet, Reno looked up at Tseng and furrowed his eyebrows before resuming reading the note in between lifting it out of Elena’s reach. Quickly scanning the next line, he gasped slightly before narrowing his eyes dangerously and looking back at his superior.

“Fuck a controlled demolition. Blow that bitch up, yo.”

“What the hell is wrong with you three?” Elena asked as she plucked the note out of Reno’s hand to read it herself. “I don’t get it,” She stated.

“’Course ya wouldn’t Elle,” Reno sighed.

“No, seriously. How does, ‘Tseng. My apologies but we must reschedule. Something came up with Reeve and the WRO. Having dinner and drinks with him at 7th Heaven’ justify blowing the place up?”

“We had a date tonight,” Tseng glared at the blonde.

“A… date… you’re gay?! Holy shit have I been barking up the wrong tree or what,” the startled blonde muttered before blindly sitting down in an empty chair. “You still can’t blow up the place, too much collateral damage.”

Ignoring Elena’s pout but agreeing with her rational thinking, Tseng looked to his other top Turks, “so, how do we eliminate the competition?”


Reeve Tuesti, former Shin-Ra employee and current Director of the WRO, checked his appearance in the small bathroom mirror one last time before nodding at his reflection and exiting. Today was going to be perfect! He had invited Vincent Valentine to dinner and was going to get the information he needed.

It was sneaky and underhanded but when he had found out that Tseng and Vincent were to go out on an actual date tonight, Reeve in good conscious couldn’t let that happen! The man belonged to Reeve!

Taking a seat at a table that was in the direct line of sight of both the bar and entrance, Reeve fanned out his long overcoat before sitting down diagonally to the table. Crossing one leg over the other, he let his left arm drape over the back rest of the chair as his tapped out a ditty on the metal table with the fingers of his right hand.

Reeve smirked as he watched the two Turks, Reno and Rude enter the bar and look around momentarily before taking up residence at the bar. He nodded his head towards them in a brief greeting.

The brunette’s face brightened and a warm smile graced his features as Vincent Valentine sauntered into the dimly lit bar. Crimson eyes scanned the bar, just as the Turks did moments ago, before landing on Reeves visage.

Reeve slowing stood up to greet the gunner as he approached. Vincent nodded in greeting before taking the seat opposite of the other man.

“Vincent, I’m so glad you decided to join me,” Reeve smoothly stated as he ran his fingers across the cool table top. “Hope I didn’t take you away from anything important.”

“Its fine,” Vincent replied as he raised a golden talon up to grab Tifa’s attention.


Tseng waited outside in the black sedan that blended in with all of the other vehicles milling about. Rude had just texted him the latest update. Vincent had arrived but nothing major took place other than that. Tuesti was dressed in his normal bathrobe as Reno put it and appeared calm and relaxed.

The Director scowled, maybe he was over reacting. It could be quite possible that this was a business dinner, Tseng had them all the time. Granted his business dinners with Rufus were less about business and more about… Tseng punched the steering wheel.

What went between him and Rufus was few and far between. Besides, the blonde now had Reno and Cloud to play with. Let the younger ones keep up with the brat, Tseng wanted something darker for a change. He wanted Vincent Valentine and he’d be damned if he’d let Reeve Tuesti of all people come between him and his treasure. With that thought screaming in his mind, Tseng exited the car and prowled into the lion’s den.


Reeve was not a stupid man, not at all. You had to have some brains to be the head of Urban Development for ShinRa, then take over the WRO. Not to mention those animatronics that he created. Yes, Reeve was a highly intelligent man and everyone knew it. What they didn’t know, however, was that he could be just as devious as any Turk, as dangerous as any member of Avalanche. Hell, he was and technically could still be considered a member of both.

So why did he suddenly feel that all of his carefully laid plans were about to fall apart. Vincent was here, enjoying a quiet dinner in a comfortable and friendly ground. It was the opening volley in the battle to claim the gunner. But really, he just had to get passed Vincent’s walls and he would be home free. There was no other competition for Valentine’s affections, at least in his mind.


Vincent pushed back in his chair as Tifa leaned across the table to place a small square napkin on the table before placing his drink, a scotch on the rocks, before him. He murmured his thanks and waited for the barmaid to leave before he addressed the man across from him again.

“Reeve… what is of great urgency that we had to meet tonight?” Valentine’s penetrating stare bore right through Reeve and he faltered momentarily. He could tell the truth and risk either angering the ex-Turk or worse, be out right rejected. Frowning slightly Reeve was about to open his mouth to let some minor white lie pass when he felt a heavy hand clamp down on his shoulder.

“Yes, Reeve. Do tell what was of such import that you whisked Vincent away?” Tseng drawled as he sat down in an empty chair to the right of Vincent.

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